Due to occupational hazards, a carpenter's daughter helps her daddy attend to personal needs
For those of you who commented on my other posts, first let me say thank you for the encouragement. Secondly, I do consider why I (and people in general) write on these subjects and are fascinated by the taboo. Whenever I try to compose those musings I sound like a stoned hippie. Given that I am neither a hippie nor a stoner, I will spare you the dissertation. Let me just say that I do not condone incest or pedophilia. I do not want to see kiddie porn. I do not want any child to be hurt ever. If I knew of people engaging in these activities in real life, I would, at the very least, inform the authorities.

I am a grown man and all of my intimate relationships are with adults (who sometimes like to pretend to be little girls). Keep in mind that this is a fantasy and that all of the characters and situations are made-up.

A casual survey of the themes in the stories posted on this site indicates that incest is the most popular theme by a large margin.

I hope you enjoy my story. I encourage you to comment. Your criticism and support are both appreciated.


When you live with someone for a long time, it goes without saying that you get to know their ins and out and their comings and goings pretty well.

My daughter Lucy and I have lived alone for going on six years now. Sometimes we get on each other’s nerves but we’ve learned to get along pretty well for the most part. Girlfriends have come and gone but our bond just deepens. I work hard to do my best for her and remember my priorities. I love her so much and I let her know it; I remind her that, sometimes, loving her means drawing boundaries which, when I’m vigilant, I actually maintain. Of course she’s learned how to get her way more often than not but I’m almost fifty so I’ve learned to not make a big deal out of things that aren’t really that important.

I don’t try to be her best friend or a “cool dad” but, for the most part, she makes it easy. She’s not even fourteen yet but she’s already responsible and three weeks out of the month she’s easy to get along with. She’s a great student and a very cool person. I think she has great taste in music. She keeps me in touch with what’s going on and I educate her on the “roots.”

She’s usually very considerate and has an amazing, off beat sense of humor. For around the house, crude language is acceptable, especially now that she knows what most of the words mean. I’ve long since gone over the basic facts of life with her and I’m not the kind of guy who gets squeamish talking about what humans do. In my opinion, I want her to be informed so she can be safe and hopefully not riddled with hang-ups. I think (or maybe I hope) she pretends like she knows more than she actually does. We never use words to be hurtful and she knows better than to talk dirty at school or in public.

When you combine a “no subject is too taboo” attitude with a tracking intellect, it should come as no surprise that she comes up with some pretty outrageous jokes. When I think she’s getting a little too over the top, I just change the subject.

Since this story is about her … well, about us actually, I have to point out that she’s just the most radiantly beautiful creature on the planet. She’s so natural and at ease in the world. Even as she’s entering puberty, she’s remarkably comfortable with herself. My heart skips a beat every time I see her, no matter what she’s doing. She breaks my heart daily.

About four weeks ago I pretty much had the worst day I’d had at a job site in a long time. First thing in the morning an extension ladder slid down on my hand and seriously smashed a couple of my fingers on my left hand (my jerking off hand). Then, right after lunch, I lacerated my right hand on a piece of sheet metal and had to get 10 stitches at the hospital. By the time I got home I could hardly get my boots untied and off.

Fortunately my little angel was able to step up and be my Florence Nightingale. She attended to my bruises but they still hurt like a mother fucker. My hands were just throbbing as we sat in the bathroom and all I wanted was to take a shower but I dreaded how the water would feel on my wounds, never mind the effort of trying to get out of my pants.

She didn’t break a beat. She turned on the shower.

“C’mon daddy, put your arms up, I’ll help you get undressed. That’s what I’m here for.”

“… But …”

“No buts about it. C’mon, I’ve seen it all before.”

“Aren’t I supposed to be the one to say that?” I asked as the steam began to fill the room. She pulled my shirt off and tossed it aside then when right for my jeans.

She was wearing a cotton dress with white and green stripes. The top just had straps and she wore a t-shirt under it. She wouldn’t let me buy her a bra yet though her breasts were larger than half the girls in her class. She had some kind of leggings on. My breath became sharper as she unzipped my pants in-spite of my attempts to play it off like it was no big deal. Besides, I really didn’t want to think about how much it would’ve hurt to attempt getting them off myself. As she bent to push them off my ass I could feel her breath on my stomach.

“I can probably get the rest.” I said as I used my toes to kick off my socks. I stood there in my boxer briefs. I went to take a step back but her fingers slipped into the waist band and she tugged me back to her.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got it.”

Her fingers slid along the band. “At this rate I’m going to have to help you masturbate too,” she giggled as her fingers grazed my flanks; my cock began to throb against my will. She knew I masturbated nightly even when I had a girlfriend and she often gave me shit about it though she was a pretty avid self diddler and had been since before her mother died.

“I’ll figure something out,” I said, then winced at the pain as I tried to move her hands away.

She pushed closer, a mischievous glint in her eye that I’d come to know all too well.

“I think it would be cool to masturbate you dad.”

“NO!” I sputtered. I tried to tell myself she was just kidding, so, rather than escalate, I played it off. “I think I can make it one night,” I grunted as I found that even my fingertips were too sore to push her groping hands away.

“But daddy, you’re handicapped!”

She tugged my drawers down a bit. We both looked down. Just above my waistband I could see the base of my shaft where it disappears into my pubes. I tried to move back but she stuck with me. My back was to the shower door and my heart was pounding.

“I’ve got an idea!” she exclaimed, her eyes beaming as she pushed my shorts down letting my cock free, “I can get naked too so you won’t even need to use porn!”

She thought this was hilarious. My nostrils were flaring and my ears were burning. I wasn’t going to dignify an answer: my standard response to jokes that go too far.

Then, in the most matter-of-fact way she said, “It’s not like I haven’t seen you masturbate before.”

She pushed my shorts off and my jaw dropped when I saw her lick her lips as my cock came to life. I didn’t know what to say. This had to be joke but it was all a bit overwhelming. I felt helpless and more than a little turned on.

“Baby, c’mon now, stop fooling around.”

She’d pushed my boxer briefs to the floor, her head was basically at crotch level and with her eyes on my dick it kept rising with every pulse. I shifted sideways and nearly tripped over the toilet to her great amusement.

“I’m not kidding dad. I want to help,” she argued as if it was the most natural thing in the world. Then, before I could reply, she gripped the hem of her dress, pulled it up over her head and dropped it to the floor.

Her little tight t-shirt didn’t even come down past her navel. Her sheer pink panties were stretched so tight I could make out every detail of her little puffy pussy lips. The leggings she wore only came thigh high.

She smiled to see my cock react.

I tried to stop her as I bumped against the sink. “Angel, you are not …” but she just leaned forward and shimmied out of her tight little panties.

“Daddy, how many times have you jerked off in your room while you knew I was getting off in mine?” She stepped forward as my cock became almost fully erect at the sight of her fuzzy pussy. She had pubes but god they were fine with hardly any pigmentation. She sucked her middle finger and then let it slip down to her nether regions. “Tonight I’ll just have to take care of both of us.” As she touched her little girl parts she lifted her leg ever so slightly in just such a way that made her tushy pooch out. I could see it in the mirror on the door behind her. I coughed, which just made my cock bob.

Her eyes followed my gaze, she knew I was checking out her ass. She took a step closer with a look on her face that conveyed “I’ve got you now.” My mind was racing. It’s not like I’d never thought sexual thoughts about my daughter. I mean, it’s pretty hard not to. Especially when she was younger, I’d go to her room to get her laundry and she’d just lay there on her bed with her legs wide open fingering herself. Her mom and I taught her that it was natural to give oneself pleasure. It was a lot harder to teach her not to do in front of anyone and everyone. More than once I’d come in her room to collect her dirty clothes and literally be obliged to remove her panties from her ankle; the crotch sopping wet as I threw them in the laundry basket. That just messes with your brain.

Now that her ass is rounding out it’s almost impossible to keep my hands off it. I’m always patting and caressing it, probably more than a father should. I keep telling myself I have to curb that habit but she’s just so sweet and affectionate.

“Baby, I’m your father. We can’t do this.”

“Yes we can,” she smiled as she pulled off her little shirt and stood there in nothing but those leggings which made her long legs look almost shapely.

OK, OK, I have to reason with her, I told myself.

“Baby, we shouldn’t even be naked together. I could get in so much trouble.”

She reached out and ran her nails through my pubes then along my shaft which stood straight out. A shutter went through my entire body. Her touch was electric.

“We’ve been nakie lots of times before. Besides, I still have my leggings on.”

She wiggled her hips and again I had to glance over her shoulder to sneak a peek at her delicious bare bottom.

Her index finger and thumb wrapped around the base of my shaft. With her other hand on my hip she moved me enough to get behind me. Her voice was low as she spoke. “Daddy, let’s just try. If you don’t like it, I’ll stop and I promise promise promise I’ll never tell anyone.” I could feel her lips on my shoulder blade.

I went to cover my face with my hands and moaned at the pain in my hands and the pleasure my little girl was giving my fat dick. She pressed her body against mine, her nipples were rock hard and her skin was so smooth and warm.

I was already worrying about how things would change if I let this happen. I knew we stood at a point of no return. Christ, her little hand was wrapped around my cock and it was really starting to throb. She kept giving me these little kisses. She let go of my dick and I felt both relief and rapidly growing need. Her voice came out like a purr.

“Daddy, I know you like to make it really slippery. Why don’t you get my hand all wet?”

I felt her finger tips touch my nose. It was the finger she’d dipped into her moist hole. My chest was heaving and I could feel her wiggling around behind me. This beautiful naked little creature was driving me insane. My heart was pounding in my ears as her fingertip gently traced my slightly parted lips. Her other hand slipped down to my upper thigh and I could feel her playing with my pubes with her thumb. I began to whimper then, tentatively, I extended my tongue to taste the tip of her finger which she slipped into my mouth to suck on.

She pushed it in deeper and let it explore my mouth a little before slipping it out. “Daddy, you have to get my whole hand wet if it’s going to slip up and down properly,” she instructed as she splayed her fingers.

I slathered her palm and each finger till it was dripping then she wrapped them around my straining shaft. I was already shuddering after a few strokes and I heard myself utter, “You can hold it tighter angel. Mmm yes, just like that.”

As she got more confident I felt myself losing control. My knees started to buckle.

“See daddy, in this position, it’s like your dick is my dick and I’m just stroking myself!”

She was having way too much fun. I felt her hips jerking in time and I could barely stand up anymore. In spite of the pain, I reached behind me and gripped her ass and brought her to the floor with me as I knelt in front of the tub.

“Daddy, don’t let go of my tushy!” she exclaimed as her free hand found her crotch and started rubbing vigorously.

“Oh! Oh daddy it’s working! I think it’s working don’t you?”

Looking down at her giving me a reach around hand job was a surreal sight, her hand looking so small compared to my raging member.

As much as it hurt, I kept gripping her ass cheek, working my finger closer to her butt hole. Just as I tugged at the rim of her sphincter she clamped down on my shaft and started squealing. Her legs spammed then she let go of my dick and slid around to the front of me. She straddled me, holding my face, a wild look in her eyes, beaming with a maniacal smile.

“Daddy! I’ve never had an orgasm like that!”

She started smothering me with kisses; passionate kisses; her tongue probing and exploring my mouth. She pushed me to the bath mat. My dick flopped up right between her ass cheeks. She shifted down to it and started rubbing herself on it. Reaching back, she held it in her crack.

The sensation was fantastic but the position was awkward for her. She lifted up for a second letting my dick flop onto my belly then she squatted back down on it. The thick ropy vein on the underside created a track for her gash to slide up and down on.

“Oh this is so much better,” she said as she reached down to adjust my cock; lining it up with her slit. I know people called what we were doing “dry humping” but I have to tell you it was anything but dry. She placed her other hand on my chest and rode me.

“Now I can masturbate you with my pussy too!”

My useless hands throbbed but the pain was eclipsed by the fantastic sensation in the rest of my body and the beautiful sight of my barely pubescent daughter writhing on top of me.

“Oh god baby.” I muttered. Looking down, I could see the head of my cock appear and disappear from between her legs. My swollen purple head glistened with my daughter’s sex juices. “I don’t know about this angel,” I said between low grunts as she started jerking her body, grinding her clit down on my sensitive cock head.

I was getting closer to the edge and she knew it. “Daddy, you need release. You and mommy always said it was … UNGH … natural. Besides …” if she was about to say something else, all that came out were a series of shallow gasps and “ahs” as she started rocking faster. Watching her second orgasm while she perched on top of me was too much. I gritted my teeth and lifted my pelvis, using my daughter’s pussy for my pleasure. My cum started gushing onto my chest and stomach. Her whole crotch was drenched and her hips gyrated. My pubes were matted with spunk. She collapsed down on me and held her face next to mine. We were both breathing hard.

I wrapped my arms around her and held her naked body against mine. “I love you angel,” I whispered in her ear.

“I love you daddy,” she replied, our bodies still shuddering with after tremors.

I felt her smile as she added, “Now lets get you in the shower. Obviously I’ll have to get in with you. Then I can make dinner … oh, and I have homework to do.”

Like I said, that was four weeks ago. It’s hard to believe that our relationship could have evolved so dramatically in such a short period of time, but I suppose that tale will have to wait for another chapter.

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That was a really horny little story, it made my pussy soo deliciously moist and really dripping wet, I could feel daddy's hard cock nestled right inside me you brought me right in to the story, the mark of a great writer, thanks a lot for the great post. Only a little point, a little more background would be better than dropping big bits and pieces in here and there as a convenience to explain their relationship, its only a small thing other than that top notch. Off to play now, thanks Luvsalik xx

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Sorry forgot to add , hope you continue this soon! Luvsalik xx

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That was a really horny little story, it made my pussy soo deliciously moist and really dripping wet, I could feel daddy's hard cock nestled right inside me you brought me right in to the story, the mark of a great writer, thanks a lot for the great post. Only a little point, a little more background would be better than dropping big bits and pieces in here and there as a convenience to explain their relationship, its only a small thing other than that top notch. Off to play now, thanks Luvsalik xx

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