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My first story be nice on the comments
My name is Edson Padilla, but most people call me Eddy. I’m 25 years old and live in Phoenix, AZ. I stand tall at 6'2 and a pretty heavy 220 pounds. I have an above average build (since I work out and work in an auto shop putting/removing heavy pieces of metal all day); dazzling bluish grey eyes, short jet black hair, and single. I've always tried to get into a steady relationship, but I usually end up getting an "I don’t think this is going to work out" or a "We should be friends instead". I eventually grew tired of hearing this so I just stopped dating. Instead, me and a couple of friends usually hook up on Fridays to a bar to get some drinks. My friends always walk out of every bar with one or two ladies and usually horny. Unlike me I don’t have one night stands just go home drunk as hell and fall asleep. Since I don't date anymore I don't believe in love. Unlike most people where love leads them into having sex with each other, have kids, and then they get married. Then what? No one knows, well not me anyways. I kept believing this until one particular day when I had to baby-sit my brother’s daughter for a couple days. Heres what happened.

It was a very dull and boring Saturday morning. I had recently woken up with hangover from drinking the previous day. The telephone began to ring and im thinking to myself who the fuck is calling so god damn early. "Hello", I groaned still groggy from waking up "What’s up lil bro. How you doing?" "Great until you called. What do you want so damn early?" I answered angry for him calling. "Umm dude its like 3 in the afternoon, but anyways are you gonna be doing anything this weekend?", "Nothing that I know of. Why what’s up?" "Cool cause im taking the wife out for our 15th anniversary this weekend and I was wondering if you could watch my daughter this weekend?" "Sure no problem." When are you going to drop her off?" "Maybe around 5 see you in a lil bit."Alright then." then we hung up. I got out of bed and looked at myself in the mirror. I felt proud for having an 8 incher, but not sharing it with no one.

5 came around and I heard a knock at my door. I answered it and it was my brother ready to leave his daughter with me for the weekend. My brother’s daughters name is Jesse. She’s 15 years old and HOT! She’s a short 5'4 brunette with caramel colored skin, an hourglass figure, and a smile that can make you melt. "Hi Uncle Eddy!" she said as she gave me a big hug. "How’s my favorite niece doing?" "Fine." she said showing me that smile that can melt the sun. Her dad left and we started chatting about school and work just basic things. "Can I go take a dive in your pool for a lil bit eddy?" "Sure Ill meet you there in a minute." I went to my room and searched for my swimming trunks.

I eventually found them and ran to the pool. I saw Jesse there in her bikini and ready to make a cannon ball into the water. WOW! Not to the big splash she made, but the way she looked in that bikini. Her tits looked like they were going to fall out of the top. My cock immediately began to grow and she saw me staring at her tits."Like what you see Eddy?" I was caught off guard and all I could spit out was "I err... umm.....uhh yea" she giggled and swam around. I got into the pool hoping my not so little friend would go down, but no good. I tried to dodge her tackles so she wouldn’t feel my erection, but that didn’t work. Her leg ran over my cock so many times I almost blew. She then got me and hugged me tightly, then she whispered "Its ok Eddy." then she reached down my trunks and found my erect penis. Her touch sent an electrical wave of pleasure up my body. By natural instinct I kissed her deeply and fondled her breast, they were so soft and big they were near perfection. She started to stroke faster and I was near cumming. "I’m close." I moaned "Good" she whispered huskily. Hearing that I blew my load, there were at least 6 ropes of my semen floating in the pool. I turned to Jesse and told her "Your turn" I then lifted her out of the pool and layed her down on a chair. "Open your legs" I said and she happily applied. I took off her bikini bottom and my feast began. I shoved a finger in her wet cunt and thumb in her ass. She moaned loudly enough for the neighborhood to hear. I lapped her pussy then inserted my tongue. Her body started hummping my face then her whole body shook and her juices began to flow onto my tongue. Her taste was very sweet like peach nectar.

She came down from her massive eruption and panted "Thank you" and I put a finger to her now very sensative clit and she came again."Stop no more I can't take no more" she cried out. "You know your my slut now right?" She gave me a devilish smile and said "You won't be able to handle this." and she started rubbing her massive tits. " oh ho you sure about that miss?" She smiled and started masturbating in front of me. This is gonne be a fun weekend i said to myself.

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2013-02-27 16:29:13
Hi Shel,My revered fnreid Jayne, called to tell me as she read River she needed to read a few sentences over to absorb the meaning. She remarked that it ALWAYS catches her attention when she has to do that. (she is extremely well read and highly articulate). She thinks you are very evolved and really is enjoying the book River'. She began to read it on the Solstice and continued reading it the next day! Thought you might like feedback like that!Love to you and thanks for the thoughts about authenticity. Nice one!


2012-01-15 23:50:42
For a first attempt it was good. I think you could have worked up to the sex better but I did enjoy.

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