I ordered dinner, and made myself a drink. I knew by now I was the talk of the motel. I went through all the stockings and stuff I bought, and placed them in my new suitcase, it locked so my grandparents and anyone else would not discover what was inside. I peeked from time to time out the window, there had to be 30 guys out there at the pool area. Too many to have fun with. I clicked on the tube and watched something. My food came, and I sat down at the table in front of the window to eat. Every now and then looking out the curtains to see what the yelling was about. I wanted to get fucked, I needed a cock inside me, my mouth, my cunt,and ass would be a plus.

After my third drink, I went through my clothes to pick out something to wear. I got distracted by a porno on the tube. I fingered myself off watching it. I didn't use any toys, because I wanted to be nice and tight for any cock I would recieve. I walked into the bathroom and took a shower, I douched and shaved. I have never had hair on my pussy, just a strip above it once for about a week. I dried my hair and got out my makeup suitcase. Applied the vasoline all over my body, dried my hair, which was a strawberry blonde with a few lighter streeks of blonde here and there. Applied my foundation, I put on thick long black fake eyelashes, they made my eyes really stand out, and then I did the smoke eyeshadow. I outlined my eyes in black thick lines, and then applied blush to my cheeks. The lipstick would wait till I decided what outfit to wear.

I went and sat down at the desk and made another drink, I walked over to the bed and sat down and pulled out clothes from my bag. The phone rang,"Hello?" I said. "Hey! baby! why don't you come to room 124 and we'll party!", said a voice on the phone. "No thanks!'. and then I hung up. I sipped my drink and laid out outfits on the bed. I've got way too many choices when it comes to slutty clothes. I finished my drink, and was starting to run out of Coke for my drinks. So I put on a tee shirt and a pair of blue jean cutoff shorts and went out the door to the coke machine. The pool was empty! I guess all the guys either went somewhere else or home for the weekend. I returned to my room with the cokes and a bucket of ice. I had in my mind that a few guys would be out there and I would go out on the walkway and put on a show, and reel some cock into my room. You know minskirt pulled up, heels and a small tube top with my tits bursting out of it! No dice now.

It was getting dark now, and the drinks were hitting me. I poured another, and drank, not sipping anymore. I pulled out my nail polish, and picked out a bright red, and did my toes and then fingers. I had a few more drinks waiting for them to dry. I sat back on the bed with my head propped up, and watched TV. I started to nod out, and fell asleep. Now, I don't know about you, but when I wake up I'm extremley horney! I woke upwith my pussy aching. I looked at the clock and it was 12:35. Still buzzed, I took and finished the glass I was drinking from, and poured another. I sat there, and drank more, this time more booze than coke. I went over and picked up the pink latex skirt, white nylons with a red bow at the top in the back, a white garterbelt which was only a piece of elastic with ruffled material covering it. A white sheer nylon no panel micro g-string, it almost covered my pussy. Pink calf high boots with a 6 inch heel, and a white fishnet blouse. I went in and picked out a dark red lip pencil, I colored my nipples with it. They would stand out better thru the fishnet and lip pencil won't rub off. I put on a pearl pink lipstick, and covered my body in perfume. I started getting dressed, garter belt first then the nylons, the g-string next, that way, I would not have to take off anything to have access my pussy. I pulled up the pink latex skirt, to was hard even to get past my knees! It was as tight as my skin! The fish net blouse was a real small fish net, you would only be able to see anything if you got a few feet away. I went and finished my drink, and sat at the table to think about what I was going to do and where. The skirt pulled my thighs together and ass, the fish net was already working its magic on my alreadt erect nipples. It was almost 1:30I stood up and almost fell over, the booze was making me dizzy. I turned off the TV and all the lights. I pulled back the curtain and looked around outside. The pool under water lights were off, the only lights were lanterns on the pool fence, about one ever 20 feet, not bright at all. I didn't know what I was going to do now. It was too late to get room service and see if that guy would fuck me. "Fuck!", I said and took a big gulp straight from the bottle!

I'm made another drink in the dark. Opened the door and walked out to the guard rail. Looked one in sight. I shut my door, it didn't lock cuz it didn't have that on the doors. I slowly wobbled past other room doors till I reached the end of the row, then back, my heels clicking with each step. I got back in front of my door, my blood was boiling in my crotch. I leaned on the guard rail and finished my drink, opened my door snd reached around and set my glass down. I took the two steps to get to the table, leaving the door open. I turned the light on above the table and poured yet another drink. I was so buzzed, my eye wouldn't stay still. I got whiskey balls, and pulled off the pink skirt, falling onto the table and fighting to get it off. I took another pull off the bottle, and thought, "Fuck it!' I walked out and stood there in front of my door with the light shining on me. No skirt on and the night air hit my thighs and pussy, wow what a rush, I pushed my tits together and squeezed them, then slide my hands down my sides, over my hips then to the tops of my thighs. My right hand went and slide across my g-string covered pussy, while my left went back and across my left ass cheek. I looked around as much as my giggling eyes would allow. Nothing! I went inside the room and slammed the door, peeled off the g-string, pulled off the fishnet blouse, and unzipped the boots and kicked them off. With just my stocking and garterbelt on, I made another drink and shut the light off. I turned on the TV, and sat back on the bed, putting my drink on the nightstand. I passed out about 10 minutes later.

I thought I was dreaming when the phone rang, I know I answered it but don't know who it was or what was said. I was laying on the right edge of the bed, in only my white stockings and garterbelt, on my right side. I thought I left something rubbing my ass, and then in my ass crack. I was dreaming I thought, being in a booze induced sleep, Then I felt my ass being parted, and something wet and warm flicking my asshole, and then down to the back of my pussy. Then I felt at the same time my breast being gently squeezed. The warm wet feeling then went inside my outer lips, into my pussy, I stirred a bit, and let out a relly soft moan. My nipple was being lightly pinched, and I kinda woke up and raised my head, but put it back down, still being in that dream state. A shudder went through my body when I felt my pussy being fucked by that wet object. It felt soooo good I opened my legs, and now I felt hands on my legs pulling them apart. I raised my head again to see what was going on. There was a guy between my legs as I was lying on my side. And another guy standing behind my shoulders with his hand feeling my tit. I could barely see in the light of the TV the guys head who was eating my pussy like a hungry bear. I turned to see the guy behind me, and a cock was in my face. I've got to be dreaming, I thought, this is too good to be true. I flipped onto my back and turned my head to the cock in my face, and the guy eating me was hitting all the right places. I grabbed the cock and moved my head toward it, I looked up and saw one of the Indian men I took pictures with at the pool. I took his cock into my mouth and sucked, as he kept feeling my tit. I came a few times, like I said, waking up, I'm so horney. I was getting so hot sucking his cock, and having my pussy eaten. I worked on the cock in my mouth, as my pussy was exploding with juice, from his saliva, and my own juice. The guy eating me stopped, and got off the bed and got undressed, and climbed between my legs, I pulled up my knees, and he rubbed his cock head on my wet pussy to get it wet, and he pushed into me.

I lay there legs open, feet on the bed as he slide his cock in and out of me, I never missed a stroke on the cock in my mouth. I came again as he laid on top of me and sucked my nipples with his warm mouth. He stopped and kept his cock deep inside of me and kept sucking my tits till I came again. He raised up on his hands and started to pump his cock in me at a steady pace. I came again, harder arching my back, now I was moving to meet each of his thrusts. The last time I came I hurt my stomach bearing down during it, but the passion soon made it go away. He again stopped as his cock was buried deep in me. He started to roll over, and I had to release my mouth for the other guys cock. He rolled me on top of him, I went to sit up, but he held me close to him. The other guy climbed onto the bed and I knew what he was going to do! I told him there was lube right there by my drink. He got off the bed and got it and got back behind me. I felt the cold lube being smeared around my ass, and he put a finger in it, and I moaned quite loud, not from pain, pleasure. Then two fingers, finally I felt the pressure of his cock head pushing into my ass. "You like this right?" the guy under me asked. "Yes yes I love it", I responded with my head deep into his shoulder. "You are so sexy! we watch you outside tonight from our window", my as was now being fucked is slow deep strokes. "I call you and you say come fuck me! and I ask if my friend come and you say it ok, so you tell me door unlocked come fuck me". Now I know what happened about the phone call I thought I was dreaming about. "You like Indian cock?" his breath smelled of curry and so did he. "Yes I love it alot", was all I could say as I was about to come again. I was getting to a fever pitch, as I felt the two cocks sliding in me, with just that thin wall separating them. I lifted off the bed and had my mouth wide open gasping, the guy under me kneading my breasts. The guy in my ass now pounded harder, but still the same speed. I came again and again, my pussy clamping down each time on the cock in my pussy. "You like ass fucking yes?" he asked me as I was cumming. All I could let out was a long drawn out yeah. "Me too! I will fuck ass too!" he told me. The guy pushed deep into my ass and groaned, I felt his hot cum spill into me deep, and he withdrew his cock from me giving me a shudder. I thought I was going to blackout at any second. I was rolled over, and was laid on my back, he pushed my legs over my head and put is cock in my ass. He fucked me like a wild animal, pounding me fast. I came three more times, moaning as he never let up the pace. Then he cried out something in his native tongue and pushed so hard in me and kept pushing like he was trying to go through me. His hot sperm shot in me which made me cum again. I didn't notice but the other guy had already left the room. "Oh you have such a sweet ass and body, you are beautful, how long you stay here?" I told him I was leaving soon as I sat up on the bed trying to get my head together. He got dressed and said something about talking to me later and left. I had gotten more than I hoped for, but all I needed.
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