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At 56 I’m a single guy. A widower for the last 7 years and there had been very little free pussy in my life since then. I’d fucked a few whores and a few drugged girls, but other than that, I’d been starved of any real pussy.

I drive a lot for work and I want to tell you a little story about something that happened a few years ago. It was winter, a hard winter and the temperatures at night dropped pretty fast to well below freezing.

I was driving back from Edinburgh to Bristol after a long weekend business trip. It was late afternoon, around 6pm by the time I got as far as Manchester. That’s when I saw her, a beautiful blond girl wrapped in a thick winter coat with two large bags stood at a traffic light. The sign in her hand read ‘Bristol’.

I pulled over the car and called her over.

She peered in the window, her face was red from the cold and her breath steamed up as she exhaled.

“I’m going to Bristol,” I said. “Throw your bags in the boot.”

She did what I said and jump in the passenger seat. “Thanks Mate,” she said.

It was warm in the car and she quickly pulled off her coat and threw it in the back seat. I got a good look at her magnificent C cup tits for the first time.

“Call me Gary,” I said.

She raised her hands and pushed them through her hair and I got a better like of her tight little body and nice legs, her skin tight jeans left little to the imagination.

“What’s you name?” I asked.


“Why you going to Bristol?”

“I don’t have anywhere else. I have some friends in the area, but I’m going to try and find a halfway house when I get there.”

“You don’t have any family?”

“No,” she replied sadly.

We talked a little fort he rest of the trip, stopping on the motorway for a coffee. I found out she’d just turned 18 a day before and had moved out of her foster home. She hated it there. I couldn’t help check out her perfect arse as she walked away from me to go to the toilet and then at her tits when she walked back. Her tight jumper showed them perfectly and I was desperate to reach out and squeeze them. My cock was rock hard in my pants, and getting back into the car took me a minute.

We arrived in Bristol at 1 am, I drove slow so it’d be too late for her to find anywhere to stay. I had an idea in mind, but she needed to be desperate if I was to get what I wanted. We pulled up in front of my house and I parked.

“This is as far as I can take you,” I said.

“Is there somewhere around here I an stay,” she asked. I knew straight away what she wanted. A free bed for the night, but if she wanted to stay with me, she’d have to pay.

“Sorry, not as far as I know.”

“It’s freezing outside,” she said. “Can I stay here for the night?”

“That depends.”

“On what?” she asked.

I reached out and placed as hand on her leg, running it up towards her pussy and squeezing her thigh.

“Pervert,” she cried and jumped out of the car.

I followed her and helped her take her bags from the boot and dropped them on the floor. I collected my things and walked towards my house.

“Good luck,” I called and left her standing in the street.

I put my key in the door and turned it. Stepping inside I took one final look at her stood there in the freezing cold tightening her coat around her. Just then a miracle happened, it started to snow. ‘God must love me,’ I thought and I closed the door. Two minutes later there was a knock on the door.

I opened it and she stepped inside, dragging her bags behind her.

“What do I have to do,” she mumbled.

I smiled. “Just let an old man have some fun,” I replied a licked my lips.

She nodded and started to undo her coat. She hung it up and stood in front of me. I reached out and grabbed her tits, squeezing them through her jumper. She closed her eyes as I pushed a hand round her back, down onto her arse and massaged the soft flesh.

“I’m going to enjoy this,” I said and kissed her neck and rolled my tongue up over her ear.

I grabbed the hem of her jumper, and t-shirt and pulled them up over her head. She raised her arms so I could take them off. I unclipped her bra and pushed it back over her shoulders. It dropped to the floor and I bent down and took her right tit in my mouth, sucking on her hard nipple. She moaned a little as I squeezed her tits together and dragged her into the living room.

I pushed her into a chair, stepped up close to her and undid my belt. In a few second my hard cock sprang out of pants and bobbed around in front of her ace. I grabbed her head and forced it towards me.

“No,” she cried.

“Open your mouth like a good little slut or get out,” I said.

She closed her eyes and opened her mouth. I pushed my cock into her mouth and held her head still as I fucked her throat. She gagged each time my cock hit the back of her throat and she put her hands on my hips, trying to push me away from her, but I fucked her beautiful face for a good 5 mins.

“Time to try that pussy of yours,” I said.

I pulled her to her feet, turned her around and pushed her against the kitchen table. I reached around, unfastened her belt and pulled the zip of her pants down. I forced my hand into her knickers and rubbed her clit roughly, eventually, I pushed a finger into her pussy. It got wetter with each finger thrust and I knew it was time to make her my slut.

I pulled her jeans and knickers down around her ankles with a single movement and removed my shirt. I wanted to feel her young teen body pressed against my fat belly.

I pushed her into a bending position, took my cock in my right hand and positioned it at her snatch.

“Can you put a condom on,” she called.

I ignored her and rammed my cock into her tight wet cunt. She moaned as I bottomed out and the tip of my cock struck her cervix with force. I pulled out and rammed it back in as hard as I could. Her tight teen pussy gripping my old cock like nothing I’d felt before.

“Take that baby girl,” I cried. “Take my cock in your tight cunt.”
She moaned as I fucked her harder and harder. “Ahh yess babby. You’re so tight. I love you young pussy.”

I pulled my cock from her pussy and pushed hard into her tight young arse. She cried out in pain, but I ignored her and forced my cock all the way in as far as it would go. I fucked her arse as fast as I could but it was too tight for now. I pulled my cock back out and pushed it back in her cunt. I fucked her with a passion. Hard and fast as I looked down at her young teen body.

I grunted louder and louder as I approached the end. I was going to cum in this teen slut, fill her with my hot spunk.

“I’m cumming,” I shouted. “I’m going to fill you like a cumpot,” I cried.

“Don’t cum in me,” she moaned.

I rammed my cock into her cunt one last time, gripped her hips tight and let out one final grunt. My cock twitched and I felt the rush of spunk leave my cock and fill her tight young pussy. My cock twitched in her snatch for the next few minutes and then plopped out. I watched my cum stream out and role down her legs. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d cum that much.

I fondled her young body as she stood up straight. “Why don’t you go and take a shower. Then join me in my room.”

She looked at me questioningly. “My cock’ll be hard again soon and I’m going to want to fuck you a lot more before the sun comes up.”

I told her where the shower and my room was and while she was showering I popped a viagra in my mouth and swallowed it. I was definitely going to get everything I could out of this slut before I’d finished with her. I pulled a jar of lubricant from my night stand and started to rub Vaseline onto my hard cock.

When she walked in naked I said, “Get on your hands and knees. I’m going to fuck your arse again.”

She complained for a few seconds until I pushed her to her knees on the bed. My cock slid easily into her arse, the Vaseline giving me all the lubricant I needed.

She cried out constantly as I ploughed her shit hole hard and fast. I pushed her down onto her stomach and sodomised her. In just minutes I filled her arse with hot sticky spunk and rolled off of her.

She rolled onto her back and lay there stairing at the seiling.

“Can I go to sleep now?” she asked.

I looked down at my cock. It was still hard. Viagra had done the trick. “Not just yet, “I replied with a smile and rolled on top of her. Pushing my tongue into her mouth, I humped her teenage pussy for the second time.

I let her sleep in until 12 and called her a taxi to take her to friends’ house. She came back three hours later. The two people she’d hoped to stay with said it wasn’t possible and the third was away until the end of the week.

She stayed with me until then and I got to use her as my cumslut everyday and night until then. I filled every hole with spunk including her mouth, nose and ears. After that I didn’t see her again for 8 month, until one day when I saw her going into the side entrance of a brothel I didn’t visit because it was too close to home. I checked out the brothels web site and found pictures of her, with the face blacked out. But I knew that body, I used it for almost a week.

I’d visit that brothel, but that’s another story.

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Loved the Dr. Bull scene! Please keep doing the straight and bi sences. They're fun. Your hotel pic is red hot dude!! I could lick that stomach all night long. Could you post a pic of you taking a piss? Would be awesome to see it. Thanks!!

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U should fuck her by calling many men they too fucked her until she passed out

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Contrats on the marriage, I hope you are better husband than me. I just couldn't give up the young pussy

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