Steve gets a very welcom present for the big Six O
It was the weekend of Steves 60th Birthday and I had a very special treat in store for him

We arrived at the hotel about 4 and were able to get straight to the room which was nice and I told Steve that I was planning some surprises for this special birthday. The room had a nice 4 poster bed and as soon as he put the case down I sat on the bed and told him to come and stand in front of me. I took hold of his hands and put them behind his back and said leave them there and then I undid his belt and dropped his trousers. I undid his shirt and slipped it off and he stood there in his underpants and then i stroked his cock and balls until I felt him rise to the occasion and then I quickly whipped his pants down and took his hardness straight in my mouth.

His hands immediately went to my head and tried to pull my mouth closer to him so he could get deeper into me but a hefty slap on the buttock had him reeling and I withdrew and told him to put his hands back behind his back and stop trying to control things.. I left him in no uncertain terms that this was my treat and that I was in control of the weekend and if he wanted to enjoy it then leave it to me and just relax. Probably a daft thing to say to a man who you are sucking the life out of his cock but he got the message. I stroked his balls and could hear him moaning and saying the most filthy things to me and what he was going to do to me later was unbelievable !!!
I took hold of the bottom of his shaft and squeezed it tight hoping to give him some idea of the pleasure to come later with the cock ring and stroked his balls as he emptied them into my mouth. I looked up at him. opened my mouth to show him the sperm and then swallowed the lot. i think he said "that was bloody marvellous" and he had never been sucked like that before to which I replied I hope not.

I told him to put the case on the bed and I would unpack. His hands were all over me and I was really feeling horny. I told him to go get a shower and as he came out of the shower i went into the bathroom and offered to dry him. it was more hands over the manly area and another erection soon followed which i told him to lay on the bed. took some oil and wanked him off. He said it had been a long time since he had managed to cum twice in 45 minutes.

He wanted to get dressed but I told him to stay naked and he had to stay like that till we went out for dinner. The problem was I needed to pee and didn't want him to see the Brazilian I had until the time was right so i went into the bathroom and locked the door and then came out. he was laid naked on the bed. I cuddled up to him and stroked him over his body. not down there!!! and he dropped off to sleep - typical man!

About 7 i woke up and said we ought to go for dinner and get dressed.

I threw him a pair of my skimpy pants and said "put those on".
He looked at me and said "you're joking"
I said "No put them on"

I put my new dress on with no bra and he did as he was told and then put his shirt jacket and trousers on, even a tie and we went for dinner.

It was very sensuous sitting there looking across at each other me knowing that he was wearing my panties and me only having a dress hold-ups and a skimpy pair of tie sided knickers on.

We had a lovely meal and it was very romantic and he said how wonderful the BJ had been and also the HR.

|I told him that there were more treats in store and he asked me what they were. Why is it that blokes always want to spoil the surprise. What would he have said if I had said oh by the way I have had a Brazilian and I am going to sit on your face when i get back to the room so you can perform cunnilingus on me. Hell fire - Just enjoy the surprise.

We went back to the room and I told him to strip off down to the panties and to lay on the bed on his back.

I had hidden some string in the base of the suitcase and I tied each hand to the top posts of the bed and the feet to the posts at the bottom He was still wearing my panties and then i decided it was the moment to expose the first piece de resistance my shaven haven.

I hadn't thought this through properly as I needed to get his panties off but now I had tied his legs apart it wasn't going to be easy. I stood at the side of the bed and slipped my dress off and then slipped my hand down my knickers and started to masturbate myself in front of him then said I really want your mouth on me now that I am all wet and juicy and I knelt over his face and undid the strings lowered myself onto his mouth.
"Fuck me you're fully shaved" he said.
"Yes darling this is a Brazilian" and pushed my pussy into his face.
He was licking and sucking for all he was worth. Now we have had oral sex before and he does give good cunnilingus but he was now rampant. His tongue darting all over the place and I could feel the wetness oozing onto him. Eventually I came and had a fantastic orgasm.

I reached down and pulled his cock out of my knickers and then slid down him to impale myself on his rampant cock. I kissed him and could taste my own juice on his lips as I fucked him on the bed until he shot up me. I just laid there savouring the moment and felt his cock begin to shrink inside me until it popped out. I thought I know what is going to stop this and tomorrow night it will say inside me longer when the next surprise gets revealed.

I untied him and we laid and kissed and cuddled and after another good fuck from the back we eventually went to sleep

I had set the alarm on my mobile to go off at 2:45 but just on vibrate and put it under my pillow so as not to wake him up. It woke me up and I reached out and touched him and started to stroke him and then pulled the bedclothes down and began an oral sex on his cock. I don't know at which point he woke up but I was sucking him and felt him shoot into my mouth again. I came back up to him and kissed him and said
"did you enjoy that" - kinda silly question I suppose but he said yes and we both went back to sleep.
About 7 i felt his hands wandering down to my pussy and obligingly opened my legs to give him access. He went down on me and sucked me and then I invited him into me to lay on me and have me. As he came I just said "Happy Birthday big boy"

Even with all those orgasms ther was still sperm oozing from me and He laid at the side of me and I put his hand between my legs and said just stroke me gently and we went back to sleep.

We woke about 9 and I made a coffee and got back into bed with his cock ring. I woke him up and told him there was a coffee and gave him his card and present. He opened the card and read it and said how nice it was and then opened the present. A metal cock ring
I don't think he realised what ti was to start with but then read the leaflet.
"O My God he said where did you get this from. I have read about these but never thought of getting one"
I said that if he wanted to put it on then we could try it out.

Eventually he managed to get it on and I took him in hand and kissed him till he swelled up in it.
"O my God" he said and i turned round on the bed so he could put his feet against the headboard, laid on my back. opened my legs and said
"come on in lets try it out or better still lets try it in"

He rammed his cock right up me and with being able to use the headboard for purchase had me bouncing on the bed as he thrust-ed in time after time after time.
He used some of the most disgusting language I have ever heard him use as he orgasm-ed in me yet again but this time he just kept going and going and going and I was in heaven. I realised that I had tightened up after the orgasm and of course he was still hard and pounding away inside me.

After that fucking he had a shower and came out of the bathroom and it was so nice to see him there with his ring on.

I threw him a pair of my panties and said put these on and we got dressed and went for lunch.

The rest of Saturday was just fantastic - we went for a drive and a walk and then came back and had some more sex, went for dinner and had some more sex and slept together like 2 young lovers.

On Sunday morning we had yet more sex and to be honest the bed sheet was looking a bit worse for wear and what the maid would say when she stripped the bed I dread to think.

We packed ready to go and I still made him put another pair of my knickers on and about 11:45 just as we were ready to leave I looked at him and said - "One for the road?"
I hutched up my skirt, slipped my panties down and bent over the bed.
"Come on fuck me again please before we go home"

He dropped his trousers and obligingly rogered me from the back and yet more sperm was running down my legs.

I pulled my knickers up and adjusted my dress and we left the room - a crazy sex fulfilled couple

We drove home and the final surprise was that Emma was there.

I had arranged for her to be in our bed when we arrived home and Steve took the case upstairs and I followed him quickly as I wanted to see the reaction.
He went into our bedroom and was just about to put the case on the bed when Emma must have dropped the bedclothes that were covering her tits and gave him the fright of his life!

I was right behind Steve and hear her say. "So how is the cock ring performing? Oh it OK I know all about it, Your darling wife bought it on my credit card and so I am here to sample the delights of it"

Steve Looked back at me and said "Is this true?" and I said "Yes, Emma is all yours till noon tomorrow".

Emma pulled back the bedclothes to reveal her naked body and I pulled the suitcase into the other room and closed the door on them. About 20 minutes later I could hear the bed as they must have been having sex.

About 7pm they both walked downstairs, Emma wearing my dressing gown and Steve in his. I was sat naked in the lounge stroking myself as they walked into the room. I said I don't think that we need those do we and Emma dropped my gown off and Steve dropped his. I made them a drink and asked how it had gone and Emma Said it was wonderful. We sat and chatted for a while and then Emma came and sat at the side of me and cuddled up, this was all planned, and started to stroke my breasts. Steve was looking and Emma said Just cos you fancy your wife doesnt mean that I can t fancy her as well and she slipped her hand between my legs and started to caress me. I slipped my hands between Emma's legs and started to caress her and told her to slide down the settee and knelt in front of her and started to give her oral sex Emma said to Steve what are you waiting for I think there is a pussy that needs some attention back there. Steve was up like a shot and kneeling behind me inserted his cock into me and started thrusting
Gently Emma said I dont want her head ramming up me

I heard that sigh as Emma came and then felt Steve empty himself into me.

About 8:30 I said I am off to bed see you two tomorrow about lunchtime.

Steve told me alter that they had had sex in the lounge and watched the Adult channel together and then gone to bed for more sex.

I got up in the morning and could stand it no longer so I went into their room and said
"can I have my husband please I want him to make love to me.
Emma made to go out of the room but I told her to stay and sit on his face while I rode him.

With Emma on his face he didn't take long to get hard and soon I was riding him to my total satisfaction.

We have really enjoyed the ring and it has certainly spiced up our sex lives

I am going away for a couple of nights at the end of September with work and so I have invited Emma to come and stay with Steve to keep him company but when Steve was away in July I spent a very happy night with Emma

I am a very happy woman I can have both my favourite people and no guilt and no regrets


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