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Story is purely fiction, I hope you enjoy!
I don’t think I’m any different than my neighbors or in fact the average Joe. Just like them I have my little perversions that help make the day worth starting. My little perversion, well sickness, really takes a lot of preparation. Since I was a kid I have had the knack of taking almost any situation and manipulating it to my best interest. I find it most fulfilling to manipulate one of mans most sacred of bonds. It could be the excitement of the scheme, or the whole secrecy thing. Nah, not really… For me its being in control and forcing people into making decisions that they normally wouldn’t make, and once they do its about testing their limits and seeing how far I can take it.

Unfortunately for the average person, this takes the root of all evil, money. Yeah, I started with a relatively large inheritance but I turned that into a lucrative investment firm in the city. Within the small circle of my influence, everyone that knows me or heard of me wants to work for me. My employees are an extension of me, I treat them generously and in return they work long and hard. My standards are high and it takes time for me to find the right people to fill positions. You would think it would be knowledge or experience, but my interest lies elsewhere. It takes a little cunningness but you’re hired based on the attractiveness of your significant other. See, my perversion is turning pretty, happily married women into my own personal pet. This process is truly time consuming and grueling but in the end very pleasurable if done right, a trophy if you would.

The game (I approach it that way because its fun) starts with the interview process, normally I personally interview for the high-end account managers where the higher salary is a life changer. The selected candidates must be male, young and attractive of course. Normally it's very easy for me to strike up a conversation about families and if their wife’s are hotties, they don't mind to brag about it. The job itself, come second. Actually the less intelligent they are the better; I'll groom them to be moneymakers anyway.

Mark has been with us for about six months, he replaced a senior account manager after he got fired for mismanaging assets. In reality, I was getting bored with his wife, not to mention she got pregnant and wouldn't abort. Like with all my pets, they do not dare come after me. Our relationships are secret and if I were to be exposed, they would be as well. You can call it blackmail, but I call it an understanding not to mention it helps that I keep all our sessions on video.

This morning Mark received a phone call from an agent from the FCC informing him that he's under investigation for fraud and extortion. The charges are bogus, I know that, but for Mark he's in a panic. I was watching him on video from my office a floor above his. Ease dropping on the phone call, listening to the panic in his voice as he responds to the agent telling him that if he's convicted he can face up to 20 years behind bars. I owe my friend Tom a round of drinks for his conviction in this little prank.

Then Mark does what every good husband would do in a good marriage, communicate his concerns to his wife. This takes me back to where I am now, at Marks front door.
A few knocks later and his beautiful wife Amber opened the door.
"Hi Mr. Grady, Marks not here. He's at work, is everything okay?"
She was absolutely stunning. She had the most beautiful auburn hair tightly pinned in a ponytail. Her emerald green eyes popped from the dark makeup she was wearing. When she smiled, she had perfect white teeth. She was wearing an orange tube dress with platform sandals. From what I can tell she was at least a c-cup and with white silky skin on a 5'5" frame.
"I'm sure Mark told you about the FCC investigation, right?" I know he did.
"Yes, I don’t know what we are going to do. He can be put in jail for 20 years! It has to be a misunderstanding." She said.
"That’s why I'm here, I think I can help but its going to be very costly." I added.
"Please, we'll do whatever you want if you can help us."
She invited me in, as I passed her the smell of her perfume was intoxicating, almost as intoxicating as the words that came out of her mouth. I made my way to the couch in the living room, making myself comfortable. She walked passed me sitting down in a chair across the room. Her legs were fit, like she lived at the gym. I watched her like an adolescent teen hoping to get a peak of her ass before she sat.
"Great! That’s why I'm here. If we can work something out, there's a good chance that Mark won’t see a minute of jail time. I have a team of lawyers I know that specialize in these type investigations. It takes time though, it can take up to 3 years…. Even with their discounted rate it can get up to the millions"
"Millions… We can't afford that."
"I know, Amber. Its hard but what is his freedom worth?"
"I don’t know of any bank that would lend us that type of money"
"I have a better suggestion, my firm can absorb the fees but only if you make your services available to me whenever, wherever and whatever I want."
I figure the boldest approach is best. No real guessing games involved. The incarceration of Madoff was still fresh in the papers.
"What do you mean, services?"
What a typical response, she knows the answer.
"You know exactly what I mean." I said smugly
She started to object when I cut her off.
"Listen, your husband's freedom should be worth more than a couple sexual acts. Amber, its okay if you don't want to accept my offer. But, I'm going to warn you. If you don't accept, I'm going to do everything in my power to get him convicted. If I allow them to search my database, they may find some incriminating evidence whether it's real or not."
She was absolutely stunned. She stood speechless, mouth agape, for what seemed to be an eternity.
"My offer expires when I leave."
I got up and headed towards the door. Was she going to call my bluff? I turned the knob, not looking back. Open the door and was about to push my way out of the screen door.
"WAIT!" she yelled with a crack in her voice
"For how long?"
She was mine. I felt my prick grow in my pants.
"As long as it takes for the case to end. Could be a month, or it could be longer. So what do you say?"
"Uh… okay." She stammered through her response.


I approached my new pet, she was terrified. I gently secured her chin with my hand,
"Then we have a mutual agreement. I will keep your husband out of jail and pay for all the legal expenses and in return you will service me in any way I want?"
"….YaYes, if you kakeep my husband out of jail and I'll do whatever you want" she replied looking away.
"Look at me, do we have an agreement?"
With tears in her eyes she again committed to the agreement.

It had to be around ten in the morning, I took the rest of the day off in lieu of closing this deal. I took my suit jacket and tie off and tossed it on the couch. I started undoing the buttons on my shirt, her tears fell splattering on the hardwood floor as she watched.
"Undo the rest…"
She was trembling as she unbuttoned my shirt and pushed it down my shoulders and through my arms. I caught her taking a second glance at my chest and abs. I know women are into men's bodies just as much as men are into theirs. I keep in great shape, with stations at my house and office. Its great for stressful days, it helps work you through them.

She turned her head after a few seconds of "awe". I grabbed her hands and backed up onto the couch, sitting down. With a little direction, I moved my hands behind her knees forcing her to straddle me. With a little tug, both breasts were exposed. They were perfect. As I massaged them, her humiliation was apparent. She looked awkward not knowing what to do with her hands, I had to laugh to myself.

I pulled her down to me, kissing her stiff lips, forcing me tongue in. I kissed her softly making my way to her cheek and ear. I felt her shutter, followed by an army of goose bumps emerge on her arms and legs. She said nothing as I made my way down her neck, gently sucking and licking. I explored between her breasts with my tongue working my way to each nipple. Biting each first gently then rough. I love to make them erect, it makes it all the more fun to play with.

Her dress was still around her tummy, hiding her final treasure. I firmly held her head in the bend of my arm devouring her neck and shoulder. I slowly worked my free hand up her knee and under her dress. To my surprise she wasn't wearing any panties! I let her head go and quickly pulled her dress over her head and wrapped her arms around my neck. I resumed rubbing her thighs working my way to her waist and ass. Her pussy was completely shaven to perfection, just the way I like. By this time she was in a full blown cry, ruining her makeup and distorting her face.

I didn't care, to me women are possessions that should be dominated and trained. I treat them as they should, if they are well behaved they are rewarded and bad behavior will be punished. There is no gray area when it comes to obedience and that is the first lesson I teach all my pets.

I laid her on the couch, her head resting on the arm. I lowered myself on top of her, kissing her lips and grinding the bulge in my pants on her naked skin. I slid down admiring her torso. She had a muscular six-pack, her perfectly round breasts which after my thorough examination, they were definitely faked. I don't discriminate.
I moved lower, nibbling on her pelvis right above her clit, I started my way down.
"Please stop…" she muttered
"I… I.. can't do this. I.. can't cheat on my husband…."
"Do you love him?"
"Then you have to. Do you think he can survive in jail for 20 years? If he can will he be the same man as the one you married? If you want to save your husband and your relationship you have no choice, am I right?"
It was rhetorical, I didn’t wait for a response as I got back to work. There is nothing like the musty smell of a new pussy. I started to explore the folds of her skin, investigating her beautiful labia. After a minute or so I focused on her clit. Her trembling started to ease as I heard faint moans of pleasure leak from her lips. I broke my concentration to glance at her face. Her tears now slowing, leaving a streak of wetness from her tightly closed eyes.

I smile filled my face as I felt her hands embrace my head. She started panting until she finally exploded. Her body tensed up as she let out a groan that echoed throughout the empty house. I faint grin surfaced from her lips as her orgasm left, grinding her drenched canal into my face. As her body succumbed to the orgasm, I laid on top of her, pressing my lips to hers. With not objections, she opened her mouth and sucked her juices from my tongue.

I stood up from the couch in front of her, and without a queue she sat up in front of me. I watched as she wrestled with my belt and gently unbuttoned my slacks and lowered my zipper. With a slow methodical pace, she lowered my slacks, getting my cock caught in the fold. Unable to free him with a tug, she soon realized why. She reached in and freed my dick. Fully engorged with blood he was eight and a quarter inches long and two inches wide. I stepped out of my cloths and sat down next to her. She didn’t take her eyes off of him, that reaction alone is satisfying.

"Have you ever deep throated?"
"Nothing like that." She said
"You will" I said as I spread my legs and sat back in the cushion.
The realization was setting in of what she was going to need to do. I guess it was one thing to accept pleasure, but know I expected her to return the favor.
"No… please don't make me do that" with fear returning to her cracking voice.
"We had an agreement, do I have to remind you what's at stake here? Come on Amber, this should be nothing new!?"
She shifted off the couch to her knees in front of me. I watch as she grabbed my cock with both hands and rubbed him down.
"I don't want a hand job, I can do that myself."
Her mouth was a little dry, making her tongue feel like sand paper. She had her eyes closed so it was easy to reach into my coat pocket and pull out a camcorder. I was able to prop it up and set it for record on the coffee table.
"Put your hands behind your back" I demanded
Obedient already, she complied. Using her ponytail as a handle I guided my missile down her throat. Her make-up, already ruined from crying, was running further down her face as she gagged.

I pulled my cock out of her mouth, giving her a little break.
"I want you to lick every inch of my groin from my asshole to my knee"
With a little hesitation her tongue glided up my inner thigh to the fold between my leg and balls. I held my cock and slid my lower back to the end of the couch. I was clean shaven as well, not a trace of hair was found anywhere but the top of my head. She slowly showed attention to each of my buddies, bobbing them in and out of her now moist mouth. I felt a tingling sensation as her tongue explored the pucker of my ass, which just made my cock harder. She must have been fascinated by it because she reamed me out for almost five minutes. I had to get her to move on or the cum boiling in my balls would of exploded in my face and not hers.

I let her get back to the blow job, assuming the position with her hand to her back. I wasn't going to stop until she was able to get me all the way in. It was difficult because I was so aroused. Inch by inch I worked my cock down her throat, each time making her gag. I started to get frustrated because after six inches she could not get me down any more, I couldn’t believe she was really that horrible at sucking dick.
"Swallow… swallow when you can't get down anymore…"
After a few attempts our timing was right and I was able to push pass the final threshold. I was firmly embedded in her throat, cutting off her breathing. She wasn't prepared for the loss of air. I held her in place for a couple seconds and in a panic she tried to dislodge my member from her throat. After a few control throbs of my penis I let her up.
"We're not done, deep breaths…."
She was able to deep throat me almost every time in greater rhythm. I held her down occasionally for extended periods of time until I couldn't hold it now more.
With two hands I controlled her head, face fucking her with tremendous force.
"You swallow it all, but not until I tell you to" I muttered
She let out a squeal in dismay, but I didn't care. I was deep down her throat as my orgasm began. I wanted to give her the satisfaction of tasting my cum so I withdrew my cock to the tip of her lips.
"Ah.. Ah… don't swallow yet!"
I reminded her as my cock tensed squirting my warm cum in her mouth. I held her head in place with on hand and the other on my rod stroking through my orgasm. I pulled out, squirting the final few globs on her face. It was enough to leave a stripe the right side of her face. She had her mouth open full of my sperm, her eyes were tightly closed with a glob of cum entangled in her eyelash.
"Look at me"
She forced her eyes open, blinking a couple of times to get the cum from resting on her eye ball. I stood up and kind of tilted her to the camera.
"Let me see my cum, move your tongue around"
She did.
"Now swallow"
She did.
"That’s not all of it."
She put my cock back in her mouth sucking the cum from my balls as it softened. I took my finger wiping her cheek and cleaned my finger with her mouth.
I looked down at her, my cum drying on her face. "Take a shower, I want you in something sexy."
"What do you mean? I thought we were done?"
"Done? We just started. Mark won't be home until six, and if you’re lucky I'll be done with you by then…"
I could tell she was upset but not quite broken. I would have to break her before the real training begins.
As she got up off the floor I took inventory of my new pet. She had no body fat on her legs or stomach and just enough on her ass. As she walked away a noticed a two in gap below her slit between her thighs, just a perfect body.
"I want your make-up perfect and your hair down, you have an hour!" I ordered as she disappeared into the hallway.
I glance over and noticed that I left the front door open. I walked over to close it and I seen the mailman briskly walk to his truck. The mailbox was attached to the house next to the front door. He had a great view. Hopefully he's not good friends with Mark or this will come to an abrupt end.


My newest trophy, Amber, was still in the shower so I took the time to look around her bedroom. The master bathroom was attached to the bedroom so I can hear what was going on in there should the water stop.
The end tables are always fun, that where most women hide their toys. She had a 6 inch vibrator that was rather skinny, an egg, a tiny butt plug and a various assortment of oils and lubes to work with. Her dresser drawers were full of matching underwear that were truly sexy. She had all the essentials that sexy women should have, thigh high stockings, garters, over the knee socks, a variety of different thongs and boy shorts all lacy and frilly.
There were his and her closets, hers was the one I was interested in of course. The back wall, which was the smaller of the three, was lined with shoes, mostly all with heels. Her cloths were mostly dresses and skirts with low cut tanks and shirts, which I can image would look very flattering on her. Then I found what I was looking for, there was a set of 3 drawers filled with various styles of lingerie. There was enough here to keep me entertained for a while. I thought to myself that I'm going to have fun with this one. I set my camera up facing the bed hidden under a clutter of nick-knacks on her dresser. It was at a few feet from the foot of the bed so it was perfect for what I wanted. The king sized bed gave us a big stage to romp. It was incased with a sturdy cast iron canopy flowing with a lacy white curtain.

The sound of the hair dryer filled the room drawing my attention to the bathroom. I opened the door a crack and just observed for a minute. Even without any makeup she was a stunner. She reminded me of a model you would see in a Fredrick's catalog. She had another 15 minutes to get ready, it was almost noon and I figured I should raid the fridge before she was done. I turned on the camera, which would catch most activity in the bed and got a beer out of the fridge.
I was sitting on the couch when she walked out from the hallway. She was wearing her bathrobe, but I could see she was wearing black stockings and clear six-inch stripper heels. Her hair was down with a few tendrils in the front covering her face the rest up in a light pony tail.
Her shoes clicked on the wood floor as she made her way to me, staring me down. Without me uttering one command, she dropped her robe to her ankles.
"Is this what you wanted, Mr. Grady?"
The blood rushed to my rod as my eyes gazed on her. The stockings were attached to a black corset with pink lacy cups that made put here breasts on a shelf. I couldn't stop staring at her cleavage.
"Let me see the back" I said as calmly as I could
A slow spin brought her back facing me. Her g-string said "SEXY" in silver letters above her ass. There really wasn't a good chance of them staying on her for that much longer.
I stood up and greeted her with a kiss, gently slipping my tongue through her lips. I pulled her closer squeezing my cock between us, pressing up against her stomach. The perfume she was wearing just made me that more exciting, as I grabbed her ear in my mouth. With a tug of her hair I had access to her neck under her chin which I gobbled up. I picked her up in my arms, easily, she had to weight 100 lbs. and took here to her room. I roughly tossed her on her bed, I followed quickly pinning her hands above her head with one hand and tearing her g-sting off in the other.
"Hhhmp" she mutter when I yanked
I attacked her like a crazed animal, shoving my tongue in and out of her mouth, biting her cheek and ear if given to me. I folded down the cups of the corset squeezing the life out her breast tormenting her nipple.
Amber offered little resistance to my assault, she knew she was helpless to defend herself, both her tiny hands fit snug in one of mine. I left bite mark after bite mark on her tits marking my new territory. I had no fear of leaving marks on my new trophy, she was now mine.
I had enough of the foreplay and it was time for sex. I let go of her hands to guide my manhood to her opening.
"WAIT!! NO!!! I have condoms!!"
"I don’t use condoms…"
"…but I'm not on anything…"
"Amber, that’s not my problem. Tomorrow morning go to the drug store and get the morning after pill, then on your way home get the birth control shot…."
"…I'm trying to get pregn…" I cut her off
"Do you want to be a single mom when Mark is in jail? With no job? You'll be doing this for money…."
She tried to protest some more but I simply ignored her as I took her knees and pinned them to the bed besides her. She was very flexible which I will take full advantage of as I leaned in and entered her. She stopped bitching the second the head of my cock entered her soaked canal.
"Oh.. Oh.. GOD" she moaned
With a few thrusts I was three quarters of the way in and that was enough. Her sex clung to my cock like she had her fist wrapped around it trying to squeeze the life out of it. Her juices started flowing leaving a small puddle on the bed as I began to fuck her. I had another two inches left that I was going to punish her with.
She tried to close her eyes resting her arms above her head.
"Look at me!" I commanded
She did
"Now take a look and my dick disappearing into your cunt"
She watch as I only embedded 3/4 of it inside her. The next stroke slammed against her cervix as I pushed all the way in.
"Oooouch! Stop! No…." she said as she tried to get away
She wasn't strong enough to push me off, I had her tightly. She tried kicking her legs but it just made her pussy pulsate making it more enjoyable. I picked up the pace pulling almost all the way out and slamming back into her in rapid concession. The head of my penis was getting sore so I knew she had to be in pain. The struggling soon stopped as either numbness set in or her pussy finally stretched enough to accommodated my man hood.
The cries of pain soon turned to euphoria. "I think I'm cumming…." She said
"Please fuck me harder…"
"What?" I said with a little sarcasm.
"Please Mr. Grady, fuck me, fuck me HARDER…."
It was all on tape as I pounded away on my employee's wife. Fucking her to the brink of ecstasy. She went into convulsions as the wave of pleasure rushed through her. My cock was covered in a white paste that wasn't mine. I let her enjoy it, staying still as she slowly gyrated on my rod to the pleasure completely faded.
I pulled out with my rock hard cock, "clean me off"
She started to grab it with her hand, "No…" I said
She got the hint and sat up, cleaning the clumps of her cum of with her lips and tongue. The look of disgust quickly faded as she realized it wasn't that bad.
"Get on all fours"
I turned her to face the camera, found her abused cunt with my prick and got back to work. I reached forward and grabbed her hair as I pounded her from behind. Every now and then I slapped her ass, leaving my hand print behind. I let her enjoy her first orgasm, but the following two I fucked her through it.
I felt my own orgasm start at the base of my dick, I grabbed her hips and tried to split her in two. I let out a scream as I filled her with my seed, she continued to ride me as I enjoyed my own explosion until I finally went limp and slid out.
"Clean me again." I told her
This time she did not falter, she found every glob of jizz on my cock hungrily eating it up. I told her to go clean herself up as I got up an grabbed my camera.
I rewound the tape to the living room with her face covered in cum, waiting for my command to swallow it. Amber made her way back to bed, putting a small towel on her wet spot and laid next to me, resting on my shoulder.
"Thank you." She whispered in my ear as she nibbled my lobe.
"For what?"
"I have never came during sex, especially like I did for you. I never expected sex to be like that, so thank you."
"You're welcome."
"Are we done for today? I'm really sore down there."
"I'm done with your pussy, if that's what you mean."
She knew what I wanted next, "I have never had anal sex before, Mr. Grady"
"Most women haven't, I'll take it easy on you the first time…."
"I can't let you be the first one…. My husband….."
"Hey, you'll do whatever I want…. You're mine now, understand?"
"Yours? No…"
I played the tape, her mouth wide open. She watched as her faced covered and her mouth full waited like a animal for her next command. Amber glanced away as she heard me tell her to play with it, but watched as she swallowed and was fed the rest. The tape continued to her putting lingerie on, then me throwing her to the bed. We watched as she begged me to fuck her. I loved every minute of her humiliation. I watched her tits bounce up and down I a rode her from behind. Ambers face showed no sign of distress just a look of determination to orgasm again. I shut the camera off she finished up licking my dick clean. She was broken, mine to do with as I please. I fucked her on a weak lie but solidified her role as my pet with the videos.
"I assume you're a smart woman? I am going to tape every last one of our encounters so I have something to show for my investment in Mark. If you do not obey me to the last word, Mark will get these highlights in an email, destroying you and your marriage. Do you understand me Amber?"
With fearful eyes she willingly submitted to my will.
"Call me Master, do you understand?"
"Yes, master. I'll do what you want."


It didn't take a psychiatrist to see the turmoil in her face. She didn't know what she committed to, what he had in store for her…. All she knew is that she loved her husband and this would destroy him. Her intentions were sincere, to help the man she would do anything for and not hurt him any further. Her choices were simple, submit to the blackmail and the relationship between her and her husband will be safe or tell her husband, risk him going to jail followed by a definite divorce. The decision seemed simple, it was after all only sex. Eventually she would be free of this agreement and be able to put this all behind, right?

I simply watched her as she contemplated the situation in her head, not saying anything after she acknowledged my leverage over her. Her eyes welled up almost bursting to tears as my beautiful new trophy digested her new relationship with, until a few hours ago, a mere acquaintance. This was the best time to explain my terms and rules of her new role.
"Amber, what I want from you is simple, sex. Its nothing you haven't done before, but I do have a few rules that I expect you to obey or I will punish you. My main goal here is to keep your husband out of jail and to keep all of us happy. Like I said, I expect complete obedience, as difficult as that may sound you'll find it rather easy. I will very rarely drop in unannounced so when we do meet, I expect you to be gorgeous each and every time. How and what you where is not important to me unless I tell you otherwise, but if I don’t like what you have on, then you will be punished. Your body is mine to use how I please. I will stick my dick anywhere I want, cum wherever I want. These are enough rules for now, do you understand me?"
"Yes." She quickly replied
"YES????" I shouted, startling her.
"Yes, master." She knew exactly what I wanted to hear.

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