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Daddy is on his way home
Secrets of an Officer’s daughter part 2:

Introduction: Daddy is on his way home.

Let me bring you up to speed. Tom Wilkinson is in Germany on his way home when he finds two very attractive Hungarian airline stewardess’ Jessica and Chloe. While Tom is attempting to be intimate with his new found friends his daughter Terri is currently bouncing up and down on Cody’s cock. Cody is the son of Mark and Maria Chalmers and they just happen to be looking out the kitchen window watching their son fuck their best friend’s daughter.

Meanwhile: Half way around the world

Captain Tom Wilkinson just finished his debriefing with his superiors at Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany. Tom was worn out and looking forward to getting home after being on assignment for the past nine days. Unfortunately his meetings ran rather long and Tom was unable to hitch a ride on the next transport from Ramstein back to Andrews so his only other option was to take a commercial flight from Frankfurt back to Dulles. Tom’s immediate reaction of depression was erased as Tom was handed a first class ticket by one of the Airmen in the office. It was essentially a red eye flight on Lufthansa back to Washington D.C. He was expected back at the Pentagon for another general debriefing a 09:30 hours on Monday morning so he had a short break to be with his daughter Terri.

The Airmen dropped Tom at the airport several hours before his flight was to depart. When he arrived all Tom was looking forward to was relaxing at one of the lounges and having several drinks before his flight. As Tom was walking towards the Lufthansa desk he noticed from a distance two very attractive young ladies talking with one another. Being a typical red-blooded American man his thoughts immediately went to ‘I wonder what it would be like to be with either lady sexually.’ Tom immediately flashed his million dollar smile at the ladies as he approached the desk.

The two young ladies Tom flashed his million dollar smile at were Chloe and Jessica. They were idly standing around talking with one another discussing their plans once they arrived in Washington D.C. the next morning. The two young ladies quickly noticed Tom and began to comment on his appearance as he was approaching the counter. As Tom flashed his devastating smile at the ladies the girls in turn paid much more attention to Tom as he walked towards them. They both returned a sexy sultry looks of wanting towards the high-ranking officer.

Chloe is 28 and is an eight year veteran with Lufthansa turned to her girlfriend Jessica who was 24 and she is a five year veteran with the airline and began to speak in Hungarian and loosely translated said, “Check out the soldier boy. He is so young looking for a man of high rank. I don’t think he is in the Air Force like so many of the other military Americans here the color of his uniform is not the same. Maybe his is Army or Marine but I do know four stripes means he’s important.”

Jessica smiled back at her, “I hope he’s on our flight maybe we could bump him up to first class. I would like to get to know him a little better. What do you think?”

Chloe turned and whispered in to Jessica’s ear like two high school girlfriends and said, “Well, we don’t have to bump him the flight is not even half booked. You know what? We could just give him a seat upstairs in the upper cabin and no one would even notice. I would love to let him board me for a couple of hours.” They both began to giggle like two high school girls as Tom was still approaching the counter.

When Tom finally made it to the counter Chloe said in English in a very heavy Hungarian accent, “Good evening sir, are you flying to Dulles with us tonight?” Then she pointed at Jessica making the flight seem somewhat more personal for the three of them.

Tom wasn’t really paying that much attention to Chloe as he was looking for his ticket and passport. He came across a picture of his daughter and his thoughts quickly moved to his daughter. Terri his daughter stays with Mark and Maria Chalmers, Tom’s best friend, Mark graduated with Tom at the Naval Academy. Then when he looked at the two women in front of him who were giving him flirty looks with their eyes and sucking on pencils with their lips Tom finally began to focus. Tom was pleasantly surprised by the appearance of Chloe as she wore very little make-up and he said, “Yes, I’m flying out to Dulles.” Tom handed his passport and ticket information to her.

Chloe was very surprised than an American officer was actually flying first class. She began typing in his information and sliding his passport through the scanner to double check that he wasn’t on any watch-lists or was wanted for any reason in Germany. When everything came up as ‘fine’ Chloe wanted to let Tom know that she was impressed with his rank and said, “Okay General Wilkinson, we have you in first class I have placed you in seat 2 in the upper cabin.”

Tom took back all of his personal information and then once again flashed his million dollar smile again meeting Jessica and Chloe’s seductive leers. Then chuckling at the young lady, “I only wish I was a General actually I’m just a lowly Captain in the US Navy. Could you direct me to the first class lounge my beauty – Tom searched for her name and looking at her name tag – Chloe?”

Chloe said, “I’m sorry Captain Wilkinson –

Tom’s smile was now ear to ear and with his stern chin smiling chimed in quickly, “Chloe just call me Tom and you and will be just fine.” Tom was pointing back and forth between the two of them.

Chloe began to blush as she batted her eyelashes at him. She suddenly felt special inside that Tom was doting on her like he was and she winked at him and said, “No problem – Tom. As a matter of fact Jessica and I are awaiting our replacements. Fortunately for you we both have to work the first-class lounge this evening. This is our last flight out of Frankfurt tonight. Would like me to walk with you?” Chloe then turned to Jessica and said in Hungarian, “Okay the other girls should be here soon and with only five other people in first class we could have fun with this stud upstairs. Hurry up or I’m going to have him all to myself, you hear me?”

Jessica didn’t want to be left out as the girls like to share everything and gave Chloe a huge smile and in Hungarian said, “Please don’t start anything without me.” She then turned to Tom and in English said, “Mr. Wilkinson or should I say Tom, the purser will take you to the lounge and attend to your every need before the flight is ready to leave. I myself will follow soon after, see you soon.” Jessica batted her eyelashes and put her fore-finger into her mouth and lightly sucked on it and then used her tongue to go up and down on her finger.

Tom watched Jessica’s little show and blood rushed to his nether regions wishing it was his cock in her mouth and not her finger. Tom swallowed the saliva in his mouth that was ready to drool out of the corner of his mouth as Jessica’s display was extremely erotic. “Jessica don’t take too long I would like to discuss how I might replace you finger with something else.” Then he chuckled at her and flashed Jessica the sexiest look that he could.

Jessica giggled back, “I believe there is something on your person I could suck on that would satisfy your needs.”

Now, Tom’s wife Sally passed away six years ago and while Tom was married he was a faithful, loving and doting husband but a year or so after her death Tom became a typical swabby and bedded a woman on each assignment to try and fill the sexual void of his wife Sally. Tom not wanting to bring strange women into his home to confuse his young daughter kept his affairs and liaisons strictly outside of the Washington D.C. area to maintain a simplistic home life between Theresa and himself.

The fact that Tom is ONI (Naval Intelligence) and just happens to travel all over the world he has to be careful to make sure that he is not set up. It’s hard at times to realize that you might be being played or that you just meet genuine ladies who are just looking for companionship like himself. Tom has become your typical swabby looking for pussy wherever he can find it and whoever is willing to give it up.

When Chloe stepped from behind the check-in desk Tom was completely taken back by her shapely body. Chloe had an attractive face but now that he saw the complete package her blonde hair and blue eyes that were just devastating that would make any man fall under her spell. Chloe appeared to stand about 5’7” in heels and weighed about 115 lbs if she was lucky. As they made their way up the hallway on the way to the first class lounge Chloe took her jacket off to reveal that her breasts were much larger than what they appeared to be being caged under her uniform jacket. As she walked Tom noticed how her breast bounced and how nice and round her 34-c’s were. Tom being a trained spy was taught to pick up every little nuance like how the buttons on her blouse appeared like they were ready to pop off because her shirt was so tight.

Tom slowed ever so slightly faking a problem with his rolling carry-on luggage so that he could check her out from behind. Her skirt came down just below her knees and how form fitting it was around her waist. Her ass was perfectly symmetrical to her body. She had a clean line coming down her back and a perfect bump of an ass and then the line continued between her legs. As she walked she had developed calves of someone who either walks or runs a lot. Her thighs were pushing her form fitting skirt to its limits. For Tom, Chloe was thin with an athletic build to her whole body.

After Tom made his physical attribute assessment of Chloe it was now time for him to make some idle chit chat with her and see if she is interested in something more than just a stewardess slash first class customer relationship. Chloe began by talking about the weather they were having in Germany and some light political talk about Europe. Then as usual it escalated to how long she worked for the airline and how she is one of the younger pursers that the airline has. Then she asked Tom about himself and what part of the armed forces was he associated with and what he was doing in Germany. Tom created some bullshit story that he was in the Navy and that he had been on a six month cruise and that he hadn’t been with a woman that whole time before he put out to sea.

The conversation quickly changed and she became quite flirty with Tom. She also could tell that he had a nice physique and when he took his jacket off and was pleasantly surprised as Tom’s shoulders were nice and broad and how he thinned out at his waist. He was a 42 jacket and a 32 waist he had the type of body that she is attracted to. He took his hat off as he was getting hot and she liked his tight crew cut and big brown eyes. Tom has an attractive face and has a nice clean look about himself.

They both realized that they were physically attracted to one another and their conversation went from flirty to joking about sexual things about one another. They also were finding ways to accidently touch one another in different areas of their bodies as they continued to walk. The anticipation for Chloe was becoming intense as her thoughts of Tom taking her sexually began to overpower her thought pattern. Their hands were touching each other’s backs, arms, legs and when Tom became aggressive and gave a nice little squeeze of Chloe’s buttocks there were no reprisals from her just a cute flirty smile.

Once they made it to the lounge Chloe opened the lounge and asked Tom, “Would you like a cocktail while you wait?”

Tom figured the fastest way to get pussy is alcohol, “Yeah sure Chloe that sounds very good I’ll take a Rum and Coke and make one for you so you can join me.”

Chloe smiled, “I’m not allowed to drink on duty but I will definitely join you.” She made the cocktail and made sure that everything was set up just in case any other first class passengers would show up. Because of the lateness of the flight most first class passengers do not make it to the lounge and head directly to the gate. Chloe made her way over to the leather love seat and handed the drink to Tom and then joined him on the sofa as she had water in her hand. As she sat next to him the conversation continued to be sexually flirty between the two of them. Chloe was rubbing his thigh and Tom reciprocated by running his hand up and down her inner thigh pushing her skirt up to her private parts. Chloe began to melt with his soft touches that were running up to her vagina, “Oh Tom that feels so good.” She bit her lip and placed her hand over his and when Tom’s hand made its destination at her vagina she helped Tom’s hand to feel her now moist panties over her vagina.

As Chloe and Tom sat quietly by themselves in the first class lounge of Lufthansa lightly caressing one another they were quickly becoming much more comfortable escalating their sexual desires. Tom’s mind began to wonder as he was picturing Chloe in a thong bikini lying next to her on a white sandy beach with turquoise colored water. Tom was completely smitten with this beautiful blonde Hungarian woman. Tom definitely wanted to escalate things as he allowed his right arm to fall on the back of the couch around her shoulder and said, “So, is the flight going to be full tonight?”

Chloe was sipping on her water as her hand fell into Tom’s lap. Chloe wanted to reciprocate the wonderful feelings Tom provided for her and she stroked his cock and said, “No. We are only half full and first class only eight people. Jessica put you by yourself in the upper cabin with me.”

A smirk crossed his face, “So you and the other stewardess – Jessica is it? You will be working the upper cabin together?”

Chloe smiled as she felt the bulge in his pants begin to grow under his pants, “I am the purser it’s my responsibility to make sure all the first class and business class customers are well taken care of. I will be stationed in the upper cabin and Jessica helps me as well. So, it looks like you and I will be together somewhat over the next 12 to 14 hours.”

Chloe felt very comfortable around Tom and whether she did it on purpose or it was a mistake she hit Tom’s hand and spilled some of his Rum and coke in his lap, “Oh I’m so sorry!!!” Chloe put her drink down and grabbed for the cloth napkin that was on the table and began to dab at the spot that was wet. Unbeknownst to Chloe her small little dabs excited Tom and his shaft filled with blood making him hard as a rock.

Tom gave her a little smile as she was applying a very nice soft touch of pleasure, “I see that you like taking care of all of your customer’s problems.”

Chloe was relieved that he wasn’t upset with her and she said, “Maybe if I rub it up and down quickly it will dry for you.” Chloe didn’t wait for an answer and with a 180 degree grip of his shaft began to play with his penis Chloe loves the feeling of a man’s shaft in her hand and Tom said, “Chloe that feels so nice and I think that you are right the stain is beginning to dry but if you keep rubbing me like that you might create a whole new white stain.”

Chloe giggled at Tom but not wanting to stop she asked, “So, how long were you out at sea?”

Tom quickly lied to her as he is not allowed to divulge where he actually was and he said, “I was out on the North Atlantic Ocean for the past six long, long months. Not only that but it’s been longer – a full eight months longer since a woman has touched me like you are right now honey!”

Chloe was smiling as her hand never broke its motion she was elated that she was giving Tom pleasure and she kissed him on the lips, “Well, we are just going to have to correct that situation then aren’t we? It seems like fate has played its hand literally. We will be together over the next 12 hours perhaps I can help you solve your immediate problem?”

Tom put his hand over Chloe’s hand and helped her to slow the pace bringing a deeper more sensual sensation, “I would love it if you would help me with my problem.” Tom took a chance and reached his other hand out and placed it over Chloe’s breast and began to caress it wanting to see if they were real or fake. Just as Chloe’s hand made it to the destination of Tom’s zipper the phone rang at the front desk and the loud obnoxious ringing quickly broke both of their concentrations. Chloe left the cloth over Tom’s lap and she removed her hand as she made her way to the front desk to answer the phone Tom thought to himself, ‘damn it!!!! I was so damn close to getting this girl all hot and bothered and the fucking phone has to ring, damn it!! If it’s not one thing it’s another!!!”

Chloe’s eyes never left Tom. She winked at him and licked her lips seductively for Tom between speaking in Hungarian. Tom couldn’t understand one word she was saying. When Chloe returned to the couch she placed her hand back in his lap and resumed her motion of jerking him off and asked, “So, do you have another pair of trousers because your stain is still quite wet.”

Tom was intoxicated by this Hungarian beauty in addition to her blazon wantonness of his penis and he said, “Actually I do have another pair in my carry-on bag.”

Chloe looked around still not seeing anyone and said, “Well, Jessica the other stewardess that was at the desk when you checked in – well – she is making her way to the lounge right now. If you have a wet stain Jessica might get the wrong idea that you and I did something without her being here.”

Tom chuckled at her “But we were actually just starting something.” Tom went to his bag and retrieved his secondary pair of pants and sat back down on the couch and took another sip from his drink just as Jessica walked through the doors of the first class lounge. When she made her way over to the couch Chloe stood to greet her. They embraced and kissed each other on the lips then said something in Hungarian to each and then Chloe retreated behind the front desk at the front door. Jessica took Chloe’s spot next to him on the couch.

Jessica smiled at him, “So has my girlfriend been taking good care of you Tom?”

Tom smiled putting his arm around her shoulder, “You’re girlfriend? You meant your lover or your very good friend?”

Jessica smiled as she placed her hand over the napkin that was covering his watermark over his rock-hard-manhood, “Yes – both.” Cupping his balls with her fingers and her palm caressing Tom’s shaft she smile and asked, “So, what do we have here? I see that you have either spilled something or something has gone off under your pants sir. I see you have another pair of pants. I think I should help you and show where you can change your pants.”

Jessica stood before Tom and offered her well manicured hand to him. Tom took quick stock in her looks. Jessica was smaller in general size of Chloe she was about 5’4” and had soft blonde hair that draped down to her buttocks. She had a much thinner build than her girlfriend but that just accentuated her 34-b breasts to stand out that much more. Her legs were of an athletic build like she ran several miles each day. Tom was excited by her invitation as he had been alone with Chloe for the past half an hour he figured that he just might be the only patron that might use the first class lounge and that something might just happen with one or both of the girls.

Putting his hand in Jessica’s soft inviting hand he stood and then followed behind her. As Jessica walked in front of Tom with her hand being held behind her Tom loved watching her walk as her ass swayed back and forth like a swinging pendulum keeping perfect time. When they finally reached the back of the room there was a sign for the lavatories and an extra door next to it. Jessica using her passkey opened it and there was a hallway with four additional doors. Jessica pulled Tom through the door and they disappeared like no one was even in the lounge except for Chloe at the front desk.

Tom quickly asked, “Where are we? Is this a secret place for the employees?”

Jessica spun smiling opening her arms and inviting Tom in to hug her. Keeping her hand with Tom’s and the she placed it on her ass and said, “No, Tom. These are private sleepers that are reserved for our platinum card holders. As you can see each room has a king size bed and a private bath equipped with a shower. I thought that you would be much more comfortable with me changing your pants for you in one of these rooms as opposed to me changing you in a bathroom stall.”

Tom became quite excited as he looked around his surroundings. He also became very suspicious that Chloe spilled his drink into his lap on purpose. Tom then heard the outer door open and then the door to the bedroom that Tom and Jessica were in and Chloe walked directly up to him pulling is bag behind her and she kissed him on the lips and said, “We still have a few hours before our flight leaves. Why don’t you stay here and rest. Jessica can help you with your little pants problem. I must man the front desk and if our supervisor comes to the lounge and I am not there I will be in big trouble. Jessica’s job is to tend to all the needs of our guests in the first class lounge.” Chloe spun around and put her buttocks up against his pelvic area and began to move her ass in a circular motion, “Maybe later on I can try this with you with no clothes on.” She then spun around kissed Tom full on the lips and then did the same to Jessica before she left the room.

Jessica stepped in front of Tom and with no hesitation began to undo his belt to his pants she looked up into his brown eyes, “It will be my pleasure to help you with this Tom.” Once the belt was opened then the zipper was pulled down slowly and seductively as she batted her eyelids at him biting her bottom lip and then with a light push his pants fell to his ankles. Jessica was very excited as her heart was pounding so hard she thought that it was going to explode out of her chest. Tom was a few years older than she was but that’s what she liked older confident men. Now that she saw his penis begin to bulge under his boxer shorts Jessica knew that he was attracted to her. Jessica wanted to see how far she could go with Tom before he stopped her and if he didn’t then she was prepared to go all the way with him.

Jessica stood on her tip toes so that her lips met Tom’s and her hand went to the back of his head as she pulled him down to make their kiss stronger. Her other hand pushed down his stomach and her manicured fingers slipped under his waistband and her fingers quickly found his mushroom head and began massaging it.

Tom’s initial feelings were correct as Jessica was now leading him down onto the bed Tom decided to just go with it. She was a very attractive younger woman and if she wanted him who was he to deny her wishes. Jessica’s expertise with Tom’s manhood grew to the point that his head pushed upwards out of his waistband resting on the bottom of his stomach.

Jessica and Tom now on the bed Jessica stood on the bed and began taking her skirt off. Tom was enjoying the slow striptease as Jessica turned her back to him and slowly pushed her skirt down over her ass. Tom admired her no-tan-lined ass and her white thong appeared out of the crack of her lovely buttocks. She kicked her skirt up onto the air and then put her thumbs on either side of her thong and pushed it down to her knees. As Jessica was bent forward her puckered asshole was revealed then her extra-small vagina then with her fingers opened her vagina for Tom.

Tom had been with a great many women over the past several years even with prostitutes but Jessica’s erotic display made his desire for her all the more and with his ultimate target in sight Tom was ready to fire his cannons to break through the fortress walls. Tom bounced up off of the bed and really didn’t give Jessica that much of a show as his boxers went right down to his ankles and then he kicked them over towards the door.

Jessica’s eyes popped wide as Tom’s penis was on display for her. Jessica hopped off the bed and dropped down to her knees and her ass rested on the back of heels as she grabbed her ultimate target and wanting to get it off she immediately opened her mouth and Tom watched half of his cock disappear in her mouth. Here was this beautiful petite woman who Tom barely knew was giving him the wildest pleasure.

Jessica’s head was bobbing up and down on his rod as her blonde hair was swaying back and forth and the ends were tickling his inner thighs. Jessica attempted to take more of Tom’s cock in her mouth but she gagged several times but once she adjusted her head Tom’s penis was able to enter her esophagus. While Tom was fucking Jessica’s mouth she began working on her blouse and then her bra. Jessica was now naked except for her three inch heels still on her feet. Tom gazing down on her soft face and her natural breasts that were swaying back and forth as her head was pushing further and further downward on his shaft. Eventually she was able to take all six inches of his manhood down her throat and kissed the base of Tom’s shaft. Tom shook his head as she opened her mouth as her tongue slipped out and began to coat his balls with saliva. The one thing that excited Jessica the most as feeling a man pushing the head of his penis deep down her esophagus.

Tom stood as his knees began to buckle under Jessica’s assault on his manhood. Tom could feel his orgasm begin to bubble at the base of his shaft. Jessica released his manhood from her mouth tasting his pre-cum and then Jessica drooled saliva down her cleavage and said, “Could you help me make my breasts nice and slippery for you honey?”

Tom wanted to finish so he did the same and drooled his salvia between her breasts and Jessica took hold of his shaft and placed it between her breasts. With either hand on the outside of each breasts she pushed her breasts hard around his shaft and Tom began to fuck her breasts. Jessica opened her mouth as the very tip of his penis was just able to enter her mouth and as it escaped his cock made a popping sound.

Jessica tasted more of Tom’s pre-cum from the tip of his penis and she released his cock and said, “Mr. Tom I want you to finish on my face and in my mouth.”

Tom sensing that an eruption was emanate he said, “I’ll do my best to keep it out of your hair sweetheart.”

Jessica leaned back as she rested one palm on the floor and tilted her head upwards and opening her mouth her tongue was pushed out creating a clear target. Jessica not trusting Tom took over and began giving him a hand job. Tom began to grunt and she could feel his shaft expand in her hand as his eruption was about to emerge she said, “I want it in my mouth.” Jessica’s hand was a blur as her lips wrapped around his head and then Tom’s eruption hit the back of her mouth and Tom’s knees buckled with each discharge.

Tom was wobbling in front of Jessica and she smiled as his intense discharges were filling her mouth with his huge white chunky sperm. Finally Tom could no longer keep up the weight of his body and he fell to his knees and was now face to face with Jessica. Jessica was pleasantly surprised that Tom’s ejaculation wasn’t as sour and salty as some other men’s. It seemed to taste sweet as Jessica was using her fingers to push his sperm that did not enter her mouth. Jessica opened her mouth pushing his orgasm to the front of her mouth showing Tom and then she swallowed every last drop of his eruption.

She put her arms around his broad shoulders and looked deep in his eyes, “Thank you Tom. I really was hoping you would be okay with me sucking you off. I have to admit I love the taste of a man’s orgasm in my mouth. It’s been way too long since I’ve eaten a load of a man’s cum. I hope things work out between you and Chloe later on the flight. If she likes you, like I do, then maybe we can go back to our apartment in Washington and have some fun just the three of us. I know she’s going to like you she’s a lot easier to please than me but you have to promise to make love to me when we land.”

Tom’s head was dizzy and when his eyes began to focus again, “He kissed Jessica on her forehead and said in a desperate wanting voice, “I would love the chance to make love to you now. If you give me a few minutes I can take care that before we even leave.”

Meanwhile back halfway around the world at the Chalmers house:

Mark and Maria were peeking through the kitchen sink window watching their son sitting on a chaise lounge with Tom Wilkinson’s daughter Theresa bouncing up and down on his cock. Something snapped with Maria as her skirt was hiked up over her hips and her panties were around her kneecaps as she was playing with her clitoris. Maria had several drinks at dinner and she was tipsy as she swayed back and forth using her other hand to hold onto Mark so she didn’t fall over.

Maria couldn’t take her eyes of her son’s cock being eaten by Terri’s pussy. Maria’s pussy juices were coating her vaginal walls and out of nowhere she had a certain insatiable lust for her little boy. Maria turned her head and looked at her husband and said, “God honey he is a perfect younger version of you he even has a better body then you did at his age.”

Mark turned to face his wife and said, “Hey wait a minute!!!”

Maria interrupted him, “Relax honey, you still have a great body. There’s just something sexy about his innocence, I mean you had that once. I love the way his cock just disappears inside that tiny girl’s pussy. Isn’t that just beautiful? A young girl like Terri can take the size of his cock.”

Mark whispered into Maria’s ear, “Her pussy wasn’t nearly as tight as yours was when we first did it honey.” Mark kept his gaze direct at the young 14 year-old bouncing up and down on his son. Mark had his boxers down around his ankles and began stroking himself as he was creating his own fantasy about fucking his best friend’s daughter. His hand gripped his shaft harder as he watched her nubile body writhing his son’s cock. Her breasts were jostling around in various directions Mark felt both of his eyes moving independently just like her breasts. Her belly was flat and tight and she had no hair over her pussy it was absolutely refreshing to see a beautiful body like Terri’s. Mark was actually jealous of his son. He wanted to run out there and make love to her properly the only way he knew how. He just knew his son was just sitting there in complete awe that he was having sex not knowing how damn lucky he was.

Mark could no longer handle it anymore he had to have pussy. He wanted to feel Terri’s wet pussy surround his shaft but his wife’s pussy was just going to have to do. He knew that Maria told him that she was going to make him wait until tomorrow but he was going to force himself on her right now. Mark wanted to slip his cock inside of Maria’s pussy and look out the window fantasizing that he is actually fucking Terri.

Mark stepped behind his wife and Maria’s pussy was so wet from her playing with herself Mark slipped balls deep in one motion. Maria turned and looked at her lover behind her with a smirk on her face and she began to coo with delight and said, “Ohhh Cody that feels so good inside of me honey! Come on fuck mommy’s pussy honey.”

Mark was struck to the core, “CODY???”

Maria said, “Honey I know that you want to pretend that you’re fucking that young piece of ass out there! Now let me have my fantasy of fucking my only son.”

Mark said, “Okay then don’t be upset as I pretend I’m fucking her.”

Maria started pushing back and forth on his shaft, “Mark your cock hasn’t been this hard inside my pussy in a long, long time.”

Mark was encouraged by his wife’s depravity. He never knew that she fantasized about fucking her own son. He never fantasized about fucking his daughter Carina it just never entered his mind until this very instant. Mark began to grab his wife’s hips and fucked her hard and deep. He was not worried about her pleasure only his.

Mark felt that Maria was especially a little tighter than usual. He could feel his wife contracting and releasing his cock as he entered and pulled out of her hole. Maria’s eyes never left her son as her husband was doing his best to make sure that she knew that it was her husband that was fucking her and not her son.

The both were in sync as their thrusts were so hard and strong it was like someone was slapping Maria’s ass as hard as they could. The sound was loud and strong but the enjoyment was beyond what they were actually looking for.

Maria’s head was shaking back and forth, “Fuck me Cody – Fuck me Cody don’t stop make mommy happy. I know you want mommy’s pussy I catch you all the time sneaking peaks at me when I’m in the shower. Oh Cody you feel so good inside of mommy – make mommy happy son.”

Mark slowed down his pace and his thrusts were long and strong and created a different sense of pleasure for both of them, “Come on you little slut let me fuck your tight little cunt right for the first time. I know you’ve always wanted my cock – I’ve seen the way that you’ve stared at me every morning in my boxers!!!! I know you wanted me to fuck your tight little teenage cunt, right you little slut!!!!”

Mark and Maria went back and forth taking turns coming up with dirtier and nastier revealing their fantasy to each other. Neither of them was upset with the other as something snapped in both of them wanting two teenage bodies that where outside in the backyard. As they were trying up one another they didn’t hear someone coming through the front door. The excitement for both of them being sexually active for the first time in over a week was bringing them higher and higher closer to their climaxes.

Mark moved his mouth to Maria’s ear and whispered, “I’m going to cum inside of you Terri. You want my hot sperm to fill your beautiful tight pink pussy honey?”

Maria played along, “Come on Mr. Chalmers fill me up show this virgin what it’s like to become a real woman. Come on Cody I know you want to cum inside of mommy so don’t worry just let it all go inside of me.”

Mark then switched his role as he was unleashing hot lava like streams of his orgasm up his wife’s love canal said, “Oh my god mommy this is just terrific!! I wish I could do this to you every day after school.” The line even surprised Maria when Mark said it but she felt that he had really figured out her true fantasy. For Mark though he thought to himself, ‘if she wants to really fuck her son and I’m not to get upset about it then she shouldn’t get pissed if I fuck our daughter.’

Maria was totally into it and said, “Yes, Cody!!! Finish inside of me honey. I love you so much my baby boy fucking his own mommy.”

Just as Maria finished her sentence their daughter Carina walked into the kitchen and saw her parents fucking each other and saying the dirtiest nastiest things to one another, it just didn’t seem to make sense. She was in shock and awe and Carina threw her hands up to her mouth in disbelief and said out loud, “Oh my God!!!! Mom and dad what the fuck are you guys doing?”

End of part 2


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2012-07-02 22:03:48
I've just finished the first two chapters. very nicely done. I like the various places that you thought of for the sex-a-tunaties :O I am onto chapter three. eight thumbs up

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