Latino heaven
I guess you can call me a spoiled rich girl. I have never wanted for anything in my life. My family comes from money, and we have money. My Grandfather, and Great Grandfather, owned a tire company. I mean a well known tire company, that you probably have on one of your cars.

My father is a CEO of a large firm in Chicago, and my mother is a top lawyer at a well known company there too. Since I was 15, I have had a checking account with a limit of 20k, anything over that had to be approved. So I got everything I ever wanted. I never was into designer clothing, or much of the top clothing. But If I liked it....I bought it.

As you may know from my previous stories, I manage a bar, with my parents disapproval. I went to college for a short time which was not to my taste. I got a job as a waitress in the bar I manage. Made great tips but not enough to really live on. So I tried stripping. Money was awesome! Until I ran into one of my dads co-workers. Three weeks later he found out. and the fighting began. He offered me no brainer high paying jobs at his company. I refused them all because I didn't want to become what he is. So I stopped stripping and went back to the bar. To supplement my income, dad bought a six flat apartment building, one I could live in free. The rest of the rent on the others after expenses, was put into my savings account. Even though I still lived with them at the new house.

Now, with that in mind. I need to tell you something, I am a very private person, and I must be as discret as possible. So I live at my parents home. But party at my apartment. I lead two separate lives. Working bartender and manager, and cumslut.

The cumslut, has a different car, place to live, and yes, even a different name. Men who see me, never can find me there, because 99% of the time I'm not there. I have a landline with voicemail there which I can check from my cell. The apartment has been decorated nicely, but all for sex. All the lights have dimmers, candles all around, sturdy tables to dance or fuck on. King sized bed, three walls in the bedroom are solid mirrors, and yes, 10x8 foot mirror on the ceiling above the bed. A great sound system, and even cameras outside to veiw the small parking lot, and the hallways. So with that info, lets get into my story.

My girlfriend is as crazy as I am. She has done some of the hottest sex I ever heard of. We have had guys together, and or shared. She knows me what trips my clit into overdrive, and always pushes me to explore.

I had taken a weekend off from the bar, a well needed break. I was starting to get snippy with the customers and knew I needed to get out of there for a while. Friday night my girlfriend (Kat) and I went out for dinner and a few drinks after. We buzzed off a few offers from guys and turned in at my apartment for the night. I feel asleep real fast, tired and the drinks put me in a slight coma.

I woke up and looked at the clock, it was almost 11:30. I got up and went to the bathroom and peed, and brushed my teeth. Entering the living room I saw Kat sitting in the recliner, with bag after bag of stuff around the chair. "Mornin, what's all this stuff?" I asked. "This is for tonights suprise", she said giggling. "Now, what the fuck are you up to? trying to get my eyes to open fully". Well I wasn't awake enough to pursue the issue, "I'm hungry, let's get some chow", as I got up and went into the bedroom to get dressed. We left and went to a diner not too far away. I asked Kat a few times about what she had planned for the evening. But her reply was a suprise!

We killed the rest of the afternoon shopping. I bought alot on nylons and pantyhose, and a few pairs of heels. We stopped for dinner and went back to my apartment. When we got in the door Kat told me to go take a shower and dry off as good as I can. I was still puzzled, we never had sex, or anything other than a kiss or two. OK I thought, whatever. I dried my hair and put on my robe and walked into the living room. All over the floor were these plastic bottles. "What's goin on?' I said laughing. "Do you know what liquid latex is?" she said holding up one of the bottles. "!" what the?? I thought. "It's a liquid the when it dries turns into rubber '. Kat laughed shaking the bottle. "Take off that robe and get over here you slut!" I dropped the robe and walked over to her. She had a bottle and a brush in her hand. " Let me tape off you ankles and waist first, we are going to make you some slut pants". Kat taped a circle around my ankles and then around my waist right at the hip bone. "I hope your waxed good, don't want no fuzzy pants!" she laughed harder. "Your going to paint my pussy?" I blurted out. "All of the goodies! it woun't hurt you it's sage and non-toxic." Kat assured me. And she started to apply the black liquid around my ankles. "It looks like we might have to do two coats", she said as painting my legs like a garage door. The liquid was cold, and I could feel it getting tighter on my skin. "Ok, now spread your legs wide, it's choochietime!" I felt the wet brush coating the outside of my pussy as Kat crawled under me. She was covering everything. "Now what exactly am I going to be doing with these pants? I asked. "That's the other part of the suprise you slutty whore!" After 2 hours of painting, Kat took my hand and lead me into the bedroom. "Look,Look the look like skin tight rubber pants!" she yelled". I looking into the mirror, yes they looked just like real rubber pants, it had a soft shine to it, and i could feel my skin being compressed with every movement I made. I opened my legs and saw my cunt covered in black latex, a black camel toe. I turned and looked at my was awesome, tight and shiney. "OK now what?" I asked Kat. "First a few drinks". as she left the room. Kat opened the fridge and pulled out a six pack of malt liquer. "Oh fuck no! you know how even beer fucks me up! that shit will kill me!" I said sternly. "Drink up my little whore, you gonna need it!" Now what the fuck has she got me into.

I finished my second malt, and the room was already starting to spin. "Now lets finish your outfit, get into the bedroom bitch!" as she went ahead of me. Kat went through my closet and drawers until she found what she wanted. A sheer nylon black crop top that just covered my tits, a pair of 6 inch black platform sandels, with ankle straps, and a black leather jacket that goes to my waist. "Get'em on bitch!" I got dressed, it felt so weird, but so slutty I was getting wet. Kat handed me another bottle of the ale and told me to chug it! I did but started choking and spit some on the counter. We both laughed so hard calling each other names. She grabbed another bottle and said let get out of here. I felt a little scared to leave and go outside dresse like this. I zipped up the jacket and we went out the door and into the parking lot. No one was anywhere around. We got into her car and took off......where? I didn't know.

I could feel the rubber pulling at my lips as I sat in the seat, and my clit began to swell. "Now, for your first thill, get out and go in this stop and go and buy some more beer! I'll be waiting for you. As we pulled into the parking lot I looked down at my legsin the light to see if it really looked ok. I paused for a moment, then thought what the fuck! I opened the car door and swung a leg out, and I could feel the night air hit my now exposed pussy as it opened because the latex on the lips pulled it apart. I got an amazing rush as the air hit the wet inner lips of my cunt. I opened the door and walked in, turned down past the chips and headed toward the cooler. Found the malt and started to head to check out. The guy there stared at me and asked for I.D. I gave it to him, and he rang me up. "Have a good night", he said as I was walking out the door. My clit was now throbbing, soon I would need relief. "Well?" Kat asked. "God what a rush! I'm so hot right now I can't believe it!, as we pulled away. "This is just the begining whore", Kat said as she turned up the radio.

We headed out of town, not sure where. But , I know that this latex is hot, in more ways than one. We drove through a few towns, drinking more malt liquer, and the time stood still. "Here's you next stop", as we pulled into a large grocery store parking lot far away from the store. The store from the name of it was a latino store. "Before you can come out you must buy these three things, a can of whipped cream, a magazine, and rubbers", she looked into her purse as she said that. "Your fuckin kidding me right?"I asked. "Nope!" was all she said. I was a good block away from the door. I got out and started walking toward the door as fast as I could. As fast as you can in 6 inch platforms without falling. Cars were pulling in and out , and people all around. I saw one woman look at me and say something in spanish. I just kept looking straight ahead and my heels clicked on the pavement. I felt the nylon of my crop top rub on my nipples with each jar my tits took. They hurt from being so erect, which made my cunt ache all the more for relief. I walked in and had to go past the line of cashiers and people checking out just to get in the store. I glanced around and saw everyone looking at me. I got hotter by the second. This store was set up so you almost have to go down every row. And never been there before, I knew this was gonna take some time. The woman looked at me in disgust, the men quite a different story. Men with their overweight older wives, would smile and sneak peeks when their wives weren't looking. I found the whip cream, the cold air blasting from the coolers kissed my wet pussy lips and sent the message to my nipples. "God I wanna cum soooo bad". I keep thinking. More stares and spanish comments as I found the magazines and grabbed one. I must of heard the word "puta" at least 20 times while in that store. I got the rubbers and headed to the check out, 10 items or less.......fuck a line! Piss on it! I'll wait! I still could not believe how much these looked like real full pants! The cashier rang me up and really snarled at me with her lips. All I could think about is eat your heart out chicka!
Out the door and 3 latino men approached me and asked if I wanted to go to a party with them. I told them no thanks and walked toward the car. They followed me but stopped just shy of the car. "Oh fuck! that was so hot! I need to get off bad!, I said as I shut the door . "You will baby, you will!" Kat told me as we left the parking lot.

We drove for a short while, and pulled into a gas station. "Let's go slut! got to do some more whoring you up!" Katsaid as she slammed her car door. She went in and got the key to the restroom and we went inside. "Ok, now let the artist work her magic!" as she pulled tons of make up from her purse. She handed me a bottle of liquid make up, it was real pale compared to what I wear. "Cake that shit on thick, cuz I don't even want to reconize you when your done. I covered my face with the creamey liquid rubbing in as much as I could. "Put these on", as Kat handed me a pair for black long thick fake eyelashes. "Your gonna look like the biggest slut in history when we get done!". After a struggle with the eyelashes, hard to do when your really buzzing. Kat applied some blueeye shadow under my eyes and went around my eyes with a thick black eyeliner pencil. The the same blue eye shadow on my eye lids, and above them, a white shadow to my eye brows that had a ton of silver glitter in it. She went over my eye brows with the same black eye pencil. Then applied a very red blush on my cheek bones. It stood out really bad. "Here, slap this on and let's get the hell outta here!" I smeared on the black lipstick she gave me. I looked at myself, I didn't even know who that was in the mirror! Amazing what make up can do. Back in the car and I need more to drink, my buzz was fading. We drove through a few towns, downing a few more of that ass-kicking ale. By now I didn't know where we were, or cared.

We wound up at this park. Nice place, had lagoons with sidewalks following the edge of them and old fashioned street lamps. The park had winding roads. And every time Kat would turn, my head would spin. I opened another ale and took a real big swig, and then another. I was getting to the point were I started to get sloppy, sluring my speech from time to time. "This looks like some possibilities!" Kat said as we looked threw some trees, down to a baseball diamond. It had only a back stop, no dugouts, and a few guys there in the dark. The only light came from just a regular light bulb hung on the backstop. The only place to park was about 50 yards away, were these guys had their cars. Kat watched them for a while, "Well bitch, they are drinking and need pussy bad!" she laughed. "I'll be here watchin out for you! now go show them what a real whore can do!" My head bobbled as I reached for the door handle. It slipped out of my hands a few times before I finally got it opened. I headed toward the light, and watched the ground bounce up and down. "I'm sooo fucked up!' I thought to myself.

My breathing became harder, and labored, the booze was kicking me hard. I opened my jacket, and the cool air it my nipples, sending a lightning bolt to me already wet pussy. As I got closer, I could see about five or six guys around a picnic bench with coolers on it. A glow or two from a cigarettes. And alot of laughter and banter. I was about 40 feet away from them when they turned to see who was coming. Now the soft nylon of my crop top felt like steel wool rubbing on my rock hard nipples. "Hi!" one of them said. :Who you here for?" I kept getting closer, I heard one of them say Damn she hot! "You looking for someone?" I was now right there, looks as if they had been playing a game, some still in uniform pants and t shirts. "I'm looking for some more to drink!" I slurred to him as some spit dribbled down my chin. "Yeah! we got lots!, get this lady a beer! one of them said. I saw a mix of men there. A tall thin grey haired white guy, a real skinny white guy. An average build black man, and two latino men, one very short with an average build and the other a little taller but with a big round face with a big round beer belly. And another white haired man, that was stuffing his face with potato chips to feed his huge body at least 300lbs.

"So what you doing out here this late?" the thin grey haired man asked me. "Just looking for some drinks and fun" I told him and taking s pull on the beer they gave me. I walked over and leaned up on the picnic table with my ass and turned into the light so they could get a real good look at my tits. "So what kind of fun you looking for?" the heavy l;atino guy asked. By now the guys have all gathered in front of me in a semi-circle. "Nice outfit you have on", the skinny white guy said. "Oh! thanks, you know these aren't ever real pants!", I blurted out...oooops. "Really? someone said. "Yep they are painted on, see!" and I leaned back on the talble and opened my legs and showed them my open pussy. "Damn! Sweet! Holy shit!" were some of the comments. The grey haired guy came right out and asked if I like to suck dick. "I love it!, I said. With that he walked forward and pulled his cock out, it was still limp. I stood myself up and wobbled a bit and went and sat on the seat of the picnic bench. He moved closer and I reached out and grabbed his cock. I started to stroke it a few times and then flicked my tongue across the head, it jerked, and my mouth opened to slide the head in. I sucked just on the head, and swirled my tongue around and around. "Mmmmmm, aughhh, good baby" as he reached down and squeezed my tits. I slide his cock deeper into my mouth, moaning on his now rock hard cock. The other guys were watching and making comments, but I was to into and to drunk to really hear what was being said. His cock was about 6 inches and not too big around, I pulled him deep into my throat by his ass cheeks and made3 him fuck my throat. He jerked uncontrolled as his cum shot into my mouth and throat. He pulled out and grabbed me by thearms and stood me up, and put his face to mine and whispered, "Give me my cum back baby", as his lips pressed to mine and his tongue pushed deep into my mouth. I shoved my tongue back into his mouth with his cum on it. He shoved it back, he did that a few times and when it was back in his mouth, he broke our kiss and spit his cum into my face. He just hit my chin and part of a cheek. "Fuck that was good! next! he said.

I took a sip of beer, and then the small latino man came and sat next to me. "Hey baby, let's take that jacket and top off as he slide the jacket from my shoulders. "Damn honey! you a stripper?" no I replied. "You have one hot body". My jacket he laid on the table, I pulled the crop top over my head and turned to put it by my jacket. Before I got turned around his mouth and hands were all over both my tits. He sucked on my nipples like he never had done it before, by that I mean, so intense. I can cum just by have my nipples sucked it done right, and he was doing it right. I trew my head back moaning all the time, and his one hand slide down my stomach, and just before he reached my pussy, I shoved my hips out and slide my ass toward his searching hand. His hand rubbed up and down a few times on my cunt, then a finger wiggled into the hole, I gasp as he finger fucked me. He stood up and dropped his pants, and I was looking at his short but thick erect cock. I leaned over to fick it with my tongue, and and saw the pre-cum dripping from the hole. I licked it up with just the tip of my tongue and swallowed it, I love pre-cum. Once again I sucked on the head swirling my tongue, but this time I stroked it at the same time. He pulled out and moved a cooler off the picnic table. Grabbed me by both arms and stood me up and mobed me to the end on the table. "I got to have that fine pussy", as he pushed me back onto the table top. I opened my legs and got up on my elbows so I could watch him enter me. He spit on his hand and rubbed it on the head of his cock and held it and pushed past the lips. I moaned as his hot cock entered my wet cold pussy, as the juice was chilling my cunt. He pumped slow but steady, I wanted him in deeper. So I pulled my legs up pulling them behind my knees, so I was all there for him. He was pushing deeper into me now, I need that. He picked up the pace, faster and faster, till his balls were slapping my ass. Then he grabbed my legs and put one over each shoulder, and pounded harder. I was moaning and wanting his cum. He slammed me hard about 9 times and pulled out and shot his load on my pussy and ass cheeks, then let go of my legs and staggered backwards and pulled up his pants. I laid there for a few moments. "Come here baby!" I heard as I sat up. It was the grey haired fat man. I got up and walked around the table to were he was standing. He had his pants off and started to climb on the table. He sat on the table top with his feet on the seat, He spread his huge thighs. "Sit here". So I sat on the seat between his big legs and saw his hard cock buried between his thighs. As I moved my face closer to his cock, I smelled a awful smell. It smelled like rotten cheese and dirty sweaty ass. I asked for a drink, and the black guy handed me a bottle of vodka. I took 3 big swallows, it made me shiver. I moved my head back by his cock, all the time almost gagging. He kept saying things like, "Yeah bitch suck my cock whore" the more he said the more I ignored the smell. The salty taste of his cock made me hotter than normal, I started to lick and suck his balls, and even dipped down to his smell hairy ass. I bobbed up and down on his cock as he grunted. The black guuy came over and told me to get up and put my ass in the air. I broke for suckin cock to put my legs on the otherside of the bench and put my hands on the fat guys thighs. The black guy rubbed my ass for a while and then rubbed the head of his cock up and down my pussy lips. I could feel the head of his cock, prying open my cunt. I moaned on the fat guys cock and he groaned with delight when I did. As his dark meat slowly slide into me, my cunt clamped down on his cock as I was cumming. I sucked that smelly cock like it was a popcicle on a hot day. The black guy kept a steady pace and I felt another wave of pleasure rip through me. I let out a non stop moan as I was cumming several times, during this the fat cock in my mouth exploded, he shook and his thighs quivered like jello, his huge load blasted into my throat. I came again, only harder when he did. The black guy pumped he deeper and harder now. I pulled my mouth off the fat cock and let my moaning be not muffled. Afew pumps later he pulled his black pole out of me and grabbed me and swung me around and sat me on the seat. He stroked his cock with his right hand and held my head with the other, he pushed my head back and held it there. I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out. "Cum baby, cum hard for me, all over this white sluts face!" I told him a few times. He beat it harder and finally shot his load, it squirted in my hair, my eyes and face,"Yes baby mmmmmm". I said to him.

One of the guys, not sure which one, gave me a towel to clean up with. Couldn't see with cum in my eyes. The big latino man grabbed my hand and lead me a feww feet form the table. He pulled me close and started kissing my neck, and gropping my ass. His rough beard was scratching my neck. His head dropped down to my tits. He licked and sucked both nipples, while milking each breast. While sucking my tits, he dropped his pants. He released my tits and sat on the grass, then laid on his back. I got down on my knees and grabbed his cock, and aimed it at my open approaching mouth. He let out a moan as my warm mouth covered his hard cock. I cupped his balls and was giving them a slight squeeze each time my mouth went to the base of his cock. I did this for a few minutes, as his hand was on the back of my head. "Come up here baby! and ride me" I released his cock from my mouth, and stood up. throwing one leg over him. I squatted down over his cock and grabbed it and waved it back and forth over my wet cunt lips. I lowered down and let the head of his cock slide in me. And then let got of it. I slowly went down further and further till his cock was all inside me. Then lifted up then down till he was lubed up good. My 6inch heels sure helps when squatting. I quickend the pace, and now was in a full hard fuck. Guys ask me all the time how I can do that squatting for so long? Easy, I do squats with and without heels on, 150 a day, without fail. Guys love to see their cock go in and out and my tits bounce. He started to make those I'm goin to cum faces, so I kept up the pace. He kicked his legs stiff and arched his back, and I felt his jizz squirt into me. I lowered myself to the base of his cock, and squeezed my pussy as if to milk more out. I paused a bit to let him recover, so his cock would come out easier for him. I stood up and before I could move the skinny white guy grabbed my arm, and leaded me away from the area.

We walked to about the center of the outfield and stopped. "Sorry, but I need to be alone with you, I don't want to be watched". "Sure", I said He laid me on my back. Running a hand over my thighs and stomach, kissing and licking my tits, breathing real hard. His hand went between my legs and searched for my hole, I opened my legs so he can do what he wants. He rubbed my clit in small circles, which got me to cum several times as he did it, with small mounting eruptions. He fumbled with his pants and I felt his cock press against my leg. He crawled between my legs, I brought my knees to invite him in. I looked between my legs to see his cock to guide it in. "What the?", his cock was the biggest I ever saw! Later I asked him it was 14 inches. He guided the head which was massive into my cunt. I felt even my lips being pulled tight. As his cock slowly went deeper, I felt as though I was being ripped apart, or torn in half. I was in pain, so much I had tears running down my face. He pushed harder and went deeper, until my mind exploded, he was pushing now on my cervix. I came hard and even half sat up during it. I looked down and saw at least 7 inches of cock still outside of me! "This guys is going to kill me". I thought. He withdrew his cock slowly and back in again slowly, but each time he went in he hit bottom and I moaned with pain and delight. After about 6 or 7 times , he went faster, again hitting bottom and making me cum hard. He went even faster, my mind was spinning, my body cramping with explosions of cum. Then as if he transformed himself into a crazy fuck machine, he slammed into me so hard that my neck
jerked back, I hurt so bad, but I wanted more. " I like it rough baby, real rough!" he said with his teeth clenched down. As he continued I no moaned out loud and even screamed at one point. "I'm going fuck you like the cunt you are, you like it don't you bitch?' "you want more of this cock, right you fucking whore?! I could say a thing, my breath was gone, my pubic bone I thought was being shattered. He continued to slam into me, and I finally got enough breath to say. "FFFUUUKKK MMMEE". That just made him pound harder. I never came so hard and so many times, I was just a rag doll at this point, I must have came at least 20 times and all of them hard. He never let up his pace or hard pounding. "Here's what your goin to get bitch"' with that he pulled out and shot his cum over my stomach and some on my tits. I really don't remember much after that. I must have laid there for a while. I heard their cars pull away. "You ok?" I heard Kat asked. "I think so", I could barely get the words out. Kat helped me up, and held me up on the walk back to her car.

"Well, did you get your itch satisfied?" Kat asked. "Oh fuck yes", fell out of my mouth. "So what were you doing the whole time I was getting the shit fucked out of me?" as we reached the car. "I got out my rubber friend and sat by a tree watching you!" Kat said. "I knew you would be doing something, I thought you would join in?" "Naw, it was all for you!"

After I got home, I looked pretty bad. The whole crotch area of the latex was peeled away and in small rolls here and there. The knees were also gone and the lower ass part was clean of latex. The cum and crying made the black mascara run down my face looking like a goth girl. I ached everywhere. But my cunt was so sore I barely could walk. My pussy lips were so swollen I could not put on pantyhose or panties, for that matter just pants. It was good though.........................real good!

To update you, this happened over the July 4th weekend 2010
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