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The end of the Gender war broght death and devistation, farm animals nearly extinct new meat had to be found. The National Female Culling Act was created to farm women as the new food sorce.
Jessica's Number

Story: #3
Copyright ©2004
Written: December 13 2004
A story By: KaosAngel
Proofed By: Ay-Wun
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Part 1 of 4 - National Female Culling

The year is 2059, the end of the long war was in sight, for 50 years women have been fighting men over control of the world. This was a world war, but not country against country, but male against female, a full blown Gender War. Fearing the extinction of the human race scientists began work, in the first few years of the war, to genetically reproduce or clone a human male, in essence taking away the female's only advantage being needed for reproduction. While the war raged on in those first few years of fighting there were many casualties on both sides science had finally harness the ability to reproduce and clone a male and hundreds were created to replace the men killed in battle.

The women had the same problem trying to replace those killed during the fighting unable to clone their replacements they had to resort to using captured men or (POW's - Prisoners Of War) to impregnate some of the women. When a woman was impregnated with a male child the child would be executed at birth only female children would be permitted. Once the female child became of age thay were sent in to battle.

It was also decided that if a female child could kill 1000 men, they would not have to go to battle anymore, instead, they would be impregnated by using the sperm from a (POW) to reproduce the next set of girls sent to battle. This undignified war went on for 50 years,

Just as quickly as it started, the women surrendered all over the world. Women were surrendering tired of the war, tired or fighting, giving themselves back to the men, to do to them what ever they wanted. The submissive nature of the female gender finally surfaced in all women, all over the world. With this surrender women were now slaves to all men not needed for reproduction since the discovery of cloning

The end of the war was a great time but 50 years of fighting left the world in some chaos, whole cities in ruin, slowly being rebuilt, and farms destroyed cows, and pigs virtually extinct leaving very few of them left. Because of this cows, pigs and chickens were included in the protected species act, and were no longer allowed to be farmed for food. This loss hurt more than damaged cities, this was food a life source. Without cows, pigs and chickens, new meat sources had to be found.

Goats, horses, deer, and other forms of livestock were tried, but it wasn't the same as a good suckling pig. Females were at the time, used only to satisfy male sexual needs, not for reproduction of course but men still had sexual needs to have fulfilled they were kept in chains, like the sexual slaves they were, only to be unchained when their male owners wanted to use them for their own pleasure. Since the end of the war men were selling and trading women at auction like livestock at a meat auction. It was at this time a young man got and idea.

This young man was a butcher, who enjoyed slaughtering pigs for meat but now pigs were rare and could not be made into meat. Being a butcher he knew that the meat of a young women was the closet thing to the meat of a suckling pig, at first the man was disgusted by his own thoughts of cannibalism but over time, as he thought more about it, the idea grew on him and he set out to create a machine that would take the place of the modern pig spitting machine but this would be designed for human female spitting.

After a year of planning and construction the machine was finished he called it "Jessica 3000" It was a beautiful, gleaming thing, all shiny chrome. With leather straps that would be used to restrain the girl riding it. The girl would mount the machine like you would a horse placing one foot in the foot rest and swinging her leg over the side placing her other foot in the second foot rest both feet restrained with leather straps. Sitting in a kneeling position with the girls chin in a padded chin rest her head would be bound with similar leather restraints. Once this was done the girls hands would be bound behind her back if that hadn’t already been done by force before mounting "The Jessica".

The machine binds the girl in a kneeling position with a 8 foot long 3 inch thick carbon steel spit rod behind her pointing at her pussy, leaving her breasts placed over a chrome metal rod hanging free and her belly totally exposed. sitting neatly under the belly is a gut trough, a small metal slide that would allow her guts to slide into a waste basket after gutting the girl would be gutted while the spit was advancing though her body by a small saw on the end of a retractable arm that would sit under the girls chest ready to slice open her belly so her guts could travel down the gut trough ready for stuffing.

With the machine created and the designed drawn up for patents, the young man took his machine to congress to show it off and explain to them its intended use. The men loved his machine but were disgusted by the idea of cannibalism much as the young man felt before he had built the machine. With some smooth talking and explaining to them how a young girls meat is similar to a pig, and would taste much the same, he had a unanimous vote from all 12 member of congress and the National Female Culling Act was signed. The Jessica 3000 went into mass production.


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