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My son was 24 and a good looking lad. Better looking than myself. Everyone said he took after his mother and they were probably right. Because of this, there was a constant stream of beautiful woman falling in and out of his bed.

At 58, I hadn't had a good fuck in years, ever since my wife died and i was starting to think it was my turn for some young pussy.

His most recent girlfriend, Olivia, was 17. Half cast girl with beautiful chocolate coloured skin and b-cup tits. A petite 5ft4 with a nice little arse and a body you would kill for. From the second I’d first met her I was trying to figure out away I could fuck her myself. She often came round when my son was working nights and stayed in his bed till he came back in the morning.

One of these days was poker night. Myself and my closest five buddies played poker every Tuesday night. She turned up out of the blue looking for my son. She watched us play poker in her tight little top and skin tight jeans and I watched all my friends drool and adjust their pants. I knew they were all hard, wishing they could fuck this little teen whore. I knew that, because I was hard and thinking the same thing. She eventually went to bed around 1am and left Brian and myself playing heads up. Everyone else had struck out and, if I knew most of them, were hurrying home to fuck their wives while thinking about this little black slut I her tight top.

“I’d love to fuck that pussy,” Brian said as soon as she left the room.

“Tell me about it,” I replied. “You should see her in a teddy when she comes down for breakfast. My cock gets so hard I have to wait till she leaves before I can go to work.”

“I know how you feel,” Brian said and put his hand down his jeans to adjust his cock.

“I’d give anything to make her my personal fuck toy,” I whispered.

“What if I said I could help you out?”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I can get you some pills. Slip them in her drink and you can do whatever you want to her for a couple of hours. She’ll never know.”


“I’ve used them a few times on some friends of my daughters. Work beautifully.”

I was little apprehensive, but in the end I agreed. I brought the pills too my, a box of twenty, he next day. He told me to slip one in her drink and 20 minutes later she’d be mine.

I had to wait several days for the opportunity, and then it just presented itself out of the blue. My son had gone to work, and he told me he’d be having a few early pints in the bar at the hotel where he worked after his shift.

When the doorbell rang at 11pm, I knew it would be Olivia and I knew I had until 5am do get what I wanted from her little body. I rushed to open the door and looked at her as I let her in. She was wearing a flimsy summer dress and she was carrying a jacket in her hands.

“Hi Mr Jones,” she said

“I keep telling you to call me Gary,” I replied. “James is at work,” I added.

“I know. Is it ok if I weight around.”

“No problem. Come on in.”

I looked down her dress as she came inside. Her beautiful firm tits were swinging free and my cock jumped to attention. ‘Tonight’s the night’ I thought.

“Would you like a glass of wine,” I offered.

“Yes please,” she yawned. “Just a quick one and then I’ll go to bed.”

I rushed into the kitchen and poured her a glass of red, her favourite, and then I dropped a single pill into her glass and waited for it to dissolve.

When I returned to the living room she was almost asleep on the settee so I woke her to be sure she drank her wine. I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to fuck her. She drank the wine in three or four gulps while we talked and a few minutes later she started to yawn uncontrollably.

“Sorry, I didn’t realise I was this tired,”

“That’s ok. Why don’t you go to bed?”

“Thanks,” she smiled and left me alone. I waited fifteen minutes, took my clothes off and wrapped a bath robe around my shoulders and fastened it in the front.

My heart was pounding in my chest as I made my way up the stairs. I waited for a minute outside the door, slipped a hand inside my robe and rubbed my already hard cock whilst thinking about Olivia’s naked body. I eventually knocked on the door. When there was no response, I knocked again loudly.

Still she didn’t call out of say anything. I pushed the door open, and looked at her. The light was still on by the side of the bed and she was under the covers. I approached her, placed my hand on her shoulder and shook her. When she didn’t move I sat on the edge of the bed and pushed my hand under the covers. I found her naked tits and gave them a firm squeeze. When she didn’t move I pulled back the bed sheets and to my surprise I found her completely naked. She must have been too tired to put her teddy on.

Her legs were slightly open so I delicately rubbed her clit with my fingers watching for any sig off movement. I circled her clit with my thumb before pushing a finger into her tight teen hole. I finger fucked her for a few minutes, pushing and pulling my white finger from her sexy pussy.

I added a second finger and bent my head down to taste her pussy, flicking my tongue over her swollen clit and sucking on her pussy juices as they flowed out over my hand.

She looked so beautiful splayed out in front of me. Her legs wide apart and her beautiful shaved pussy inviting me to use her like a whore. I shook her one more time to see if she’d wake up while I was fucking her. She didn’t move so I decided to do it, I was going to fuck my sons 17 year old girlfriend.

I undid my bath robe and dropped it to the floor. My cock was harder than it had been in 20 years. It stuck straight up in the air begging for a piece of that beautiful black pussy. I positioned myself between her legs, took my cock in my hands and massaged her clit with my bell end. Her pussy juices flowed freely over my hard cock and I wondered for the first time if I should wear a condom. But, I wanted to cum in her tight cunt, I wanted to make her my cum slut and that wasn’t going to happen if I put a rubber on.

I lent forward and pushed the tip of my cock a few inches past her swollen wet pussy lips. When she didn’t move and ram my dick as hard as a could into her tight hole. I slid into her real deep until the tip of my cock touched cervix. Her tight pussy felt so good wrapped around my dick. I pulled out and drove my cock back into her hard and fast. Still no reaction. I pulled out my hone and took a picture of my hard cock buried in her tight black pussy. I knew Brian would want to see that.

Now I knew it was my chance to make this sexy teen my fuck toy. I fucked her hard and fast, her pussy juices covering and lubricating my cock as I fucked this teen whore. I grunted as a fucked her. God, it felt so good, fucking her tight black pussy. I was close to coming. Quicker than I wanted, but I couldn’t help myself. I grabbed onto her beautiful tits and squeezed them and with one final thrust and shot my hot sticky load deep into her tight cunt. I held my dick inside her for a minute, dropped on top of her and felt her tits press against my chest. After a minute, my cock flopped from her pussy and I raised myself up into a kneeling position in front of her. I looked at her sexy body one more time. I smiled to myself. I knew she’d make a good whore. I wiped between her legs with a baby wipe, covered her up and left the room.

I heard my son come in the middle of the night, drunk, and fall into bed with her. I didn’t hear anything, so I figured he’d dropped off to sleep.

The next morning she came down stairs with my son and they sat opposite me at the breakfast table. She was smiling and didn’t seem to have any idea that I fucked her pussy off last night. I pulled my phone from my pocket and took a look at the pictures I’d taken the night before. I smiled at her and she smiled back. If it was going to be this easy, next time I’m going to fuck her in the arse I thought.

I got up and left for work, wishing the a good day as I left with a smile on my face.


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I am a man and a friend? did the same to me but he filmed the whole thing but in such away it looked like i was awake and enjoying it i had to do some disgusting sexual acts over a weekend to get the film.??

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I fucked my roommates girl like this. One ruffle and she was out all night. I have since fucked her four different times and she has no clue my dick has been in her pussy, her mouth and her ass. Better living through chemistry.

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what kind of pills are those he used in the story?

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, How many bands do you know that have been together for 30 years? The Stones, The Who, and Anvil. Anvil rocks, and you soluhd watch the documentary. Honestly, it's one of the most emotional flicks I've ever seen. I'm not being sarcastic like a regular Filmdrunker right now, which is weird (I know). I just watched it, and I fucking bawled at points where Lips just poured his heart out for the band. I can't recommend this film enough. These guys have struggled and struggled and struggled, and they still haven't made it. They believe in the music, but no one believes in them. It's the ultimate sad sack story, but you ultimately feel for these guys. They have a dream and they went for it.

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