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it came true
It was Friday evening; Marc had booked a table at 6pm at his and Kate’s favourite Italian restaurant.
They were celebrating Kate’s new promotion at work. She had been promoted to team leader, Kate worked for a law firm in the city, and she now also got her own office which she was delighted with.
Marc had gone to the restaurant straight from work he got there ten minutes early, it was now five past six so Kate was already late even though she finished work early and was going from home.
It was now twenty five past six Kate finally walked through the door to greet Marc with the puppy dog eyes she gave him when she was sorry about something he just said come on in a cheeky way he did know she was going to be late as she’ never on time.
The waiter showed them to their table, they always asked for the same one, it was in the back corner of the restaurant nice and secluded, away from the crowed restaurant, they liked the fact they could feel alone while still been waited on.
Kate was wearing a new strapless black dress which was sexy but elegant Marc told her she looked amazing which made her feel even sexier than she looked.
While they were waiting for their meals Kate told Marc I’ve got a surprise for you, but you will have to wait to see what it is, Marc was intrigued as they were celebrating Kate’s promotion, they ordered champagne after all it was a celebration.
It was eight thirty now and they had just finished their 3rd bottle and were ready to pay.
They decided to walk home it would only take them about thirty minutes through the park and it was a warm summers evening, Marc asked Kate what surprise she had for him, she just told him not long now, as they were walking through the park they noticed no one else was around, and the play ground was empty.
Kate went on one of the swings and asked Marc to push her, she said this feels great, as she was swinging back and forth her dress rode up a little to reveal her stocking top and suspender belt clips Marc’s eyes lit up and he asked her if his surprise had anything to do with them, Kate gave him a cheeky grin and nodded she was slowing down so Marc stopped the swing and lent in to kiss her, slowly working his way down her neck it was starting to get dark and the park was dimly lit a little romantic in a way, Kate loved Marc kissing her neck she felt so naughty been outside what if someone walked by she thought but she did not want it to stop it felt so amazing then Marc grabbed her hand they headed straight home.
When they got through the door Marc asked if her could have is surprise now Kate nodded and led him up stairs to the bedroom. Kate went over to the tv and turned it on Marc thought she was going to put the music channel on but to his surprise Kate had bought a porn dvd she asked Marc so do you like the first part of your surprise he nodded with a cheeky grin, he said so what, before he could say anything else she put her index finger over his lips and pushed on to the bed, she then handcuffed him to the headboard, removed his tie, unbuttoned his shirt and removed his pants and boxers, as he laid there naked and unable to do anything
Kate started stripping for him, she’d never done anything like this before marc was loving it. As she removed her dress she was standing there in her black stilettos, stockings, suspender belt, g-string and matching corset. Marc’s eyes were nearly popping out of his head.
She then went over to him and started kissing him starting with his lips slowly working her way down his neck over his chest continuing down over his six pack then down to his throbbing cock, she slowly started circling his bellend teasing him, then she started to take him in her mouth while moving her hand up and down his shaft watching him moan in sheer pleasure, before he exploded she stopped and slowly worked her way up to Marc’s lips.
Kate then positioned herself so she was kneeling over his face she moved her g-string to one side and lowered herself so he could reach her moist pussy with his tongue, he started circling her lips with every stroke he would catch her cilt.
Kate was moaning as Marc’s tongue entered her pussy she started rubbing her clit with one hand and playing with her Brest with her other as they brought her to her first orgasm of the night.
Kate then reached over to the bedside table and got her vibrator, she started licking the end of her toy the same way she did with Marc’s cock earlier sucking on it making it all wet.
Kate stood up and put one foot on the bed and parted her lips then slowly guided her dildo deep into her wet pussy, as she was moving it she would let it slip out so she could rub her clit so it would stimulate her even more.
Marc was watching the show of his life he had always liked the idea of watching Kate pleasure herself in front of him she did this until she reached her second orgasm of the night.
Kate then went over to Marc’s throbbing cock and straddled him she eased him into her wet pussy playing with her tits while gyrating back and forth up and down on his stiff shaft both moaning with sheer pleasure until they both reached full climax.
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