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This fantasy story doesn’t enter the vein of graphic sexual content, sorry. Brothers and sisters always don’t get along. I hope you find it interesting.
I had and still have a dominating older sister who was a real cruel bitch growing up. I never could understand her motives of being so cruel. She made straight A’s in school and had lots of friends. In Jr High and High School, she was very popular, especially with the guys. JJ had a slim, curvy body with moderate breasts, not over baring. She was topped off with attractive deep blue eyes accenting her light smooth skin and blonde hair. In all deions of JJ, she was classified as a gorgeous knock-out by all the guys! A lot of my friends kidded me about seeing JJ naked in our home. They quizzed me about beating off after seeing her naked, but that happening was just fantasyland. Still, she was a knock-out, but one cruel bitch! She’d go out of her way to play some cruel, devastating prank on someone, even though they had no personal contact with her. JJ seemed to get weird satisfaction from inflecting pain on others! A close friend of mine in High School had a very pretty girl friend. They were what you would call, High School sweethearts. Everyone expected them to go to College together and maybe to get married in College. The girl had to go into the hospital for a minor operation to remove a growth and check to see if it was cancerous or not. Well JJ started a rumor that she was knocked up by some black football players when, at an after game party, she allowed the players to gang bang her; causing her parents to her get an abortion, which was totally untrue. The operation went off fine and she had no cancerous cells after the testing and she soon returned to school. The rumor mill was going full throttle about the football players banging her and getting her pregnant or another story was that she went to a wild beach party out at the local lake, got drunk and let herself be gang banged! In any case, she lost her boyfriend and got so depressed and despondent over all the comments from other students that she committed suicide! I confronted JJ about the whole rumor tale that only I knew she started, but pure JJ, she commented sarcastically that the girl had it coming! That I knew, JJ never had any contact with this girl directly or indirectly. They had never met! JJ was just that cruel!

JJ went on to college and ended up teaching in a community college in an adjoining state with a PhD in chemistry. She left home while I was still in High School. That was almost fifteen years ago. We communicated very little after she left, until our parents died.

Our parents died within three years of one another. We saw each other at their funerals and talked some. She surprised me by offering to treat me to lunch and I accepted. After all, she and I are now our only blood kin. It would be nice to be on good terms. Our mother has been dead for four years now. My sister and I are all that’s left of our immediate family.

I’m Jake and I married my college sweetheart and obtained two degrees, one in Mechanical Engineering and another in Business Administration. A year later I had my MBA. Sally, my wife was a high school guidance counselor and loved to play tennis. One day, she will make a good mother to raise our kids and help them in their sports activities. In her view and mine, kids playing sports teaches them a lot of lessons that can be applied to life. Working in a group and cooperating so the group will win together.

Well, Sally had a fall playing tennis and tore a ligament in her knee. About my only choice for help beside JJ was my second cousin through marriage, but he and his wife were vets and had nine children. That family had little time to spare, much less help me and Sally. Sally suggested I phone JJ and ask her for help. She didn’t believe all the things I told her JJ had done. Sally didn’t believe anyone could be that cruel.

I called JJ to hint to her that I needed help. I could take care of Sally by myself, but I was scheduled to go to the Congo for six months over seeing a river bridge construction project. Sally argued against me going, but we compromised. I’d earn a fat bonus when the project was completed and that would mean we could finally, comfortably, afford a child. I had been finding excuses to put off having children. I wanted children, but I was scared of being a parent and if I’d be a good parent. I also was thinking of the added costs of schooling and college. We also needed to remodel the house a little. We needed to take in our double carport for an office for the two of us and build a garage in the rear. That way we could make use of the bedroom, our current office, next to ours for the baby. Sally now had me. I’d be in the Congo on the bridge project and she’d see her doctor and get off her birth control pills, so she’d be good and fertile when I got home in six to eight months. At least it gave me something to look forward to. With the time off I was guaranteed upon my return, Sally and I could enjoy our selves in sexual pleasure and make our baby!

On the phone, I brought JJ up to present on our situation and she seemed to leap at the chance to stay at our house and help Sally. I was relieved but apprehensive at the same time. JJ was scheduled to help another professor conduct a couple of three day seminars, but she got several graduate students to fill in for her, since she was just assisting and not the main instructor everything would work fine. So all was planned and scheduled. JJ arrived at our home and I was already packing to go. I left two days later for the Congo. The company had air freighted all copies of the plans and materials already to everyone who might need to refer to them.

I said all my goodbyes and took a taxi to the airport. I hoped Sally and JJ would get along together. What happened, I would never have imagined in my wildest dreams.

The project took double the amount of time it was estimated to take. In the final analysis, the bridge was a complete success, but getting supplies was the holdup. Especially whenever something unexpected happened, the solution was made more difficult by transportation. I arrived home with an enormous bonus and four months paid vacation, plus the company added some bonus time. What surprised me at home was another story.

JJ had stayed with Sally and took vacation leave from her college. She returned to her teaching position a month before I arrived home. JJ didn’t want to meet me face to face, as it turns out!

Pam met me at the door. She was the thirteen year old teenager that lived next door. Pam informed me that she was babysitting. Sally had gone out for the night. My first question was, “Babysitting whose baby?”

“Why, Sally’s and yours, I-I-I- I guess!” She led me into the bedroom that Sally had transformed into a nursery. In a baby bed was a five month old baby girl, as black as the ace of spades! I asked Pam lots of questions, but the only answer I got from her was that Sally had been going out with a lot of black men since I left and more often than not, she would have them spend the night with her. Pam was a thirteen year old teenager and not bold enough to say out loud that my wife had been fucking black men in our bed each night.

I left Pam with the baby and went to talk to her mother, Laura. Laura told me that Sally was sad at my leaving and JJ took her out nightclubbing one night about two weeks after I left, when Sally was able to hobble around on her crutches. Laura thought that JJ may have drugged Sally, because they returned home in the early morning hours with two car loads of black men following them. For the next four days and nights, there was a constant flow of black men through my bedroom fucking Sally, all organized by my sister, JJ. Sally ended up pregnant and fucked black man after black man all through her pregnancy until her physical pregnant condition wouldn’t allow her any more. As soon as the baby was born, Sally started immediately fucking black men as soon as she physically could! Of course that led to her second pregnancy!

“I saw a car pick up Sally about four this afternoon and she was dressed up ready to go party. She took off in the car with three black guys.”

I remarked to Laura, “I guess she’s going to get pregnant again, if she’s not careful!”

“Jake, Sally told me yesterday morning that going black in the sack has given her the most sexual pleasure she’s ever had from being female. She said when you got back; you’d better look for your female pleasure elsewhere because you’re never getting between her legs ever again! Her words, not mine!

Oh, and you needn’t worry about Sally getting pregnant again, Jake. I’m guessing neither of them wrote you about what was going on. When Sally bore the baby, as soon as she was physically able, she started inviting guys, black guys, to spend the night with her again. Right now, Sally is about four or five months pregnant with her second black baby. We had coffee yesterday morning, and she told me about you probably coming in. That’s why she’s gone now. I know she packed an over night bag and she plans on being gone through Sunday night, five days from now. She told me to tell you that she plans on coming home extremely well fucked by no less than fifty black men by then! She also wanted you to know that from now on, she’ll be inviting her lovers to spend the night with her in the bed that used to be your marriage bed. She moved all your things into the guest room. Sally said you will no longer sleep with her any more! She said she’s going to be baring black babies with whoever gets her pregnant for the rest of child baring years! If you don’t like it you can pack up and leave before Sunday when she gets back! That’s the message I was supposed to deliver to you! I asked Sally to write you a letter or at least a note, but she said, and I quote, “Fuck him and his little dick! He doesn’t rate any letter or note from me! He can’t satisfy me with his little dick anyway! I need big black meat in me, now that I know what real pleasure from a real man is!”

“What happened here? How did Sally become this way?

“Jake, I don’t want to blame your sister, but I think she instigated the whole thing. Right after that night that JJ took Sally to the club and they came home with about a dozen black men following them, I talked to some people at the night club and to Sally to find out what went on. Sally said they went to a night club to drink a little and listen to the music for an hour. Sally hadn’t even finished her first drink yet, when she started feeling funny. She figured the booze and her medicine caused it, so she stopped drinking. Some black guys asked Sally to dance, but she didn’t want to. JJ told them to take Sally onto the dance floor and hold her up and encouraged them to feel her up. Sally said before long JJ encouraged the guys to take Sally’s clothes off because she needed a real good fucking, because you had a little boys dick and besides that, you were gone! Sally tried to resist, but it was no use. In a few short minutes, Sally was laying naked on a table in the back of the place, with a black dick in her mouth and another fucking her pussy! JJ brought her home early in the morning and had arranged for the men from the bar to come to your house and take turns fucking her for the next week, every day, and every night! JJ kept count and told Sally later that she had one hundred and forty-one black studs emptied their sperm into her in one week! That’s how Sally got pregnant and also got the uncontrollable urge to let any number of black men fuck her unprotected cunt! Sally said yesterday that she herself estimates that since you’ve been gone the past sixteen months, she’s averaged about twenty guys a day, every day, so she’s had about six thousand black dicks in her pussy depositing their sperm and she doesn’t regret one stroke inside her! She’s had so many big dicks in her that she admits she so stretched open she can hardly feel them one at a time, she likes to have two inside her at the same time, but she still wants to be fucked a lot and have more black babies!”

I sat in silence. I couldn’t believe that my own sister had ruined my wife like this and my life and my marriage. I wanted to teach her a lesson, a very good lesson, one that she will always think about. I had made friends with a doctor in the Congo and he was in the States now trying to raise funds for a couple of clinics out in the far reaches of the jungle. The clinics were used for normal health care, nothing as complicated as open heart surgery. Any serious situations, the military would fly in a helicopter to rescue someone. He would take any help he could get. Any type of aid would help and could be used in the city or in a village clinic.

He had a clinic in a small village near the bridge site and my company had made a connection with him on one of the first on the ground visits to recon the ground area to set up for the actual bridge construction. By the time we finished the bridge, we had also finished building him a new clinic. Utilizing some contacts in the States, I got construction materials donated and we used the same transportation we used for the bridge and brought in the clinic materials too. Our guidance and native labor built a completely new hospital in the village at the bridge site. With a metal roof and sturdy steel construction, the hospital should last for at least fifty years. I could never pronounce the Doctor’s native name and neither could any one else, so we all just called him ‘Doc”. My company designed the clinic, got the materials donated and the village built “their” new medical clinic, with our help.

Doc had scheduled a visit to stay at my house for a couple of days while he was visiting the States. My boss wanted to meet him and we had taken up a collection so he could purchase needed supplies in the future. Now at home, with the situation with my wife, I thought about him being a doctor and black, I could maybe convince him to bed down with my wife, to get close to her and help me figure something out. He might be able to give me some tips about changing her desire for black dicks. Later on that evening, I met Doc at the airport and took him to our company’s offices. Along the way I told him about my wife and what was happening with her and I really didn’t have a clue of what to do about it. I also wanted to teach JJ a lesson she’d never forget. I didn’t know where Sally had gone or when she’d return home. Pam said Sally left with a packed overnight bag. I invited Doc to sleep at my house and hoped that Sally would get home before Doc left in a few days. Even if Doc didn’t get a chance to see her or examine her, he could still give me an unbiased honest opinion.

With all of the traveling, shaking hands, and banquet meals, Doc just wanted to relax for a couple of days at my house and was in the mood for some good seafood. We went to a nearby restaurant that I knew had very delicious seafood of many variety and after we ate, we took an order back to my place for later. We were almost through eating when my wife called to check in with me. She avoided questions about where she was, although I could hear voices and rude comments about me in the background. Some guy asked her if she was talking to her little white dick husband. I asked her to at least come meet my friend whom I had spent nearly a year with in the Congo. “At least come say hello and meet Doc so he knows you actually exist!” I pleaded. She finally gave in and said, “I’ll be home in about an hour, first I’ve got to clean up a bit and get dressed.” I noticed that Sally put emphasis on the “get dressed” part of her conversation. With the crude slang talk in the background, I could tell she was in the company of a number of black men and then as she said she’d have to get dressed, there was laughter and insulting comments in the background, “Tell your little dick husband that he can’t have any pussy because it all belongs to us now! Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!”. Doc and I talked while waiting for Sally to get home and I filled him in about my situation with Sally as best as I could understand it at the present time. I asked him for any advice he could give me, I was desperate for help!

Just as I finished giving Doc a short version of who JJ was, our front door opened and Sally walked in accompanied by a few of her “friends”. Sally looked like a street hooker. Extremely revealing short skirt, low cut top and as she twirled, she showed off she had no panties and her smooth shaved pussy! Sally looked at me and grinned while rubbing her growing black baby belly, like a child who was just caught doing something very naughty by their parents and was proud of their own actions!

Sally walked over to Doc, “Hi, I’m Sally; you must be Doc glad to finally meet you.” As she stuck out her hand to shake Doc’s hand, “These are my friends, very close friends” as she reached down and patted their crotches and they just grinned. “Sorry I can’t stay, Doc, but I’m expected at this party I’m going to. You see, I’m bringing the pussy and a party without pussy is no party at all! I’ll be naked in bed for the next five days being fucked by these guys and their friends! Jake doesn’t fill his role as a husband! He needs lots of help to take care of me, so I have lots of lovers with big black cocks”, smiling as she said this, I think for Doc’s benefit since he was black! “Glad to finally meet you Doc, bye honey. Hope I never see your little white dick again!”

With that comment, Sally walked out the door to go gang fuck a bunch of black men for the rest of the week, telling me to get out, she needed the bed space for her lovers to live with her permanently! I stood by the front door as the group walked to her car. Sally turned and looked at me, grinning as she tossed her purse into the car! Then, while standing in our front yard with some of the neighbors watching, including some teenage boys, Sally slowly took off all her clothes, dropping them at her feet, leaving them on the ground by the driveway. As she got into the car, naked, with her “friends”! All four of them were laughing loudly at my humiliation, making crude insulting comments about me!

Not commenting, I turned around and went back into the house with Doc. Doc asked me what did I want to do about Sally and JJ? “I would love to teach my sister a life long lesson that she can’t spend her life playing cruel tricks on innocent people! She caused one girl in our high school to commit suicide! She played an extremely cruel joke on the girl and knew that at the time the girl was severely depressed dealing with possibly having cancer! I can’t think of anything to do about either of them! Do you have any ideas, Doc?”

How far do you want to go?” The suggestion I would make would be to do the same thing to JJ that she did to your wife. Has JJ ever had sex with a man? I would bet, that the same drugs that made Sally into a whore for black men, would have the same affect on JJ. JJ would turn into a whore for black men and have their babies! She’s probably never thought about protection against pregnancy because she doesn’t allow men to penetrate her vagina! Jake, lets breed your sister!”

Doc started laughing and commented, “There is something that is ironic in turning your sister into a black whore after she turned your wife into a black dick whore! I might suggest for your sister, if you can figure a way to visit JJ and spend the night at her house or get her here then you could put the drug in her drink. I can even make up an injection that will make a woman extremely fertile and force ovulation to get pregnant! Jake, let me lay out this plan for you. First we need to get your next door neighbor over here along with her daughter so all of us are on the same page.”

I called next door and Laura came over, Pam was still in the bedroom tending to the baby. We all sat together at the dining room table.

Doc laid out his plan. I’d repack my bags and supposedly arrive at JJ’s home straight from overseas. I’ll contend that I called home and talked to Laura and was just told that Sally had gone out for the week with friends and JJ had gone back home. I’d take JJ out to dinner at a very nice restaurant to thank her for her help with Sally, still not mentioning any knowledge of Sally’s black boy toys or her baby. I’d have to play everything on the run to have the right time to slip the sleep drug into her drink. I would stall my leaving, hoping that JJ would just drop off to sleep in front of a boring TV program. I needed to be around when she dozed off to sleep, so I could give her the injection of the drugs that would increase her sexual desire and her ovulation cycle.

“Doc, I’m so mad at JJ! I’ve never done anything against her! In my younger days growing up, I was always afraid of JJ and kept clear of her. As an adult and her brother, I’ve helped her out several times, mostly with money! I paid her down payment on her current house! If it weren’t for me, she wouldn’t even have her current job at the college! I had the contacts that got her an interview! They had already decided to hire someone else before they even talked to her! I talked to my friend and talked her up so good that he recommended that the panel interview her and she made a good impression on them and they hired her. But what she’s done now, I’m ready to put it too her!”

Now for your wife, you’ve got a real problem there. I suggest you forget her and move out of the house and divorce her. I know it’ll be tough, but I can’t think of anything else. Sally has had one black baby and is five months pregnant with a second. Her vagina is already stretched open way beyond normal because of the men she’s having sex with. Her opening will never go back to normal which means she can never satisfy a normal man like you. Your only hope is to get her home alone and dose her with some drugs that kill a woman’s sex drive. The problem here is that you could terminate her sexual drive for the rest of her life and yours! You may just have to chance it if you really want her back! You may have to terminate her libido in order to have her back as your wife. In any case, you’ll have two black babies to care for! You’ll have to think hard about your decision.”

Laura and Doc helped me repack my bags. Laura set my house phone to transfer the calls to her line next door so Pam wouldn’t have to deal with Sally’s “Dates” trying to get in touch! Doc took me to the airport in Laura’s car and dropped me off. I took a taxi to JJ’s and knocked at the door. It was late in the afternoon, after her class work was done. JJ answered the door and hugged me. I entered and left my bags by the door. After explaining why I was at her place, I offered to take her to dinner and afterwards she could drive me to rent a car to drive home. She agreed to do it.

Dinner was pleasant and I talked about my bridge, after JJ told me about Sally and getting her knee into good condition to play tennis again. After eating, we went to JJ’s car and she drove to her house. We had to make a fuel stop and as I filled her car, she took a restroom break. That was perfect. She had a go cup from the restaurant and I put the drug in it while she went! I stirred it up and continued refueling the car. In a short while, we were on our way again. The plan couldn’t have been executed any better. By the time we got to her house, JJ was getting groggy. I asked JJ if we could watch the news. I would rest awhile, then call a cab to take me to the airport to get a rental car. I had been out of touch for so long. I saw JJ getting sleepy. We talked during the news cast. She made one slip, if it actually was a slip, but I let pass without a comment. She asked me if I ever thought about allowing Sally to spend a weekend with several black men having sex with all of them. I just kept the conversation going like she didn’t say a thing. As the news cast ended, I looked at JJ and she was sound asleep. I quickly got out the injection syringe and gave her the shot Doc had prepared. Then I woke JJ and thanked her and gave her a hug. The taxi I had called had arrived. I went to get my rental car that I had left in the airport garage and drove home; leaving my sister and what would follow could be very interesting.

The next day, I turned in my rental car and Laura picked me up. She took me to buy another vehicle. Sally had given mine away to one of her “friends” while I was in the Congo. She had our new one. I didn’t stay home; I stayed at a nearby motel for a few days and then moved into a vacant room at Laura’s house so I could watch what Sally was up too. Laura said she felt safer with me there anyway because one afternoon a couple of my wife’s “friends” forced Pam on Sally’s bed and undressed her. They would have raped her too; with Sally actually watching and cheering them on by telling them Pam needed a black baby in her tummy to make her a real woman! What stopped it was Laura coming home, hearing Pam screaming, and taking out her pistol to rescue her daughter! That’s how far gone Sally is! Pam was only twelve then and Sally was willing to watch her “friends” rape a twelve year old girl and maybe get her pregnant! Laura is a gutsy mom! She used to be on the local police force before some city layoffs.

Sally came home with a couple of black men on Sunday afternoon. She actually went into our back yard, with no privacy fence, to get a suntan while naked. Her two “studs” came out a little later and played around and actually fucked her in the wide open back yard! I was watching from the den window and Pam walked up beside me and looked out. “Sally does that a lot in your back yard!”

I looked at Pam, “Does just what, Pam?” I wanted to know what Sally let the neighbors see!

“Oh, just what she’s doing now! Letting big black men fuck her and sometimes she sucks another one off while the other is fucking her! You know your wife has tried to get me to let her men fuck me! In fact about three weeks ago, she tried to get me to spend my long holiday weekend at her house in a gang bang with her boyfriends. She promised me that they’d definitely get me pregnant! Like I WANTED to get pregnant! GOD, I’M ONLY THIRTEEN!”

I hid anything that gave any clue that I was at Laura’s as she invited Sally over to talk about Pam taking care of her baby. It was putting too much responsibility on young Pam. Laura made some cold lemonade for the two of them and put Doc’s preion sleeping power in the lemonade. Laura put the medicine in the pitcher; she figured if she went to sleep, Pam was at home. She wanted to make sure Sally drank it down and went to sleep. They both drank and eventually fell asleep. Pam and I put Laura in her own bed next door. We took Sally home and put her into her own bed, routed the phone calls back to Laura’s house so I could answer. I figured that any guy who called would immediately hang up if I answered and they did! One caller asked, “Just who in the hell are you nigger!” I answered, “I’m not black! I’m Sally’s white husband and to whom am I speaking!” He quickly hung up.

At home, I took Sally’s clothes off and put her night gown on, so when she woke up, she’d think she was just waking up from sleeping all night. Doc gave Sally an injection to make her sleep soundly.

I took Doc to the local large hospital to inquire about any aid they could give Doc for his clinic. I had a letter from the president of our construction company listing our and others aid. Later that day, Doc talked to our local physician before leaving town and got some help in acquiring the few drugs he needed for Sally. Our doctor promised to order an ambulance to bring Sally to a local sanitarium where he issued orders for Sally to be kept under lockup and close observation. He was ready for my call after I returned home and Sally was asleep.

After arriving back home, Doc immediately checked on Sally. She was still asleep. He gave her the injections to kill her longing for any sex at all and then called our family physician and updated him about Sally’s condition. Almost immediately, an ambulance arrived to pick up Sally and transport her to a local sanitarium where she could looked after by our doctor for the short time necessary.

I got my company to transfer me far away to another state temporarily. I had a big promotion coming, along with a move overseas for two years, pending. Sally got out of the sanitarium, was on some mood altering meds for a short time, a lower dose every week whining her off the meds, always under our doctor’s care. She’s as normal as she’ll ever be. We have no sex life; that’s dead for her. She takes good care of her, rather our, two black children. We decided to keep them. Sally can’t remember any of the sex or even getting pregnant at all. She seems to accept what Laura, Pam and I told her happened.

JJ was turned into a black loving whore! She was terminated from her job teaching at the College when it was discovered that she was entertaining black athletes in her bed every night, under the guise of tutoring. The NCAA filed charges of rule violations using sex to lure players to sign on scholarships. Since JJ was on facility and not a student, the charges were obvious to them. JJ was terminated, but she needed income. She loved fucking black men and her choices were very limited. JJ took advantage of her true love! My sister now has three black children by whom she doesn’t know or care and is pregnant currently with another! I was told by a friend, who thought I should know about what my sister was doing, that she was offering herself to black men to make babies with. She’d keep the baby if they weren’t interested! It’s interesting what the right drugs can do! My former lesbian inclined sister is now a black cock whore, making her living by fucking black men and making babies with them!

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