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In and out, the slick suction and glossy lips dragging.

The sweet smell of lilac and wildflowers floating on the breeze.

A dangerous shuddering in the base of my spine. The sensations rose. Her throat working hard, working at a task so intimate, it can't be divulged. My dick so hard, sliding within her hot wet mouth, and out again. The sun, hot and the breeze, cool.

Jessica was staring up at me as I reclined on the porch. I had just come out there to sit. Imagine my surprise when my nymphomaniac cousin had followed me, ripped my pants down, shove me back into a seat, and deep-throated my cock!

Her eyes were baby blue, and sometimes looked up at me as she slowly guided my dick in and out of her mouth, and sometimes they were closed. Her blonde hair dusted my thighs and flat stomach. It felt sureal.

She stopped abruptly, standing up. She unceremoniously pulled her shirt up over her head. She wasn't wearing a bra, and I once again admired her tits and tan body. She did the same with her shorts and panties. She stood there for a moment, looking into my eyes.

"You are so fucking hot, Jessi." I murmured. She smiled prettily.

She stepped forward and swung one smooth leg over my body so she was straddling me. She rested her pussy against my hard stomach and leaned forward, my dick poking her ass cheeks. I could feel her wetness on my skin and wondered why she hadn't buried me inside her. She leaned forward and kissed me slowly, tongue tracing my lips, and then my teeth.

"Do you want me baby?" She asked in a husky voice. I stared at her and nodded. She smiled again and llifted herself up, reaching under herself to position my dick at the sweet dripping slit of her pussy. She slowly began to impale herself on it, but I wanted to fuck NOW. I grabbed her hips, driving all of my cock up inside her juicy cunt.

"Oh God. . . . . .I love it when it first goes in, you. . . .you know baby?" She tried to speak, but was having trouble. As she raised her body up and plummeted back down on my penis, I tried to answer,

"You are so fuckling incredible. . . .I love to do it with you baby. . . . ughhh." I finsihed with a rough moan. It felt indescribable. Soon she was increasing the tempo. I buried my hands in her ass cheeks and thrusted up inside her, burying my dick in her deeply. Instead of bouncing up and down on me, she had her hands on my shoulders, holding firmly, and leaning back, using her ass and her hips to working my thick meat in and out of her wet hole.

"Oh, baby. . . . ..oh, oh Jesus. Oh fuck, I wanna cum. . . . . . .I wanna cum baby. . . . . ..OH, GOD, I' Gonna. . . ..Cummmmm...." She moaned in her throat, rocking back and forth on my dick. I reached down and rubbed her clit, feeling pretty close to busting myself. She exploded as I rubbed her slippery little clit. I made her squeal with my fingers as she hungrily swallowed my cock inside her pussy. She stopped moving altogether and I sat up, lifting my dick out of her. I got up and made her stand up, putting both hands on the back of the chair.

"What are you doing baby?" She asked in the same rough voice. I smiled and moved up behind her. I pressed her back down so her ass was angled higher.

"Fucking you, Jessi." I answered. I put the head of my dick in the open wet pussy in front of me. This elicited a moan right off the bat. Not stopping, I proceded to slam it in and out of her, rocking her up to the tip of her toes, banging away at her. I gripped her hips and used her roughly. She gave a higher pitched moan everytime my dick was buried inside her hot, wet, fisting heat. Her cunt muscles contracted rapidly, milking my dick for all it was worth. Her moans became wild and I knew she was cumming. To make it last I started slapping against her harder, faster. She was now making a high keening squeal in her throat.

I felt my orgasm let loose in my nuts and unfurl its way through my shaft. I locked my hands on her hips and moved in and out a bit as my load shot out, filling her pussy with my cream. I continued to cum and my dick spasmed. The clever little slut began to contract the muscles in her pussy in time with my spasms, making an incredible milking sensation. Finally I was done. I looked azround, breathing hard, when I saw May. She was standing on the sidewalk, wearing a miniskirt and a red halter-top. She didn't look angry, but instead smiled at me.

"Having fun baby?" she asked. I wasn't in trouble? She was okay with this. Instead of being angry, she stood there in the sunlight shifting her gaze from my surprised face, to Jessica's surprised face. She looked at where my body was locked inside my cousin's pussy hungrily. I smiled. I should've known. I grinned as May climbed the steps to the porch. She passed me by and opened the front door. She turned and gave me a look that said,

"Come in here and fuck me."

I pulled up my shorts, patted Jessi's ass, and followed May. This was gonna rock.. . . . . . . .


Ha ha. I'll probably get lower ratings because it's so short, but you'll be anticipating next chapter, won't you. . . . ..oh, I am an evil genius. . . . . . . . . tell me what you think as usual. I feel it's short, but hot enough to do the job.

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2011-02-27 11:01:14
did you even know what you write in chapter three you had them at the pond FAR away from the house. here you start with a suposed continuation of that and they are on the porch. keep track of what you write you killed the flow of the story. get a good editor and do a rewrite. SHOW SOME PRIDE IN YOUR WORK AND SOME RESPECT FOR THE READERS AND ALWAYS USE A GOOD EDITOR AND BE SURE IT IS DONE RIGHT OR NOT AT ALL

Anonymous readerReport

2009-03-09 18:27:52
Though sharrter, this one is better. You still have a long way to go.


2008-05-29 23:41:23
Definately too short. In sequelsm get Jess and May pregnant. Get May's mom incolved and pregnant anf get youir own mother involved and pregnant too. Insest and pregnancy are great. Between my sister, my mother, my mother's berst friend and my three children I have fathered 13 children.


2007-08-26 00:49:55
God, I am so fucking hot and wet. I love Zeppelin's stories, wish he could use me like that.


2007-06-11 02:49:20
realy good chapter 5 please

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