a boys first time in changing rooms
i would like people to give me constructive feedback to make a better story maybe for a part 2, what other things should i concentrate on, except for spelling...

We all headed into the changing rooms after almost two hours of football pratice.All the other boys where running to the changing rooms but i was with a couple of my best friends, the three of us walking back to talk about the match.We where aged between twelve and thirteen, i was still only twelve.we were talking about how we won the match.both my friends and i had both scored 3 goals each and laughed about how i slipped in the mud covering my hole kit in half wet mud.
"It was fucking awsome, should of seen your face man, you looked well shocked.", my friend Jake said both he and my other friend Tom laughed histerically "It wasnt that funy, i hurt my leg ya know." i said trying to keep a strait face but knowing it was funny i also let out a laugh

i looked down at my self, my shoes, socks, legs and everything up to my neck was caked in mud, some of the lighter areas had dried around my arms and had started to flake them off as we walked.Tom and jake only had mud in small aeras aorund their kits and ofcorse all out shoes where muddy, which clung onto the bottom in big chunks."Your soo GAY."Tom said a bit too lout for my liking.

I had to talk back quickly, for any boy that doesnt explain himself after a friends says that him could think he really were GAY, but it wasnt like i was... you know."Well look at it, i hit it on that huge fucking rock they have on the field, you would be the same if it happend to you.", i called out at him, just maybe a bit defensivly.
They both gave a passing glance at the light red blood very slowly seeping from my left knee."Well if you were as good at football as i am then you wunt of tripped.", tom joked.he would always claim he was the best in our club, but he never was."Anyway you were the one that got me to trip up in the first place."i also said back in our typical boy way."Dont make excuses, just co yur a big girl who cant play to save his life, next time you should come on in you sisters dress.", Tom said, trying to humiliate me, but none of us took it seriously.
"Hurry up, boys!!", our coach Mr.shelton called out.He was standing by the changing room doors, waving us towards him like we would get there any faster.We sped up our walking as to not piss off mr shelton."You know." jake said quickly talking," mr shelton likes to touch boys in the showers.".i think he was joking, like ive never seen him do that."Oh, yer fucking right!", tom said back.
"No, he does really, he always waits till mostly all the boys are gone and then when theres like a couple or one boy left he gets int he showers with them and feels their arses and they all gangbang each other.", he said with lack of seriousness in his voice."Oh yer, clearly a lie, its just bollocks you just made up now.", Tom said back to him.
But i wasnt sure, did he really?but it must of been a joke, otherwise someone would of told, and he wouldnt be working here now."Yer, but its till funny though."Jake laughed, followed by Tom
We reached mr shelton,"come on boys, you do this every week, i want to get home like ten 15 minutes ago, not when im dead"., as he spoke i coudnt help but let what jake say pass through my mind.I coudnt help but think what touching a boy would be like, to touch his bum or maybe im not gay i dont think of things like that.And then a picture of mr sheltons hands touching Me popped into my head, i shook it out quickly but lingering thourghts of his penis tried to form in my mind.I had to look at his penis, otherwise it wont go away.but i coudnt, not infront of him like this, or beside my friends.

So i let my eyes wonder as if looking at anything and not something in paticular, i shot my eyes down to his penis erea, and a glance turned into 5 my head his shorts and something that very well could of been his cock.I quickly looked back up to see if anyone saw friends hadnt, and neither mr shelton.THANK GODD!!
All the other boys where now running out and getting into their pearants cars.Mr shelton told us to get in and be quick.
we went in as a coupel of other boys ran out, the few of them left calling out about how they won the game and how great they where.One of the boys had slipped his shorts down in view of everyone and just pulled on his jeans.I tried not to look, i dont want people getting the wrong idea or anything.
At the bench, both tom and jake got changed fast as i pretended to not have anything on my mind, it helped when we spoke quick sentences to each other.I had my shirt off, jake had already pulled off his muddy shorts,"Hey, you both still coming to my house next weekend, play some footall on the ps2?", me and tom both agreed yes."It gonna be great.", tom replied.
moments later, with both tom and jake in their grey and blue tight boxer underwear, the front of jakes had two buttons, not realising that i wansnt looking at his buttons but .....but i wasnt looking at anything."charlie looked fit today didnt she.", Tom said to us, not in question format, it was a fact."Great tits." i said as my muddy shoes were kicked off under the bench and sitting down to slide off my wet socks."Fuck yer, great or what, she said she'll let me rub them after we leave for the school holidays.", Jake told us."whatever, like she said that to you, she likes boys with bigger knobs.", Tom said laughing.
"yer, bigger than a mouses." Jake threw back at him.I giggled at what they where both saying."Oh then at least your bigger than Ben."I was Ben.
i was still sitting as both tom and jake were just slipping on their trainers.I was still in my white boxer shorts, i didnt feel like getting dressed at the moment.I needed to have a wank in the showers and didnt feel like telling them.if they asked i would tell them a lie.But then mr shelton walked in, "Tom, Jake get out now, your mums are here.", he siad to them from the doorway,"ah osrry mate, gotta go." jake said and the both ran out the changing room.
Now it was just me and mr shelton in the changing room, i was trying not to get an erection, but mr shelton was just staring at me on the bench in my sweaty white boxer shorts, dried mud on my body.for a second i thourhgt of his penis again even though i tried not to, but then i felt myself go red, like he knew i was thinking of his penis.I'd never thourght of a guy his age before, it was always boys from my school, even though i coudnt help it, but i know im NOT GAY!.Mr shelton came over, i covered my private parts up with my muddy t shirt so he woudnt see, except my face got redder as he got closer and sat right next to me.I coudnt look at him, but he stared right at me, if i looked he would know everything i was thinking."So ben, are you enjoying footbal club?"he asked me.

i was trying to keep myself covered as i could feel my penis getting hard and rising up in my boxers.i was scared, was he looking at my half naked body or worse at my hard on.i was so embarrassed.I quickly told him i was enjoying it."Good, thats nice." he told me.
what was nice, could he see my boner, which i could see so clearly right now? was he talking about my reply?but i realised as i was trying so hard not to look at his penis at the corner of my eye, i dotn know how long but he had his hand right on it.not just on it but he had it grabbed in his hand, just the thin material between them both.i was shocked, i looked up to see if he had seen me look at his penis.God, he saw and was looking right at my face, he knew i had seen him.I saw his eyes wonder other the rest of my body.i was scared but also in shock as he looked strait at my hard on.The room was silent and then he put his hand down my sweaty boxers, as i was tryng to think of what to say.
i didnt move or bother to stop him.

we both just looked at each other, i felt his huge hand around my stiff penis. and then saw him pull out his cock and start to wank infront of me, it was huge and fat with loads of hair all around his balls and the base of his penis.i saw as he pulled down his forskin that his cock head was big and purple and i even saw his piss hole.I never knew cocks where this big, my hand just covered my penis when i wanked it but he had loads of room left from his hand to his cock head.
He just looked relaxed as the hand around my hard cock let go to pull down my boxers to my knees, he groaned as he let his fingers pass up my smooth leg.All i could tell my self is that i liked it, this is what i wanted since i was eleven.I never knew i would get to try my fantasies especially with a guy who knew everything about sex.His hand felt around my small hairless balls and i felt a surge of excitment pass through my penis.he then grabbed my smaller penis and started to wank me like himself.This felt strangely right, but also scary.I had never let anyone see me naked before or even touch my penis, i was scared to even let a girl touch it a few months ago.but i was sitting here with mr shelton completly naked and he was wanking us both.

mr shelton was groaning so he seemed to really like it. then he reached forward and started to kiss me.Ive never kissed anyone before, but this was really weired, i wasnt sure if i liked it, but let him carry on.but then i felt his tongue shoot into my mouth.i dotn know why but i was probably to horny but i also put my tonge in his mouth made my cock go harder and feel much better as he wanked me.Mr shelton kept on pulling out and away from me and then going back in again.When he spoke he groaned and wispered,"Go on, wank me." he spoke softly to me, his hand that was wanking me stopped and grabbed my own hand, i let him lead my right hand to his enormous cock.He looked down to see i had it gripped in my hand. i could barely get my hand the whole way around.his cock felt hot and as i gently wanked him up and down i could feel his hairy big balls againts my hand.

mr shelton was watching me wank his fucking huge cock and i soon realised that he was looking at me enjoying myself.i liked it when he groaned every few seconds and kept on telling me he liked it.I handnt realised my own penis until mr shelton grab hold of it and started to wank me.i was conecntrating my atention on his cock all the time, my hand was going fast and so was mr sheltons, his big purple head throbbing.I looked up to see mr shelton still staring at me, and kept of looking at his cock and back at me again.i then thourght about sucking his cock, and maybe mr shelton wanted me to.i really wanted to try and if i didnt work then he could tell me.i felt nervous as i leaned forward a bit and down to his cock,i could hear him speak to me,"Oh yer suck it , fuck yer.", i smiled and stuck his big purple cock head into my mouth.

MMMMM i thourght, this is so fucking nice, i went down to suck more of his cock, i was lucky it fitted cos i wanted it was all so exciting that i was wanking and sucking at the same time, but i knew that i wotn be able to tell jake or tom what we did.they didnt like boys like me, they always took the piss out of gays.from my view i cud see his big hairy balls, so i stoped wanking him and moved my hand to them, i started to rub them, and all around them even underneath.while i did this i could feel mr sheltons right hand caress my lower back and unsuspectedly felt him smooth his hand over my ass, but i let him, cos it felt good, and i knew cock was my favorite from now on, i hope me and mr shelton could carry on and do more.
My mouth was nearly half way down his cock but i coudnt reach it.i nearly gagged on his cock, but mr shelton seemed to like it so i did it a few more times, slowly each time i could feel a couple of his fingers rub my ass hole and felt him nearly go shelton kept on swearing though and kept on calling out Fuck and caling me Babe.But then he started to thrust his hips towards me, making his cock go deeper in my mouth.all i could think was how he was gagging me and started to finger my ass with one finger, which kind of felt good.he called out, moaning loud.i was really enjoying myself, letting him gag his cock in me, then finnally he said,"IM GONNA CUMM!".

Now if i ahd known what he meant or what cum was i would of been ready, but it shocked he did he pushed in a second finger into my ass hole and felt his cock swell up in my mouth as he forced my head down to his cock loads of gooyey mess shot form his cock in my mouth, i first i thourhgt he had pissed in my mouth, but im sure it was salty and very thick and didnt smell of it, the first couple loads of it i tried to back out, scared of what it was, i nearly got his cock out of my mouth as his 'cum' gushed from my mouth down his cocka nd onto his balls but mr shelton forced me back down again, i didnt want to fight back with him so i let him hold me there for like ten seconds as more of the gooey mess filled my mouth.i figured it must be part of the cock sucking process and to do with sex so i calmed down a bit more but didnt know what to do with all him 'cum' in my was to bursting point and i could feel it filling up more and more, all the while mr shelton screamed and moaned, his hips thrusting up and his hands on the back of my head and his two fingers in my as still fingering me."swallow it babe, oh yer, oh fuck, shit man!", mr shelton i did swallow was a bit salty as it went down and could still taste it on my tongue afterwards.
i felt sweat roll off my body and could also see mr shelton sweating too as i pulled up to look at him, he looked at me pulled his fingers out my ass and laughed."youve got cum on your face.", his hand reached up and wiped my lips of cum.i then saw he was offering me his cum on his fingers so i took it.
mr shelton looked so exuasted and so was i, my hair was damp from sweat and mr sheltons whole body was too, just like mine.i tasted the excess cum in my mouth, not so bad now.i looked down at his cock and saw it was all wet with his cum and so where his shelton grabbed his still hard cummy cock in his hand and i leaned down again and let my tongue glide over it letting it fall into my mouth, swalowing as it entered.

i licked all his cock head and under his hand and then as he lifted his cock out the way i leaned in for his big balls, licking them all over and gulping down his had taken me atleast 2 minutes to get everyhting clean, i liked my lips and sat up with mr shelton, both of us practicly naked, me with my now drenched white boxers around my knees and mr shleltons own around his ankles.we both looked at each other and i smiled at him and he smiled back.i wasnt sure if i stil had cum around my mouth so i kep on licking to make sure.i wonderd if mr shelton still felt all horny like i did.
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