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Throughout the day I paced the room thinking about my wife and what she was doing with Chris and his friend. I would soon find out. The phone rang. It was Chris telling me to check my e mail. In the backround I could hear the muffled moans of my wife Heather. "John's having a good time with her" said Chris. "Would you like to say hello?" "Yes, I would like to talk to my wife" I replied. Chris held the phone up to Heather's ear as I tried to tell her how much I loved her and wanted her to come home soon but that was all the conversation Chris would allow and hung up. I raced to check my e mail and saw an attatcment that read "Wife Lessons." I didn't know what to expect as I opened it but prepared myself anxiously. Chris sent an MPG video of my wife bound and naked on a king size bed struggling. John who was fully clothed tickled her sides then roledl her over pinching her puffy nipples. I watched my poor wife struggle against the tight ropes that bound her knees toghether and wrists behind her. John tickled her feet and smacked her nice round hiney spreading her cheeks exposing her hairy pussy and asshole. "I think it's time to tame this lady." "What do you think Chris?" said John. Heather writhed and bucked in front of the camera while John teased her. Heather starred helplessly into the lens as Chris shot a close up.. "Well, that's all for now." "Next time I'll send you a longer video to jerk off to." Chris said and the video stopped.
Two days passed and by this time I couldn't sleep and woke up sweating alone in bed. I turned on the computer to ease my mind but then appeared another message in my e mail from Chris. Should I click on it? I thought to myself for a few minutes. I opened the message with another attatchment labelled "Wife Lessons 2." The opening was a nice view of Heather from behind tied over a chair. Both ankles were tied to the lower legs and her wrists bound tightly to each chair arm. I couldn't stand watching my wife being man handled but I was powerless to help her. Heather was posistioned in front of the hotel window then suddenly, Chris opened the curtains behind her revealing her backside for passers by to see. The only way the curtains would close is if she would agree willingly to submit herself to both of them. She shook her head up and down vigorously screaming "YES!" "YES!" "Please stop please!" The curtains were slowly drawn and the video ended.
The next day, Heather appeared in the video standing in front of the camera naked unbound with her legs slightly spread apart while Chris fondled her hairy pussy from her front and John sqeezed her sagging breasts from behind. Both men were clothed and teased my Heather terribly. The camera was then posistioned in front of the bed. Heather moved onto the bed and parted her sweaty legs in front of the camera revealing her hairy love spot. Chris and John had her in the middle and each held her legs open uder their arms by her knees on either side fondling and probing her taking their turns teasing her to the point of orgasm. Chris got up and knelt over her face holding her legs back by her ankles so John could work her deeper. John slid a long finger into her pussy and made circles around her cervix giving her different sensations. He took his finger out, tasted her and said, "I hear you like dirty work." "Yes John I like it in there." she replied softly licking her lips. John licked his thumb and fingers and did something I have never seen before. His pressed two fingers into my wife's asshole first and then as he worked her dirty deeper his thumb would slide past her pussy lips just enough to tease her. "This lady's weird', John commented. "She prefers one in the pink and two in the stink!" "You're a dirty lady aren't you?" said Chris. "Yes sir." Heather replied softly moaning. "You're a stinky lady too but I like 'em that way." said John. My wife began to shudder as they both talked down to her. A soft fluff slipped past John's fingers as she started to come. Chris had a towel at the ready remembering what happened last time he fingered her and threw it over to John. Heather's stream didn't wait and gushed past John's thumb spraying him on his shirt. After Heather came John removed his shirt and let Heather feel his firm chest. Heather ran her lady like fingers over him excitedly and carressed his pecks. Her wedding band was visible but now these two guys owned her. She couldn't stand it anymore and tried to finger her clit but Chris grabbed her wrists before she could reach down there. "No, no, no." " You know what happens to ladies who wet the bed." "We have something in store for you honey." said Chris. "It's time we tame you." said John. John walked over to his suitecase and got out some lengths of rope. Chris and John tied her legs back with her wrists tied to her thick ankles keeping her pussy exposed. A length of rope was used around her neck to keep her legs back so she couldn't stretch. While John secured her tightly, Chris went over to the sink, grabbed a towel, scissors and shaving cream. Heather gazed at Chris and John shockingly not expecting this to happen and pleaded for them to spare her hair. "Please don't shave me guys please." she said. "Oh no, I want your hubby to see this. " Chris said as he positioned the camera closer to her crotch. "Would you like to go in the window again, because I can do that." " Our boss just happens to be staying here tonight." "You wouldn't want to jeopordize your career if he were to pass by would you?" said John. Knowing she could not lose her job left her no choice and Heather let John and Chris shave her. Chris began clipping away at the thick hair on her mons as the white towel under her grew darker with her hair. John got a hot towel ready and laid it over her pussy after Chris finished satisfied with his work. Heather writhed wanting to itch herself badly but couldn't. "I'm so itchy!" "Please!" she cried "How do you like watching us shave your wife?" "Looks like she's enjoying this." Chris said into the camera as Heather writhed furiously from her itching. "You should start jerking off by now." After letting her twitch itching for a while John began the delicate task and with each quick stroke of the blade Heather's pussy quivered. "Let's have some fun with her." said Chris. "I've an idea." Chris went over to his suitecase and took out some thread from a sewing kit. "I'm going to make this interesting and put you in a double bind." As John shaved around Heather's quivering lips Chris skillfuly wound the thread around her nipples tightly and tied each end up to her big toes. Everytime Heather flinched her toes would pull up on her nipples giving her pleasure. This became more evident as John would shave near her more sensitive areas. He worked closer to her wide open asshole finishing up the tedious job. With the job complete, Chris and John left her in front of the camera teased, shaven and nipple tied. After the ordeal, my wife looked like a little girl with floppy lips. I watched her quivering pussy ooze slowly past her reddend lips into her asshole. She lay there tied, dripping and helpless with her toes pulling on her nipples as Chris and John watched. I stroked quickly and came on the desktop as the video ended wishing I could feel her again. I envied how both men could pleasure her without even undressing. The last day of the trip would put Heather over the top. That story is reserved for part three with more surprizes to come. You'll be surprized as much as I was.


2009-08-22 09:29:30
My comments re Part One are maintained for this Part Two. If true story then fine.


2007-03-09 15:17:54
so far so good. still feel sorry for you though.


2005-11-08 13:11:36
i did with mom in the presence of my dad fucking my wife


2005-06-21 19:47:36
This sure gor my girl juice flowing, uh boy.

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