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This was originally written for an ex. The nickname I gave her was Nymph.
In a land far from here, where castles and princes rule, and creatures of epic beauties walk, a fabled yet fated tale takes place. This is the start of that tale.

A prince is following a stream he should have found hours ago. Somewhere, hours ago when the sun had started to set he had taken the right turn, at the wrong fork on a stream. Hours later this is where he was, in a secluded part of his dominion, lost. It wasn't the first time, and hopefully it would be the last time. The sun had finally set an hour ago, with him realizing he was utterly lost.

He hoped that at least he could find a good place to camp, and get better luck in the morning, at finding his way home. Taking off all his armor was first on his thought, as it was bulky and he had not expected to be wearing it this long. He fought as any noble should, as it was a nobles' birth right to shed blood for the people he protected. His mother had always told him, "You live once, you die once, so might as well reap every seed sown." But he had heard from others that wasn't how it was said. "You live once, you die once, you marry once, and you love once." Which to him, as scholarly as he was, made more sense, so with that in mind he meant to enjoy the solitude for once, as he received it rarely.

As his black war horse leisurely strode forward through the dark, he could see the full moon reflect from a large body of water. The stream emptied into this lake. He knew not where he was, but with the trees thinning near the water, and enough dry twigs crunching under his horses hoofs he decided this would be great place to camp. He considered an open fire, a cool breeze, plenty of food, and maybe a little music from his flute, a great way to end an uninteresting evening. It was an easy enough instrument to carry anywhere, and at places like this where the water helped carry the sound, it sounded the most beautiful.

With the sun gone, gathering wood to burn took longer than he expected. But the fire burned pleasantly once it was started, and was comfortable. The breeze floating from the water mixed with the heat of the fire. The air around him swirled giving him both cold and hot air. But as he settled down in front of the fire with his flute in hand and leaning back on the log, in the distance over the lake a glow appeared.

At this distance it was a glow, but slowly it grew brighter and larger. The closer the light came the more the prince could tell that the light was the glow of a creature’s body. The color waivered here and there as the gown the creature wore swirled around it. The gown was translucent and she shone through it. Her wings, in the shape of a butterfly, glowed of its own as well, a purple color with swirls of black. It was hard to notice the wings as they fluttered and kept her. She floated above the water, but just barely, her toes tickled the surface of the water. But it was hard to decide if the water tickled her senses, or she tickled the very nature around her.

As she reached the shore, her wings fluttered slowly and stopped. She landed on the sand softly on her toes, her hands out to help balance herself. Her gown wafted around her with the breeze. Her skin didn’t actually glow, but re-emitted the glow of the moon with a new vibrancy. Her hair contrasted her dark wings; it didn’t glow, but was also translucent and sparkled a bright red. Her hair draped around her in curls as it by itself was a crown she wore.

She stepped away from the water, and walks around the fire slowly. Her feet don’t leave any foot prints in the sand. Her mouth opened and her luscious thin lips sang out in her strong sweet voice, “Play for me.”

As if in a trance the prince raises the flute to his lips and begins to play. The nymph looks away and raises her face up to the moon. He sees her eye lids close and her face shimmers with the light of the moon. She turns back to face him, and opens her eyes, they have changed colors. As she listens to the music her eyes lose focus on him and the music takes control of her body, and she starts to dance around the fire for her pleasure and his. She drank in his emotions through the music, and her image swam around the fire and intoxicated his soul to a higher fervor.

Every so often she would look away from the fire, and look into his eyes, and see the rising passion. Her body so supple, yet strong, and above all else, so vibrant, her light form so graceful and elegant, yet primal. Her eyes showed laughter and mirth, but slowly it was changing color again. In her eyes there was a deep yearning. The breeze from the lake blew colder but neither felt it. Their passions burned inside them, as their bodies grew hot from it.

Then slowly the music faded, and her body slowly stops across from the fire. Her body glistened with sweat, but she did not breathe heavily at all. He did not sweat, yet, but he was breathing heavily. Concentrating on playing while her body enlightened his senses on many levels was too hard. He had finally lost the battle and stopped.

Gracefully, softly, slowly she takes steps around the fire, seducing him with her body, enticing him with her eyes. Looking him straight in the eye, she approaches him, and motions for him to stand up. He leans back and uses the log for support and rises up to meet her. As he steps up to her, she reaches out with a finger and touches the chest of his armor. Instantly with a blinding flash his armor shatters into fragments from around his body, and reforms beside him standing by itself. Slowly it turns and walks into the forest a few feet away.

Gazing back at her from his armor, he realizes, her gown is gone as well. She steps forward; he reaches out and pulls her naked body to his. She wraps an arm around him, and wraps the other hand around his manhood. He lifts her chin up to his and for the first time as they kiss. At first lightly, then their unchecked passion surges forward, their lust reaches out to each other as they light their passions afire and let go of their restraints.

Sliding his hands around her waist he lifts her up onto him, as she wraps her long smooth legs around his back and crosses them. She wraps her arms around his neck as he steps back and seats himself down on the log. He is stiff, just sitting down has him pointing up at her. He’s at her entrance, and she moans into another kiss, at the contact. He nuzzles her ear with his nose as her breathing deepens. He licks the nap of her neck, and blows cool air softly onto it. She sighs as her body shudders. Her skin pricks up into goose bumps, when he suddenly bites her and then nibbles. Her breath escapes her body in gasps, as her nails dig into his shoulder blades.

He slides his hand down her back and grasps her buttocks as she leans back and away from him. He traces kisses down the side of her neck down to her firm, small breasts, tracing circles around her beautiful roses with his tongue. Her wings flutter slightly, her toes curl and her leg muscles flex around his sides. He alternates biting the entire rose and scrapping the nipple with his teeth as he pulls his mouth of her, leavening saliva to mix with the cool air between them, and licking the then sensitive nipple with the tip of his tongue. After alternating a few times he can feel her drip her juices between her legs down onto his shaft.

He wraps his arms under her legs and grasps her cheeks firmly, and lifts her up into the air, she lets go of his neck with her arms and wraps her legs around them. At first she flutters her wings for balance, but her hands palm the back of his bald head as her cunt lips get a firm hard French kiss. He flicks his tongue on the nub of her clit a few times then nibbles on the hood. As he snakes his tongue back into her hole she legs twitch around his head. She looks down at him as he looks back up into her eyes, and at the eye contact she moans, a deep primal guttural moan of ecstasy. Soon he has her moaning and breathing heavily as she explodes on his face.

Her body relaxes, and he twists her down and cradles her in his arms, as he stands up. Her face nuzzled in his shoulder as he carries her away from the water into the trees. He remembered seeing a thick moss covered patch while he was gathering wood. The fog away from the water is thick in the air away from the fire, and the moon is shining through the trees in the haze of the fog. As he feels the moss under his feet, he feels her reach out with her tongue and tastes his lips and her on it. While she cleans herself off of him the prince walks into the middle of the clearing, allowing the moon to cascade of her glistening body.

Slowly he sits down, this time she swings around to impale herself on him. Her soft walls are glossy with her juices and so she slides down right to the hilt. Her head arches back to look up into the sky. Feeling her muscles clamp down on him, he reaches forward with his mouth and bites down on her shoulder. At first slowly she starts rocking on him, as he bends down further and sucks on her nipples. As the tempo increases he can’t keep up with her undulating body. Her body goes limp except to hold herself in position as she uses her wings to flap her way up, and let gravity suck her down. The prince’s muscles are taught holding her firmly in the oscillating position. Time slows down to a crawl as he explodes into her frenzy. But at the last moment he manages to hold onto her tightly and slam her down and hold her there.

As she softly flaps her wings open he lays her down on her back, and slides out of her. He switches positions feet up, giving her access to him, and him access to her cream ridden twat. As he returns the favor from earlier and cleans a mix of himself and her out of her box, he takes her high and through another orgasm. She tries and successfully revives the sleeping monster in time for her muscles to twitch again into an orgasm this time he keeps her going through a rolling orgasm. She finally can’t take anymore and pushes him from her.

He shimmies to the side and lays down on the moss, as she sits up and rolls onto her side, and snuggles up to his warm body. Their sweat mingles as they slide on each other and she plays with his stiff mast. She rests her head in the crook of his arm as she arches a knee over his leg. After a few minutes of basking in a minor afterglow she sits up and crawls over his body. Her knees on either side of him she lines herself up and uses the tips of her fingers to adjust him to her entrance. He raises his hands to hold onto her hips, as she starts to slide him home into her. Her sweat slickened body glows with the moon reflecting of her, thousand shimmering sparkles all over her body.

As she takes a moment to absorb the sensations going through her body and mind she reaches out to lock her fingers with his, for balance. Their fingers intertwined with each other’s locking into a firm grip. Slowly she starts sliding up and down, until he starts firmly using the grip to pull her down on him, and his lower body pumps up hard into her. Her body is sitting straight up and arched back, her hair flaying in all directions as her entire body is tossed around by his powerful thrusts. She starts fluttering her wings in an effort to keep herself steady. He lets go of her hands and firmly grips her hips, leaving her hands to draw incoherent circles in the air, as she starts losing control of her limbs. Her wings now are flapping at full force as she keeps herself floating upwards, and he firmly pulls her down onto him, to impale her repeatedly. Her orgasm starts building into a powerful tidal force sinking her mind into a cloudy haze. As her body lets go of all her senses she lets out a passion filled scream into the air, at the moon. For the second time that night he explodes deep into her orifice.

As she comes back to her senses she realizes that she is again tucked away into the crook of his arm, just on the other side this time. He is quietly watching her. She looks up at him, with her eyes shifting colors again. In the foggy haze of the deep night he stands up and offers a hand to her to help her up. Taking the proffered hand she steps up beside him, and hand in hand and naked, but unashamed they walk back to the fire which is almost out. As she sits down in front of the log, the prince place more wood in the fire and rekindles it back to a blaze, and joins her by the log.

“My Prince,” she says simply.

“My fair …” he stutters out not knowing what to call her.

“Water Nymph,” she tells him with an amused smile, as they settle in for a comfortable, early sunrise, of simple enjoyment, of excellent quiet company.

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2014-12-01 05:12:50
BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! I give it ★★★★★!!!!!! Please make a sequel!!!!!!!

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it is pefectly writen

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That was amazing, wonderful detail and passionate. I have not read a story that I liked this much on here in a long while, Thank you:)

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That was amazing, wonderful detail and passionate. I have not read a story that I liked this much on here in a long while, Thank you:)

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