My Woe Continues
As I told you last time my gorgeous new wife Naomi had been horrified by my tiny dick and had been being serviced by a young stud named Werner during our honeymoon. Yesterday he had bought his three mates Carl, Richard and Mic along and I had to watch as they took turns fucking her and then worst of all I was forced to lick their cum from my wife’s pussy.
They had promised more humiliation for me so I had decided to leave before they turned up. After breakfast I grabbed the keys and opened the door only to find Mic standing at the door. I explained that I was just going to get a paper and He spied the paper on the desk and slapped me across the face. He said from now on someone would be staying here at night for security. He rang the other guys and within 10 minutes four Speedo clad young men were standing in our room with me naked on the ground on my knees trembling.
Carl went over and started to help my wife undress .When Naomi was naked Mic presented her with a gift. It was a T shirt that they had made for her to wear on the beach. I looked in horror because it read “My husband’s cock is so small I have to sleep with teenagers”
Mic started to lower his Speedos and said “We told you we had other duties for you “I looked up at him “From now on you are going to suck us hard before we fuck your wife in front of you. If you don’t we are going to beat your brains out.”
He moved a bit closer his cock near my mouth and I took it in my hand and put it in my mouth. I was crying and started to suck it. The other guys watched and I could feel his dick growing in my mouth. He grabbed my head and started fucking my mouth. He was hard and he went over to the bed and told Naomi how her cocksucking husband had got her hard. Richard had his cock ready for me and I started sucking him as I heard Naomi moaning and I knew Mic was deep inside and then while I was sucking Richard I heard Werner say “Hey guys look at his little cock.It’s hard the little fucker likes it”
Werner knelt down and touched my hard cock while Richard continued to grow in my mouth .Carl was getting some head from my wife Naomi and Mic was just about to blow his load. Werner had my cock in his hand and then I heard Mic shout that he was cumming.He rolled off Naomi and Richard took his place and I knew that Werner would be next in my mouth. But Werner continued playing with my cock and Mic stood before me again. His cock was still semi hard and shining with cum and pussy juice. I looked up at him and he looked down and said “Clean me up or I’ll kick your nuts so hard they’ll be in your throat.”
So I took the cock back into my mouth tasting all the juice and used my tongue to lick it clean .Werner was stroking my cock and I have to admit it felt good I had cleaned Mic’s cock pretty well and he removed his cock from my mouth as Richard stepped forward with his slimy cock to be cleaned. Naomi’s screams meant only one thing that Carl’s huge prick was ploughing into her. I continued to suck and lick the juice off Richard when I felt something warm on my cock.Werner was giving me a blow job. It felt so good and I moaned around Richard’s cock.Richard timed himself to Carl pulling out of my wife and As I started to clean Carl’s massive member I felt my nuts churn and I stated to blow my load into Werner’s mouth. He kept it in his mouth and walked over to Naomi and spat my spunk into Naomi’s cunt.I finished cleaning Cal’s cock and then Got Werner hard before he started fucking my wife.After he came he got me to clean his cock and then I had to crawl over to Naomi and lick out cum including my own. When I had finished the boys told me to get dressed in my Speedos and T and Naomi put her bikini on and the T shirt they had bought and we got our towels and headed to the beach. The young guys walked a bit behind us and Naomi held my hand along the beach. People laughed as we walked along and finally Naomi spread he towel down and I did too. We lay down and I took my T off but she left hers on. I lay on my stomach so that I could not see the faces of those laughing at me.
After a little while I heard two girls’ voices talking to my wife. She told me to roll over and I did. They were two very nice looking girls in bikinis who smiled at me.
“Would you mind if we took your husband for a while?”
Naomi said that was fine and told me to get on my feet. I did but I begged her not to do this. The girls took my arms and dragged me away and Naomi said “Have him back at our hotel in the morning I have lots to amuse myself with tonight “She took off the T shirt and stretched out on the beach as the boys gathered around her.
The girls Gemma and Yvette took me to their hotel and once inside ordered me to take off my speedos.They said to do it or they would really hurt me. Yvette picked up a cricket bat and threatened me with it. Trembling I removed my swimmers and my tiny cock sprung up. The blonde girls laughed at me. Just then the door opened and these two young men walked in. They were just wearing swimmers and looked angrily at me. I had covered my privates but the guys grabbed me and asked what they were doing with their girls.
I begged them and tried to explain but they threw me on the floor and dragged me into the bathroom and put me in the bath. As I lay there they pulled down and held their cocks. Both of them were quite large and I thought they were going to make me suck them but they had other ideas. The blond one started pissing on me and pretty soon his dark haired mate joined in .T yellow liquid splashed on my body and it stunk. They aimed for my face and even though my mouth was tight shut I still ended up tasting the vile stuff. They finished and told me to kneel and then ordered me to suck their cocks. I knelt covered in piss and took the blond’s cock in my mouth and started to suck...He started to get hard straight away and when he was fully hard I pulled off figuring he wanted to be hard to fuck his girl.But he forced me back onto the cock.He told me that I was going to suck him till he came.My eyes bulged and I saw his mate stroking his cock.The cock in my mouth was hard as a rock .The guy started moaning and he shouted that he was going to come.Before long he shot in my throat and I had my first taste of cum.It didn’t taste too bad and then he made me lick him clean.His mate then grabbed my head and started face fucking me.He was rough and he was choking me with his big prick whick was growing harder all the time.He called me a slut and a cock sucker and kept pounding my throat.The other guy told me to play with my cock which I did.I knew I should just do as I’m told for my own safety.I was dribbling down the side and my mouth was full of cock.Tears were streaming down my eyes.He was close to cumming and he pulled out and start stroking hard so that he would cum on my face.When he did it went in my hair and eyes and on my lips.He told me to kneel there and Yvette walked in and took my photo.I was a mess and they told me to have a shower before my next surprise.I start to shower getting off all the piss and cum and emerged and The two girls were standing there with a towel,They told me I could have the towel if I masturbated.To help me they took off their tops to show off their boobs I looked at them and they told me to get on my knees.I knelt on the bath mat and looked up at them and they played with their titties while I stroked my cock.They told me how pathetic I was .I jerked my cock watching their faboulous bodies and I shot hard on the floor and then was ordered to lick up my own sperm.I did so and when I had stopped the girls were gone and the guys were back with razors and shaving cream in their hands.They ordered me back into the bath and told me to wet myself with the shower nozzle of the bath.When I was wet the guys started lathering my whole body from my nose down and then began to shave me.I did not protest as I knew it would be futile.They sprayed me down and lathered me again.They took particular attention to my genital area.Once satisfied after 3 full body shaves they washed me again and then threw me a towel to dry off before telling me to get back in the other room.
I walked into the room hairless and stark naked. The girls were in the room and I stood before them all. The girls announced that we were gang to play dress up and threw a pair of pink lace panties at me and told me to put them on and once on they told me to tuck my cock down. Next on went a padded bra and a pair of stockings then a pink skirt and blouse and finally they told me to sit down while the girls put make up and a blonde wig on me. I wore a pink pair of shoes and a little handbag and then the guys told me we were going out.I went cold all over as they opened the door.
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