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Hi, my name is Sara and I'm a 21 yr old girl. I am really adventurous sexually and this is where it all started. I have tons of stories that I'd be willing to write about if you want more, everything true. This one isn't filled with much action, but i promise you theres a lot to come if i get positive feedback
This story is about me discovering sexual feelings,

I was a very normal 13 yr old girl. Hung out with my friends, listening to our favorite boy bands, the usual stuff for girls at that age. I haven't had any real sexual experience up to this point. I'd kissed a few boys and one sorta got his hand down my pants (until I slapped him). I only knew about sex from the stuff they teach us in school and from hearing other girls talk about it.

This one girl Brittany I was friends with was dating the cutest boy in our grade, and she loved to talk and brag about everything they did. They didn't have sex at this point but she would give him head all the time. I thought that was gross, but something about it turned me on a bit. I would go home after school sometimes and touch myself. I was very awkward and so paranoid my mom would find me that I almost never finished. That's another thing that I'll get into more in future stories, my mom is extremely religious and we always butted heads. That, among other things led to my parents divorce. My mom had custody of me and my younger sister but we both liked our dad better.

One day in school, my friend Samantha told me that her parents were going away for the weekend and her older cousin was watching her. We loved when this happened because her cousin would let us sleepover and would always get alcohol for us. So that friday evening, we all went to her house. Samantha is neighbors with Brittany’s boyfriend, Tom, so when Tom found out we were gonna be at Sam’s house he asked if he could come by too. We all liked him so that was fine.

We went down to the basement where we will be sleeping, and in the middle of the floor there are 2 bottles of malibu and a note from Sam’s cousin. He had to work late that night so he wouldn't get home till after 3am. We didn't waste any time and started drinking right away. None of us drank too much, just enough to get a good buzz going. We talked and played a pretty innocent game of truth or dare. A few hours of this and some of the girls started falling asleep, it doesn't take much alcohol to knock out a 13 yr old.

I was really thirsty so I quietly went upstairs to get some water. When I was in the kitchen, I heard noise above me. I didn't think anyone was there so I slowly crept towards the stairs. I saw a light coming from Sam’s room and slowly walked up the stairs. As I got closer, I heard Brittany’s voice. I peaked into the room and saw Brittany get down onto her knees in front of her boyfriend. Her back was to me as I watched her head go down. From Tom’s moan, I knew she had just put his dick in her mouth. I couldn't believe I was watching her suck her boyfriend’s dick! I was instantly wet. She began moving her head up and down quickly and I heard the wet sounds of a blowjob for the first time.

She paused for a second and lifted her shirt over her head. She wasn't wearing a bra and he immediately started playing with her tits. I couldn't take it anymore and without thinking I stuck my hand into my shorts and started rubbing myself. I couldn't believe I was watching my friend suck her boyfriend’s dick!

I didn't move from my spot, but my hand was going faster and I was breathing heavy. From my angle I couldn't see his dick, she was blocking it. I wanted to see it so bad so I moved to get a better view. I took one step and of course the floor creaked. I froze like a deer in headlights and looked up at them. They both turned and were looking at me. Not knowing what to do next, I just ran away, back downstairs and into the basement.

I was relieved to see that all the other girls were asleep. I laid down to go to sleep but I couldn't get the image out of my head and before I knew it, I was touching myself again. I couldn't keep doing it with my friends sleeping around me so I snuck into the bathroom, got completely naked and fingered myself on the bathroom floor. I went at it for what seemed like hours, exploring my body and cumming countless times. I passed out naked on the floor and woke up in the morning when Sam was banging on the bathroom door, asking if I was ok. I quickly got dressed and told her I got sick from drinking. Me and Brittany exchanged a look when I got out of the bathroom but nothing was said, we acted like nothing happened.

That day awoke something in me; I would get myself off several times a week, almost always thinking of Brittany sucking Tom’s dick.

Over the next few months, I started getting a little more involved with boys. I would go out on dates to movies or something harmless like that, and often we would make out. These dates never turned into more, there was something inside me that was afraid to take the next step, even though I would often go home and masturbate. So one by one, the boys would move on to the next girl, who might be willing to go further with them. Brittany was great at picking up my leftovers. Shortly after that night, Tom broke up with her. To make herself feel better, she would mess around with guys, she loved the attention and how popular she had become. She would go on to be the first of our friends to lose her virginity, with a guy I liked. My next story will pick up there, a lot of things happen fast at that point,

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2010-11-15 13:09:19
loved intro cant wait til next story

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2010-11-15 11:44:26
good story.
any girls lookin for a good time commet back

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2010-11-15 10:45:05
I really liked this beginning and would love to read about more....This story seems a lot more factual than most of the 'fantasy' written in 90 percent of the stories I read here.
More please! I rate this one a 6 out of 10....

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2010-11-15 03:14:01
a good start i hope you do part 2 soon

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2010-11-14 02:03:15
This story equaled a big fat zero, but I gave it a good rating in the hope that the author will come back with some more detailed and much more erotic stories. Just realating how one watched a friend giving a blow job does not an erotic story make, but does give a slight hint as to what can develop.

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