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Brian visits a foxy and curvaceous friend he knew in high school, and she gives him a massage complete with the use of a strap-on.
Brian visits
a foxy and curvaceous friend he knew in high school, and she gives him
a massage complete with the use of a strap-on.

I had been friends with a really hot blond in school, named Naomi.
Picture Anna Kournikova's foxy eyes, only more pronounced. Naomi also
had wavy blond hair and lots of great curves.

I always just about drooled over Naomi's good looks. We got along well
but it was just platonic, I never got a chance to even get to first
base with her. Maybe it was just that there were only so many men that
she wanted to juggle at the same time, and while she didn't make a big
deal about it I always assumed that there were probably many. I did
find it a bit frustrating. In fact I didn't even get to know her that
well for a while, she was almost just an aquaintance until senior year.

I had moved quite a distance from where I went to high school. She had
also moved, and we discovered that we only lived a couple hours away
from each other. I had mentioned to her in an email that my girlfriend
was going to be out of town for a few days. Naomi suggested that I
visit her for those days rather than staying home alone. I had to call
off an arrangement that I had already made with a fun, hot slut who
likes to fill in when my girlfriend isn't around. But I knew I should
visit Naomi and something in my gut told me there might be something in
it for my sexual appetite too.

The visit started off very well. In high school we were just members of
the same group of people and it wasn't until it was practically time to
graduate that we started to get closer as friends. Now we had a chance
to talk at length just one on one without other people around. I tried
to be polite and not stare too much at her big round tits or her thick
sexy legs. Normally she didn't purposely show off much, though you
could almost always tell she had curves no matter what she wore. But on
this occasion the shorts and loose t-shirt without bra that she was
wearing made for a pretty interesting experience. Whenever she moved
you could see some good cleavage and just seeing how they jiggled
around pressing against the shirt was pretty nice.

She had some surprises for me after dinner. She had gone to massage
school and apparently made some money as a masseuse. So she offered to
give me a free massage.

I could tell that the guest room, where I was sleeping, was already set
up to do massages. She left me alone for a couple minutes, and I got
naked and draped a towel over my butt as I laid down on the bed.

The first surprise was when she came back into the room, she was
wearing just a bathrobe. The way it loosely exposed her substantial
cleavage made me dizzy. I had to turn my head and have a good look, so
I made an excuse to do so by stating the obvious: "You, uh, changed
into a bathrobe!" "Yes, well, the masseuse also needs to be
comfortable," she replied.

She rearranged me just a bit, pulling my arms out and putting the
pillow just how she wanted under my neck. She started massaging my
entire body. I had an erection as soon as she started. It felt great
and sensual and was extremely relaxing. Knowing that this extremely hot
woman was doing these great things to my body with her skilled hands
meant I wasn't even going to bother resisting getting a boner.

I don't really know how long she massaged me for, maybe 30 or 40
minutes. She rubbed and squeezed all over my neck and back and arms,
and then worked her hands up each leg one at a time, doing amazing
things to my calf muscles and then my thighs, and she had her hands all
over my ass.

After a while my entire body was thoroughly relaxed and puddy in her
hands. She kneeled down in front of me and worked on my shouolders and
neck. I was being treated to a great view of her pretty face and tits.
The little bit of the bathrobe that had only partially covered her tits
before at this point had fallen forward. I could even see her pointy
nipples coming in and out of view as her big tits were freely swinging
and jiggling under the bathrobe, as she leaned forward slightly,
working her hands on my upper back.

"Do you like that?" She whispeed close to my ear. "Very much," I
answered. She rose up slowly, sliding her hands down my back. The
already great view got even better, and closer. Her tits kept gradually
bobbing closer and closer to my face, as she slowly worked her fingers
further down my back. As she leaned forward more, her tits swung free
of the bathrobe, hanging down freely exposed in front of my face.
Eventually my nose was right in her cleavage, her tits started brusing
against my face. She leaned forward a bit more and pressed her soft
chest against my face. She stayed like that for a few seconds, letting
me enjoy it, while she squeezed my lower back.

She moved back down with her head closer to mine. "Did you like that?"
She asked. "Yes I did," I replied. "Do you want more?" "Mmmm, yes I
would," I replied drunkenly. She pressed her tits against my face and
put her hands underneath and pushed her tits up. She alternated pushing
one up and the other down and did that at nice rythm for a good half a
minute, rubbing them against either side of my face. I guess that's her
technique for massaging someone's face, it certainly was relaxing. At
that point moment you could have told me I won the lottery and I don't
think it would have fazed me. Then she held one breast to my mouth with
the nipple between my lips. I opened my mouth and slid my tongue all
over that nipple and could feel it becoming a hard bead. Then she held
the other one up to my mouth and I did the same with that.

"Roll over," she murmured in my ear. I rolled over, didn't worry about
covering up my boner, and suddenly her hot mouth was covering mine and
my mouth opened naturally and her soft tongue was poking inside my
mouth as she molested my mouth with her lips and tongue.

Then she let the bottom of her tits dangle and rest on top of my face
as she lubed up her hands and wrapped one hand around my cock while
cupping my balls with her other hand. As she slowly stroked my cock and
rubbed my balls, she told me, "I'm glad we got this chance to spend
some time together. I never got a chance to have sex with you in high
school. There were already too many other guys, and I was shy. I barely
protected my reputation as a girl who wasn't a slut."

I felt kind of funny about trying to talk, as it was I could barely
breathe with her milk-melons covering my face. I just said "Mmmmmm," in

After a couple minutes of a great handjob, she stood up and took off
the robe so that she was naked. I finally got to see even more of what
I had wanted to see for years. Her body was just one hot set of thick
firm curves after another. Full puffy pussy lips in front of her sexy
round ass, flowing out the top of her thick shapely legs. She put each
knee on the bed so that she was kneeling over my face. I put my hands
at the top of her thighs and started rubbing her pussy lips.
<td style="text-align: right; vertical-align: middle; background-color: rgb(110, 43, 124);"><img src="silhouettes/assup.png" alt="" /></td>
<td style="font-family: DejaVu Sans; background-color: rgb(183, 153, 213);"><font color="#531c79" size="4">She let me rub her for a
minute, then she started leaning forward. She was slowly spreading her
legs at the same time. First I felt the weight of her tits against my
stomach, then she rested her body on top of mine and put her pussy
against my mouth. I accepted and let her press her pussy against my
open mouth and blissfully sucked and stuck my tongue into her soft
pussy flesh.

Then she leaned forward all the way and I felt her tongue sliding all
over my dick, and then her lips wrapped around the base, and she rubbed
her sloppy wet tongue back and forth as she slowly pulled her lips up
my dick, and then off. Then she gently blew on my dick, which made it
feel very cool since it was soaked with her saliva. Then she slid her
mouth back down and repeated this over and over again. I could barely
take it, this adorable woman's pussy lips in my mouth, as she wrapped
her other lips around my cock like that, but she did it just slow
enough that I didn't cum.

I was working all over and inside her pussy with my mouth like a dog,
and kneading her ass with my hands. Then I guided her forward with my
hands and slid my tongue between her gorgeous butt cheeks. I tickled
her sexy little rosebud with the tip of my tongue real good. Then I
started pressing harder, and slipped the tip of my tongue inside. I
couldn't stop there, so I just kept pressing my tongue in a full inch
or two, as far as it could go. She responded with an appreciative
"mmmmm," as she closed her lips firmly around the base of my cock. I
tongue fucked her ass, my puckered lips against her puckered ass as my
tongue slid in and, then I pulled it all the way out and just tickled
her rosebud some more, then I stuck it back in and tongue fucked her
ass some more.

After several minutes of this 69 she moved down my body, still
straddling me. When she got to my hips she pulled my boner up so that
it rubbed against her fleshy ripe pussy lips as she moved over it. She
turned around, her legs spread over me just below my waist, facing me.

She stoked me with her hand again a few times, but pretty soon she was
just pressing my dick between her swollen pussy lips as she slowly
moved her hips back and forth in the same motion she would use if she
was fucking me.

She gazed at my face with her foxy bedroom eyes, and explained, "I love
the feel of a hot firm boner sliding up and down against my lips." "You
pussy lips feel great against my boner," I answered. She continued
humping against my boner and pressed the tip between her soft silky
lips and dragged it all the way from the bottom to the top of her slit
a few times.

Then she rose up a bit more, and spread her legs as she popped my dick
inside, and slowly lowered herself down my boner until her soft pussy
lips rubbed against my pelvis. She moved her hips in deliberate, long
strokes. Her pussy was hot, wet, and strong. She gazed down at me with
her foxy eyes like some sort of mysterious sex goddess as she slowly
fucked my cock.

She obviously did her keagal exercises. Her slick pussy milked my cock
in a way that made me completely helpless. My body had already turned
to puddy and now my mind did too, all I could do was lie there and let
her perform this agonizing pleasure on my rock hard boner.

Then she leaned forward and squashed her huge chest against mine, and
softly put her lips against mine and started caressing my tongue with
hers. I slowly brought my hands to life and lightly embraced her as she
moved her hips up and down on top of mine and gently molested my mouth
with hers.

Eventually she wanted to trade places. She lay down and took my cock
into her pussy while I pushed her thick shapely legs apart and back. I
didn't want her legs in the way while I manhandled her big tits and
tried to suck hard enough them to see if I could get those huge jugs to
start lactating right then and there. "Oh yeah," she breathed. "Suck on
my tits hard, don't stop." I quickly went back and forth between each
glistening erect nipple.

Then we did it doggystyle, she wanted to face the mirror so that I
could watch her tits swinging back and forth. She started to get closer
and closer to orgasm, and she told me, "Keep going just like that,
you're going to make me cum." Then without warning her pussy started
pulsing and gushing on my cock like a super soaker. I could feel her
squirting against my legs too. The front of her body collapsed onto her
shoulders, and she whined "Oh Fuck!" It may have been the first time I
had ever heard her curse, she certainly didn't do it very often. So it
was a real treat to hear her doing it now. I couldn't resist seeing how
much I could make her squirt and cuss, so I kept thrusting even harder.
She started saying "Oh fuck, Fuck me, fuck me!" over and over again.

"Do you like anal sex?" She asked me, as she caught ber breath. "Yes,"
I responded. "I do too, I'd love to feel you hard cock being shoved up
my ass," she told me.

There was plenty of liquid from her pussy for me to use as lube for her
ass. I got my fingers soaking wet and pushed them in her ass. My dick
was soaked with pussy juice already, so I stuck it at her anal
entrance. Her pucker welcomed my boner inside as she moaned, "Oh yeah,
push it in, all the way," she murmured.

Like a steam train I steadily started pistoning her ass and gradually
worked up to a medium pace. I fucked her ass and rubbed her pussy and
until she had squirted ino my hand several times. Then she pulled away
from me and turned around with a satisfied smile on her face. "That
felt great, now it's your turn. I'll be right back."

She left the room, and came back a minute later with her hand lubing up
a strapon that she was wearing. "Lie down on your stomach, it's time
for the deep part of your massage,"

I lay down as directed. I felt her hands spreading my ass cheeks, then
I felt her tongue tickling my ass hole. She flicked her tongue against
my hole for several minutes, it was obvious that she was an expert ass
teaser. Then her finger pushed into my ass lubing me up, I loved how
her finger felt up there, she was definitely a proffesional. She finger
fucked me and lubed me up for a minute, before kneeling on the bed
behind me and guiding me onto my hands and knees.

I could feel her getting the strapon set at the entrance to my ass, and
then a surprising pain as she let it sink several inches into my ass.
My girlfriend Sunny pegs me on occasion but is a bit more gentle. I let
out a murmur of surprise. "It's o.k. Brian, I'm a professional," she
assured me. Then I was in the heaven of being fucked anally by a
beautiful woman wearing a strapon, as she slid it back and forth inside
my ass. She eased it in a bit further after a few strokes.

Then I felt her lubed up hand wrapped around my cock. She masturbated
my cock almost as well as I do, but of course with the great feel of a
woman's hand.

She fucked me in that position while using her hands on my cock and
balls for about 45 minutes, I felt like I was going to pass out from
being on the verge of cumming for so long and all the arousing
stimulation. Finally she told me that she was going to make me cum. She
fucked and jerked me off harder until cum finally started shooting out
my dick as she kept stroking me. She continued softly fucking me and
stroking my dick until my dick was totally soft in her hand. Then we
took a shower and got cleaned up.

For the rest of my time with her every time I turned around that woman
was seducing me, we would take a little break and go do something else
but then she'd be showing me up close views of her braless tits and
then my balls would be in her mouth or her stapon in my ass. Over the
next 48 hours she managed to tease out of my balls more cum than I ever
knew was possible. And somehow I still had some left when I went home
to my girlfriend Sunny.

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also it's spelt kegels

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Id let her buttfuck me after a massage and blowjob.

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fucken good story should have been a bit longer tho

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good. but personally strap ons are kinda fucked up.what straight guy wants a dildo up there ass. apart frm tht i enjoye this very much

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good. but personally strap ons are kinda fucked up.what straight guy wants a dildo up there ass. apart frm tht i enjoye this very much

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