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A true story
This happened in the year 2007 when I was 20 in Kolkata.
We had an old maid her name was Rohini she had served us for nearly 20 years and in June 2007 she passed away owing to a heart attack.
We searched for a new maid and finally got one her name was Sonali. She was 19 years old and didn’t look anything like a maid. She had a whitish complexion perfectly shaped breasts and a curvy figure she was more like a model rather than a maid. My parents hired her she would come every day early in the morning at around 8 and leave to work at another house at 1 and return in the evening to cook at 7. While working she would wear a long flowing skirt and a loose top that would show her sexy cleavage whenever she bent down I would always try to get a peek here and there whenever I could. She would notice this and hide her cleavage, every night I would fantasize and masturbate thinking about her. I got my chance after 3 months when my parents had to go out of india to attend their cousins wedding I could not go as in the previous month I had an accident and was advised not to travel long distances plus dad needed someone to see to his business while he was gone, I had 45days in which i had to make her mine and i had decided that i would certainly sleep with her atleast twice in these 45 days. To my delight my parents asked Sonali to stay with me and sleep in the guest room for these 45 days so that she can look after me because i had not recovered fully. She hesitantly agreed, seeing her hesitant agreement i understood that the only way i could bed her would be by either blackmailing her or raping her i didn’t want to rape her as that would pose serious problems later on. So the day my parents left i went to drop them off to the airport on my way back i bought a pack of condoms keeping them ready at all times.
Now i required a reason to blackmail her but she was too good a maid i started leaving money out on purpose but she would not take it but would return them to me. 10 days passed and nothing happened i was getting restless and close to rape her, but i controlled my emotions and did’nt let it waiver off. Then the golden opportunity presented itself to me. I had to go to Durgapur for some urgent work relating to my dad’s business. I told her that the next day I would be going at 8 and return at night 9 so she had to get up early and prepare my food and all. The next day I left but the work was not much and got over within half an hour i decided that there was no point in waiting there and decided to return home. By the time i reached home it was 5pm as I reached my apartment i saw that the door was open i immedialtely felt afraid that maybe she robbed us or something like that happened as i slowly walked in I saw her and group of 4-5 girls sitting around and drinking the local liquor which we get here i slowly walked towards them none of them saw me entering or heard me because all of them were high on. I went near them and shouted all of them looked as if they were jerked back to life they immediately jumped up I shouted at the other girls to take their stuff and get out before i called the police they took their liquor and ran out, Sonali tried to leave too but i caught her hand and told her i wanted to talk to her as soon as they left I started shouting at her and then told her that i was calling the police she immediately fell to my feet and begged for forgiveness and said she would do anything. That time it struck me i had got my blackmail motive but i didn’t want to fuck her while she reeked of liquor, I kept pretending that she did a grave mistake and i will call the cops and she kept on believing, in the end i told her that i would give her a last chance but then she would have to do everything as i tell her she agreed and told that she will never repeat this mistake again. As i was tired that day i didn’t want to do anything i told her to take a bath and clean the place up and i wouldn’t tell anyone about what happened here. I then took a nap in my room i woke at around 1 am in the night, I thought of doing her then and there but then i thought i should make this more interesting and planned the whole night as to what to make her do.
The next day i woke i saw that she had already done all the house work and was sittimg around. I got up and got fresh and called her to my room and started telling her off about the previous day she listened with her head bowed down and i told her that she would not be off the hook so easily there would be constant punishment in the remaining days till my parents came back. I told her i would let her know of her 1st punishment in the afternoon after lunch.
I then went out and bought some revealing clothes and was back by lunch time I ate lunch then called her and gave her those clothes and told her that she had to wear these clothes whenever she was in the house. She looked happy at 1st thinking she had got new clothes but when she saw what i bought for her her smile faded, she saw that i had got her a white tank top that would only reach just above her navel and a really short skirt which if she bent her ass would be completely exposed. She refused to wear them i reminded her about our deal and then she looked down and agreed. I told her to change into them now as i had to tell her lot more. She was about to go into her room when an idea struck my mind i told her that she can’t change in her room she has to do it here in front of me she was taken aback but seeing that she had no choice she reluctantly pulled down her skirt and her top i saw that she was wearing a slip underneath i told her to remove her slip too she removed it slowly hesitating several times in the process. When it finally came off i saw that she had a gr8 body she was completely smooth not a hair anywhere her assets were bigger than i imagined and her figure looked jaw-dropping, she was wearing black lingerie the bra looked as if it was too small to accommodate her boobs. She tried to cover herself with her hands i warned her she removed her hands and quickly wore the clothes i had bought for her, i admired her for a second she was looking awesome. Then i explained the rules to her

Rule#1: I could touch her wherever whenever i felt like.
Rule#2: She had to do whatever i told her to do.
Rule#3: She would have to sleep in my bed every night
Rule#4: She would have to have bath with the bathroom door open
Rule#5: If she needed to change her clothes she needed to take my permission.

These were the rules she accepted them teary-eyed. I then told her to go do her work she said that there is no work now and she was going to take a short nap. I then told her to go to my room and wait there for me. She went in i washed my hands after eating and went into my room she was standing near the table when i came in, I sat on the bed and told her to sit on the floor and spread her legs so that i could see her black panties she sat down and spread her legs just seeing that made me go hard. Then is asked her if she had had sex with anyone before she replied no, I then told her to get naked she said please anything but that but i was adamant after about 5 mins of crying i got up and told her if she didn’t do it i would she immediately agreed she started taking off her top and skirt and then stood there in her lingerie i asked if she wants me to take off her bra and panty she started pleading saying not those. But i didn’t listen and in the end she started taking them both off. I saw that she had no pubic hair she had shaven it off and then i observed her breasts it was like two perfect globes. I asked her to come and sit on the bed near me she came and sat i touched one of her breasts and she was crying. Then i told her that i would not be having sex with her then but she needed to suck my cock saying this i got up and pulled down my jeans and my 8-inch cock sprang out in all its glory and i ordered her to take it into her mouth she caught it slowly and then only took the tip of it in her mouth. I forcefully pushed my whole cock into her mouth she gagged but i didn’t let go and told her to keep sucking and roll her tongue as she kept on doing i felt in heaven. I finally came in her mouth i warned her not to spill any and made sure she swallowed each and every drop.

Contd in next part.... (How i managed to have all her friends come home and have an orgy)

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2014-02-10 12:28:45
You fucking little racist prick

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2014-01-16 13:19:26
are u blackmail all of her freinds and fuck them

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2013-11-26 18:23:56
Is there a part two and me link

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teri ma ki chut lande bhaosdi k hinduvo ko gali mat de nahi to chir fad dalenge teri samza kya....!
katti huvi aulad

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2013-10-20 15:07:47
I did that once also to a girl in much similar fashion

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