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A dark fantasy of submission...
The idea of a private “underground” dinner club, boasting fine dining and ambiance made the invite an easy acceptance by Krissy. Never one to miss opportunity of a relaxing evening with friends or workmates, she looked forward to the festivities. Her dining mates would be a new crowd, with promotion came new acquaintance and she now had touched the glass ceiling at work.

The only dinner companion she was familiar with was the hard charging, confident blonde that had been helping in Krissy’s transition into the new digs at work. Always sporting high-end designer garb and perfumed scent with heels as sharp as her wit and accelerated wisdom, Donna, the mentor of Krissy, controlled whatever room she entered. Knowing she’d be under wing made Krissy at ease attending the event. She had also been informed at time of invite that the normal office dress code of professional spec need not be followed, not that Donna followed the code at work precisely anyway. Yes, her blouses always had collar and her skirts tried to reach the required length, but the sheer form and fit of the outfits accentuated every curve of Donna’s body. There was never any complaints, all the male execs yielded and smiled in her wake, then enjoyed the view as she walked away to the next task.

Krissy stared into her closet at the extensive wardrobe, but spied nothing that would compete with what she figured Donna may wear. Sure, she could sex it up, had some skirts that would make a dead man rise, plenty of tops that gathered and displayed her ample breasts, but nothing that screamed top tier escort. Beside training Krissy in the workings of the office, Donna had been giving her apprentice tips on how to work the men she would be dealing with daily. How the bat of an eye or approving smile, the well timed bend of body or reach of manicured hand, the sexy clearing of bang from touching soft cheek, or the chuckle at a no so funny joke would not just appease the men, but in ways enhanced a woman’s value before any work was ever considered. The last thing Donna had said to Krissy before leaving work still resonated in her mind, “sometimes if you are thinking like a lady, you dress with a touch of whore.”

The ringing doorbell pulled Krissy from contemplation, Donna on the other side of opened door with bags in hand renewed it. With a grin and giggle she invited herself in and implored Krissy to lead her to the bedroom, relating need of a bed’s space to drop her packages. Krissy, being slightly confused, but increasingly subservient obeyed and led her to it. Seeing the girl’s studious look, Donna pacified her with a gentle smile and light squeeze of Krissy’s hands in hers. Explaining that she didn’t want the latest addition to the team to be behind the curve, she was there to lend a helping hand. Krissy couldn’t but help to think the hand was more harboring than helping, more controlling than leading. Regardless, she followed additional order to take a seat on the bed as Donna spilled the bag’s contents out beside her.

Krissy sighted a sweeping inventory of skirts, blouses, shoes and delicates. There was nothing professional or business about the attire, on the contrary, leather and lace with spike heels leaned the other way. The sexy way! There was a smaller bag still full on the bed and Krissy dared not think what it may contain. When her look reverted Donna’s way she received her next surprise. Work skirt stripped off, her mentor displayed nothing but nylons gartered to sheer panties and her tightly trimmed mound teasingly visible. Krissy’s face blushed and her loins felt a slight flush as she looked down embarrassed. Donna laughed it off and asked the girl to pass her the “red” one while pointing out the sleek, shiny skirt of her preference. Krissy complied and hurriedly passed off the request with a sheepish grin and returning glance. Her composure returned briefly with the hot red skirt snug fit to Donna’s curvaceous hips and ass, then escaped just as quickly when her friend popped her top and her tits spilled out encumbered by the daintiest of bras, more a hammock of support than a coverer of boobage. This time the blush was less and her eyes remained focused on her friend. Donna was endowed with full, round D-cup breasts, large areolas and milk bottle pink nipples. Shade of skin tone was easy to ascertain through patchwork lace stretched taught with tit. Krissy returned full blush when Donna popped the bra and fully exposed herself while proclaiming that when women libbers burnt their bras, they should have also burnt the factories that made them. The shock factor of her new friend was sometimes uncomfortable, even embarrassing, but it was also new and exciting to meet a woman that was so self-empowered, so confident and in control. Krissy had much to learn from her mentor…and about herself.

Off to dinner the two vixens went, both in mid-thigh skirts, braless and held firm by tops that looked to be painted on. Donna being sealed by button and Krissy by zipper. Krissy was in black on black tandem top to bottom, her friend wearing sleeveless white top to contrast hot red skirt. Donna had tied Krissy’s hair back to expose the girl’s long, smooth neck and sullen brown eyes. The striking cheek bones and sexy line of delicate jaw was accentuated by blush and light make-up, black eye liner and dusted mascara highlighted the sexy eyes and soft lashes. The dark haired, brown eyed beauty was strutting on spiked heels, ass jutting, tits corralled high and tight, exuding sex appeal with every enticing step. Coming or going she would catch and keep an eye’s hawk-like attention. Donna led them into what appeared to be a warehouse through a heavy steel door, without knowing you’d never guess a dinner club lied within. Below her light cloth skirt Krissy wore nothing but the fishnet stockings that covered her all the way to her waist, except for the crotchless portion that was now tingling with the freedom of exposure.

Once seated in their own private alcove, Donna explained that the rest of the group would be arriving shortly and with a flip of hand motioned for the steward and ordered some wine. Their table was draped with blood red cloth, seats padded with smooth black leather secured at edge by golden capped rivets, subdued light from dark overhead rafters and torches mounted on partitioned walls all combined for a hellish quality in her eyes. The steward with his slicked back hair and devilish grin only enforced her impression as she reached for wine to ease the apprehension brought on by unfamiliar surroundings and what Donna had breathed into her ear before sitting down. “If at any time you wish to leave just whisper in my ear.” The comment struck her as mildly strange being how they’d just arrived. The stroke of Donna’s fingers through her hair down neck and back to hand resting on her ass only added to curious anticipation.

By the time they’d finished a glass of wine the others had all been seated and introduced. Two more girls, one a receptionist and the other a personal secretary, both were young and attractive. Joining them were two execs that Krissy had the occasional contact, but had never worked with as both were from another division. Four women to two men, the guys didn’t stand a chance at getting a word in and conversed amongst themselves as the four girls polished off the bottle of wine and nibbled at salads while chatting it up. By dinners end another bottle was spent and giggles had turned to laughter, Krissy now buzzed and enjoying the company. Of course both men commented caddishly that Krissy and Donna looked like dessert being dressed so deliciously. Krissy brushed the remark off with a laugh, but Donna fired back that bonuses would be in order before the job deion was expanded to satisfying a sweet tooth. They all laughed together as the overhead lights dimmed black and illumination of spot light exposed a before now unnoticed stage.

Donna leaned in close and told her that she’d now see what made this dining experience special. Eyes adjusted to the revealing light, Krissy’s impression went from hellish to torturous dungeon. Twenty feet away the raised platform displayed a heavy wooden table that appeared hewn from reclaimed lumber. Dark, scored timber with edges more than half a foot thick was fitted with dangling chains tipped by handcuffs. Other chains and harnesses were suspended from the darkness above the table as well as a gurney close by with other implements, one of which she made out as a heavy whip. A second spot light shown a steel rack fitted with harness and also a wooden stock of old supported by the racks outer poles. Buzzed by wine and mesmerized by the scene before her, Krissy paid no mind to the brushing clasp of her throat as Donna applied a leather choker to complete the apprentice’s outfit. Black suede band with metal studs and a choke-ring attached at front sparkled in the flickering torch light.

The last spot light was aimed at a curtain to the rear of the stage and Krissy’s eyes locked on the flutter and split of seam as a nude girl was led out by leashed collar wearing blindfold and jaw-splitting ball gag. The steward of the delivery was the same that had served them wine and he now wore the same devilish grin as he tugged the girl to the rack. Krissy’s own sleek finger latched to the hook at her throat and pulled lightly as Donna placed a fresh glass of wine before her. Feeling hot flush on cheek and brow she tilted the offered glass to her full lips and drew a deep taste of numbing elixir. Eyes still fixed to stage she noticed not Donna’s admiring gaze and approving smile, nor did she flinch to the hand squeezing her thigh and sliding upward.

The captive display was secured to rack, leather strap cinched around her wrists and held tightly overhead. She squirmed and pulled at the restraint and was promptly rewarded by a hard whack from a wooden paddle. The vibration of the discipline resonated an echo of pain as the girl’s muffled squeal passed by gag and lip. With a hanging wiggle of body and panicked panning of head the blinded prey feigned want of escape and sense of her attacker. Tormentor placed his hand around the victim’s throat and choked her back into hanging submission. Krissy absorbed the action with excited dew moistening her cunt.

Cloaked in dim light at front of the stage was a row of seating to accommodate the diners who were now moving from private tables to vantage of public voyeurism. Donna, ever the choreographer, released the rest of their party to move to the stage while excusing herself and Krissy as needing a sec. Now alone, her hand once again returned to Krissy’s thigh, only this time a stealth entrance through slit of skirt allowed fingers to find the reason for crotchless fishnets. Using her free hand, Donna reached for the girl’s collar once more and with hot whisper and soft kiss to lobe she fastened the leash. “Come precious, let’s have some fun” Krissy melted to the stroke of her quim, the suckling lips to her neck, and the effect of imbibed spirits. Donna removed her glazed fingertips from the juicy cunt and sucked them clean while gazing into the girl’s hypnotized eyes. Krissy now lubricated with wine and stimulus was ready for her “christening” and submissively followed at Donna’s heel by a lead of leash.

The application of nipple clamps with a connecting chain’s tugging dangle had the girl on stage squealing spittle around the ball spreading her lips. More thrashing at restraint bought her another choked submission to resistance. The gathered diners watched with rapt attention, as did Krissy who was oblivious to all else, entranced by dark lust and wonderment. She didn’t even hesitate when Donna bypassed the seating and led her to the single step at stage end.

Further restraint applied to the slave had her cuffed at ankle and spread at thigh, fully exposed and vulnerable to the rack’s desires. Another clamp at hooded clit had tears passing blindfold down blushed cheeks and the girl slobbering a gagged scream. Now led onto stage the view afforded Krissy had her mesmerized. Donna was more than a diner, she was the events producer, director and now MC. She excused the steward from stage and walked to the “racked” victim leaving Krissy to stew in her juices. Mistress Donna snatched the blindfold to reveal wide, fearful eyes coming to life with the light. Krissy could see the nervous tension in the girl’s eyes and flexing of her body’s flesh. The sweat beading on brow and lip, the swollen punished nipples and cunt, the red welt of tender ass all fueled the fire of the dungeon.

The crowd was also feeling the heat, hands clasped or finding thigh, fingers stroking hair or tracing form. Everyone was driven to touch someone, some felt the need to touch themselves. Men adjusted rising problems in their pants or some had assistance from female companions. The ladies were prone to clutching at their own breasts or cunt at sight of the clamps gripping the slave. Krissy found her own hand to be traveling slightly and her pussy getting even wetter. The thought that she was also displayed on stage hadn’t really crossed her mind until Donna grabbed the leash and pulled her close.

Turned toward the spectators by Donna’s guiding hand, Krissy became the center of attention, an addition to the mix to sweeten the dessert. Fingers intertwined into a grasp of hair gave Donna control of the girl as she tugged head back and exposed arched throat. A pinch of chin cupped between thumb and fingers allowed her to turn the pretty face for the crowd’s approval. A waft of hand across breast, down stomach and to rest on curve of hip was followed by the collective eyes in the room. The last glass of wine offered by the mistress had Krissy sedate and passive to manipulation.
The wine and atmosphere, the dark curiosity, the mistress’s touch and guiding hands all had Krissy controlled by puppet’s strings. Though still lucid of mind, bodily she mustered no resistance to Donna’s dominance. Spun ass to crowd, she was led to the table that tested temptations, inspired desires, and provided access to sexual provocation. Now bent over table by hand gripping back of her neck, Krissy’s skirt rose to reveal the lower curves of her apple bottom ass and the full length of her sexy legs. An upward tug of skirt by the mistress exposed her ass fully to the crowd. Gasps and murmurs arose from the voyeurs at the sight of Krissy’s assets as Donna spread the girl’s cheeks and thighs. Smooth, tender flesh corralled by fishnet, pink quim and puckered ass winking at the viewers, the new slave now competing with the the first girl tied to the rack.

By invite from the controlling mistress a few spectators joined them on stage to peruse the sexual display. For the first time Krissy tried to move contrary to Donna’s guiding hand, putting her palms to the table and attempting to stand back up. Tighter grip on her neck with a hard push, having her insoles kicked wide to spread legs open, both made the effort futile and Krissy face planted back onto table top. For the first time it dawned upon her that she was to be dessert.

The crack of whip and the gargled shriek from the other girl brought fear to Krissy’s widening eyes. The strapping of her wrists by two male diners had arms pinned to tabletop like a scarecrow’s spread. With a crane of head she looked to her assailants with pleading eyes, said no and please to deaf ears and taunting smiles. The line of hard flesh molding tents in both men’s pants portrayed bad intentions and caused her another helpless squirm. A pinning squeeze and spread of her sweet ass cheeks, hot breath from a poised and ready mouth, another crack of whip and muffled squeal from her sister slave, all had Krissy reeling with unknown scenarios. The cuffed chains attached at her ankles completed the predicament the new captive faced. Now spread and draped over table, she lay trapped for all’s amusement.

Spittle dripped off the ball gag in the other tortured slave. More clamps applied to tender areas and another stinging singe of flesh by the whip had her in a tithe, squealing and bucking at the restraints. Two of the women diners were working the poor girl over, one with whip, the other with various implements off of the gurney. The latest choice was an electric wand to keep the slave wriggling as she whimpered. Whip and wand were next replaced by two monster size dildos as Krissy viewed the sight with her face flat to the table and sweat beading her brow, now more concerned than curious, more anxious than excited about her own fate. An abrupt jerk of her hair and pinching grab of her jaw led to the first demand, two unleashed cocks pulsing hard in anticipation of battling for space in her mouth. The hot breath at her exposed cunt and ass had evolved to tongue sliding between her moist lips and Donna’s hands spreading her ass wide.

Precum glistened on the intruding tips as both cocks moved in for a smearing wipe of her face and lips. Restraints and the controlling grip to her hair and body had the vixen helpless to resist, vulnerable to any abuse. Failure to open her mouth fully and welcome the cocks earned her a quick slap to her face, the first pain to be inflicted, but not to be the last. She tried to turn head away and beg the mistress’s mercy, but hands clamped to both sides of her face and another pulling taut on her hair had Krissy arched tight to test the limit of restraints. She had no means of defense but to purse her trembling lips tightly in defiance of the forced feeding by dripping cock. Another slap much harder than the first had her gasping air to cry back out. A gag of hotrod* stifled her to a gargled whimper. The rape of her mouth topped her concern, the wet of tongue then spit between her stretched ass cheeks was of no notice. She was fighting for breath to the rhythm of the thrusting cock and what was happening arrear was of less pressing consequence. That is until she felt the pressing taper of hardened flesh probing her taboo! Her pleading eyes widened as she looked up at her mouth’s abuser as the head of another cock popped her ass spread. Now she knew where the second intruder had gone and she damn well didn’t like it…yet.

Chains rattled at the kick of her feet and her wrists tightened to the grip of leather restraint. Krissy spit out the cock by nip of teeth and screamed in livid protest. The warm sear of ass and the quick split of pain had her writhing and pleading to no avail. Only soft laughter of a wicked tone from man and woman alike made her believe the first impression of this place was right, it was hellish! A choking squeeze of her gentle throat gagged her despair and lessened the volume to a wet whisper. More of the monster entered her cave aided by spittle from spectators. The ladies that had been working the other slave moved in to see the new girl deflowered, leaving the last hanging by racked body with dildos shoved deep in cunt and rear. Both spit onto the cock sliding length in Krissy’s ass and ran their hands about her body as if to gauge the sexual tension of her flesh. Light perspiration and heat drained the captive’s pores, her bangs now matted to sweat of brow, taste of cock in her mouth, and feel of more in her violated ass. Another grasp of her face, only softer hands held Krissy tight. She knew the sight, only this time closer, the tight trimmed mound before her was that of the mistress.

Donna squatted and locked stare, asking without saying a word. Krissy in kind answered her with begging eyes. Again, by motion of the director’s hand the cock released it’s grip of her ass with no delay to the mistress’s key. All participants seemed in tune with the choreography of Krissy and followed Donna’s lead seamlessly. With the release of cuffs from her ankles a saving sense flooded her soul and relieved her mind. Just a lengthen of tether to tied wrist, but no release had her sinking at heart while being rolled over still spread to the table. Strong hands gripped her ankles and pinned her knees to her tits, ass and cunt splayed in a cradle at table’s edge.

The monster was at her cave once more, it’s eye dripping in anticipation of another journey into the crevice. Her body and ass glistened with sweat and spittle and her tits heaved as she drew breath to the pressing control, cock popped back in and slid full hilt until balls pressed tight to her hot flesh. A release of her ankles allowed legs to flail and access to grasp of zippered top. A tug had tits spilling unleashed for viewing pleasure and the touch of lustfully curious hands. Her female tormentors were quick to tweak and pull at tender nipples and grope the soft full mounds with probing pinch of manicured nails. Krissy cussed and spat at them with tears welling in her eyes, only to get a slap of her face and choke of her throat for the outburst.

A leather bit forced between her clinched teeth gave something to grit upon as the cock found thrusting speed in her tight ass. More crowded around to view the action close up or even join in the fun. She lay across the width of the table, her hot flesh warming the cool hard wood , ass full of dick hanging off one side and her head tilted back with arched neck on the opposite. At either end of the table were the two women most acquainted with Krissy other than Donna. Each applied a clamp to the new slave’s unsuspecting nipples. Krissy’s howl of pain filled the air to the pinch of tit that matched the grip of a set of jumper cables. She was in distress and the scream from the other lashed slave didn’t help. Quick turn of head allowed Krissy a view of Donna ripping the whip across the racked slave’s back and ass. The leather tip struck with the precision of a striking snake, biting the girl’s hide and leaving a brand. The mistress had a mad grin and a wet sparkle in her eyes while administering the punishment, truly a master of her work and worthy of the title “DOM”!

Krissy returned to her own torment with the shock of hot wax splashing on her tits and torso. She screamed and bucked as tears streamed down her cheeks, her flesh singed by liquid fire. Her nipples ached to the clamp and her skin begged for cool relief, but the crowd was driven by her pain and desperation and craved further abuse of the slave. An electric wand found her clit and the cock continued to ream her stretched ass while the other’s hands pinched and prodded her body in a frenzy. The wand placed on the metal clamps heated her tits with an electric surge. She whimpered and begged and frantically searched for merciful eyes. There was none to be found, just lust and desire stared back at her pain.

The slave being “racked” encumbered access on a personal level so the aroused mob hungrily stripped her from restraint. They led her by tug of leash and limb for a throw upon the tortuous table. With no care to be gentle the slave was face planted to the wood with her ass splayed upward at table edge. Both she and Krissy glistened with sweat and they dampened the surface to a dark wet tone. They squirmed and served at the hands of
their abusers , now side by side to share in one another’s pain.

Both slaves were pinned in profile to the table by the mob, no restraints needed as there was an abundance of hands at the ready. Plenty were willing to voice their opinion and the clamoring of what to do next had hands tugging and clawing at the captive sluts as all the voices carried a heightening sense of sexual excitement. Cocks were freed from flys or poking tents inside tightening inseams, skirts were pulled up as women worked at their clits or stroked moist lips, men rubbed cunts and ladies jerked cocks, all parties demanding a favor.

Krissy and her sister-slave were forced by palming press of hand to see each other’s face and share their desperate eyes. Both could also see themselves in the face they stared upon. They wore mascara teardrops and sweat matted hair, sweet faces and smooth throats sporting the glowing red by slap or choke of hand. Their bodies were pinched to bruises by biting clamps, flesh ripped from one by the Dom”s whip, flesh blistered by wax on the other. To add insult to injury, the cock in Krissy’s popped virgin hole was starting to feel good and she was getting wet to the rape of her ass! Her own juices ran down taint to crack of cheeks and lubed the monster and glazed his balls with each thrusting slam into her body. Grabbed by head and tilted back another cock pushed past her lips and reached for throat. A third cock strained in wait dripping precum onto her collar as a fourth moved in wanting relief from the surrounded cum slut. Reality of work to do as her only escape had her reaching freed hands to grip and stroke the cocks in wait.

The other slave squealed as thick cock parted her ass also, only to be muffled to a whimper as another found her mouth. Both sluts took meat in both ends and the pace picked up to match the lustful frenzy of the crowd. Wet sounds and sweet aroma of dripping cunt fueled the desires of the mob. Krissy felt the knowing twitch and pulse of the cock in her ass, saw her assailant tilt head back and moan in ecstasy as his balls erupted a rope of cum through hard shaft and into her ass. Without missing a stroke the monster popped out of bum and hit the moist target of her cunt. Still swollen and thick the cock burned her tight hole with a plunge. If she had a complaint it would not be considered as a mouth full of cock silenced her words. She could feel every inch of the probe fill her stretched and heat her juice. Fighting to catch a breath had her gagging spittle as the cock pulled from her mouth only to be replaced quickly by one in hand.

Donna stood back letting the crowd have their way with the slaves enjoying the sight of each stroke of cock. Other ladies found themselves being bent over the table to feel cocks too impatient to wait their turn at fucking the slaves. There was not to be a cock or cunt that went without some form of service, without the sensation of sexual release. Fucking and sucking, moans and groans, sweat and juice flowing freely to the groove of the gang had the mistress smiling content…and wet.

Legs tethered at ankle pointed to sky had Krissy accessible and ready for a new experience. The monster slid back in cunt as another lined up with her soiled ass and before she could object it slid in deep. Double penetration, triple if you counted the cock in her mouth, had Krissy controlled and feeling the force of a gang rape. The little slut found out that submission was its own reward, she had a dark desire now exposed. Relaxed to the reality she hungrily sucked cock and accepted the assault of her holes by two more. The other slave was not so accepting of the assault so Donna had her put in the stock, her head and arms held still by the lock of wood. Men lined up and ravaged the poor girl’s ass, each depositing a creamy load deep inside her or splashed on her cheeks or shot into her face. She dripped jizz from both ends, now a thoroughly drenched cum slut she was a sight to behold.

Another hot shot of cum filled Krissy’s ass and more found home in the folds of her steamy cunt. A burst of excitement filled her mouth and ran down her throat, dripped backwash past her lips and down her chin. The baton was handed over quickly as each man emptied in and on her, as fast as one cock blew another replaced it, all working her at a vigorous pace driven by the need to dominate in the initiation of Krissy. She was nothing more than a fuck toy for all to defile and the abuse was opening her to the dark side. The frenzy of the mob, the feel of hard cock excited at her presence, the taste of mixed cum and the tug and grope of many hands had her reeling and ready to release. Loads splashed down upon her as she was the target of the circle jerk, hot white strands and puddles of cum covered her tits, face, cunt and ass, running into every crevice and dripping off of every peak. Her cunt spasmed and clinched tight to the pounding cock, her tits heaved and her body tingled wet to the sensations, her consent was consummated by her wave of orgasmic release before collapsing spent and spread upon the table. The few cocks yet to spit their appreciation circled around the laid out slave and showered a fountain of cum onto the willing victim. The hot white sap glazed and glistened from her head to her toes and she appeared the “poster child” for sexual deviance for anyone and everyone that gazed upon the messy scene. Krissy was now broken in and part of the club, her future looking bright with a realized dark dream. The exploration had just begun….

Part Two

No matter how mature in age or refined in social grace, when women have been controlled and conquered men revert back to adolescent ways. The male diners holstered their weapons and returned to stage side seating to retrieve their drinks, pats on backs and high-fives along the way. They laughed and gave boisterous replay, all remembering their performance with a smidge of exaggeration, but not as tall a tale as it would evolve to by end of circulation amongst friends. As the spent serpents shared drink and conversation, Donna and a few of the female diners remained on stage tending to the slaves.

Krissy lay on length of table, cum from lips and chin all the way to soft smooth thighs. The mistress and a couple other ladies began the clean up of the christened cum slave. Donna used a soft wet cloth, but the other two lapped with tongue and collected with searching fingertips. Like children playing with puddled mud they smeared and rubbed jizz between fingers and palms, enjoying texture and smell before licking fingers clean. Donna even bent down and removed a snow cap of cum from Krissy’s still stiff nipple and drew a long pull of tongue through her soiled cleavage. All three women grinned with cum laced lips and salty excrement running down their throats as the slave recovered to the licking and wiping of her body. The other slave was left in rack and nobody bothered with correcting the girl’s hygiene, she was left alone to become a crusted reminder of decadence.

The men drank, laughed and watched the taste test happening on stage, waiting for a clean plate of flesh to deposit the next course of cum. Spent and feeling the tracks wore by cock in her holes, Krissy remained still and welcoming of warm towel and wet tongue, eyes closed, but aware of each touch and lick. Donna was thorough with the rag, every inch of arms, legs and torso, also the full sweet lips and flushed cheeks were wiped clean of the spunk splash left by the horn dogs in their circle jerk. She had been a target and their lusty aim was within boundaries of her body, but runs and drips found way to table and floor. The racked slave would be made to lick the refuse off wood, tile, and the bottoms of shoes, her total degradation the desire of the mistress and the dinner patrons. The beautiful Krissy would be spared such demeaning treatment, but she would still be the receptacle for more spit and cum once all the weapons had been reloaded and aimed her way again.

Cleaned up and thinking she was done, Krissy tried to sit up, only to be grabbed by ankles and wrists and stretched the length of the table. Restraints attached to four points held her spread and ready for the next assault. She looked quizzically at Donna, not knowing what was to be expected, what the mob planned to do next. The answer came by way of action, one girl straddled Krissy’s face while another put face to her freshly swabbed cunt. Moist pink gash glistened above her face and a tongue parted her pussy lips, the daisy chain had been linked together. Krissy’s stiffening nipples felt the hot breath of the mistress, then her suckle and tug of the excited points. Her first taste of cunt, the first lick by a woman to her own wetness, Donna working her tits, all had Krissy heating up again and her juices began to flow.

The men quieted down, mesmerized by the girl on girl action happening on stage. The other slave remained unattended and locked in the rack, but at least her abuse was limited to restraint. She was old fare, her allure had lessened with the arrival of the new, fresh meat named Krissy. The girl riding her face had a swollen clit the size of a thumb tip, her folds of pussy drenched with lust and desire. The taste was surprisingly sweet and Krissy succumbed to the forced feeding of hair pie. The mouth working her own cunt had clit screaming with a flicker and swirl of her love button. Finger found her tender slit and entered with a smooth glide into her wetness. Not as intrusive as the monster cocks, but a reminder that Krissy had been recently reamed by a line of hard weapons. She knew not if there was any cum left in her, but the building pressure suggested there was at least a squirt.

Krissy could feel where the clamps had pinched her tits as Donna suckled them with passion, trying to inhale as much tit into her mouth as possible. She also felt the insertion of something larger than a finger into her violated pussy, she could only guess one of the large dildos that had been crammed into the other slave. There would be no confirmation by sight as her head was pinned flat to tabletop with a rocking cunt on her mouth. The girl sitting atop Krissy’s face froze, pressed a smothering spread of dripping folds, taint and ass upon her. The telling shiver and buck followed by a geyser of warm orgasmic release flooded Krissy, fed and glazed her with new experience. Spent with a squeal of approval the girl was helped off the slave’s face by the mistress. Weak kneed from explosive shuddering climax the assistance was needed. Krissy tasted the jizz, felt its wet glaze on cheek, chin, and lips and also a running drip reaching her throat and collecting at collar.

Now free of the pinning pussy on her face, Krissy was able to spy what was being jammed in her cunt, a two headed dildo that afforded a long stroke for the hole at either end. That was the plan as she watched the girl insert the other end into herself. With thighs intertwined and angle achieved, the ying to her yang pressed close until both cunts filled with tool came together in a bump of wetness. Donna moved to head of table and propped the slave’s head up so she wouldn’t strain her pretty neck while watching and feeling her first pussy grind with another girl. The glaze on Krissy’s lips drew the mistress in for a shared taste, a dancing, probing kiss of tongue. The soft lips pressed to hers was a new experience for Krissy and nowhere near as intrusive as the mash of cunt to her face had been. Not that she had planned on any of this evenings events, but the shift in the action had caught her completely by surprise and the reeling, confused spin to her head returned. The warm, deep kiss and the grinding hairy bush against her bare, smooth cunt had her heating up to the sensations. Again she would have to release herself to feel and not to thought, not try to understand or analyze, but throw inhibition to the wind and enjoy.

During all of this the other slave whimpered miserable in the rack, Krissy taking a quick glance at the sight whenever possible. For some dark reason the view of the other slave’s degradation heightened krissy’s arousal and her wish to see even more disgrace put upon her sister-slave. The guys must have read her mind. Several returned to the stage and surrounded the racked slave before pulling out there flaccid cocks and taking aim. Perplexed Krissy looked to Donna who only smiled and told her to watch how dirty whores were cleaned after being creamed. Now Krissy knew why the drain was in stage floor beneath the rack, all cocks launched a rainbow of piss that drenched the slave from head to toe. She shrieked and cried, blinked eyes and spit to the organic ammonia raining upon her. Krissy would have liked to think that the driving rub of synthetic cock she was sharing was the sole cause for her orgasm, but in reality it was the sheer degradation of the golden shower she was viewing that sent her over the edge. It was her turn to spasm and buck, to quiver and quake, to release yet another climax to taboo.

Krissy and her pelvic partner were separated like two dogs locked in heat, wet pop of the dildo was followed by a run of cum from the slave’s soiled cunt. Her partner was steadied on jellied legs, half of the toy still gripped inside the girl’s still convulsing pussy. One of the men dropped to a knee and continued the jam of toy in the unfinished cunt, the other went face first to Krissy’s dripping treat. As the one girl squealed with delight, Krissy sighed to the release and the warm lapping of her pussy. She was so sensitized now the tongue turned to a tickler and she felt as if she could pee. Her ass raised off the table as she shivered and squirmed against restraint, trying to separate her tormented flesh from the tasting tease. Limited travel made her efforts futile and the mouth followed with frenzied flicker of tongue and suckle by lips. It was no longer just feeling, the wine and excited state of her pussy engaged instant, pressing urge to urinate. Spread wide of thigh and with pussy lips parted by tongue, the latched on mouth was recipient of the beginning stream of piss. The intensity of heat and flow, not to mention taste, had the cunt tickler backing off abruptly with sour surprise being spit out in disgust.

The ladies squealed in delight, the men busted a gut with laughter, the stream of piss sprayed faster than the target could move and he wore it until getting out of her range. He raised up covered in krissyhosing*, flushed red with embarrassment, but also in contempt of the dirty slut’s retribution. Slaves were not to administer without approval or command. Krissy had broke the rules and in doing so, she’d opened herself to Pandora’s Box What laid in that dank chamber was best left untested. She received her first taste when Yellow Man, the piss receptacle’s new name, joined Donna at head of the table. He pinched Krissy’s jaw and pinned her head to the table. With free hand he wrung his piss wet tie out over her face. Donna admonished him not to mark her face with a bruise or he would be feeling the rack himself…she wasn’t smiling when she said it. He released his grip and sheepishly retreated a step back. There was no doubt that Donna not only controlled the actions, but the reactions of all involved, she was truly the dominatrix.

Donna took mercy on the table fare and swabbed the cum and piss from Krissy’s face, but no care was given to the other slave left racked and dripping over drain. Relieved of spirits from bladder, but not the spirit of lust, the cocks moved to the slave tied to the table. Now she was straddled at head and belly, one cock dangling over lips, the other sliding between her mashed tits. The restraints were released at Krissy’s ankles, but only so her legs could be bent or spread to accommodate more intrusion into her violated cunt and ass. Yellow man took position with a wedge of his thighs propping her ass upon his lap, he was fully nude and no longer wearing her piss. Now she would be wearing his hard cock ball-pressing deep in her tight ass.

Yellowman spit in his palm and stroked his shaft before placing the purple headed monster to the slave’s puckered asshole. The guy straddling and tit fucking her locked the bend of her knees in the crook of his elbows to insure her complete control and vulnerability to the rear assault. To squirm and cry protest past the cock in her mouth was to no avail, with a wet pop the head entered her deflowered ass and ran full length in one ball slapping thrust. Even though previously broken in, the first reaming and now a bigger rod than the others had the girl feeling the burn, the splitting cramp once again. No gentleness, just hard driving vengeful jam of cock into her ass, such force being used the rock of her body gave added momentum to the tit fucker and the throat plunger. Krissy was being abused at both ends and in the middle while the ladies salivated on the sidelines. Donna instructed the girls to keep back, to observe the feeding frenzy and live vicariously through the slave’s abuse. This they did, all feeling the moist heat build in their loins, all secretly wishing it were them being ravished and ravaged atop the table.

Yellowman locked fingers in her ass cheeks and flexed from pelvic through shoulders, tilted head back and moaned in gushing release of hot jizz with cock buried to the hilt in Krissy’s tight ass. She could feel the warm pulses as he grinded her hard, not backing out, depositing cream deep as her hole could receive. Donna commanded she didn’t want to see a stream of cum exit, that the hole should be continuously stuffed with one cock after another. As fast as Yellowman pulled out, tit fucker dropped down and drove his shaft into the creampied ass. Throat plunger moved to her tits and the ass soiled cock went to her mouth. She turned face aside, but another pinch of her jaw and pin of head to the table had Krissy accepting the cummy softening flesh as a test of her taste buds.

Further orchestration by the mistress had ankles bound and Krissy’s ass aimed toward the darkened rafters. This became her forced view as the only part of her body still in contact with the table was her shoulder blades, the back of crimped neck, and her head pinned by cock and balls. Yellowman tea bagged her nose with his juicy nut sack and lathered her tongue with refuse of cum off his shaft and tip. Driven by impatience, passion, and perversion the ladies in waiting moved to the whimpering slave hanging limp to the racks restraints. If they were to wait for a cock or Krissy, there was no reason to not stay warmed up and ready to enter the game. A yank of the racked slave’s hair had her chin up and receiving a launch of spit right in her face. She cussed her tormentor with barely more than a whisper and felt the sting of a slap for her outburst, however feeble it was. Two others moved in and didn’t even bother to aim, they just spat in contempt at the whimpering slave, spit landing where it may. Hardly as bad as the piss, but degrading just the same. All three laughed and turned backs to the defiled flesh , their attention returning to the cocks working Krissy like a fuck toy.

Donna had a half dozen men surrounding Krissy, not to include Yellowman who was to be returned to his seat, too drunk and belligerent to have continued access to the slave. Two hard cocks replaced the spent, cum covered one at her face and fought for an angle to her mouth. With sword fighting flesh spreading her lips, a third cock now entered Krissy’s ass. Two warm loads already deposited deep within squeezed in excess around the intruding shaft and glazed her cheeks and back on its run. One of the ladies was quick to reach in and scoop a sample off Krissy’s ass, covered her palm and fingers before licking and sharing the creamy treat with another girl. A full hilt grind of her suspended ass, cocks stabbing at her mouth, clamor of the mob hurling insults of “fill the whore like a cum bucket”, “fuck the ass off of that slut”, “make her gag on it”, “creampie that bitch”, “my turn”, were all things making her head spin.

How had she been na? enough to think that mercy or moderation were virtues shared by this crowd. On the contrary, she should have realized they approached life whether business or play the same way, as voracious, insatiable sharks feeding on the vulnerable who were foolish enough to swim too closely. She was the “chum” that Donna put out to start a feeding frenzy, bait well taken in these dark sexual waters.

Krissy was now up to number four in the ass, cream dripping out despite the never-ending plug by cock. By further invasion of her cunt the double penetration was complete, the push of one cock and the opposing pull of the other had the slave rocking uncomfortably on shoulder blades and neck. The cocks alternately being shoved in her mouth didn’t make matters any easier. Her head being pinned to the hard wood table while her body was being ravaged applied even more discomfort to Krissy’s position. Her pain and distress shown in her eyes, no tears, just a wet glare, an inner defiance rising to keep her from crying out in hope of mercy. They may fuck her, abuse and defile, but never can they break her.

Donna realized that the slave was going into a shutdown zone, trying to escape into an inner sanctum of light and peace, away from the depraved darkness that surrounded her. Krissy closed her eyes, stopped any kind of feeble resistance, no words, no pull at restraints, no pleading eyes that only seemed to make the mob more resilient in their torturous efforts. It was a body being abused, she would separate herself from the physical, use her mental toughness to combat and ignore the assault of her sensibilities. As curious and wanting of new sexual experience, to test the limits of inhibition, she had no intention of being a tool for other’s decadence, to be relegated to a piss-covered slave tied to the rack. The other girl was weak and submission had compromised her well being, reward wasn’t less abuse, it was unrelenting cruel intention with the slave being treated as an object, completely dehumanized.

Donna didn’t want to lose Krissy to denial of the experience, there was more for the slave to accept, even come to relish. All the women present were introduced to this scene by Donna, not by way of dinner invite only, but as an after meal dessert, to be initiated into the club. Krissy would be no exception, before she got to choose her part or how deep her participation went, she needed to experience the sensations that she would later administer. Slave would be taught the full gamete of tease, tempt, and torture, thus insuring she got the full exhilaration after promotion from slave status. By lesson’s end, Krissy would know which kinks and desires were ones that she’d pursue in life’s sexual journey.

Thinking a change in position might bring a change of attitude, Donna had Krissy released from bondage. Her female assistants cleared the interrupted men from the slave’s holes, those that hesitated were lured away by tug of cock or the girl dropping to knees or lifting her own skirt in offering. Donna and one other girl spread the cumladen Krissy onto the table, this action providing the desired effect as the slave now opened her eyes and returned to the reality of the dark wet dream. The girl at Krissy’s feet climbed onto the table and slinked in between the slave’s thighs, pushing them up and back. Donna at the head of the table also climbed aboard and sat ass to heels on her knees, the slave’s face held snug at cheek between the mistress’s soft thighs. She reached and hooked Krissy behind the crook of her knees and pulled the slave into a cradled position, ass raising with tilt to the ceiling. Hands spread Krissy’s ass cheeks and hot breath hit her soiled holes. Then a long lap of tongue started from top of ass crack to her still spread hole, probed it and collected copious amounts of cream. The tongue next traveled across her taint to her tender dripping cunt, surprisingly the entrance that suffered the remembrance of penetration the most. Thing about an ass, once in it accommodates monster cocks better than her tight pussy ever could. During the oral cleanse of her lower extremities she gazed up into Donna’s eyes, reading the unspoken message her mistress was conveying. Krissy was through the most intrusive part, definitely the most painful, all hot wax and clamps were gone, she needed to relax and enjoy the sensation of soft warm tongue. She needed to accept whatever was offered to complete her introduction to the club.

The girl lapping up her draining ass and the wet folds of her punished pussy wasn’t missing a drop. Krissy could feel the probing tongue licking the still spread walls of her ass, actually hear the voracious slurping at her anal well. There had to be a cup of cum filling and oozing from her violated holes, the soft tongue was a welcome and soothing exchange for the pummeling cocks. Donna broke eye contact with Krissy as the diner at the slave’s platter removed her face from the creamy cuisine, cum covering the girl’s lips and chin. She parted her lips in a messy grin, then showed the mistress the mouth filling pool of cum she had collected from soiled ass and cunt. Donna released Krissy’s legs and the other girl eased them down flat to the table before giving a palm tracing run up the slave’s thighs, across her belly and a hand to rest on each tit. She slid her mound over Krissy’s in a move to straddle, pressing her wet silk panties to the slave’s stomach before leaning in and affording Krissy the same cum offering view she’d displayed to Donna. When the girl placed her fingertips to Krissy’s lips, they too were covered in collected jizz. She applied a balm to the slaves lips with the lightest of touch, then without warning hooked two fingers into either side of Krissy’s mouth, spreading open lips and pulling outward simultaneously. Donna slid back just enough to give the girl room to work on the slave, watched Krissy have to open her hooked mouth wide to prevent split of lip. The hollow of mouth and throat lay open, just like her eyes. Krissy had no choice but to accept, to take as Donna wished, to refuse no offering. The sucker of her ass and cunt leaned within inches of the target and funneled a load of reprocessed cum into Krissy’s mouth off her protruding tongue. A white rope flowed like syrup into her mouth, combined cum and spit, just as warm as the original source. Donna watched with approval as Krissy allowed the girl to finish her lean and lock lips in a cum seal to the wet deal. By the time the tongue dancing kiss was released both girls had swallowed the shared load.

The others fucked and sucked, watched the tabletop display of swab and swap of juices. A couple of the less modest men went to working the piss covered slave in the rack, one snuggled tight to the front, the other pressing her into a sandwich from the rear. Cock found way into her pussy and ass, no synchronicity, pulling and pushing, stretching her apart as the cocks prodded and stabbed at the slave’s reamed innards. She was broken, relegated to a piss covered whimper, doused of all fire and fight, nothing but a receptacle for spent desires. Complete degradation of the racked girl seemed the sole purpose of her existence, the rear man yanked her hair which tilted chin up to receive the full load of spit front man launched into her face. Shear overkill it was, blood and bruises from clamps and whip, spit, piss and cum deposited freely by the mob, her restrained to rack in sacrifice to unrelenting sins, this slave was found to be without redemption and crucified with unmerciful spikes into her body and thorns of hot wax and cracking leather to her tender flesh. Truly a dark scene, devoid of all light it surely was.

Donna and the cum collecting assistant slid off the tabletop as the others fucking and sucking around them continued in their decadent behavior. Krissy not use to action of late that didn’t include her, propped up on her elbows and scanned the scene. Two girls had assumed the frisk position on either side of the table, bent forward with their hands palmed to wood and feet spread wide, both taking a table-vibrating pounding, one in the ass and the other in cunt. Krissy studied with voyeuristic intensity the faces of pleasure that were so sensuously near. The girl taking it up the ass had her eyes closed tight and her mouth fully opened with a run of spittle dangling precariously from her jutting lip. A guttural moan reverbed with each driving stroke of rod in her rear and release of all but the moment shown in her face. Krissy was beginning to understand, curiosity and stimulation had balanced the test of inhibition and abuse she’d taken to get to this defining point in her sexual existence.

Donna moved to the side of the table causing Krissy to avert her stare from the ass slut’s face. They locked eyes, only this time not so the mistress could assure slave, but so slave could affirm her status as willing participant. Donna’s grin softened in understanding, then turned back to playful smirk. The teacher took a slow stroke of her finger up the ass slut’s chin all the way to her lip, then offered her drool covered digit to Krissy for sample. The slave accepted the appendage fully into her mouth before Donna pulled it out slowly enjoying the sucking resistance of the slave’s grip and then brought it to her own mouth and wet her lips with a trace of her fingertip. Mistress and slave were bonded by the night and by the moment.

Krissy’s attention was pulled from Donna when a stereo of orgasmic squeals ignited on either side. The girls having there innards searched both slid their hands to a clutching embrace of Krissy’s arms. Each wave of climax by the spasming girls was signaled by a pinching grip of the slave’s flesh Krissy flinched, but did not pull away, the thought of receiving pain through their pleasure of orgasm was another dark excitement that seemed to add spice to her loins. She glanced back and forth at the distorted, ever-changing expressions of lust and release, embraced the sounds of satisfaction from women and men, inhaled the increasing aroma of decadence that surrounded her. The scene may have resembled sexual chaos, but on the contrary, it was a very well orchestrated initiation of Krissy.

The climatic release, fraught with intensity and volume of cum had both girls collapsing, tits to tabletop and faces resting on Krissy’s body. She could feel hot, rapid breath fog her breast and belly, drool of spent lust escape the corners of both girl’s mouths and wet her skin. Both girls still held tight to Krissy’s arms, needing stability of the grip and lean on her body to support themselves from sliding off the table, wobbly knees unable to perform on their own. Both glazed cocks were removed from the recovering girls and offered at the slave’s lips for a balls to tip taste. Krissy accepted the mixed bag of flavor greedily, licking and sucking balls, cock, and the jizz off her fingers and palms. Again looking to her mentor with a compliant grin, slave traced her lips with tip of tongue and swallowed the juices down. Donna ran her own finger around Krissy’s lips and chin before bringing it to her own lips for a finger sucking taste. All four women glowed in the moment, but Donna’s un-satiated glow burned bright and would not lessen without some kind of sexual release other than the visual.

The girls were helped away from the table and Donna motioned for the monster sized cock being sucked at table’s end. Krissy watched the thick, long shaft back out the girl’s mouth, the bulbous head pressing its form against stretched cheek on its way to a wet popping release from lips. Donna climbed back on table once again, her knees resting in the nest of Krissy’s armpits, palms pressed to table at the slave’s hips, and her exposed mound hanging over the girl’s face the same distance her face was over Krissy’s pussy. First thought was a sixty-nine was to occur, faces to muffs and a sharing of wet folds. Then Krissy saw the vein popping, swollen-headed, glazed shaft line up with the pussy inches above her face. The fat tip spread Donna’s lips exposing wet, pink velvet, glistening lust lined its edges and lubed the slide of cock. Krissy could count the number of fine ridges compressed into the skin of the tight nut sack, see the blue veined pulse of blood feeding the shaft, the crimson glow of the plum filled tip. To see such a fat, long run of hard flesh sink ball squishing deep into pussy at such close proximity had Krissy warming up and juicy again. She reached for her tingling clit only to have her travel of hand suspended in Donna’s grip, the mistress had her own plans for the swollen button. Another juicy slam of meat in Donna’s pussy speckled Krissy’s face in a drizzle of desire, the aroma of cunt and cock filled her flaring nostrils, the sight widening her eyes. When Donna’s suckle hit Krissy’s clit, the slave instinctively spread thighs as invitation to her treats.

Donna fanned her knees out causing her flesh of pelvic and hood of clit to touch down upon Krissy’s face as the cock continued its slow pump of her pussy. The extension of the slave’s tongue traced cock and clit and flicked at balls with each full hilt stick of dick. Donna worked Krissy from clit to inner folds with her skillful tongue, teased the slave with stroke of slender finger. With Donna planted tightly to her face, Krissy could feel each stroke of cock, smell her aroma at its height, and savor the deposit of juices with each dripping stroke. Both girls warmed and writhed to the attention being given their cunts, Donna pressing back to thrusting shaft while grinding Krissy’s face, the slave raising hips and spreading herself wide for full access to appetite.

Krissy could feel the cock’s ridge twitch and expand even more inside of Donna‘s filled cunt, the balls coil and undulate in a wave, could hear the man’s breath catch as he froze buried deep. Her own pussy was building to crescendo, ready to release her own excitement. Donna’s increase in guttural moan and pressure of her grind signaled she too was ready for eruption of lust. The three bodies in perfected sync of choreography all spewed forceful loads of hot cum, bucking, grinding, writhing and moaning in a chorus of drenching relief. With each spurt of rope he shot, Krissy could see the jut of flexed purge from taint through balls, the repetition with each wave of cum. Donna’s eruption was massive, she went from moan to orgasmic squeal, mouth breaking free of Krissy’s cunt, but finger picking up the pace of stroke. Too much sight, sound, taste and sensation of the rub for Krissy to hold out any longer. Her pussy clinched Donna’s probing finger, ass came off the table and she gargled a scream of her own, releasing a squirting barrage of spunk that doused Donna’s fingers and hand. Cock pulled out and Donna pressed her spread, drain of creampie to Krissy’s mouth, the slave lapped and consumed the mixed warm load of elixir and savored the texture and flavor of the flow all the way to her belly. Donna too, buried her tongue into Krissy and sucked every drop of jizz she could collect, both vixens absorbing the other with relished vigor. Now spent, the two melded into a recovering mass of wet warm flesh, hearts beating rapidly and breath pushing tits against one another. It had been a hell of a show, a hell of a lesson, and Krissy was hoping for many more as she lay there wrapped in the moment’s bliss with her teacher laying atop her and still dripping dark desire.

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