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a eleven year olds first gay expereince
God,but John was bored.
School had finished for the summer and as John sat on the wall outside his house on a hot July day,he wondered what the hell he was going to do in this godforsaken place .His parents had separated a few weeks ago,and John and his mother had moved here from the city,he had not got the chance to make many new friends and none of them lived nearby. John really missed the city,for a eleven year old,the city was a huge playground,the thing he missed the most was the seafront, where he had spent all last summer swimming and messing with his friends. As he sat there thinking how unfair life was, he saw Sean coming up the road,Sean was an older kid,about sixteen,John guessed,and he lived just up the road from him.
As Sean approached, John noticed the fishing rod, he had never been fishing,his dad had been a rugby fan,and they went to all the matches.”Hi” said Sean as they got level with each other,”what ya doin”he asked,”nothin” I replied, I was a bit shocked that the older kid had talked to me,”you going fishing”? As soon as I asked I felt stupid but Sean just laughed and said “you want to come”? I was delighted and agreed straight away,I had never been asked to hang out with an older kid before “im going fishing down by the lake”Sean said, as we strolled down the lane,”lake”?I said,I had no idea what was in the countryside around me,”ya,its about a mile down here,not many people fish it,its full of fish”we continued to chat as we ambled down the lane and across fields,soon we there and Sean set up with a float and a worm on the hook explaining what he was doing as he went along. With the rod rested in the v of a branch that Sean had broken of the oak tree we sat under,there was not much to do but watch. We chatted for a while about school and stuff and Sean asked questions about the city as he had only visited it a few times. The day was sweltering hot and as it approached noon Sean said”lets go for a swim””I've no swimming trunks”I replied but Sean laughed,”never skinny dipped before?” he said as he peeled off his t shirt,Sean was very fit and had a six pack,I was a bit embarrassed as I was still a skinny kid but I pulled off my t shirt,Sean at this stage had pulled of his shorts and then removed his jocks,I had never seen another boys cock before and was fascinated by the size of Sean's,it was a lot bigger than mine, maybe a full five inches, and I was a bit shy as I peeled of my own shorts and jocks,I dived into the lake before Sean got a good look at my small boy penis which was only about three inches. Sean took his time,standing there in all his naked glory his cock hanging limply between his legs and as he turned around he gave me a good look at his ass which was firm and round,and muscled. I was suddenly aware that I had a boner and was mortified! “Why am I getting a boner looking at Sean cock”I thought as I lowered myself into the water hoping Sean would not see that I was excited. Sean slowly walked into the water and started to splash me and I started to splash back forgetting my boner,we splashed each other but then Sean made a dive for me and then we were wrestling around under water,I felt something touch my cock,but it only happened fleetingly so I did not pay too much notice,but then Sean grabbed my ass and gave it a squeeze,I was a bit shocked as no one had ever touched my ass before,but it felt kinda nice, and suddenly my boner was back with a vengeance and then seans hand was wrapped around my hard cock!”hey” I said,”what” replied Sean”never had someone grab your cock” I shook my head silently,blushing,I did not know what to say “well, you seem to like it,your as hard as a rock”said Sean.iwas confused,I had to admit it felt nice,but naughty and dirty, as Sean gently stroked my cock moving his hand up and down my small shaft.”You want to touch mine?” asked Sean,taking my hand and putting it on his cock,”wow” I thought “im touching his cock and its so silky ”I thought,”its big”I said and Sean laughed and said “well I am sixteen,yours will grow as you get older” he said as he gently stroked,I copied seans movements,slowly sliding my hand up and down his big hard cock feeling his hardness,suddenly he moved behind me and I felt his cock rub against my ass as he continued to stroke my cock,”I love the feel of your cock” he said as he pushed his hard cock up and down my ass cheeks. I was really enjoying this,his hand on my cock and his cock between my ass cheeks,the warm water of the shallow lake making it feel silky and smooth,suddenly without letting go of my small cock he guided me out of the water and propped me against the tree,he knelt down in front of me,and suddenly my cock was in his mouth!”Whoa” I thought,and was about to pull away when I felt the sensation his mouth was having on my cock,”OHMYGOD,that feels so good”I thought,but I was feeling weird as well,this was a BOY sucking me off, sucking my cock! At this stage I was as hard as I ever had been,and then Sean started sucking my balls as well as my cock,my god the pleasure! It felt amazing as his tongue rolled my little balls around in his mouth,it felt fantastic and I felt a sensation I had never felt before build in my balls next thing I know ,I start to spurt and spurt,and Sean busily swallowed it all down.when it stopped I collapsed,my legs were unable to hold me up,”what happened?” I asked “you came” said Sean”have you never come before” “ no” I replied “that was sooo good” “Now its your turn” he said,”what?” I asked,confused,”you have to suck mine” Sean replied. I had not thought of that! And I was not sure I wanted to,but he had sucked mine and I knew if I did not suck his cock then we would never do anything together again,so I nervously got down on my knees,I did not know where to start,so I tentatively kissed it,but Sean pushed and suddenly his cock was in my mouth,I started to suck the tip of his cock,it was thick and filled all my mouth,I tried to fit as much of his cock in my mouth as I could, but it had grown,it must have been seven inches and I could only get about a third into my mouth,Sean then started to thrust, forcing more of his big cock into my mouth,suddenly his cock was touching the back of my throat and I started to have trouble breathing,I tried to pull away but Sean had a hold of my head and then with one thrust,he pushed it all the way down my through,I was choking,and gagging,but I could hear Sean pant like a train as he started to fuck my mouth,I could barely breath,but he continued to ram his dick down my through until,suddenly,he blew his load,wad after wad of come went down my through as I swallowed as fast as I could so as not to choke on his thick cum,finally as I was about to pass out he was finished and he pulled out. He collapsed beside me,” that was amazing” he said,”you took it all” “you nearly killed me,I could not breath” I replied. But secretly I had loved doing it and hoped that it would happen again.

To be continued.
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