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This is like a prologue of what will come. Please comment and tell me if you would like me to continue

I was in my mother’s village for my summer vacations. I was sitting under the shadow of a big eucalyptus tree with my cousin Jimmy enjoying an afternoon coffee. From where we were standing we had a great view of almost the whole village cause we were in a small hill. My uncle, a seventy year old farmer has just awakened from his afternoon nap. He took a chair and sat near us. Then I heard the church bell ring in a tone that indicated bereavement. I turned to my uncle and asked him.

“Did anybody die?”

“Yes nephew. Yesterday night the son of the “priest” died from a heart attack. His funeral is scheduled to be here. He’ll be buried in the family grave of his father.”

The “priest”! No one in the village mentioned his name since he died. Never! For he was a wicked evil man. During the years of the German occupation in the Second World War he acted as a traitor. He betrayed people from the resistance hiding in the wilds. And he created a big fortune of it. In later days, during the dictatorship, he took again this role. He was a tyrant masked as a holy man. He pinpointed the brother of my uncle as a communist and he was tortured by the authorities, exiled and died in exile from untreated wounds.

I still remembered the story that my uncle said to me one night that he was really drunk. I was asking him about his brother. He finally told me but kept going. He said that the “priest” tortured a lot of people in the village including his family. In his dying bed he was fighting for six days. He couldn’t die in easy terms. He asked his wife to call my grandfather and my uncle. He begged them to forgive him for what he did to them. My grandfather, a man of a pure good heart, seeing him in that agony forgave him and with those words he finally exhaled his last breath and died. The entire village was happy. A villager that was serving as an undertaker got really drunk in order to dig the grave. When they finally buried him it was like a veil of shadow had been lifted from the village. Some years later the “priest’s” wife died and again the elders of the village “convinced” the undertaker to open the grave. It was a really hot day. The man was drunk but did his duty. In his intoxication he didn’t realized that his shovel broke the coffin of the “priest”. And then he saw it. He started screaming and cursing him. The body of the priest hadn’t melted. It was lying there like he was sleeping. It’s hair have grown as did it’s nails but the rest was the same. “You didn’t melt you accursed bastard. You still haunt us. You became a vampire!” And then after a final scream he swung his shovel and cut of the body’s head. Then he fainted. My uncle and some others found him there, lying near the body. His hair were now white and he had shitted himself out of fear. They drugged him out and covered quickly the coffin. The burial finished fast.

I remember having nightmares for days after I heard that story. I was seeing hands with big nails and teeth trying to bite me. I felt a shivering in the back of my neck and returned to reality.

The same night I was sitting under the same tree with my cousin and we were talking about this awful story, drinking local wine. Then we changed the subject talking about vampires and their lore. How they are killed and stuff. We argued a bit about the silver. I told him that silver is used against the werewolves. He finally agreed. The wine helped us a lot to relax and think about other things. Suddenly our faithful dog that was sitting near our legs got up and barked really loud warning us that something was near.

“It must be a fox, my cousin said.

“Or a vampire, I answered and we both started laughing.

After a while he said he was too drunk and bid me goodnight. I thought it would be a shame not to finish the half filled bottle of wine and stayed there with my thoughts. From time to time I watched my dog’s head lifting up, smelling and then getting back down. I started patting him in the head and his tail started swinging happily for the attention I gave him.

All of a sudden he stood up and started growling. Then he ran to the sheep fold and I heard their bells rang. I decided to investigate it because we had a lot of foxes in the nearby area and they raided our chickens and small lamps. I took a wooden branch, placed it in my arms as a shepherd would and walked at the direction my dog went.

The night was bright and there was almost a full moon so I was seeing where I was stepping. When I approached I heard a dog cry and something like a snap. I held the branch with both my arms and asked if anybody was there. For some seconds there was silence and then I saw her coming to me.

I was awed by her beauty. She was Caucasian, 6 feet tall with long blond hair. She was wearing a tiny skirt, which revealed the length and the beauty of her legs and a tight t shirt. I saw the carvings of her breasts which I was sure they were really big and firm. Her nipples were piercing the t shirt and I had a huge erection. How couldn’t I? She was the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. And then I focused on her eyes. Her eyes were emerald green and I felt drowning in to them. I couldn’t stop looking. It was like she hypnotized me and I hadn’t realized how close to me she now was. I felt my cock moving in my pants. Demanding to be released and ejaculated…


I stood steel for I don’t know how long. I felt her hands taking the wooden branch out of mine and heard her voice for the first time.

“You won’t be needing these now hunny, would you? I mean I am just a simple girl. I am no threat to you.”

I was still looking at her eyes and saw them changing from emerald green to scarlet red. I saw hanger (or was it thirst) deep inside. I tried to move but I felt a devastating blow in the back of my head and I fall unconscious.

When I opened my eyes I realized I was seating in a chair tightened up. I concentrated a little, just to send away the pain from the back of my head and started focusing on my whereabouts. I clearly was in a small apartment. I didn’t remember how I arrived. I was in a small leaving room with no furniture except the chair I was and a wooden table. I noticed a small bathroom and another room. The door was open. Inside the room was a semi double bed and on it the woman from last night was sleeping completely naked. The stores from the window and the balcony were closed and thick black curtains covering them. I must have passed out for almost twelve hours judging from my hanger and from the fact I could see some light behind the curtains. I started trying to escape from the rope that restrained me but my efforts were useless. “Oh my god! She will kill me”, I thought. In my agony I started moving my muscles again and this time I felt I was loosening a bit. With an adrenaline rush through my veins I lifted my body and the chair and smashed it in the wall. I felt dizzy and fainted again.

When I woke up I was free and the chair was destroyed. I must have passed out for two or three hours but I could still see the light behind the curtains. A diabolical smile engraved in my mouth. I somehow knew what she was. I approached the wooden table and broke one of it’s legs. When I saw that the edge was sharp I held it with both my hands and walked towards her room. I saw her there standing steel. She didn’t need to breath. I focused on her curves. She was really beautiful. My cock grew and wanted more. The feeling overwhelmed me. I left the wooden stake down and ran to the leaving room and grabbed the rope. I tied her hands and the top of her body as best as I could. Her breasts were squeezed from the rope and I saw they were bigger than I thought. Her nipples had a brown red color and were hard. I couldn’t stop myself. I started licking, sucking and biting them. With one hand I took out my cock that demanded more. More than sucking her nipples. I reached down to her legs and spread them open. I put my hand in to her pussy. I was feeling her womanly juices and I placed two fingers inside her. She was wet. My cock wanted to fuck her. Fuck her hard. My erection was so big like never before. I left her breasts and started licking her pussy. With my tongue I found her clitoris and felt her respond. She spread her legs more and lifted her waist closer to me. She was dripping and moved her body in the rhythm of my tongue, her eyes still closed. I heard her moan.

My mind was screaming to my body to stop. That this was a necrophilia that I was committing. My body didn’t listen. I drove my cock in to her pussy and started ramming her fast and hard. I saw a smile in her lips. She knew what I was doing but I still couldn’t stop. I couldn’t control myself. I was fucking her like I never did before. Strong pushes in to her tight pussy that flooded with juices making my job easier. Then she opened her eyes…

She stretched her hands and broke the rope like it was just a small fibre. Then her hands grabbed my ass and forced me to fuck her harder. Her moans were in a higher tone and I joined her when we both were cumming. She lifted me up and placed me in the bed like I was a tiny puppet to her arms. My cock was still hard. She lowered her body and she took it all in her mouth. She didn’t need to breath nor she was gagging. I felt the entire length of my cock swallowed in to her throat. Wow! I thought. I saw her head keep going up and down and her tongue licking my shaft and while she had it deep inside her throat, her tongue licked my balls making them harder. She was doing it faster now and when with her other hand caressed my balls I started cumming in to her mouth for over a minute. She swallowed my cum and released my still hard cock from her mouth. She grabbed it and mounted me, driving it in to her pussy once again. I had just finished two times and was hard as a rock. She arched her body in an amazing position and started humping and circling the same time. Her fluids drip from her cunt. She moaned and screamed as her orgasm was building up and suddenly she grabbed my hands and pulled me close to her embracing me.

“I’m coming!” she screamed and I saw her canines growing bigger. Then she took my head with her arms, turn it just to see my neck and bite my carotid artery. I was in pure ecstasy as she sucked my blood and I cum inside her once more jetting at least 10 springs of semen in to her pushy. Then I felt the dizziness as my life was pumped out and I closed my eyes…

I opened my eyes!!!

It was dark but I could see everything so brightly as if it was a day. I heard the sower in the bathroom and her voice singing. I touched my neck and found no wound. I heard her coming out from the bathroom but I knew that no man alive could hear her catwalk. When she came in the room her eyes opened in true horror that I tasted in my mouth.

“Impossible! I drain all your blood. I didn’t turn you in one of us I’m sure, she said with a trembling voice.

My now twisted soul fed in her agony and fear. Even the devil himself couldn’t copy the smile in my lips. I thought that I reached pure ecstasy while she bitted me and I came in to her but now I knew I was wrong. Ecstasy is the pure fear from a creature alive or undead watching me smile like this. I saw her moving in real slow motion and trying to grab the wooden stick that had been left under the bed. I saw the panic in her eyes as I took it first and destroying it. I saw her body flying in the wall as my fist hit her hard. I saw her standing there as I came closed to her within a millisecond. And I heard a voice so dark and evil saying these words:


It was my mouth that spoke these words. It was my uppercut fist that beheaded her and at this moment my mind was freed from the evil that occupied it while seeing her body turning to ashes

It’s nearly dawn now. I beg whoever finds this letter to bury me ashes in a hallowed ground. I know what I am now and how I can die. I will pile the wooden stick in my heart and watch the sunrise for the last time. Vampires exist and the humans must find them and destroy them all.

Please stranger bury my ashes. You will find them at the balcony…

I feel the evil inside me growing stronger


I can’t hold it for long. I must hurry and drive the stick to…


my heart. Please! Whoever you are warn the mankin….


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2011-03-30 23:51:42
after 50 years ago where you stare. after 50 years where y go. think about you. naria-shariatpur. cuntry banglades

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2011-03-27 15:52:12
good story but @ the end he should not have killed her or killed himself .....
Like happily ever after . A vampire couple , that would have been nice .........

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2011-03-14 21:55:08
give him a break, the story is good, he probably just doesnt speak english very well. and seriously, if youre gonna correct someone about spelling, check your own shit first. assholes.

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2011-03-11 15:05:38
Holy fuck, you can't spell for shit. What's MORE annoying is that the people who are telling you to correct all your errors can't spell for shit either.

Guy below me, the word is GRAMMAR, not grammer. If you're going to call someone out on spelling, and I'm talking to all of the losers below me, then know how to spell yourselves. Punctuation, spelling, and grammar are your friends. Now make good use out of your time and learn how to do this or don't do it at all.

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2011-01-28 03:19:16
grammer grammer grammer, didn't make it past the first paragraph.

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