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The Cheerleader Roast

Story: #10
Copyright ©2005
Written: January 3 2005
A story By: KaosAngel
Proofed By: PiasaBird2004
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Part 4 of 4 - The Survivors

After the brutal and senseless slaughter of Jessica, Stacey, Lina, Sophie and Sara the football team was now totally tired out and could be found lying on the ground or table where ever they were standing or sitting when they collapsed from partying too much. One guy was even lying inside the barbeque pit, but it was quite cold now.

The bones of 3 innocent young cheerleaders now litter the ground, Sophie's body still dangling from the tree limb she was hung from, Sara's body still nailed to the trunk of that old oak tree, blood everywhere. Molly and Samantha the last 2 members of the cheerleading squad, still lying in the dirt, tied and cant move, playing for a miracle.

There prayers were answered as swarms of lights could be seen and sirens wailed in the distance getting closer, hearing the oncoming noise James woke up as did the rest of the football team knowing exactly what was coming for them James and his friend began filling there cars and trucks in an attempt to escape, completely surrounded there was no escape to be had.

Looking up toward the man approaching them Molly and Samantha breath a sigh of relief, they were saved. Looking down to the dirt covered young girl lying in front of him "I am agent Smith the director of the state female alternative meat program, I am here to help" picking the bound helpless girl from the ground Smith then began cutting the girls free of there bindings, throwing a warm blanket over each and helping them in to the back of his van to rest.

Safe in the back of Smith's van the young former cheerleaders for the first time this long cold night fell asleep in each others arms, arriving at there destination neither one of the young girls would have expected to wake up and find themselves at the gates to the state female alternative meat processing plant, looking up on top of the big gate as they passed Molly and Samantha could see the large sign "State Alternative Meat Processing Plant, Girl-Cow delivery entrance" both girl's look at each other they knew that no girl ever leaves this plant except as steaks.

Inside the plant the van cam to a stop, the doors opened to reveal agent Smith who was not alone several armed guards were at his side, "this way girl's time to get you cleaned up for processing" he said with a smile as he pointed to a door that had a sign above it "Clean Room" entering the clean room Molly and Samantha saw other girl-cow's waiting to be cleaned up and sent to processing.

Upon reaching the center of the room both Molly and Samantha were grabbed by assistants who then cleaned every inch of there meaty body's and pushed them toward a set of double doors the sign above read "Binding Room" entering the room the girl's could see many other girl-cow's standing in rows with there hands bound tight behind there back's, Molly tried to ask the assistant in this room "why are we being tied again?" the only answer given was a bright red ball gag shoved in to her mouth, her arms were then pulled tight behind her back and hands tight at the wrist, the same was done to Samantha and then they were sent on there way though the next set of double door's. Above these doors the sign read "Grading Room".

Upon entering the room, once again girl's could be seen standing in rows as state meat inspectors inspected them and graded them according to age, height, weight and condition, when it was finally Molly and Samantha's turn to be graded the inspected walked over and grabbed Molly hard forcing her to bend over causing her pussy to be revealed from behind, with a gloved hand he began sticking his fingers into Molly's pussy judging thickness and quality of her cunt steak, the same was done to Samantha, after writing all their information on his clipboard Molly and Samantha were lead to another set of double doors sigh above read "Orientation Room".

Entering the room agent Smith came over and guided Molly and Samantha to two empty seat's and sat them down, removed the ball gag's and began to speak "ok girl's your almost ready this is the last stop before processing, any question's?" he asked as he sat on a chair in front of them "ya I have one, why the hell have you brought us here, its not our time to be processed" she asked waiting for his answer. Looking in to her eye's "true, but when you were held, tied up and lying in the dirt while your friend's were slaughtered illegally you meat ratings changed" looking to the clipboard "from your original rating of grade A, 4 star prime, to grade B choice, which is still good but this rating change force's us to process you now instead of the normal, lottery".

Hearing this Molly stood "ohh so because of a pack of asshole's your telling us we have to become dog food!!" a guard quickly runs over and forces Molly back into her seat "not exactly, your meat wont be used for dog food, grade B is still a good grade, you will be butchered up here in little less then half an hour and sent to meat markets all over the country, your meat will be lying in supermarket meat displays by morning" he replied, "I don’t understand sir, why?, we have done nothing wrong!" Samantha asked from tear soaked eyes.

Standing up, "I know and it is unfair but the state alternative meat regulations say any rating change from grade A's are to be processed immediately, my hands are tied tighter then yours are right now, I am very sorry" he said as he began to walk toward a door with a sigh above it reading "Visitor's Room, Balcony Level" just before opening this door he turns "if it makes you feel any better your family's are here in the visitor's room to watch your slaughter" he could see that somehow this did not make them feel any better and left the room.

Molly and Samantha were then lead to a set of double door's across from the visitor's room door the sign read "Slaughter House" entering the room the girl's were horrified at what they saw, of course they had seen lots of processing center's when they had attended high school field trips, but they had never allowed the students to go this deep inside, this close to the hanging meat-cow's that could no longer be called human, walking toward the center of the room there feet turning red from the blood soaked floor, blood droplets falling onto them from the over head decapitated side's of meat on there way to the cooling room.

Looking up toward the balcony level both girls could see there mom's hugging the glass crying shouting things like "NO, please! NO" at the center of the room the girls could see the large guillotine that would soon cut off bother their heads to add there lifeless body's to the row of hanging overhead side's of meat. After reaching the guillotine Samantha began to cry, she was taken first and her head placed in the block, she tried to struggle but couldn’t free herself she began begging anyone who would listen not to kill her "Please don’t do this to me!!" she yelled a young man knelt down beside her began to talk to her "No on here care's about you we are just doing our job's, your just another nameless girl-cow to be slaughtered to us, now hold still this will only sting for a second" he said as he released the rope that allowed the blade to fall quickly cutting her head from her body.

Molly screamed and then fainted as the young man placed a sharp hook into each of Samantha's feet and punched the button that slowly pulled her up to join the rest of the slaughtered girl-cows, not bothering to wake Molly up the young man picked her up and placed her head in the block of the guillotine "you sleep its better this way" he whispered in to her ear as he once again released the rope that caused the blade to fall quickly cutting off her head as fast as it had cut off Samantha's, like before he took a sharp hook and placed one in each of Molly's feet and pushed the button that placed her lifeless, headless body along side the others right behind her friend, as they both moved toward a large window with a sigh above it "Cooling Room".

The next day, "Under article 14 of the state alternative meat program law's, the 9 of you standing here are charged with 5 count's of illegal appropriation and process of state registered girl-cow's, how do you pled?" the judge spoke looking down from high above them. "With the overwhelming amount of evidence, my clients have no choice but to plead guilty your honor" the public defender answered while standing before the judge.

Picking up his gavel, the judge then said "I sentence you all to the maximum of 10 years per count in the state maximum security prison, I further order every state registered girl-cow in each of your family's to report to the state's alternative meat processing plant for processing no later then noon tomorrow" he said as he slammed the gavel down and the 9 defendants were taken away.


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