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She may have been taken and forced to be his, but was she really all that unwilling?
Well, this is my first story. I'm sorry if it bores you or is not that original, I'm still working on my writing skill. I agree it's not the best but I'm hoping it's not the worst. I'll continue the story mainly for myself, so if you do not enjoy this story, please feel free to leave a comment telling me how I can do better. Or not. Whatever.

It was a cool September night; dozens of clouds that made it incredibly dark outside covered the moon. It was so dark you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face. It was around midnight, I was restless, and sleep was not an option, so walking sounded like a good plan, or so I thought. Armed with a pair of sweat pants and a flimsy sweater, I marched into the night.

I wasn’t even five blocks from my house when I felt strong hands grab me and force me to the ground. I yelled in surprise, rolling onto my back I reached out into the dark. Those same strong pair hands grabbed mine and forced them upward. “Don’t fucking scream” a deep voice said, “I wouldn’t want to scar up that pretty face” it said. How in the hell can you see my face, is what I wanted to scream before a hand went up my sweater, and fondled one of my breasts. I opened my mouth to scream before a wet mouth was forced upon mine. I struggled against the man, my screams muffled by his mouth. His tongue invaded my mouth, forcing itself over mine and down my throat. I squirmed against him as I felt him unclasp my bra, giving him full access to my breasts.

His hand, surprisingly warm, rolled my nipple and a low moan escaped me. After he had freed his mouth from mine, I felt him rise off me. I scrambled to my feet only to be forced back down and had a wet cloth press against my mouth and nose. I struggled against him until everything went blank…

When I woke, I found myself on a large bed, a soft blanket atop me. I stretched finding my panties the only clothing on me. I thought nothing of it; I often slept in the nude. As I yawned and stretched, I heard a voice in the darkness that made me shiver. “Finally” it said, sounding amused. Blurry flashes of what happened earlier replayed through my mind and I scrambled off the bed. As soon as my feet touched the floor I was forced back onto the bed, a warm body pressed atop me. I felt his stomach rumble as he chuckled and I shivered. “Where do you think you’re going?” it asked. I didn’t answer, too frightened to speak. The same hand as before moved to my right breast and squeezed it gently while another hand felt my left. I squirmed against the body on top of me, desperately trying to escape the man’s hands. As I did, I felt his tongue begin to suck on one of my nipples and I moaned softly.

As the man continued to suck and nibble on my breasts, I found I had given up squirming against him. Instead, I continued to moan as his mouth and hands worked my breasts. “So we like that do we?” his voice asked. I whimpered against him, helpless. I searched for the face of the voice but only saw darkness. His stomach rumbled against mind as he chuckled again. I felt a hand on the side of my face, forcing it upward to meet him as his mouth came upon mine. He kissed me tenderly at first before parting my lips with his as he slid his tongue into my mouth. In the middle of our kissing, one of his hands slid down to where my panties were and I felt him tug them down. I whimpered against his mouth. I felt him slid his hand across my crotch and a finger slid and probed at my wetness. His lips left mine and I gasped, struggling under him. “Hmm, so we are enjoying this aren’t we?” he asked. I could hear the smile and smugness in his voice. It angered me but I was too frightened to say anything.

He began to insert two fingers into me and I gasped again. He froze after a few moments and laughed, darkly. “So” he said in an amused voice “you’ve never been with a man before?” he asked. Tears began rolling down my face as he said this and I shoved against him only to have him shove back against me. “Not to worry, I can easily fix that,” he said. He moved downward from me, pulling me with him. His lifted my legs around his shoulders and moved his mouth to my wetness. His hot tongue began licking at my folds and I moaned softly. After a moment, his slide his tongue into my opening and began moving it in and out. I gasped then and felt myself move against him, pushing against his mouth. God how his tongue felt. It felt beyond incredible, when a part of me knew it shouldn’t.

It didn’t take long until I felt my body spasm and warmth spread over me. My first orgasm, I thought. He sucked on my juices before removing my legs from his shoulders and rising from the bed. I wondered where he was and what his was doing when I heard clothing fall lightly to the ground. Terror filled me as I leapt from the bed, only to have his hands grab me and force me onto my knees. I still could not see him but I knew his was standing right in front of me. I felt something poke at my mouth and I gasped, moving my head away. His grip on my arms tightened as he moved me forward again, his member at my mouth once more. I shuddered, not sure what to do. I heard him sigh as he grabbed my hand and positioned it on his dick. “Wrap your hand around it, gently, and start moving it up and down,” he said. Uncertainty filled me as I did as instructed. Why, I wondered, thinking back I had done this so willingly. I stroked it slowly before hesitantly stroking it faster. I felt him thrust against me a few times as I did so.

Then, he removed my hand and pushed against my mouth once more. I kept my lips pressed in a tight line. He sighed again, and put a hand around my face and another around my neck. He gave a few light squeezes to my neck before becoming slightly rougher and made me gasp. Quickly, he inserted his hard dick into my mouth. He sighed, pleased, “now suck it” he commanded. I was slightly confused at first until he slid all but the tip of his member out of my mouth and shoved himself back in, his balls slapping against my mouth. I gagged around his large member and he waited before thrusting himself nearly all the way out and back in. I started my own rhythm then, as he continued to thrust against my mouth. I heard him grunt as he slid himself as far into my mouth as he could, gagging me in the process, and released. I tried to slide him out but he placed his hands firmly against my head, forcing me to stay in place. I swallowed his load best I could and coughed a couple of times once he had slid out from me.

I didn’t have time to react before he grabbed me again; lifting me to my feet and forcing me back onto the bed. I felt his hard member poke against me and I felt myself began to cry again, knowing what was coming. I sniffled a few times before his pressed his mouth against mine again, kissing me softly. His hands lifted my legs atop his shoulders like before and positioned his member at my womb. Surprisingly I found my voice then. “Please” I all but whispered. I felt him pause in his movements briefly. “Yes?” he asked. I swallowed, “don’t cum inside me” I whispered. “I-I don’t want to get pregnant.” I felt him laugh, my naiveness amused him. His slid into me then, slowly, until he was blocked. He began with a gentle thrust before picking his pace up and breaking the barrier that had keep him from entering into me completely. Pain swept through my body and I screamed then, tears rolling faster and faster down my eyes. He grunted, slowing his thrusts so my body could become accustomed to his size and length. He began to thrust faster inside me, sliding himself nearly all the way out then sliding back in, swiftly. My hands grabbed and squeezed at his shoulders as both pain and pleasure erupted through my body. I cried for some time as he thrusted in and out me. He kissed me then, urgently and tenderly until my cries turned into moans as he slammed into me. I felt him cringe against my mouth and he slid out of me. Quickly and somewhat roughly, he rolled me onto my stomach and slid me back to where my feet just touched the floor.

At first, I was confused until he dipped his head in between my ass cheeks and licked at my hole, inserting his tongue in and out swiftly. I felt him grab and slide my legs apart slowly, before he shoved himself into my hole. I screamed into the blankets from the pain, tears rerolling down my cheeks. It didn’t hurt as bad as it had when he had been inside my womb, but the pain was still intense nonetheless. He pounded into my ass swiftly, his sack slapping against me. I struggled against him, wondering why he seemed so urgent until I heard him moan and slide into me as far as possible before he released inside my ass. He groaned and moved against me a couple more times, before he had released his entire load. He leaned against me, breathing heavy, his member still inside before he slid out.
After he had pulled out, I rolled onto my side, facing where I thought he was. I felt him climb onto the bed and slid in next to me. Fear still lingered inside me as he pulled the covers over us. His hand found my face and he cradled it softly, leaning in to kiss me softly. His kindness confused me but I was too weary to think more about his actions. It wasn’t long until I drifted off to sleep, his hands stroking my face gently.

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