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Sara is having trouble in school and to get extra credit she has to perform some "special services".
Sara was a cute 16 year old girl. She wore a nice flowing skirt that was cut off about mid-thigh and a pink tube top. She has nice average sized tits that look like they are going to burst out of her tube top any moment and a curved body that drove a lot of the boys at her school crazy. Sara is in the 10th grade and likes to tease boys at her school.
One day at school Sara was in the middle of her algebra class and she dropped her pencil. She never bends down to get it herself incase her boobs fall out of her top. So she kindly asked the boy sitting next to her, “Could you pick up my pencil for me, please? I dropped it.”
The boy’s name was Jason, he had short brown hair and blue eyes and was always kind to Sara even though she liked to tease him. He picked the pencil up and handed it back to her.
“Thank you.” Sara said. She noticed Jason’s eyes were staring directly at her boobs and then he caught her eye and quickly looked away and went back to listening to the teacher.
Sara acted like she didn’t like the attention but she likes it very much. She likes having all the guys attention and knowing they can’t do anything about it. She wasn’t a virgin but she has only had sex once before and that was with her father when she was thirteen, and since then her parents have divorced and her father moved across town. But that is a story for another time.
So she hasn’t had sex with a man in a long time and that has made her very horny over time to the point where she has fantasized about having sex with any guy she sees. She hasn’t acted upon any of these thoughts though and usually only thinks about it when she is masturbating at home or even in the school bathroom.
Her teacher, Mr. Jones, had just noticed that Sara was talking to Jason and said “Sara, I’d like to see you after class.” Sara fell silent and waited until the bell rang and all of the other kids left. She then got up out of her desk and walked up to Mr. Jones’ desk.
He said “Grab a chair and sit down.” So while Sara did that Mr. Jones walked over to the door and closed it. Mr. Jones was a young teacher, about thirty years old and pretty handsome.
Mr. Jones turned and then went back to his desk and sat down opposite of Sara.He then sighed and said “Sara, what are we going to do with you? You refuse to pay attention in class and you are failing.”
Sara shifted uncomfortably in her chair and said “I don’t know… I just…” and started mumbling.
Mr. Jones said “I’m sorry Sara but you’ve waited too long to ask for extra credit, it’s too late in the semester for you to earn enough extra points to get you’re grade up to pass.”
Sara’s eyes started tearing up and she said “Oh please! There must be something I can do for extra credit! Anything! I’ll do anything, I don’t want to end up taking the whole tenth grade over again just because of this class! Please Mr. Jones! Anything at all, just please help me!”
Mr. Jones thought about what she said for a moment. He then said “So you will do anything?” Sara nodded.
He said “All right. I got something you can do, but it’s just between you and me and no one else can know about it.” Sara nodded again and said okay. She hadn’t known then what he was thinking about having her do. Mr. Jones said “Sara, come into my office and I will tell you how you can get enough extra credit to get an A in my class.” Sara was thrilled and followed him into his office. Mr. Jones then closed the office door and locked it then sat behind his desk.

He said “Now Sara, here is what you are going to do. You are going to be my little whore for the rest of the school year. You will let me do whatever I want with you and you will not tell anyone about it. If you do all of this then you will get an A in my class for the rest of the year and won’t have to do anymore of the homework.” Sara’s eyes widened. She didn’t know what to do. She wanted to pass the class so bad and not having to do any homework anymore would be wonderful. She hasn’t had sex for about 2 years and she has fantasized about having sex with Mr. Jones.
Sara gazed down at her feet and said “All right. I’ll do it. But you promise no one else will find out?” Mr. Jones nodded and said “Now come here and bend over my desk.” Sara did and Mr. Jones undid his belt and zipper and pulled his 7 inch hard cock out. He then lifted up Sara’s skirt and then he pulled down her pink panties. Sara groaned and she can’t help but think that all this happening has made her extremely horny.
She wiggled her ass uncomfortably. Mr. Jones then pushed a finger into her pussy. He said “Oh my new little whore. You want this so bad don’t you? I can’t tell, you’re cunt is so wet!” Sara moaned and pushed back on his finger but he stopped and pressed his cock to her pussy. Mr. Jones then thrust his cock hard up into her cunt.
He moaned “Ooh…You’re cunt is so tight! So hot…” He then started to thrust his cock in and out of her cunt, Sara moaned with each thrust of his cock into her horny cunt. Sara said “Ooh Mr. Jones… oh ungh… Fuck my pussy! Uhgh fuck me hard!”
He then started thrusting into her cunt harder and harder and his balls started smacking against her legs.

Sara moaned “Oh yes! Fuck my pussy! Fuck me I’m so horny!” Mr. Jones groaned and humped his cock into her cunt even harder.
Mr. Jones said “Oh… I’m going to cum in your hot cunt!”
Sara’s eyes got wide and she yelled “No please don’t cum in me! I’m not on the pill! Please don’t cum inside me! Don’t cum in my cunt!”
But Sara telling him not to cum inside her made him want to do it even more. He was going to make this slut his and he wanted her to have a bit of himself in her always to remind her who’s bitch she is. Mr. Jones then groaned “Here it comes! I’m cuummmmming!!” And he thrust his cock hard up into her cunt while Sara wiggled her ass trying to get off of his cock but he held her down. Sara moaned “N-no.” as she felt her teacher’s cum shoot out of his pulsing cock and up into her cunt. The hot cum made Sara’s cunt spasm and she had an orgasm and came all over her teacher’s pulsing cock.
Mr. Jones pulled his now limp cock out of her pussy and pulled up his pants. He said “You should get yourself composed and then go home and rest up for tomorrow. I want you back here bright and early before school starts so you can work more on your extra credit.” Sara adjusted her skirt and pulled her panties back on and left his office.
As she walked home she could feel his cum leaking out of her pussy and down her leg. Once she got home she took a shower and got most of the cum out and then she went to her room naked and started masturbating thinking about her teacher fucking her and replaying it all in her head.

To be continued…


2012-08-14 22:07:36
Please continue this. I loved it. I masturbated to this multiple times.

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2012-02-12 09:41:35
oSVGos Thanks for the article! I hope the author does not mind if I use it for my course work!...

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