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After ariveing at the mothly state barbeque Jessica, makes her choices, mouths the Jessica 3000 and has the ride of the end of her life.
Jessica's Number

Story: #6
Copyright ©2004
Written: December 16 2004
A story By: KaosAngel
Proofed By: Ay-Wun
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Part 4 of 4 - BBQ Time

After Jessica's request, she grabed her fathers hand and they went straight to Steve’s bedroom, time was short Jessica had to be there in 5 hours. Steve began to undress. Jessica was already naked, since she lived naked, no one was really sure if she even knew what clothes were. Jessica lay on Steve's bed stroking her pussy, waiting for her father, who at this moment wasn’t her father, but her first lover. Her was the man who would make her a woman, ready her to be spitted for the barbeque. First she would be impaled by his massive cock. Jessica looked up at her father coming closer to where she lay on the bed Her mother was on the other side of the room, just a spectator, watching her husband impale their only daughter with his cock, preparing her for the spit in his own way.

Positioning himself with his cock sticking between Jessica's legs at the opening to her pussy he looked deep into her eyes "This will hurt a bit sweetie." he said, "I know dad but I'll be dead in a few hours, what does it matter?" she replied, closing her eyes, waiting for him to drive it home. Placing the head of his cock into her entrance, he thrust into her with one fast hard thrust burying himself deeply inside her. "UMMPP!" was her only response, as a single tear formed in one eye, falling from her face.

Steve for a moment, forgot who was under him,ramming his hard cock in and out of his daughter faster and faster, causing her some pain at first, but slowing down on seeing the pain in her eyes "Sorry sweetie, I forgot its you, mommy likes it rough!" he said. "It's ok daddy, do me like you do mommy!" she gasped with a smile, as he once again hammered into her very hard, causing her to become a little sore. This went on for 2 solid hours, until Jessica's mother said, "Hurry it up you two, Jessica has to be cleaned out and freshened up before we take her to the processing plant!" Hearing this, Steve pounded even faster. In no time, he was emptying his balls deep inside Jessica's, no longer virgin, pussy.

Breaking their hold on each other, Jessica's mother pulled Jessica up off the bed. It was enema time. She took Jessica into the bathroom, where she had set up an enema bag filled with warm water. Pushing Jessica into the tub, she picked up the long plastic tube connected to the enema bag and placed 6 inches of it into Jessica's anus, releasing the water from the enema bag. Jessica and her mother watched as 3 gallons of water pumped from the enema bag into Jessica's anus, causing her belly to distend, making her look slightly pregnant. After several minutes Jessica would release the water trapped inside her and the process would be repeated. This was done 3 times until nothing but crystal clear water was coming from Jessica's anus.

All cleaned out, Jessica was ready for a quick shower. Jessica's mother joined her in the shower, soaping her up and cleaning her in areas she didn’t even know she had. Touching her in intimate places, before long both were exploring each other's body and tasting each other. After the shower, only one hour was left for Jessica to get dressed and get to the processing plant, before they'd send the tactical police team after her. Jessica was dressed and at the plant with 10 minutes to spare, but once there the manager told her that, since she was called by mistake, she couldn’t be processed at the plant. She would have to report to the NFC agent at the State Barbeque picnic and get further orders from him.

At the State picnic her mother and father said their goodbyes to Jessica and she went to search for the NFC agent to report. When she found him she identified herself. "Jessica Kast, reporting as ordered sir." she said with a mock salute, looking in to his eyes. "Hello Jessica," he replied. "The processing plant told me to report directly to you sir, what do I do next?" Jessica asked him, while shaking a bit from fear. "Since your number was a mistake, you get to choose whether you want to be whole spitted, butchered while still alive, or whole spitted, butchered after your dead?" he told her. With fear in her voice she responded "I want to be whole spitted while still alive sir." "Ok." he said, after noting her answer on his note book, "Now you need to choose if you want to be hand spitted or automatically spitted on the Jessica 3000." He awaited her answer. "I would like to be spitted on the Jessica 3000 sir." she replied. "Ok." he said again, while noting her answer in the book. "Now you need to choose if you would like to be processed first, before all the other young girls, or last?a" he again paused her answer. "I want to be processed first sir. I-I don’t think I could watch all the others go before me." she stammered. The fear could be heard in her voice. "OK." he said again, making his note "Go over there, take off all your clothes, then go up those stairs to the man cleaning the Jessica 3000"

The man Pointed to the stage where the man and the Jessica 3000 stood in the middle of the park. "You mean I'll be spitted naked in front of all these people?" she asked, with more fear in her voice than before. "Yes you will, but why should that bother you, in a few minutes you will be over an open fire roasting, you're just meat to them now a suckling pig, waiting for the slaughter" he replied, a bit coldly. His words were somewhat lost on her, as pigs had become extinct before she was born, she had no idea what a pig was. Jessica did as she was told, she went to the stage and saw a box with her name on it among other empty boxes, with other girls names on them. She recognized two of the names, her two best friends, the ones she had told of her impending spit roasting. Their numbers had also been called, both were over 18.

Jessica's two friends were second and third in line for the Jessica, so they would get to see their best friend live spitted whole, right before their eyes. They would not turn away. To them and many other girls this was the ultimate honor a young girl could perform. Jessica again said her goodbyes to her friends as they undressed and dropped their personal belongings in their named boxes. Jessica walked up the 5 steps onto the stage where the man was waiting to mount her on the Jessica 3000. Once Jessica was at the top of the stairs, just a few feet away from the Jessica 3000, and her impending doom. She walked very slowly as she approached the machine and her smiling executioner.

Standing next to the Jessica 3000, breathing one of her last breaths she will take this day, Jessica began to inspect the Jessica 3000. Having never seen one this close, soon she would be on intimate terms with her new and final lover. Having no more time to waste, her executioner hurried her to mount the machine. "Lets go, I have 99 more girls waiting to be spitted or butcher today!" he said, waiting impatiently for Jessica to mount her last lover.

Placing one foot into a foot rest she swung her leg over the side and placed her other foot in the second foot rest. Placing her lower abdomen over the small balancer rod, Jessica fell to her knees and began to lean forward, placing her chin on the padded chin rest and her breasts over a second balancer rod, allowing them to hang free, with her hands behind her back. The man who was to be her executioner this, day restrained her ankles and knees with the leather straps, then tightened the leather strap over her back tightly securing her, then restrained her head upon the chin rest with more leather straps. She was in a little pain, but nothing too serious. Once she was secure, he took her wrists and locked them into heat resistant hand cuffs behind her back. This was it, in just a few minutes she would have an 8 foot carbon steel spit rod sticking straight through her, from pussy lips to mouth lips ready, for the open fire.

With Jessica fully restrained, her executioner picked up the carbon steel rod that was to be her last lover and armed the Jessica 3000 with that 8 foot long steel bullet. Three clicks and it was ready to begin its short journey through Jessica from end to end. "Do you have any last words before we begin young lady?" he asked, while holding a microphone to her lips so all could hear "I don’t want to die!" was all she could say as she began to cry. There was a bit of sadness in the air, but no one could stop what was going to happen to the young girl. With that said, her executioner pushed the kill switch on the Jessica 3000. No turning back now, once the Jessica has been started there is no stop switch. This started the spit's slow turning movement. After a quick alignment, making sure the spit was in Jessica's pussy, was all that needed to be done, as the Jessica 3000 did its fearful job.

Jessica's fear was building, until this very moment, she had only imagined what it would be like to be spitted alive, now the spit was mere inches from piercing her cervix and entering her belly. As she lay there, in a kneeling position, while Jessica 3000 did her job, Jessica could only sit there and repeat the same thing over and over again. "I don’t want to die, I don't want to die!" After several seconds, the spit had pierced her cervix and Jessica cried out load, "IT HURTS!!" begging her executioner to free her but he would not. In a few more minutes the pain had begun to subside from her initial cervix piercing. As the spit traveled through her, it was rubbing on her clit, the pain had all at once gone from agony to pleasure as an orgasm began to build from deep within her.

With the spit in her belly traveling upward, it was soon past her ribcage traveling alongside her heart. It was announced by the executioner over the load speaker, "The spit has passed her heart and she’s still alive, soon we will get to watch her roast alive over the coals!" At this point, Jessica was beginning to feel the ultimate orgasm build up from her steel lover and was beyond caring about life, about death, or about being spitted alive while naked in front of hundreds of people. All she cared about was the ultimate orgasmic release that she was beginning to feel building inside.

Once the spit was past her heart, her executioner placed her anal bayonet onto the spit rod and placed the end into Jessica's anus shoving all 15 inches of thin steel straight inside piercing her rectum. Once this was secure he then checked to make sure the spit was properly aligned to go up her esophagus and come out of her mouth. The alignment was perfect and in seconds Jessica could see 3 feet of the spit rod out in front of her. It was done, she was completely spitted, straight through and she was still alive.

The blood that spewed from her mouth onto her breasts was whipped up from her breasts and her spit. At that moment, she felt two sharp pains inside her nipples on her breasts. The executioner had injected her breasts with a mixture of flavorings and a chemical to keep her breasts firm, so they wouldn’t pop while roasting. When that was done, Jessica saw her executioner push another button on the Jessica 3000. Having never seen one this close before, she didn’t know what this button was going to do. Before long she felt her anus filling with water. "What’s happening?" she thought to herself. The anal bayonet was attached to a hose that was pumping her belly full or water. She was getting that same distended belly she had when her mom had enemaed her out, again she looked slightly pregnant.

Just then the water stopped. With the bayonet in her anus and the odd tilt forward she could not squeeze the water out of her distended belly. Just then a buzzing sound could be heard, as a retractable arm came out of the Jessica 3000 Jessica. She couldn’t see it, but the shocked gasps of her two friends told her the sound wasn't a good one. It was then she felt the blade of a saw on her lower abdomen just above her pelvis. It had cut into her and was sawing up her belly from pelvis to ribcage just between the cleft of her breasts. At that moment the red loopy mass that was her intestines was pushed out of her belly by the force of the water that had been pumped in earlier. Everything fell out and went right down the gut trough.

Once Jessica's belly was empty, the executioner went to work clamping off her rectum, and cutting her stomach free, letting it join the rest of her guts in the trough. After just a few seconds she was completely spitted and eviscerated. Jessica was then quickly sewn up. When the sutures holding her belly were now tightly sealed, her executioner attached a new hose to her anal bayonet and hit the switch. This new hose pumped her belly full of stuffing and again made her look pregnant. Not slightly pregnant, she now looked nine months to term.

With that done, Jessica's spit was released from the Jessica 3000. Two men came over, lifted her over their shoulders and carried her away to the barbeque pits where she would be placed to roast over the hot coals. As she was being carried away she could see one of her friends was mounting the Jessica 3000 ready to accept her fate. Jessica was almost to the fire a little annoyed that she hadn’t reached what some have called the ultimate orgasm yet. She was lowered into place over the hot coals. At first it wasn’t too hot, but as she slowly turned it was warming up fast. While she turned she realized that the spit, although secured within her very tightly, she could move herself on it a few inches. She used that few inches to slowly fuck herself with the spit as she turned, beginning to roast nicely.

Jessica's mother and father were allowed to come over to see her while she was roasting. They looked right into her eyes and her mother could see she was enjoying it. She could see in those eyes that her ultimate orgasm was close at hand and she could see Jessica slowly fucking herself with the spit. Then it happened. About 30 minutes after Jessica had been placed over the open fire her mother saw her eyes glaze over and her body jerking rapidly. She was having her ultimate orgasm. At the exact moment that she began to come down from her orgasmic high, she faded into the nothingness that is death. Jessica's mother and father could not have been prouder of their beautiful piece of meat.

The barbeque went off without a hitch, all the girls were spitted or otherwise butchered and cooked and everyone sat down to have their barbeque. Jessica, when she was done cooking, was sent to her family’s table. Seated there was her mother and her father and some of Jessica's close friends, they all shared her meat and complemented Jessica's mother for producing such a delicious daughter.

Just think, none of this would ever have happened if it hadn’t been for that stupid war. Humm I guess wars are good for something after all. Aren’t they?


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Read the tag

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2013-09-30 11:00:56
Disgusting, but somehow also "inspiring". ;-)
Just some "VERY SEVERE" mistakes in this chapter:

If a person gets spitted by 3 inch diameter this way, the person will not even be able to breathe, and will die from "blocked airways".
Maybe a "minor correction" in chapter #1 to describe the "Jessica 3000" that it contains a "selfcontaining oxygen system" allowing the spitted woman to breathe?
If all "intestines" are removed as described, the person will die within a very few minutes, due to loss of blood.
Maybe find some sort of "explantion", why this young woman is still alive, after 30 minuttes?

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That was disgusting and terrible!

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Canibalism isn't funny or arousing its disgusting and fucked up!

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i have no fucking clue why im reading this shit

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