A Fun Night With A Cute Guy
Yvette sat naked on the chair as I crawled along the ground to her. Once I was in between her legs she spoke
Okay old man. Get your tongue into my pussy and start licking. I want all of Jarrod’s cum licked out”
“Yes Mistress “I said meekly and started licking out the goo from her. And I swallowed it. The salty taste that I had become so used to in the last month
And then you can clean Jarrod’s young cock”she said. Jarrod was still lying on the bed after giving Yvette an intense fuck.I could taste her pussy juices mixed together with his hot cum.For a good five minutes I lapped at her making her moan with my tounge.She closed he legs and told me to get on the bed and clean Jarrod.He had a big cock that was big even as it started to soften.I held itand it was gleaming with juice. I started licking it once again tasting the juices but also the taste of manmeat.I soon had his soft cock in my mouth licking it and cleaning it. Yvette watched me work on his cock until she was satisfied that Jarrod was clean and told me to stop. I got off the bed and went to my place in the corner. Jarrod dressed and left and Yvette walked towards me
“How hot was he?”She asked and then “He was the best fuck I’ve had lately. I wonder if he’d fuck you. You’d like that wouldn’t you?”
I nodded and she laughed and said to go and get the reward dice. The reward dice was about a foot square fluffy dice. Most nights when a guy had left it was rolled to decide what reward I would get. A certain number equalled a certain action
1/ Yvette would stand over me in the bath and piss all over me
2/20 hits on my ass with a belt
3/ my cockcage would be removed and I would be allowed to jack off
4/20 minutes of Yvette playing and hurting my nipples and balls
5/Yvette dildo fucks me
6/Yvette’s choice. She was allowed to do anything she wanted to me.
Yvette held the dice and asked me how long was it since a 3 had been rolled. It had been over two weeks.
Oh dear “she said mockingly.”You must be so pent up. Let’s hope it’s a 3”
She rolled the dice and it came up a 5.She smiled as did I as I reached under the bed and got out a strap on dildo.I handed it to her and got on the bed .Yvette strapped on the dildo and oiled it. It was about eight inches long and fairly thick. She kneeled on the bed and took her position behind me. She pushed the dildo into me. I was able to take it fairly easily and she started to fuck me. I was moaning as she started slowly and started to speed up. I was writhing and loving it as my pretty blond mistress fucked me. She was really going faster after a while slamming into her old bitch’s ass.Then she pulled out and made me beg her to put it back in. I wriggled my ass and begged her to fuck my ass.She smiled and started pumping me again. She fucked me for about 20 minutes and then pulled out and we went off to bed. She kissed me gently and we hugged. I loved my life as her old servant.
The next night we were back in the bar looking again. Our proposition didn’t appeal to everyone. Yvette was gorgeous and the chance to spend the night in bed with her was certainly tempting to a young hot guy .A young man named Luke sat down next to Yvette. He had assumed that I was her dad but his eyes bugged when Yvette explained that I was part of the deal, that I would suck him till he was hard then guide his cock into Yvette’s pussy and clean him up afterwards. Luke was blond, muscular and very cute. He was 18 and a catch. But Luke wasn’t real keen even when Yvette sat close to him and rubbed his leg. He smiled at her but shook his head. He walked away and we shrugged. We were used to that. It was not every young guy’s idea of a great night. So we waited for someone else but it was slim pickings that night. Yvette only wanted young blokes so when an older guy would approach she would throw her arms around me and he would go away. After an hour with no luck we decided to go home but just as we were about to get up Luke came back. He had obviously had a couple of drinks. He said that he’d thought it over and he’d like to join us tonight. So he followed us home.
Once inside we headed to the bedroom and I started to undress Luke as Yvette slipped out of her clothes .Once I had Luke naked I surveyed his superb body. I kneeled down and took his cock in my hand. He was trembling but Yvette came over and cuddled him hold her gorgeous naked body next to him. She took his hand and put it on her perfect pouting left breast. I kissed the top of his cock and licked his piss slit and then took his beautiful cock in my mouth. I cupped his balls in my hand as I sucked him. I could feel him starting to get hard in my mouth. I continued to work on him as Yvette rubbed his chest and he played with her tit.Yvette moved to the bed and lay down. I continued to suck Luke until he was rock hard. Once he was I stood and led him by the cock over to the bed. I took his cock and guided it into Yvette’s pussy entrance. Once in there I let go and took my place in the corner while Luke fucked Yvette. His tight little butt bounced up and down as he slid in and out and Yvette wrapped her arms around him and moaned with pleasure. He sucked on her tits and she threw her head around as he pumped her hard. He was hot and he suddenly turned to me and commanded “Lick my ass”
I scurried onto the bed and he stopped fucking leaving his cock deep inside her. I spread his cheeks and felt how hard they were and stuck my tongue in his ass licking it. It tasted great and Luke commanded me again to put my tongue in his hole. It was tight but I got it in and pushed further and he told me to stop and he started fucking Yvette again. I sat there on the bed until he stopped again and I went to work again on his ass.Then he started on Yvette again and this time he started grunting and shot his cum into her psyche rolled off her and I went to work on cleaning out the cum from Yvette’s puss. I was licking deeply as Luke watched. I cleaned her out and then started on Luke. Kissing licking and sucking his cock until it was clean. But unlike other guys Luke didn’t get up and asked Yvette if he could stay a while .She agreed and we chatted for awhile and all of a sudden Luke grabbed my head and forced me down on his cock and ordered me to suck him. He didn’t have to I was ready. So Yvette watched kissing Luke and tweaking his nipples. It wasn’t long before the young man was hard again. I rolled off him and then he surprised us both. He wanted to fuck me. I got on all fours and this gorgeous young man started sliding his cock into my ass,I moaned and Yvette kissed me. Luke fucked me hard and I could feel the sweat from his body dripping onto me. It didn’t hurt I loved it and asked him to go faster. He called me a slut and a whore which I loved. He pumped me hard and fast making me groan with pleasure. Finally I felt him shoot up my ass and he took his cock out. I licked him clean and Yvette got the dice. She rolled the dice and to my delight it rolled a three. Yvette went to her bedside table and got out a key. She came over and unlocked my cockcage and told me to start masturbating. I lay on the carpet and started to wank.I watched the two gorgeous young people on the bed and thought of Luke’s hard cock in my ass.My small cock was hard as a rock. Yvette was talking to me and Luke couldn’t take his eyes off me. I finally shot my load and it had been a long time since I came and the cum spurted on my stomach. I lay exhausted on the ground with my eyes closed. Suddenly I felt a tongue licking the cum.I opened my eyes and was surprised to see Luke licking my cum.Yvette was spanking his ass.It looked like Yvette now had two willing males to do her bidding.

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lousy story this bitch should be horse whipped and then thrown out on the street bareass

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