My 16th birthday was here. My friends and family gathered at the lake home in Wisconsin. I had a live band, and great food. It was really a great time. My Dad had bought me a new car, but the dealer didn't have the car I wanted. The car I wanted was in southern Illinois, and the dealer couldn't get it in time for my birthday. So my dad had this plan that my uncle would drive me down to there to pick it up, and I would drive it to South Carolina to stay with my grand parents for a few weeks. I loved my grand parents, they too spoiled me.

My uncle Matt is an independant truck driver, owns his own truck. He's my mothers brother, and he lived with us from when I was about 5 til I was 12. He was trying to get on his feet in those days, a big drinker, with a golden heart. I remember the day he moved out of our house. I cried so hard and long. He was almost like a dad to me. He has stopped by everytime he got to Chicago if he had the chance. So he was going to drive me to get my car, and then I was going to drive it to see my grand parents.

We loaded all my stuff in his truck and took off. I loved riding in his truck, you sat up so high you got a good view of everything. And the vibration sure got me horney. "Now don't be suprised, If we pass some car and the guy is playing with himself.....happens all the time!" uncle Matt told me. "Just don't look at those perverts, cuz that's what they want you to do. I thought to myself, you sure would be pissed if you knew what I did to truckers. Uncle Matt is a real stand up guy, doesn't mess with married women or hookers, and is true to his girlfriend of 5 years. I put my headphones on and listened to music for a while. and then went back into the bed and fell asleep.

I woke up and felt that we were not moving. I looked and my uncle was not in the truck. Out the window I saw all kinds of trucks and a building in front of us. I opened the fridge and got a coke and opened it. And sat there trying to wake up. After a while I saw my uncle walking from the building towards the truck. "Sorry. we got a problem", he said with a pissed off face. "We got and air leak, and that means we don't have enough brakes to stop this thing good". Ok I thought, what do I know about air brakes. "So they have to get it in the shop and see what's wrong, so let's go in there they got a place to sit and food and it's cool in there". So we went inside and sat down at a table and ordered dinner seeing as it was almost 5:30. Uncle Matt got up a few times and went into the shop area to talk with someone. We ate and ordered coffee. The dinner rush was over by the time they pulled his truck in the shop. So my uncle went back into the shop to see what was wrong and how long it was going to take to fix it. I was having fun tho, cuz all the truckers were watching me, especially when my uncle left the room. I was wearing a blue jean miniskirt, with those real shiney suntan stay up nylon stockings. that had black lace tops. A white semi-sheer blouse, with a full lace white bra under it, the blouse was unbuttoned to show alot of my cleavage. And tucked into my skirt so it was pretty tight around my tits. A gold anklet chain with a heart on it that flashed the light it caught. My uncle came back and said it was some kind of compresser that need to be replaced, the didn't have on so they sent someone to go get one. So we went into another part of the building and they had a movie theater, and we watched a movie. Then we went to the arcade, we had a blast playing all the games in there. We went back and ordered more coffee. "I got to get this load there", he said looking at his watch. Over the intercom they called my uncle to the service desk, it was already after 11pm. I sat there in the empty room and sipped the coffee. I noticed out of the corner of my eye, a guy mopping the floor. He was very dark skinned, but he was speaking to other workers in spanish. He kept mopping but would lift his eyes to watch me. So I put my arms into the air and arched my back streching, to let his see how really big my tits are. Just barely the dark tops of my nylons were showing by the hem of my skirt. He was about 4 tables away from me. I of course pretended not to notice him. I leaned to my right in the booth to get the menu against the wall, my skirt rose up and my legs opened wide, I fumbled getting the menu so he could get a good long look or if he didn't look right away. I sat back up and put the menu in front of my face, then crossed my legs like a guy, ankel to knee. I felt the cool air hitting my now moist neon pink lace thong panties. I could hear him moving chairs to mop under the tables, I peeked around the menu and saw him bending down and looking up my skirt, he stayed there a long time. So I put my legs down but didn't close them at all. The light that was overhead was one of those spotlights over tables. I looked down and saw I could see my panty covered pussy in the light. I shivered, my nipples got hard and ached. I felt my pussy starting to excrete more juice. I was now very hot. I saw my uncle walk through the door. "Well the compressor they got don't fit my truck, won't have one till the morning." The mopping man came by and mopped by our table. He was clancing at me when he thought he wouldn't get caught, but I saw it. "So I rented a truck, I know it's late, and the drop is not all too far away, but if you want to you can sleep in the truck and I'll be back before you wake up!" he said frustrated. "I'll be fine I'm so tired, you go ok?". "You sure?" he asked. "I'll be fine", I assured him. "Just keep the doors locked, don't open them for any reason ok?" I agreed. with that he said he'll be right back and got up to pickup the trailer we had been pulling.

Sleep? I don't think so. I have already slept all the way down here, and drank a shitload of coffee, I was soooo wired. Well I was horney, and thought I'd get in the truck and pull out a few of my toys and get off a few times. "So you got to stay?" a voice said. I looked up and it was my dark skinned mop man. "Yeah real boring", I said. He came over to the table, "Dat too bad, were u come from?", not too sure what he was asking. "I'm from Chicago", I told him. Oh Chicago? I know friend there", he said with a thick accent. "Oh cool", was all I could think to say. I saw a scar on his forehead, must of got cut pretty bad it was very thick and long. He smelled of cooking oil and coffee. His face was round, with a mustache, and a few days of beard. His hair was greased back and jet black. About 6 feet tall and 250lbs around 30yrs old. "So, what is there to do here at night?", I asked him. "Nutting, I work till 7 o'clock in morning", he told me. "Well I don't know what I'm going to do all night I'm wide awake" I said. "You can play video game" was his responce. "Naw I already did that!, guess I'll just read or watch TV in the truck". I told him. "You want me to come se you at truck?" he said kinda shy. "Sure that would be great! when?". I said as I had a tremble in my voice, things were going through my head. "I get lunch at tree a. m."he said. "3am?" I asked to be sure. He nodded his head. "Ok, I'm in the red truck in the back row of trucks, it has gold eagles on the doors", I pointed to it. "Oh dat one?" as he pointed to it. "Yes that one, I'll leave the passenger door open and you can just come in ok?" "You sure?', he asked. "Yes, just come in ok?" he nodded with a big grin on his face. "What your name?". I told him my name was Tina, which it isn't, just didn't want my name floating around there so my uncle someday would find out. "My name Jesus!". I shook his hand and started to get up. my skirt rode up almost to the top of my nylons, He got a real good look then, he smiled a big grin. I walked away towards the door, not pulling my skirt down one bit. As I hit the door I turned around and waved one of those finger waves and smiled at him. I was going to fuck his brains out!

I pulled my skirt way down and walked over to the shop. my uncle already had the trailer and was doing some paper work. "Now the truck is running so you have a/c. lock the doors, and I should be back around 8am at the latest. Are you sure you'll be ok?" He asked again. "I'll be just fine, I'm sooo tired, I'm going right to sleep". Not until I had a good fucking I thought to myself. "OK then, the drivers door is open get in there and get some sleep, I'll see you in the morning". With that he kissed my cheek and climed into the truck and pulled away slowly. I walked to the truck and got in, locked the drivers door, and unlocked the passenger door.

The curtains were closed in the truck, no one could see in or out. I went back to the bed and sat down. It was 1:48am. I couldn't wait till 3! I went to the closet, and pulled out my makeup bag and shoe bag. I looked for a pair of real slutty shoes. I pulled out a pair of hot pink ankel booys that laced up the front. I put them on and took off the white blouse I had on and unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the floor. I pulled out this body spray, cotton candy, smelled just like it and tasted like it to. I slipped my bra straps off my shoulder, and rolled the lace cups down under my breasts. I sprayed the cotton candy all over my neck and shoulders, and my tits. Then over my stomach, pulled those neon pink panties down and coated myself in the spray, front and back. Then a few squirts on my nylon covered thighs. I pulled my panties and bra back up, and got out pink lipstick. I did my lips and then put on a thick coat of glitter lip gloss. Went over my eye shadow heavier, like I like it, didn't want my uncle to know I was a whore. Thickend my eyeliner in black, and blushed my cheekbones daker. I was ready, I need cock, in my mouth and wet cunt.

I turned some music on the stereo, and laid down on the bed, time was standing still. "This guy better show up!" I said outloud. I wanted to cum, so bad I thought about using a rubber dick and one in my ass. But I wanted to keep a peak level, so I just played with my clit to the point I was going to get really into it, then I would stop. I did that about 4 times, till I saw the clock approach 3am. I turned off all the lights except for the one above the bed, and laid down on my side facing the front of the truck were he would be coming in. I sat up on my left elbow, and the light shined on my tits, I could see my nipples through the lace. About 3:06 there was a knck at the passenger door. "Who's there?" I asked. "It's me Jesus". My heart pounded in my ears, "Come in" I said as I pushed my chest out farther. I pulled my right leg open so he could get a good view of my crotch, my nylons sparkled from the high gloss. I quick tugged my thong up the crack of my ass so that my pussy was camel toe, so he could see the wet pink material. The truck door popped open and the truck rocked as he put his weight on the steps. He pulled the curtain aside and stuck his head in. Looking in at me his head was at the same level as my body was.........a good view. He grinned and said "Tina?" "Yes", i said. "What you doing?" he asked. "Waiting for you!" I replied. He climbed in further and turned and shut the door, the curtain flopped back against the window. I let him walk the few steps to reach me, and then I sat up and placed my feet on the floor. "You look so nice, mmm real good!" he said still with that grin. "Thanks" I said as I pulled the bra straps off my shoulders. He stood there, his crotch almost in my face. I could see his loose pants now had quite a tent thing going on. "You want me have you?" he studdered. "Yes, anyway you want to have me", as I opened the front of my bra, and let it fall off. My 36d tits (at that time) were in the spotlight, the nipples hard and heaving from my excited breathing. I again arched my back. He got closer and got down on his knees. "You a model?" he asked. "No", I said watching his eyes go from each tit. He sat there for what seemed like a long time. I was screaming inside for him to touch me. So I took it on my own to start something, anything. "You like my tits? "yes " he said. "You want to suck them?" "Si", was all he said as he put his head to my left tit and licked the nipple a few times before he sucked it into his mouth. His left hand cupped the tit, and his right hand squeezed the other. I threw my head back and moaned, God I needed this so bad. "You like?", "Yes, yes", I told him as I licked my lips and closed my eyes enjoying the thrill of the electric pulses shooting down to my cunt. He switched tits a few times, and he breathed hot air on them as he sucked. I knew he was to the passion point that he wanted me bad.

His hands slipped from my tits and slide down my ribs to my hips. His wet tongue made a crooked trail down my flat stomach, and flicked the top of my lace thong. Then to the top of my thigh highs, I buy them in a bigger size so that they go right up to the tip of the crotch. He kissed the nylon of my right thigh, while sliding his hand from his tongue to my knee. I loved the feel of the nylon as he rubbed it, another turn on for me. I scooted forward and opened my legs as far as I could. Now my ass was half hanging off the edge of the bed. He turned his head to my other leg and started kissing and licking from my knee till he reached the top of the stocking. His tongue flicked at my pussy through the lace material. Then he pressed his tongue flat against my pussy. "Mmmmmm", escaped from his lips. I reached down and pulled the skimpy material together, so it would go into the crack of my pussy. He licked my lips up and down and tried to enter with the tip of his tongue. I pulled the material out and over so he could get to me. His tongue went right in, and flicked in and out. I now began moaning, and arched my back from sheer pleasure. He circled my clit, and put it in his mouth and sucked lightly on it. I came almost as soon as he did. I wanted more, so I sat up and stood up and pulled my panties off. As I was doing this he reached around me and kneaded my ass. I sat back down, but I pulled my feet up on the edge of the bed, he now had full access to me. He moved in and grabbed my legs behind my knees and pushed them until my feet were off the bed. He dove his head into my soaking crotch, and licked and slurpped the juices that flowed out of me. His licking and sucking brought me to cum several times, and he knew it, by my moaning and tighting of my body. I need cock and now! I pushed the top of his head away from me, and sat up. He stood up, I reached for the lump in his pants, and circled my hand around it. I squeezed hard and then let up, and then again. It was so thick I could not get my fingers around it.

As I was doing that he took off his shirt and undershirt. Then he unbuckled his belt, and unzipped his pants letting them fall to his feet, and pulled his boxers down and stepped out of them. His thick cock glisting from pre-cum smeared all over the head. His cock was so thick that I couldn't get it in my mouth, just the head as a little bit more. "You like?", he said as he looked down into my eyes. "Yes baby! very much!" as my mouth moved over the head. I swirled my tongue around the head as I sucked as hard as I could. I felt more pre-cum seep from his cock. I drank it like a kid drinking a cola. I love pre-cum so much. He shuddered and moaned and kept saying sooo goood mamee and moaning. I pulled his foreskin back and then popped the head out and went back to sucking again and pooped it out again. I did that several times in a row, seems men love it. He pushed my shoulders back and I lifted my legs on the bed and laid down. He crawled over my one leg and got on his knees and held his cock in his hand stroking it. I opened my legs wide and pulled my knees up, and he rubbed his cockhead up and down my pussy. This sweet dark cock stood out against my white skin, the contrast was almost enough to make me cum.

The tip of his cock was now at the entrance of my cunt, he pushed to get the head in, I was not going in. I lifted my legs back farther, and reached down between my legs to spread my pussy open farther. He pushed and pushed, not enough. "Hold on, let me get something", I got up and went to my bag. I forgot to get a rubber, and was getting some ky jelly. I sat back on the edge of the bed and got a big dab of jelly and smeared it on 2 fingers and slid them into my pussy, fingered it a few times, and spread the rest on the outside all over my pussy lips. He was standing there so I grabbed his cock and opened the foil packet and pulled the rubber out. I put the rubber on the tip of his cock, and tried to roll it over the head, it was way too small. "Damn" I said out loud. I was still so hot looking at the dark cock, I laid back down and spread for him. This time after several pushes he entered me, I exploded he was ripping me into, even my biggest toy was not this thick. He pushed hard until he was all the way in. I was full to the limit with cock. He laid his big stomach on me and laid on me. I rolled my hips in circles while he was not moving. He moaned and raised his head and pressed his lips to mine, my mouth was already open and my tongue flicking at his lips and they approached mine. I sucked his tongue like a cock and moaned into his throat, this got him to start moving in me. His weight made it hard to breathe, but the thick cock made up for that. Looking at his dark chest on my white squashed tits, and the feel of his body rubbing on my nylons as he pulled his cock in and out of me was ahuge come maker for me. Watching my pink boots bouncing in the air as we rocked up and down. Our mouths broke only for seconds to catch more air, and let the sounds of our moans fill the truck. I briefly thought about not wanting him to cum in me, but the more I thought about it, the more I wanted him to come deep in my pussy. Our mouth finally broke again, he was running out of air, he laid his head on my shoulder. I came a few times, and wanted the big one. So I raised my head to his ear and told him,"Cum baby, cum deep in my pussy, shot your cum hard in me!". When I said that, I got so hot I fucked him back, pushing hard, I almost moved him I was pushing so hard. I keep telling him, "Fuck me baby! fuck me hard, give me your cum!". With that, his back stiffened and he arched up, keeping his cock all the way in me. I wrapped my legs around him to get his cock in as deep as possible. I stared cumming hard, wave after wave, stronger and longer than the one before it. When I felt his hot cum squirt in my cunt, I screamed out as the hardest cum I had contorted my body. he laid on top of me for a few minutes. He looked at his watch and jumped up he was 15 minutes late from lunch. He dressed as fast as he could I just laid there trying to recover. "Leave me telephone number at cashier ok?" "Sure", that was never gonna happen.

After he left, I squatted on the floor and squeezed the cum out of me on a kleenex, Took off my stockings and boots, got into a sweatsuit, and took a bag with my toiletrees into the truck stop, and paid for a shower. My uncle would never know how much "Fun" I had in his truck.

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