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The new arivals are here Jessica and Jerry must sort though them and tag them to be slaughtered or spitted.
Jessica's Capture

Story: #21
Copyright ©2005
Written: January 28 2005
A story By: KaosAngel
Proofed by: Piasa_Troll
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Part 7 - New Arrival’s

Two large tractor trailer’s back into the processing plant's loading dock as guards take their positions ready to receive the new arrivals, "Looks like we have a lot of inspecting and grading to-do this is only the first of 4 loads" Jerry said looking to Jessica standing next to him. "Ok let’s do this, boss" came Jessica's reply as they moved closer to the trailer’s, "Damn these girl's are filthy" Jerry said looking at Jessica.

"Ok people lets get these bitches cleaned off and herded into the holding pens" Jerry instructed the guards, walking over to get a closer look at the girls in the trailer, "Listen up cow's, any shit from you and you will be fed to the dog's" he said watching the scared girl's tremble.

"Follow the ramp NOW!!!" was his next order, the girls still not moving, walking over to the trailer Jessica grabbed the first girl by the hair and dragged her naked meaty body from the trailer yelling "GET UP THAT FUCKING RAMP NOW!!!" the girls slowly get out of the trailer following Jessica as she continues to drag the first girl.

Entering the room "You will see a large tank in front of you, the oil init will remove all the hair on your body except what's on your head, now walk up the first set of stairs into the tank" Jessica said as she dragged the girl into the room with the others following her. Seeing the tank and hearing Jessica, one of the girls brakes from the line and began running, dragging her chain behind her.

Two guards waiting thick rubber gloves quickly closed the gates just as the girl hit the fence, being nude and dragging a long metal chain served to allow the electricity in the fence hit her even harder "ZZZZZZZZZZZ" "AAAHHHH" was heard as the girl fell to the ground, shaking his head, looking toward the girl on the ground "I told you no shit, see what happens when the animals don’t listen to their master's" Jerry said as Jessica starts yelling "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?" Looking toward the electric fence and the girl in the ground "That wasn't their when I was brought in last month" she added.

The stunned girl is picked up and carried back inside to the tank by two guards, "New equipment had it installed a few days ago, that electric fence surrounds the whole compound, wait until you see the new wash down system" Jerry said as the guards dropped the stunned girl on the floor at his feet. "Looks painfully effective" Jessica laughed then smiled, "you made a change to the wash down system as well?" Jessica asked "Yes, after exiting this tank a turret of warm water and mild soap pours down on the meat-girl's, same as the old system but now after being hit with this water and soap combination, the system will shove two large tubes one into the girl's pussy the other into her anus quickly filling both holes with warm water flushing out all waste" he said as the first girl stepped out of the tank and was made to stand under the warm water and soap turrets.

Looking toward Jessica as she watched the girl gasp in pain as the tubes were forced into her holes, "This way their wont be any waste inside the meat-girl's who will be sent to slaughter direct from here, making slaughter and cleanup easier" he added. After all the girls were hairless, cleaned outside and inside and dried, they were numbered 1 - 10 and then they were herded into the inspection and examination room, "Ok now to sort and inspect them according to number, numbers 1, 3,5,7,9 to the left side" Jerry said, looking to Jessica "You and I will inspect them, ill show you how to inspect and grade the meat" he added.

Looking to the other girls, "the rest of you numbers 2,4,6,8,10 to the right side" Jerry said looking to Steve the head butcher and inspector "you will inspect the ones on the right side" he said to Steve as they all started to work. "What do I have to do boss" Jessica asked, "Ok Jess see that table their take the first meat-girl bend her over the table, spread her legs and use your hands to open up her pussy, your checking for anything she could be hiding inside herself and looking for any open sore's" Jerry said as Jessica began to follow his instructions.

Jessica took hold of the first girl marked number 1 bent her over the table, she was struggling trying to get away from Jessica, two guards moved to help Jessica but she waved them off "I’m fine!" she said as she grabbed the meat-girls hair slammed her head into the wooden table and took both of her hand's, locking them into the wrist shackle's locking her to the table, when this was done Jessica took her gloved hand and shoved it painfully into the meat-girls tight pussy hearing the girls squealed in pain put a smile on Jessica's face.

Handing Jessica a fat percentage meter "Stand the girl up and pinch her skin between the two tongs on the meter and tell me what her fat percentage is" jerry said waiting for an answer as Jessica followed his instruction, "$ - 12% is prime, 13 - 15% and above is choice, 16 and above is grade" he added "The meter says she is 11% boss" Jessica answered "OK have her fill out this form and then stamp her right hip with the Prime meat stamp" He said as he began inspecting the next girl.

Jessica hands the form to the young meat-girl as Jessica kneels down to stamp the meat-girl's hip Jessica fells paper falling onto her head she looks up to see that the girl has ripped the form up into tiny bits. Seeing this Jerry walks over to the girl "SIGN THE FUCKING FORM NOW BITCH!!" He yells, she looks into his eye's "NO!!, fucking way ass hole" and spits in Jerry's face as Jessica looks on laughing her head off "Is that the way I looked when you brought me in last month?" she asked "Yes, but you were worse" Jerry said as he wiped off his face "At least this one doesn’t throw chairs at me" he added with a smile.

Looking to the girl again "Now you either sign the form or I will let Jody have you" Jerry says pointing to a 125pound rotweiler growing at the meat-girl only a few feet away from her, The girl looks at the dog "IM NOT AFRIAD OF A FUCKING DOG!!" she yelled as she goes to kick the dog. The dog snaps at her almost biting off one of her toes, the girl scream's and falls to the floor, as Jessica laughed her head off again. "Ill take care of this" Jessica said as she walked over to the girl and punched her in the gut "SIGN THE FORM OF JERRY WILL GIVE YOU TO ME!!" she yelled, calming herself a little "You don't want to be with me little girl, ill make sure to torture you for a good long while, then make sure that even after you sign the form you will die in extreme pain" she added.

Hearing all of the threat's the very scared girl took the form offered to her by Jessica and signed it, Jerry walked off to inspect the other's "How can you do this" the meat-girl whispered to Jessica "You a girl like us, your helping them kill us, why?" she asked "Yes I am a girl, but I’m not like you and the rest of these sluts, your nothing more then animals for slaughter not girl's" she replied "Besides I love to cause little sluts like you pain" she added.

One of the crew comes into the room "Ok boss this load is all cleaned and hairless" the worker yelled as they continued with the next trailer of meat-girl's. "Ok Jessica now sit here at the computer I want you to get all the information you can from each meat-girls name, age, hair and eye color, skin color, get it all down in the computer and assign each meat-girl a livestock number, you will also get to choose who will be sent to the spit, to slaughter, or be kept as a dairy or breeder cow" Jerry said as he sat down next to Jessica to watch her work.

The first girl brought to Jessica for number assignment was forced to kneel down at Jessica's feet, looking up from her computer screen Jessica gasped at what she saw, Jerry seeing her response to this meat-girl "Who is she?, do you know her?" He asked "No one important sir, she is just another meat girl to slaughter" was Jessica's responce, looking to the meat-girl with interest.

Jerry sees Jessica staring at the new meat-cow "you like this one?" he asked "Yes sir I do, may I keep her?" she asked "Sure you can but you know that if you do Lina will have to go to slaughter" he answered "Yes I know, im getting bored with Lina" she said tossing a pair of key's to a crewmen "Go to my room, and bring the slave Lina to Jerry for slaughter" she said as the crewmen ran off to get Lina.

Looking at the new meat-cow Jerry sees her biting her lip staring at Jessica, as Jessica took her new slave by the chains Jerry could over hear Jessica whispering to the new girl "Shhhh don’t worry your safe now, I wont let anything happen to you" was heard while Jessica chained her to a wall to await the guards return with Lina.

Looking to Jessica with curiosity "Jess what was that all about?" he asked "What was what boss?" she replied "Never mind" he answered as the guard walked in with Lina's chains in hand passing them to Jerry, looking to Lina "You will butcher up nicely" Jessica said as she sat down at the computer to assign more livestock numbers, calling the guards over "Take this cow to the slaughter house, I will butcher her myself" He said passing the chain to another guard who took her away.

Staring at the new slave unable to concentrate "Boss can I take a few minutes to take my sis... UMM my new slave to my room?" she said looking very scared and nervous, "sis? Jessica what’s going on? I haven’t seen you this nervous since the day you were brought in" Jerry said "Nothing sir I misspoke I meant slave" Jessica replied as the new slave girl jumped to her feet "SLAVE!!, but I’m your...." she was unable to finish that sentence since Jessica quickly ran to her and punched her hard in the stomach.”Shut the fuck up slave cunt" Jessica said as the slave tried to catch her breath.

Unsure of what is going on and Jerry allows Jessica to take the new slave to her room to be chained down "Yes you can go take her to your room, hurry back we have a lot of work to do still" he said as Jessica and her new slave ran off to her room, Jerry can hear more whispering but can not understand what is being said as they disappear down the long corridor to the crew quarters, wondering to himself "What the hell is up with that girl today".

After 2 hours Jessica finally returned to Jerry, taking her seat at the computer "ready to finish the work here?" she asked looking to Jerry who was looking very mad "Jess I said hurry back, the work was done over an hour ago, what took you so long?" Jessica looking scared again "Umm well you see she may be a great looking girl but she is very stubborn, it took me along time to get her chained down" she answered "2 hours worth of getting her chained down, Jess are you lying to me?" he asked.

"What reason would I have to lie to you?" she answered his question with another question "Something here seems very odd Jessica, well what’s up?" he said looking into Jessica scared eye's but no answer came out of her mouth "Jessica something smell's fishy around here and it isn’t all the pussy, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?" he yelled, Still no answer from Jessica as she just started into his eye's "Ok Jessica don't tell me, Ill just ask that meat-girl what’s going on" calling over the guards "Guard's go to Jessica's room and bring me the slave" he ordered them.

Running to Jerry "Please don't do that leave her where she is, let me keep her, please?" she begged "Why?" Jerry said glaring at Jessica looking into his eye's "because you care about me and I’m asking you to do this one thing for me" she said looking as innocent as a baby while rubbing his cock trying to get it hard, she didn’t have to wait long his cock was rock hard in seconds.

Stroking his cock and running her fingers through his hair was making him very horny, he picked her up and put her on the table while Jessica pulled him on top of her using his cock to pull him closer. Jerry entered Jessica and started slowly pumping himself in and out, "OHH, FASTER!!" Jessica yelled causing him to move faster inside of her. "Pant, Pant, Pant" is heard from both of them "So what were we talking about?" Jessica asked, trying to think "We were assigning the new cows meat number's" he said pumping into her faster and harder, as Jessica wrapped her legs around his back pulling him deeper on each thrust. "Typical man, play a little swallow the wiener and they would forget their own name" Jessica though as he continued to pump himself faster into her.

"We finished that, we move onto the next stage when we are done here" she said "So Jerry about that new slave can I keep her?" she added "OHH yes Jessica, she is yours, and I have Lina in the slaughter house waiting to be butchered tomorrow?" he answered, looking relived Jessica breathes a sigh of relief. Jerry still pumping away inside her "Pant, Pant, and Pant" is heard again.

The guards enter the room with the slave girl "Here she is sir, what should we do with her?" the guard asked "Take her back to my room and properly chain her down?" Jessica said, the guards looking to Jerry for instructions "Do it" he said looking to them, they turned and went down the long hall back to the crew quarters. Jerry and Jessica still pumping away at each other, "OHH IM GONNA CUM!!" Jerry yelled as he exploded inside of Jessica, Kissing Jessica gently on the lips "Thank you" Jessica said kissing him back, "In more ways then one" she though to herself as she got up off the table.

While Jessica was getting up from the table a guard came in with another freshly caught girl, she had managed to hide on the trailer until now, she was forced to her knees in front of Jerry "This cunt was found hiding in the back of the trailer" the guard said "Jessica?? Thay got you too??" the girl said looking up at Jessica "You know her Jess" asked Jerry "Yes I do know her, her name is Samantha she was one of my best friends in my old life" she replied.

Looking her over "Just a meat-animal now nothing more, what a pity she was a great girl" Jessica said "Yes she is I think ill keep her as my personal slave" Jerry said, looking to Samantha "looks like today is your lucky day, you get to live some" Jessica commented, "At least until I decide to slaughter and butcher her" Jerry added as Samantha jumps to her feet and runs to Jessica "Jess why aren’t you like the rest of us, in chains?" she asked "JESS RUNN, GET HELP" she yelled, Jessica walked over to Samantha "I wont help you, I’m here to make meat" she said to the scared face looking back at her.

Jerry handing Jessica a tag, Jessica loads it into a tagging gun while guards hold Samantha down Jessica takes Samantha's left pussy lip and quickly attaches the tag to her "AHHHHHHH" She screamed from the pain, "Jessica here is an apprentice meat worker, you would have either been slaughtered and butchered, or spitted whole by her" Jerry said to Samantha "NO I DONT BELIVE YOU, SHE IS NOT THAT MEAN!!" Samantha yelled while crying from the pain the new tag was causing in her pussy.

The guard forced Samantha to her feet and gave her chain to Jerry "Mark her in the computer as my personal slave" Jerry said "Yes boss" was Jessica's reply, "How many did we run though here today, Jess?" looking to Jessica "their are 150 new entry's into the computer, so 150 registered meat-girls arrived today" she replied "They are all in the holding pens minus Samantha and my new slave, I never did get her name, ill get that information tonight and update her file in the computer, in the morning" she added.

"Ohh Jess I almost forgot to tell you, we have installed a new laser processor" Jerry said "Laser?" Jessica asked "Yes its so easy and very fun, we hook the designated meat-girl to in the machine upside down held in place by ankle chains attached to the conveyer above and push in how many we want slaughtered, as many as we want and it dose the rest, as the girls pass though the machine their is a straight laser that will cut off the head's, and when the meat comes out of the machine another laser slices down the belly allowing the guts to fall out, it evens skins them for us" he said sounding very happy.

Looking to him "Cool it will make our work a lot easier, but I may still want to do it the old way, that way I can share in the meat's pain and look into their faces as they die" she said "No problem but you should at least try it once" Jerry replied "Well we are done here lets get to bed, we have a lot of work tomorrow deciding who will go to slaughter and who will go to the spit" Jerry said as they left the loading dock and he flipped off the lights.

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