this is my first attempt. its all true and even turned out pretty funny.
I was laying across my bed, watching you expertly applying makeup, getting ready for your big night tonight. You sat in front of your mirror dressed only in stockings and heels grinning from ear to ear thinking about the big fantasy-come- true I arranged for you. You don’t know which one yet, but you do know that it’s something you want.

Please allow me to explain. We have been together for eight years. At first, the sex was beyond great but after a few years, like many others, it began to get routine. We tried to spice it up a little by roll playing, bringing in another person, swing clubs, etc, but didn’t really work.

So, one day I came home from work with two small buckets and a pad of paper. I fixed us both a drink, sat you down beside me and I explained how we were going to fix things.

I remember hearing you mention several times things you would like to try, so I told you to write on a strip of paper a fantasy that you wanted to act out and put it in your bucket. You could write as many as you wanted as long as there was only one to a strip. We decided to only do this once a month so that it would stay exciting and to do it on the last weekend of the month. Mine would happen on Friday, yours on Saturday. The only rules were that the picks had to remain as secret as possible and the only clue was to tell each other how to dress. We made our picks one week in advance to allow time to set things up. We’ve been at this for four months now and it’s working great.

Last night, you told me to dress in my best “country” because we were going out two-steppin. We arrived at our local C&W bar, found a table and settled down to listen to some good music. After a couple hours, my baby had to go to the ladies room. When she returned, she was arm-in-arm with a really attractive lady. She introduced us to each other and invited her to have a seat. Her name was Mary Ann, and had met my baby while attending the weekly line dancing lessons they both come to the club for. She was alone for the night so we invited her to stay.

As time to close rolled around, we left and asked her if she needed a ride home. She only lived about a half mile away , and was on our way home, so no problem. When we reached her place, she thanked us and invited us up for a nightcap. We looked at each other and said ‘why not”. I don’t think either of us was ready to call it a night anyhow.

We went inside and had a seat on her couch while Mary Ann went into the kitchen to fix our drinks. My baby had to excuse herself to get rid of her last couple drinks. While she was gone, Mary Ann came in and sat beside me placing our drinks on the end table. We just made small talk until my baby came back and sat beside her.

As the evening progressed ,they had enough that they were starting to get a little loose. I noticed they were starting to get a little “touchy-feely” so I decided to stop drinking and enjoy the show. Within minutes, they were rubbing each others legs, staring into each others eyes, and getting closer. Then my baby planted a big deep kiss on Mary Ann.
I started getting really turned on watching all this. I have always liked watching her with another woman, and this one was no exception. As soon as their tongues untangled, they whispered something to each other and started giggling. They stood up, each took one of my hands and led me off to her bedroom.

Inside, I was told to sit in the chair and watch. Didn’t have to tell me twice. They both crawled on the bed and embraced each other again. This time, not only were their tongues twisted together but they were now grinding their bodies together. I was really getting into this. I had to rearrange my seating position several times as my cock was starting to grow. When the kiss ended, they separated slightly and began to undress each other. First my baby lost her dress and then Mary Ann. My baby wasn’t wearing a bra but Mary Ann was, so she quickly unhooked it and threw it to me. She had beautiful full round breasts topped off with pencil eraser size nipples that looked hard as rocks.

My baby leaned over and gently kissed and sucked on each one, biting and flicking her tongue over them. Mary Ann must have really been enjoying the attention because she put both hands behind my babys’ head and refused to let her move from the general area. She would direct her to one nipple and then the other. After a few minutes of this, she released my babys’ head . They kissed again ,then Mary Ann started working her way down my babys’ front, kissing her cheeks, both sides of her neck, finally stopping at her heaving breasts. She spent an equal amount of time on her, and getting just as worked up. Mary Ann continued on down to her hard belly while sliding her thumbs in the waistband of my babys’ lace panties. She slowly tugged them down over her beautiful round ass and let them drop to her knees, revealing her totally shaved pussy. Not to be outdone, my baby did the same to her.

They both lay back on the bed and pulled off each others panties and threw them to me also. I held them both up to my nose to take in the aroma of both their sweet pussies. It was better than any perfume I had ever smelled and I stuck them both in my pocket to keep.

Both ladies were now laying on the bed in just stockings and garter belts. They touched each others bodies, working their way to each others pussies. They each inserted first one finger, then two. They must have been very worked up because my baby removed her fingers and brought them to her mouth to taste. Her fingers were soaking wet with Mary Anns juices. She licked one finger clean then offered the other to Mary Ann. She quickly took it and sucked it into her mouth to clean it off.

By now, I lost all control and had to remove my erect cock from my pants. My cock isn’t that big but in those tight jeans, was damn uncomfortable. “Can I get in on some of that” I asked, “just a little taste?” “You mean of this” Mary Ann asked holding up the two dripping wet fingers she pulled from my babys’ pussy? “YES” I yelled.

They both laughed and said “just sit there and watch, you maybe can get a taste later. You are welcome to get undressed though if you want” my baby added. I don’t think I have ever got out of my clothes so fast. At least I was physically more comfortable, although if one of them had of touched me anywhere, I probably would lost my load.

Mary Ann lay back flat on her bed as my baby looked at me and straddled her face. Her tongue penetrated between my babys’ pouting wet lips. She was obviously hitting some of the right spots as my baby began throwing her head from side to side, moaning those soft moans she always makes when I bring her to climax. When she finally did climax, she fell forward on Mary Ann and lay there for a moment before beginning to stir again.

She kissed up Mary Anns thighs until she reached her pussy, quickly pulling Mary Anns legs back until I had full view of it and what she was about to do. She parted Mary Anns lips with her fingers and I could see her wetness trickle down from between them to the sheet. As quick as she inserted her finger to collect Mary Anns juices, she would pull it out and suck it clean with her waiting mouth. After doing this several times, she stretched her lips apart until her clit was in full view. She ran her tongue across it several times bringing Mary Ann to life, then kissed it. As her tongue circled it Mary Anns hips began to move as if trying to help her get better contact. Mary Ann began eating my baby again and I was getting a great show of both of them locked in a “69.” As much as I love watching her kissing another woman, I LOVE watching her eat pussy. Guess it’s because she likes it almost as much as I do.

Over the next little while, they got each other off several times and was killing me in the process. They moved to rest a minute stretching out beside each other but still holding each others bodies. They looked at each other and my baby asked “should we let him in on some of the fun now?” “I think we had better. Look at him. If his cock was any harder, I think it would break if he bent it,” Mary Ann replied. “Ok” she grinned saying, “come on over here and tell us what you want”. “Since this is his fantasy, I know what he wants.” my baby says laughing.

“I thought I already had my fantasy,” I said. “you mean there’s more? You know how much watching you eating pussy turns me on.”

“Of course there’s more. You have to do something with that hard cock before it falls off” my baby says.

I joined them on her king size bed barely able to contain myself. Knowing what she wanted to do, my baby tells Mary Ann to get back in a “69” with her, this time with her on top. I love fucking two women when they are eating each other.

They began eating each other again, but this time I got to add a little something extra to it. I started by inserting my cock into my baby while she was being eaten. The really fun thing about this position is that no matter which end I’m at, I get both a hot pussy and an even hotter mouth to fuck as I want. And that’s just what I did.

As my hard cock slid between my babys wet lips, it would sometimes pull all the way out and slide right Into Mary Anns waiting mouth . The lady gave a great blowjob!!!

After several times alternating between her mouth and my babys pussy I decided I better pay some attention to the other end before I shot what I knew was going to be a huge load of hot cum.

I moved to Mary Anns waiting pussy and slid my cock in until my balls were resting on top of my babys nose. My baby gives great blowjobs also and really likes licking me all over since I started shaving everything. Small price to pay to get a much needed blowjob anytime I want.

I pumped in and out of Mary Anns pussy while my baby licked my balls and my asshole
on each inward stroke. I looked at her and said “you know that I am not going to be able to last much longer, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I know. And when you cum, fill her pussy full,” she instructed.

Took me a few seconds to figure out what she was up to, but when I did, it was enough to send me over the top. I pounded into Mary Anns pussy so hard I thought I was going to start a fire. My cock had to be a blur to my baby as fast as I was slamming into Mary Ann. I could hear her moaning, ramming back into me with each forward thrust I was giving her. Unable to hold off any more, I grabbed her gorgeous ass and unloaded what seemed to be at least a cup full of steaming cum into her. I know there wasn’t that much, but there was enough that my balls hurt like hell when they emptied.

The combination of getting off and the pain with it caused my cock to go limp fast. As it slid out of Mary Anns worn pussy, a small string of cum followed it out and landed across my babys tongue. She smeared it over her lips and asked if there was any more.

She lightly slapped Mary Anns ass and said “I want you to raise up but stay where you are.” She knew what to do. In a flash, she was on her knees, strait up, with her full pussy hovering just above my babys open mouth.

“PUSH!” my baby instructed. Mary Ann pushed and at the same time inserted a finger to help open herself up. It worked!!! A huge load of sticky white cum began to drip from between her lips only to be caught by my babys outstretched tongue again. This time there was a lot more of it. When it got to the point where it was just clinging to her pussy lips, my baby raised up to lick her clean. Mary Ann moved off her noticing my babys face covered in cum. “Need some help with all that?” she asked watching my baby using her tongue to collect it all. She grinned, leaned over and licked her face clean.

It was such a turn on watching all that ,that I could feel my cock start to arouse again. “We are going to have to go,” I said knowing I couldn’t take another one of those. “Next time” I said gathering my clothes. We said our goodbyes and left for home. We couldn’t get rid of the smiles knowing that tomorrow night would be your turn and we would start things all over again.

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