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NOTE: The action only picks up at the end, the rest is a lot of intros, don't worry most of the stories will be more action, all comments are welcome, and the stories will all branch out being told by who they're about
The story begins with a group of teenagers ranging from the ages 13-15. Having just finished the 8th grade, the group is ready to go onto high school, but not without a very interesting summer ahead.

The guys in the group consist of Erik, Johnny, Alex, Chris, Bobby, and Andrew.
Erik, Andrew, and Alex are arguably the least successful of them, having never had a girlfriend, and never even kissed a girl before. The story is different for Chris, Bobby, and Johnny. They have all had girlfriends, and kissed girls before, with Chris having the most "experience" and the only one in the group currently in a relationship.

The girl side of the group is made up of Emi (Distinguisher for Emily F, and the interest of Andrew), MP(Distinguisher for Emily P, and the interest of Alex), Leah, Victoria(current girlfriend of Chris), Beth(interest of Erik and Bobby, unknown to each others feelings), and Jenna(Interest of Johnny)
All the girls have had boyfriends, and are unknown of the guy's feelings for the exception of Victoria and Chris.

With school finished and the summer ahead, the first party of the summer is set up by Chris. Chris invites the entire group. The group is very clean cut, no drugs, and very intelligent for the most part. The party will be at Chris's house, and the usual pool party with girls in bikini and the guys looking at them.

I received a text message the day after school ended from my friend Chris saying "Party at my house, Saturday, bring swimming stuff and dry clothes, sleepover".
Yes! I shouted, Chris's party's were always the best, and he was inviting Beth. I wasn't exactly a catch with the girl's, I was the video game kind of guy that really didn't care for girl's till now. I'd never had a girlfriend, and to be honest, Beth was the first girl I'd ever really liked and I was determined to get her. I asked my parents if I could go and they said yes. So I spent the next few days just enjoying summer and being the video game person I was, played a lot of Xbox during those days. Of course, I did my fair share of texting too, Beth and I were best friends, one of the reasons i never asked her out, I didn't want to ruin something so great between us. But I knew eventually I was going to have to tell her that I was crazy for her. My bestfriends always told me she liked me too but I wasn't going to get her if I never told her. So I told myself I'd tell her at the party, alone obviously, no one else needed to know about this. Besides, they wouldn't miss us very much, I was very quiet and so was she. The day of the party came and I got a ride from my dad, he told me to be careful and don't do anything you might regret later, I carried that thought all day.....

I was the 3rd person there, of course Victoria was first, being Chris's girlfriend for about 4 months at that point, and Leah was there too, since she got a ride with Victoria. I got a hug from Leah and Victoria, nothing unusual, since we were all friends hugs were just casual things we always did. I came dressed in my blue swim trunks, while Victoria had on blue short shorts and a tank top, while Leah had jean short shorts with a tanktop, both made their bikini tops pretty visible, I almost stared at them but was able to keep myself from doing so. Eventually everyone showed up, including Beth. I couldn't help but stare at her, I always found her beutiful, and seeing her with her short shorts and a tank top was almost too much for me to handle, I almost wanted to grab her right there. Thankfully, Chris took us outside to the pool were the girls undressed to their bikinis. We swam around for a few hours playing games like water basketball, volleyball, and so on. Then the food came so we all got out of the pool. I got out and as I walked away Beth asked me to pull her up from the deep end, now I was the week type, but I wasn't going to look like an idiot there, so I used all my stength to pull her up, the way her boobs touched my chest was so nice. I began to feel my crotch becoming erect, so I had to step away for my own sake.
We ate and then went into his house to get changed. The guys were out in seconds, but the girls all took their time with their hair, and you know, girl's stuff. We started airsofting for an hour before Alex decided a game of pitch dark hide and go seek would be fun, I decided that was the time since the party was going to end. I got myself intentionally close to her, and got us found in minutes, so the losers had to sit on the other side of the yard, where no one could hide.
"Beth, can I tell you something?"
"Yea sure what is it?"
I looked around and decided to let it out to her
"Beth, I really like you, and I know were bestfriends, but i really want you to be my girlfriend, will you"
After I said that she looked at me and then gave me a kiss, my first ever, we fell on the ground and she continued her kiss. It felt like it lasted forever and I wish it would've kept going, but she pulled off, but only to start taking her shirt off.....
"Guys the game is over!" yelled Chris
"Shit we better get back, and thats a yes" and she gave me another kiss
When we got back everyone looked at us a little weird, but no one asked any questions, the party was pretty much over at that point, as the girl's obviously couldn't spend the night. As beth was going to her car, and while no one was around, I gave her a kiss goodbye, and she gave a text me face. I walked back in, and Alex asked me what I did with Beth outside, so I told them about our being boyfriend and girlfriend, but not about where she was going with her shirt, that thought puzzled me the rest of the night...
We went to sleep that night, but I had to use the bathroom so I quietly snuck off to the bathroom, on my way out I noticed the door in Chris room being opened by a figure, I thought a their so i followed after him, but what I saw was no robbery....
It was Victoria going to his room, and quickly taking off her shirt, revieling her bra, which followed seconds later, revealing her tits, I'm not going to lie, they were amazing to see, and I couldn't help but begin to stroke myself, after he fondled her for a while, he pulled off her shorts and began to work on her lower section, Victoria had told back her moans as they obviously didn't want to be discovered, little did they know I had a front row seat. It was then Victoria's turn, and she pulled off his shorts and his boxers and started working his rock hard cock. After just a few strokes and licks, she got off the bed, frightining me as I thought she might see me, but all she did was pull a condom out of her shorts, and slid it on him, the way she did it and how quickly she got on him made me assume she and him were not virgins. She started slowly, but soon they were going all out, probably hoping to get it done fast, but pleasurable. I began to feel the sensation of an orgasm coming, and I could tell they were almost done, so I tried and kept myself from cuming too soon. Victoria began rocking harder and harder before she and chris came to end with their climaxes, Victoria giving a light scream of pleasure which might've been heard had she been any louder. I came then as well, doing my best not to get it on anything, and then not getting caught going back to the living room. I went to bed that night with my brain filled with those images.

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