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When the thunder rolls, Kelley needs to fuck
Lightning Striking

The sound of the lawn mower hummed in the background as Kelley opened the windows in the house. The hot summer air mixed with the sent of freshly cut grass. Smiling, Kelley watched as Cam drove the lawn mower around in a small circle, trying to get the last stubborn weed before moving onto the next section of the lawn.
The wind had picked up and dust was rolling behind the mower. “We really need the rain.” Kelley said out loud as she looked to the southeast corner of the sky. The weather man had been predicting rain now for three days with not so much as a drop. The clouds were building in the sky and they had that look to them. “Thunder bumpers.” Kelley smiled. “Let’s get some good action around here. We haven’t had a good storm this whole season.”
Cam rode the mower around the back yard looking for more weeds to cut. Nothing else was growing. The much needed rain looked like it was on the way. As he turned the corner and headed back the opposite direction, Cam saw a flash of lightning in the distance. “Sweet. We could use some rain and a nice storm to go with it.” Smiling to himself, Cam hoped the storm building would be a good one. He knew what would happen if it was.
Cam thought back to the last big storm they had at the end of the last summer. His wife loved the thunder and the lightning. It made her nuts! Cam remembered the way she had come onto him, letting him know she needed to be made love to. She had kissed him passionately and he could feel her jump every time the thunder rolled through the air. She had told him how much the thunder and the lightning turned her on, and boy did it ever! The way she had dug her nails into his back and the way she arched her back every time he would touch her anywhere. And when he finally touched her where she needed to be touched, she was already soaking wet and his fingers had slid in so easily.
“AAggghhh….” Cam turned the wheel of the lawn mower just in time to keep from hitting a tree. He had lost track of where he was and now he had mowed a winding trail through the backyard and almost ran into the biggest tree in their yard.
Turning his head towards the house, Cam could see Kelley laughing at him as he tried to make it look like he knew what he was doing. Waving his hand at her, he smiled sheepishly and pointed to the dark clouds rolling in from the southeast. Kelley smiled and gave him a ‘thumbs-up’ sign. Another flash of lightning flickered in the dark clouds and the wind picked up.
“Guess I should call it good for now. Don’t want to get rained on out here.” Cam finished the last of the small section he had been working on and drove the mower back to the shed out back.
Cam was just finishing putting the mower back when the rain let go. Rain pelted the roof of the shed and splashed on the window pains, soaking the glass in a matter of seconds. Stepping outside, Cam let the rain spread over him, washing away the dust and grass from the last few hours. Running his fingers through his hair he stepped closer to the shed as another bolt of lightning shot through the rain.
Looking across the lawn, Cam saw Kelley walking through the rain, making her way out to the shed. The rain soaked her clothes in seconds. Her hair was hanging in wet strands and the white shirt she was wearing clung to her body like a second skin. Cam couldn’t help but stare as she made her way towards him.
Kelley could feel the electricity flowing through her body, heating her from within. With every flash of lightning, with every clap of thunder, Kelley could feel herself coming closer to the edge. She wanted, no needed to have sex. She couldn’t explain why storms always had this sort of effect on her, all she knew was that when she heard thunder and saw lightning striking, she needed to be fucked.
Cam could see the desire in Kelley’s eyes as she stepped up in front of him. He could see right through her wet shirt and he was delighted to find the she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her nipples were hard and they pushed though the soaked cotton of her shirt, aching to be touched. Water dripped from Kelley’s hair, running into her eyes and down her face, over her full lips.
Kelley looked Cam in the eyes and let out a deep moan. “You know what I want, so give it to me.” Pressing herself against Cam, Kelley reached down and grabbed his already hardening member. “Come on, baby, I need it, and you know you want it, too.”
Cam groaned and kissed Kelley hard on the mouth. His hands went up to cup her breasts as she undid his jeans. Quickly Kelley dropped to her knees in a pool of rain water as she pulled Cam’s jeans and boxers down to his ankles. Taking his penis in her mouth, she sucked long and hard as Cam fought to keep from coming in her mouth. Using her hands, Kelley pumped Cam’s hard dick as she licked and sucked hard and fast. Moaning as she sucked, Kelley sent vibrations through Cam’s penis making him groan even deeper.
Lightning lit up the sky and a loud clap of thunder rolled as Cam pulled Kelley to her feet. Lifting her arms over her head, he ripped her wet shirt off of her body and threw it to the ground. Turning her away from him, Cam pulled Kelley back until she had her back pressed hard against his chest. His hands came up to squeeze her breasts. Rolling her nipples between his fingers, Cam pulled lightly on her breasts, making her moan out loud. The rain ran down her body as he squeezed and played with her boobs.
Removing one hand from it’s grip on Kelley’s breast, Cam slid his hand down her body and quickly undid her jean shorts. Kelley moaned and arched her back in reaction to Cam’s hands. Thunder rumbled overhead as Cam slid Kelley’s shorts down her waist.
Quickly kicking off his own jeans, Cam trailed kisses down Kelley’s back as he bent down to pull her shorts off from around her feet. Standing back up, Cam resumed his work on Kelley’s tits, rolling them back and forth, pressing them hard against her body.
Quickly Cam spun Kelley around and pinned her against the shed. “Oh, God, yes…” Kelley moaned as a brilliant flash of lightning lit up the dark sky. Leaning down, Cam took one of her nipples into his mouth. Sucking hard and flicking her already taunt nipple with the tip of his tongue, Cam bit lightly, making Kelley moan with pleasure.
Moving down her body, Cam kissed and sucked along the lines of Kelley’s stomach as he continued fondling her tits. When he reached her thighs, she spread her legs slightly and looked at Cam with hunger in her eyes. Cam used his middle finger to move Kelley’s thong underwear out of the way to reveal her already wet pussy.
“Somebody’s wet, and I don’t mean from the rain.” Cam smiled as he reached his tongue out and touched the tip to her clit. “Yes!” Kelley bucked towards Cam’s face wanting more. “You like that, don’t you, baby?” Cam leaned in and licked a slow trail up Kelley’s clit, making her shudder. “You want some more?” Cam teased.
Kelley moaned and thrust her pussy in his face, answering him with her body. “I’ll give it to you baby, the way I know you like it.” Cam wrapped his arms around her bottom and pulled her pussy to his face, burying his tongue deep inside Kelley’s box, sucking hard on her clit. “Mumm…” Cam moaned into Kelley’s pussy as he used his tongue to dart in and out of her clit.
“Mumm…yeah..” Kelley thrust against Cam’s mouth with every flick of his tongue.
“Mumm.. You really like that, don’t you, baby? You want more? You want it?” Cam drove his tongue in as far as he could.
“Yes!” Kelley grabbed the back of Cam’s head and tried to pull him even farther inside her pussy. “Yes, baby, give it to me! Eat me!”
Cam slid one finger inside her dripping wet snatch, making Kelley buck. While he pumped his finger in and out, he licked her clit. Pumping faster and faster, he sucked harder.
Cam stood up and lifted one of Kelley’s legs and held it in place as he took his penis in his other hand. “How much do you want it, baby?” Cam asked her as he slid the head of his cock over her clit. “You want it bad?” Cam slapped his dick over her pussy several times, making a wet smacking sound. “You want me to fuck you good?”
“Yes, baby, you know I want it stuffed hard inside me.” Kelley sighed as another clap of thunder made her jump.
“You want it hard and fast?” Cam slid the head of his cock over her wet pussy, making sure to dip the tip of it slightly inside her waiting box. Just enough for her to feel it. “Yeah, I’ll pound you hard. I’ll fuck you good, baby!” Cam slapped his dick against her pussy hard. “I’ll fuck you real good!” Cam dipped his cock inside her pussy and pulled it back out to smack it against her hot pussy again.
“Yes, oh yes…” Kelley moaned as she felt Cam’s cock push in just a little and then smack against her again. She loved it when he did that. He could do that for hours and keep her hot and wet.
“You want your pussy fucked? You want my big cock stuffed inside you wet dripping pussy?” Cam rubbed his cock over her pussy again and again, bringing Kelley close to the edge. Finally, Cam shoved his cock inside Kelley’s wet pussy hard, making her shudder. Pumping her hard and fast, Cam reached down with his free hand and played with her clit, making Kelley scream.
“Yes, oh God, yes!” Mumm…” Kelley matched Cam’s body thrust for thrust.
Lifting Kelley off the ground, Cam pressed her back against the shed for support. Kelley wrapped her legs around Cam’s waist and bucked against his thrusts. “Yeah! Fuck me hard!”
Leaning down, Cam took one of her tits into his mouth and sucked hard. Pumping in and out faster and harder, he thrust her again and again against the shed.
Thunder rolled overhead and Kelley bobbed up and down on Cam cock, tits shaking in his face. “Yeah, yeah, yeah…give it to me! Harder! Fuck me!”
Cam let Kelley slide to the ground and slide his cock out. Bending her over, Cam placed her hands on the shed for support and thrust inside her pussy once more. Pounding her wet pussy hard and fast, Cam reached around and grabbed her giggling tits. Squeezing them and pinching her nipples, he played with her boobs as he pumped her from behind. “You like that, don’t you?”
“Umm, yeah… play with my clit. Make me come, baby.” Kelley thrust back against Cam’s cock, ramming it in as far as she could get it.
“You want it harder? You want your clit rubbed?” Cam let go of one of her tits and began rubbing her clit softly. “You’re so wet and hot, I love fucking your pussy.” Cam stopped and slide his cock out and smacked it against Kelley’s ass before thrusting it back inside her pussy. “You’ve got the tightest pussy, so good and wet. I need to taste you again.”
Cam pulled out and turned Kelley around to face him. He sucked on her nipples and then got down on his knees and thrust his tongue inside her clit once more. “Mumm.. you taste to good. I love your pussy.” Cam licked her clit up and down over and over. He sucked hard for a few minutes and then stood up. “I’m going to fuck your brains out. Get on all fours.”
Kelley smiled. She loved it when he talked dirty to her. She got down on her hands and knees and waggled her ass at him.
“Oh yeah, I’m going to pound you so hard, you’ll beg me for more.” Cam got down on his knees in the grass and thrust his hard cock inside her dripping wet pussy. Lightning lit up the sky as he pounded her harder and faster. “That’s it, baby. You want it, you need to be fucked hard, don’t you?” Cam slammed his cock in and out of Kelley’s pussy, making her buck hard against him. “Yeah, oh yeah, I’ll give it to you. I’ll make you come so hard.”
Kelley moaned. “Yeah, yeah, yeah…harder, oh fuck me harder, baby! Give it to me! Make me come!”
“Yes, I’ll make you come hard, harder than you’ve ever come before!” Cam rammed his dick harder and faster, trying to fill her with every thrust. The sound of his cock slurping in and out of Kelley’s wet pussy was sending him over the edge. He was going to come soon. “Take it, baby, take it all! You’re so wet and tight! Such a good fucking pussy! I’m going to fuck you so hard!” Cam rubbed her clit hard as she reached back and fingered herself, helping him bring her to the brink.
“Yeah, yeah, oh yes…I’m going to come! Fuck me, fuck me fuck me!” Kelley rubbed her clit harder as Cam slide a finger against her pussy lips. He thrust one last time and he came inside her, filling her pussy with his cum. “YES!, Oh YES!”
“YEAH! Oh yes! Fuck……me…..good….yeah….oh…..fuck……..HARD!” Kelley screamed as she came.
Coming down from the high, Cam rubbed Kelley’s clit for a while and slide out to lay on the wet grass. The rain was letting up and the sun was coming out again. Laying there, Cam couldn’t wait for the next thunder storm.

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2011-02-28 17:07:57
cam sucking that cunt really turned me on. i love sucking cunt juice putting my tongue far as i can then when cam started fucking i jerked off and came big time licking my cum off my hand.....have to go one more time with another hard on....thanks


2007-04-24 17:00:06
I kept waiting for one or both of them to get hit by lightning. Still, it was a good read to fuck by.


2005-04-20 15:40:43
That was fucking good. The story had me playing with myself the whole time!!!!!


2004-07-24 15:08:57
first of all ... learn to spell ... and i found alot of things wrong with what was going on ... and wtf is up with the word mum ... reminds me of something i call my mom


2004-07-21 00:57:42
made me cum half way thru guess ilike thunder too

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