True Story. Don't like it? Don't read it.
This is a true story. If you don't like it, too bad. It's happened and we can't change anything about it. Thanks for reading!

*Country music playing on the car radio*

Here I was, shifting from the big life in LA to the no-life in the middle of nowhere. My dad got transferred to a place in Idaho, which meant leaving sunny LA and starting all over. Life can be such a pain sometimes... Anyways, my dad said it wouldn't be all bad because he bought a house on the nicest street in town. Wait a minute, did he say "bought"?! Yes. We were staying here for good. And that wasn't the worst part, I had to go to an ALL boys school! Sure I'm a 13 year old bi-sexual, but that doesn't stop me from hanging out with girls!

The car pulled up in front of our new house. It was a GIANT white house! I'd surely be exploring this place as soon as possible. In the mean time, it was unpacking all the boxes. How fun does that sound? Yeah. 

I was unpacking my last box when I saw out of the corner of my eye a shirtless boy. He must have been around 12-13 years old, my age. He had short brown hair, which he kept up with some gel. I would say he was about 5ft6". He was practicing some soccer tricks barefoot. He was such a pleasure to watch that I barely noticed the tent forming in my shorts!
I think I might actually like this place after all... 

I finished taking the rest of my stuff out of the boxes and ran downstairs to see if the boy was still there. Surely enough, he was. He was laying on the grass, eyes closed, hands behind his head. I grabbed my bike and rode past him, as if nothing was happening.

Did I forget to present my self? My name is Jack, I'm 13 years old, and am bi-sexual. I'm about 5ft8" and play basketball. I have short brown hair which I always put keep in a mini-mohawk. My dick, uncut, is about 3.5" when soft and 6" when hard. I love music, sports, and friends. I'm well-built because of all the sports I do. Well! Back to the story!

He caught him open his eyes to look at me. The was my goal entirely, to get his attention. He sat up and watched me show off on my bike. It was then and there that I realized how cute he was.

I stopped my bike right in front of him. He asked, "You the new kid right? Just moved here from LA, huh?"

"How'd you know?"

"Come one... This is a small town! News gets around fast!"

"Oh... Well my name's Jack. What's yours?"

"I'm Connor. What school you going to go to?"

"Awty's All Boys school..."

"Cool! So am I! I guess we'll be good friend eh?"

"Yeah I guess..." I said with a smile on my face,

"You wanna come in and play some games?"

"Sure!" I said, dying to get to know this kid.

We walked into his house and went upstairs to his room. The walls were covered with wrestling posters. I now knew one way to get to touch him.

He suggested we play COD 2 on his new XBOX 360. Being a 13 year old boy, this was an offer that no one could turn down. I picked up the controller and sat next to him on the floor. It was as I sat down that I realized there was a good two feet between us. I had to get closer some how. 

We started playing and, obviously, he was creaming me. I used this to my advantage. Every time he killed me, I leaned forward as if I were frustrated, and landed a few inches closer next to him.

There were only a few more inches between us. I deliberately let him kill me one more time, and landed right next to him, slightly brushing against his leg. He looked at me and smiled.

I smiled back and said, "Hey... I should get going now... It's getting late,"

"Oh you want to stay over for a sleepover?"

I just kept playing the question over in my head. Of course I wanted to stay! I'd officially fallen in love with this boy! He was cute, funny, and had the best personality in the world, "Sure!"

He let out the cutesy giggle and said,"Ok I'll wait for you here, go get your stuff"

"Ok be right back"

I ran out of the house and blasted through our front door, " Mom! Dad! I'm staying over at the neighbors house for the night!"

"Ok honey! Make sure your back by lunch tomorrow! We have to go visit the scho..."

I was already out the door and on my way to my crush's house. This was going to be an irresistible night. 

I shut Connor's door behind me and yelled out his name, "Connor? Where are you?"

"In the kitchen! I have good news!"

I walked through the kitchen finding Connor slip a pizza in the oven, "Hey Jack get this! My parents got a call from the police saying someone broke into our beach house in California! They left right away to see what was gone! We have the whole house to ourselves!"

"Sweet! Party time!" I said laughing.

We ate the whole pizza under 5 minutes. We ran up to his room and turned on the TV. Surely enough, he had professional wrestling on. He looked at me and said,"You wanna play a game?"

"What's the game?" I said playing dumb,

"Well we pretty much imitate what the pros are doing on TV... Without hurting each other that is!" He said smiling,

"Ok sure!"

We got through a few of the moves but it was a disaster! We were just jumping around the whole room, trying not to break anything. I said, "I have a better idea! How about we just do wrestling straight from the ground?"

"Sure sounds fun!" he said with a devilish look in his eyes.

I couldn't help but laugh. We got on our knees, me still laughing, so he said, "Why are laughing?" starting himself to laugh,  

"Sorry! You're just so cute..."

It was only there that I realized what I had just said. He just looked at me, dumbstruck. He got closer and closer, till his face was inches from mine. He kissed me on the lips.

Now it was my turn to stare, dumbstruck. I was so confused. I had no idea what was going on. I worked up the courage to kiss him back, but this time longer. 

I pulled off his shirt, and them took mine off. He had the softest skin, so smooth. I grabbed him in a hug and slipped my tongue in his mouth. We lay there, on the ground, for 10 minutes straight making out. My boner was struggling against my jeans, almost ripping through the fabric. I could feel his raging hard dick through his loose shorts, poking at my belly-button.

I slowly slid down to his shorts. Sucking his dick through the sleek material. I wrapped my fingers around the waistband, mesmerized by the smoothness of his skin. I slightly tugged, and slipped his shorts off, revealing blue boxer-briefs.

I massaged his dick through the thin fabric, listening to his moans of pleasure. My dreams were coming true. I just couldn't stand it anymore. I pulled off his briefs slowly, revealing the nicest dick I had ever seen. It must've been at least 6" long, rock hard and uncut.

I jacked him off, slowly kissing him passionately. The moans he let out made me bornite by the second. I slid down, paying much attention to his nipples, sucking and licking. He moaned so loud which pushed me over the edge. I engulfed his raging dick in my mouth, licking, sucking, appreciating. 

He slowly thrust his hips up and then grabbed my head. He surprised me, thrusting his whole dick in my mouth. I gagged, but was having too much pleasure I barely noticed. He thrust a few times and I felt the hot seed flow into my mouth. I sucked it all out, emptying his dick of any remnant fluid.

I got back up and kissed Connor passionately. He pushed me off, looked at me, and said, "I want you inside me". I smiled, and pulled the bottle of hand lotion out of my bag. I let him rub the cream onto my dick, as I applied some to his hole. 

I led him to his bed, and pushed his knees up to his chest. I lined up my throbbing cock to his hole. He already had his eyes closed and mouth wide open. I pushed in slowly. I felt the resistance, so I rubbed his dick. He relaxed, leaving me an entrance to his virgin hole. 

I thrust in hard and fast, letting him get a feel of my dick. He moaned with pleasure. I kept thrusting in and out, hearing his moans of ecstasy. I couldn't hold it any longer. 

I unleashed everything I had into him. My hot sperm flowed inside him. My dick got soft almost instantly, so I pulled out. I walked over to the light switch, and turned off all the lights. We lay on his bed, confused, but loved. 

I left the next morning, going to the school. I couldn't stop thinking about the previous night.

Connor and I have an active relationship and love each other very much. We are still in the closet though. If you like this, I'll write another one talking about some other things we did together. Thanks for reading!

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2012-10-01 18:57:30
Loved the story made me cum made me think of
My 1st time when I was
a teen.More detail next time

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2011-10-18 15:03:21
Really liked the story. Please keep them cumming...just make them longer

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2011-04-23 11:13:14
Very nice, and written well. Don't worry about the negative comments; if people can't use their imagination, that's their problem, not yours. I'd like to hear more of Jack + Connor's exploits, please!

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2011-04-10 01:26:21
it was like reading something from the 1800's your story has no life and its boring.

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2011-02-22 12:38:11
what true, sweet, homoerotic love. such cute, adorable hunky barely-in-their-teen boys!! my favorite!! please, write more about them...we love you doing this.

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