A dog, a cut girl, and a cute kid
It has been a year since anyone has lived in the house behind mine where Blackie and Brownie
were. I had some good times with those 2 dogs. I have only had 1 opportunity to get fucked
by a dog since then. It was a stray that I was able to coax into coming into my garage by
offering some food. Don't know what ever happened to that dog after that.

Anyway one weekend I saw some guys using power hoses to clean the back area of the house behind
mine. They did this for a couple of days and then one night I noticed lights on. I figured
maybe someone had finally moved in. A couple of days later I was mowing my backyard and heard
a dog bark. I looked and noticed a male dog in the back area of the house behind me where I
used to have Blackie fuck me. Hmmm - interesting. He looked to be a pitbull breed and just a bit
bigger than Blackie was.

I finished mowing the yard and went back inside. I could still see the dog from my sliding door window.
I then saw a girl come out. I went to the kitchen window. The girl petted the dog and I saw the dog
stick his snout in her cunt. He seemed to be trying to get to her pussy. The girl then spread her legs
a little giving the dog better access. She was looking around. I noticed the red tip of the dog's
cock coming out. At this point the girl closed her legs, pushed the dog away and went back to the house.
She was really cute with long brown hair, nice looking body, and maybe 11-12 years old.

One evening I saw a guy out back and walked out there. I introduced myself as Joe. "I'm Billy. I just
moved in with my daughter Jenna and my son Lucas. We moved here from Ft. Bragg in North Carolina". "Oh
so you are in the Military". "Yeah". "Well I am a P.E. Teacher and coach at the school on Ft. Buchanan".
"Well my kids start school there Monday. Jenna plays volleyball and basketball and my son will be going
out for football. Jenna is 12 and Lucas is 14 although he is small and looks about 11". "Well I coach
football and girls basketball so I guess I will meet them both". "You can meet them now". Jenna - Lucas.
Come out here. The kids came out and Billy introduced them to me and let them know I would be coaching
them. I talked to all 3 of them briefly. Jenna really was a cutie. Lucas really did look about 11. He
was a cute kid and looked to weigh all of about 100 pounds.

Lucas came by football practice Monday and I introduced him to the guys telling them Lucas had just
moved here. We had started a couple of weeks before but had 2 more weeks before our first game. Lucas
was a QB so I had my running backs work with him and taught him our Offensive play series. He was
actually quite good and learned quickly. Too bad he was so small. After practice one day I told him I
play all our young kids in any game that we are winning easily and that usually we do that about 75% of
our games. He was glad to hear that. I also told him if he wanted any extra work to let me know and he
could also call on me at home since we were neighbors anyway.

It was also volleyball season so I saw Jenna around everyday also. I talked to her a few times. She was a
good athlete and was very good in volleyball. I told her I was looking forward to having her in basketball.
Hmmmmm - nice choice of words. I thought of that as I looked at her sweet body in her shorts. She looked
good enough to eat and I would definitely like to have her.

Billy saw me out back one evening and told me he was going TDY this weekend and was thinking of
leaving his kids with his sister. However, the kids wanted him to ask me if I could watch them. I was
pleasantly surprised. I told him no problem. He then told me Jenna was going to stay with a friend Friday
night so only Lucas would be home. Then they were both going to spend the night with friends Saturday and just the dog needed some water and food. The kids would be home Sunday morning and he would be back that night. I assured him there would be no problem. I realized I had one night with Lucas and one night with the dog.

Both Lucas and Jenna warmed up to me during the week which I was glad to see. I sat next to Jenna a few
times during volleyball before I went to football practice. I made sure to make contact with my leg against
hers and I had her fidgeting every time. I would also touch her leg any chance I got to let her know she was
doing great. Jenna had some nice tits for a 12 year old. No wonder so many guys were checking her out. At
football practices I kept fooling around with Lucas getting him in head locks so I have his sweet ass
against my crotch. I had to fight the urge to let him feel my swollen cock.

The weekend came around. I was with the kids Friday night when Billy said goodbye to them. Jenna's friend came to pick her up so I said bye to her. I asked Billy if he wanted to stay at my house or at his. He said he would stay with me so he left the dog food and water and came over. We watched TV. I fooled around with him grabbing his leg and squeezing it which usually tickles. I would keep this up just so I could touch him. When it was time to go to sleep I told him there were 2 rooms he could choose and then laughing said "or you can share my bed". To my surprise he said he would share with me cause he didn't want to be alone in a strange room. I smiled and said no problem so he followed me into the room. We both had shorts on. I had him get in bed, then I got in next to him.

I said good night and turned my back to him. But I purposely made sure my backside made contact with him. I felt him fidget around so I purposely would back up as I moved around and put my ass to his crotch. On one such move I was sure I felt he had a boner. I then turned on my back and let my hand hang to my side basically against his thigh. He didn't move away but he fidgeted which made my hand slide down against his crotch. Again I could feel his boner. Since he didn't move away I left my hand there pretending to be drifting off to sleep. Suddenly I felt something wet and realized Lucas had just cum. At that moment I quickly flipped toward him and let my leg come across one of his.

"Joe are you awake? Joe"? I pretended to suddenly come awake. "Lucas what's the matter"? "I want you to fuck me". "Whaaaaatttttt? Lucas what are you saying"? Lucas then told me that when he was 11 years old his dog raped him. "It hurt like hell but I ended up liking it. I wondered if I was gay but realized I liked girls too much and was not interested in guys. I never thought about it again but lying next to you I had an orgasm when your hand accidentally rested against my dick. It made me want to get fucked again". "Well Lucas if you are really sure you want to do this. I'm not gay either but I can do it if you want me to". "I want you to". "Ok then do you want me to just fuck you or to really make you feel good also"? "What else will you do". "Well I will do whatever and whatever you don't like tell me not to do it". "Ok".

By then I had a hard-on and couldn't wait to get started. "Ok lay back down". After he laid down, I lay next
to him and brought my leg over and between his. I then flipped over and got on top of him so he could feel
my cock against his and I started to dry hump him. As I did this he started to hump back. I then lowered my
face and gave him a soft kiss on his lips and I kept humping him. Lucas then pushed up hard against my cock and I knew he had cum again. I was able to hold back. I got up. "Ok let's take our shorts and underwear off. Then lie across the bed and I will fuck you". Once we did that Lucas looked at my cock. "Wow I think your dick is bigger than what I remember my dog's to be". "Wait here". I went to the bathroom and got some petroleum jelly. I still fuck myself with dildoes so I keep it handy.

I came back out and lubed my finger. "I'm going to smear this around inside your ass so my dick will go
inside you easier." "Ok". I slipped my finger in his ass and moved it in and out a couple of times. Then I
lubed my finger again and repeated the process. Lucas had a boner again. "I'm going to fuck you now". I
grabbed his waist and put the tip of my cock against his asshole. My cock was throbbing. I moved it around
the outside of his asshole a while and I could see Lucas trying to move his asshole to my cock. I then shoved it in him slowly. "If it hurts too much let me know". "I know it might hurt but I don't want you to stop". "Ok".

I pushed a little farther and got about 4 inches of cock in Lucas. He was grunting and moaning and pushing back. I slowly pulled out a couple inches and drove about 6 inches of my cock in him. I was staying inside him so as not to cum too quick. I pulled back out then got all 8 inches of my cock in him. Lucas grunted but pushed back against my cock. My balls were tight against his ass. I started a rhythmic fucking motion and started driving my cock in and out of his sweet asshole. As Lucas pushed back hard against me I emptied my cum inside his sweet ass without stopping my humping. On my last spurt I stayed tight against him til my cock deflated and slipped out. Some of my cum dribbled out of his asshole. As he got up I noticed the bedsheet was wet and realized Lucas had cum again as I fucked him. He had a nice tight little ass since he was so small for 14 years.

Well we should get some sleep. We laid back down with only t-shirts on. I crossed my leg over his and drifted off to sleep. Next morning when I awoke I still had my leg over Lucas' and noticed he had a boner. I got up and looked at his sweet little 5 inch cock. Though I had never sucked a male cock I had the urge to do so and put my lips to his cock. I bobbed up and down on it and slowly sucked it. I kept this up and was greeted with a load of cum as I felt Lucas thrust his cock hard into my mouth. I let him fuck my mouth as he emptied his balls. "Wow that felt great Joe". "Glad you enjoyed it. I've never done that to a guy. Let's go wash up. There is another bathroom down the hall unless you want to shower with me". "I want to". "Ok come on".

When we got into the shower Lucas noticed I had a hard-on. When he touched it I almost came in his hand and pulled away. "I want you to fuck me now Lucas". I got soap and lathered his cock and it got hard again. I then lathered up my asshole and bent over. "Fuck me Lucas". He came up behind me and his cock slipped inside me easily. As he started to fuck me I pushed back meeting his thrusts. "Yea that is nice Lucas. Fuck me harder". He pounded me harder and faster and about 30 seconds later I felt him cum inside me and pushed back hard against him as my dick began to spurt cum. When he pulled out of me I turned around and ground my cock against his as I finished cumming.

We finished showering, then we dried up. and went back to the room and got dressed. I took us to Dennys for breakfast and then we went to his house to wait for him to be picked up by his friend. When his friend picked him up before noon I told him I'd seem him tomorrow. I then remembered I had to feed the dog and get him some fresh water. "Well let's see if I get lucky again now. I have the rest of the day to be with the dog".

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dose enyone els see the kid beged 4 it u cant rape the willing

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2010-11-16 17:18:23
Different strokes for different folks, I liked it

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2010-11-16 17:18:13
Different strokes for different folks, I liked it


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Liked the sry hope to read more. I liked it more with the not rapping the kids.


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Liked the sry hope to read more. I liked it more with the not rapping the kids.

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