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The Cheerleader Roast

Story: #8
Copyright ©2004
Written: December 21 2004
A story By: KaosAngel
Proofed By: Ay-Wun
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Part 2 of 4 - Stacey's Turn

Well I told you that Stacey was another story so here we are again, we last left you just after poor Jessica was spited and eaten by the football team. She is now just a pile of bones being used to pick the teams teeth as they belch aloud. Stacey, having heard the team talking about roasting her next, was starting to shake as she backed away slowly from James, the team's quarterback.

Still on stage, while Stacey was backing away, James jumped at her trying to grab her as she turned quickly to run and triped over the Jessica 3000 still covered in Jessica's blood. Now covered in blood Stacey jumped to her feet and took off running, only to be caught by one of James's team mates, who grabbed both arms, while forcefully walking her back. James was now standing by the Jessica 3000, loading a new spit into the machine "Click, Click, Click"

Seeing the Jessica 3000 locked and loaded, ready to spit her, Stacey began to cry uncontrolably, begging James not to spit her. "Jessica's had more then enough meat, why do you want me?" she asked, tears falling from her face, "Becuase I have always wanted to taste that sweet meat of yours!" he replied with a smile.

Stacey, standing next to the Jessica 3000, forcefully held by James, was now being forced to mount that deadly device. Stacey struggled, without much result, as James tight grip was not going to release her arms as her legs were straped into the machine. Releaseing one arm at a time, James continued to strap Stacey tight into Jessica's hold. Fully restrained, James began whispering in to her ear, "You and Jessica do have something in common sweet meat, You both ride the same spit." he said with a laugh.

Stacey then realized, the team only brought one spit pole with them. She would soon be impaled on the same spit that took Jessica's life only a few hours ago. With her wrists, ankles, waist, and head all straped down, the only thing Stacey could do now was sit and wait for James to give the signal that will end her life. Still Kneeling beside the Jessica 3000 and the bound Stacey, James again started to whisper into Stacey's ear "I'm feeling very hungry, after we finish roasting you, we will roast the other 5 members of your squad here tonight. We might even kill a few for entertainment." he told her laughing at her tears.

Stacey took a look around the field, with what limited vision she had while straped to her chrome lover. She could see her friends, Lina, Molly, Sophie, Sara, and Samantha, were still nude from their, orgy but now tightly bound being used by every member of the football team while they screamed in pain. This only deepened Stacey's guilt about sacrificing Jessica to the football team and her own pain about getting herself and her friends into this situation.

The poor girls were being used by the team in every sexual position possible, while Stacey was forced to watch. She once again tried to struggle and break free of her bonds, to try to help her friends, but like Jessica and all the other girls spited before her on this machine she was unable to free herself from its hold. She resigned herself and her friends to the fate they asked for by attending this forbidden feast.

None of these girls had been called to give up there meat, Stacey began thinking to herself, while watching her friends being raped, "If I had been called to report for processing, thats one thing but to die feeding a pack of ravenous football players is disgraceful!" was her last thought, as her train of thought was derailed by the sight of a man approaching the machine from behind.

Stacey looked to James for the signal. James was shakeing his head saying "No!" Stacey realized he was talking to the man behind her. She knew he wanted her to suffer some more by watching her friends, who were now being gang raped by 2 or 3 team members at once. James was waiting for Stacey to get to the point where she welcomed the spit as an alternative to watching the horror her friends were suffering.

Stacey closed her, eyes unable to watch anymore. James moved over to her and slapped her face hard. "You keep those pretty eyes open!" he yelled. Stacey opened her eyes and was once again forced to watch her friends suffer. With her eyes open again Stacey continued to cry and beg them to stop. "Please stop hurting my friends!" she would yell, with no result.

Stacey knew what James wanted, knew he wanted her to beg for the spit to end the pain of what she was witnessing. Stacey didn't want to give him the satisfaction of hearing her beg for the spit, but she didn't think she could last much longer. Suddenly heard herself screaming, "I cant take anymore of this, please get this over with!!" Hearing this, James smiled and nodded his head to the man standing behind Stacey. She heard the buzz of a motor and knew it wouldent be long now.

James positioned the spit pole at the entrance to Stacey's pussy and let the Jessica 3000's powerfull, slowly moving motor take over from there. Stacey began to scream, not in pain but for a deep fear of what was about to come. Trying to calm herself, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath as the spit pierced her cervix entering her uterus. She could not stay calm for long. As the spit pierced through her stomach, screams of pure pain could be heard all over the field.

As the spit continued to travel the short journey through her stomach then up passed her ribs, Stacey thought she could hear Jessica laughing at her between screams. The bones of the former cheerleader Jessica could be seen scattered all over the field. Stacey knew that in a few short hours, her bones would be strewn over that field as well.

The spit was now passing Stacey's heart. James announced over the microphone "This little lady is almost ready to roast, come on over and watch as she dies!" he said, as the rest of his team dropped the girls on the ground and made their way over to the stage. Soon the spit could be seen in Stacey's mouth as some blood began to drip from her lips.

The onlookers watched with great interest, as the spit made its way from inside the pretty head cheerleaders mouth and stuck out about two feet. James just as he had done with Jessica released, first one hand, then the other, holding them both tightly he bound Stacey's wrists tightly behind her back. Once done he slid the same anal spit that he used on Jessica onto the main spit pole, locked it in place and slid it deep into Stacey's anus. He then did the same to both of her ankles as he had done to her wrists, first releasing one, then the other, with both ankles in hand he tied them tight to the spit.

Now fully tightened to the spit, Stacey could feel the pole being released from the machine. She was scared but now also very aroused. Just as Jessica had found when she had her ride on the spit, Stacey soon found that there was just enough movement available to her that would allow her to use the spit as a giant metel dildo. Slowly she began fucking herself on it while the guys carried her over to the fire pit. She could see the "Y" frame of the spit base waiting to lick her body with the flames.

The sight of the fire pit did not make her stop useing the pole as a giant dildo, in fact, like all girls who had come before her, it only served to intensifiy her aroused state and cuased her to rub herself harder and faster, as much as was allowed by her tight bondage to her steel lover.

Finaly, the moment that Stacey had both feared and been excited about through all her 18 years had come. She knew that eventually this day would come, but she had expected to be ordered by the state to give her meat up to the monthly barbeque, not roasted by a pack or ravenous football players on an eating binge. Still now that the time had come, weather it be forced or not, she was going to her final end as they placed her over the fire pit.

The crank was locked into position on the pole behind her and just as Jessica had heard hours earlier, Stacey too heard the unmistakable sound of the motor that would soon be rotating her slowly start up. The heat was not too bad at first, it felt like a nice spring day at the beach, but as she rotated, James was adding more coals to the fire to raise the heat. Soon it felt like she was at the beach on the hotest day of the year and forgot her sunblock.

With the heat rising and Stacey slowly rotating, her skin began to turn beet red and looked as if she was begining to crisp up nicely. At the point she was nearly gone the combination of heat and limited breath between puffs of smoke was makeing it harder to breath. She slowly drifted in to unconsciousness and faded away. It was clear to everyone that Stacey was dead and ready to eat.

The rest of the cheerleading squad looked on in horror at the fate of their best friend, being carved up like a thanksgiving turkey-girl. As they watched the team eat, they were thankful that the guys had forgoten about them. For the moment anyway, all 5 of them knew their hours were numbered, for they were next!!. ^_~


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