An Indian father working in Africa discovers that his wife had given birth to a mixed race child in his absence. He paid the doctor to murder the wife and claim that it was due to child birth. The father raised the child single handedly and they grew very close. They had incestuous relationships until his diabetes medication made him impotent....HE THEN LOOKED FOR A BLACK MAN TO FUCK THE DAUGHTER. This became a healing process for him. He tried to find out why his late wife had to fuck with a black man. The daughter also gave birth to a mixed race child.
This happened in September 2005. I'm writing now because I recently saw a girl on TV whose unusual name and resemblance brought the memories flooding back...

She moves with graceful feline elegance. With dusky brown skin, long glossy black hair, come to bed eyes, beautiful lips just made for sucking cocks, slim waste, a corpulent protruding ass and flat stomach and very long, slender legs she is stunning. The way she moves and her beauty combine to craft one of the sexiest looking women I’d ever seen and I’d lusted after her for months. I've always been a slim body, pert tits and long limbs man and she ticks all my boxes. But I see four problems, at around sixteen or seventeen she is much too young, she is Hindu and she is Indian. So many barriers for a single, thirty year old, agnostic Africa immigrant in India to break down. So what's the point of wasting time dreaming except that I enjoy every fuck my imagination gives me?

I rounded the corner and there she was, picture perfect, walking a few paces behind her father, the lucky sod. My dick began to stiffen as I feasted on her beauty. If I had a daughter like that, I’d fuck her every night. The girl did not look like a pure Indian; I think she was of mixed blood, African and Indian.

My thoughts were interrupted. "You..."

I'd not really taken much notice of her father other than thinking he's so lucky and wishing it was me in his place but I tore my eyes from the feast and looked at him.

"You... You like my daughter, yes?"

Well she is stunning; I think a lot of guys would drool. Is he having a go because I eyed up his daughter?

After a few seconds silence he said "You like her, yes? You want to fuck her, yes?"

He can’t be asking me if I want to fuck his daughter so he must be objecting to my obvious desire. I didn’t know what to say but I managed. "I'm really sorry, she is a very beautiful woman and you are a lucky man to have such a stunning daughter".

He stared at me for a few more seconds then glanced at his daughter and nodded before turning back to me and saying, "It is good then. At ten o'clock tonight you come to my house and you fuck my daughter, yes. Number D44 Punarvasu is the address. Right here in Mira Road."

I stood there, mouth open in shock as he walked on and she dutifully followed, she looked very embarrassed but she reached out and touched my arm as she passed.

I was unsure if it was a wind up or some kind of Nigger bashing trick so I had no intention of going. Even so I ended up making an excuse and left the pub early. I reasoned that I had nothing else to do as I walked along the street just after ten, did he mean it, probably not but I lived in hope.

Their door opened as I passed, "I am Ramprabhu, come". He ushered me into their hallway. I could see that he was really nervous but so was I. He said "Neha is waiting for you in the sitting room".

I didn’t have any idea what to expect and was tense in anticipation of being jumped. For all I knew it could have been a group of his friends and relatives armed with machetes and knives waiting for me, but at least I now had a name that I could put to her image when we dream fuck... NEHA... I looked through the open doorway my jaw dropped.

I’d had a permanent hard on since we’d met in the street over 5 hours earlier. I’d wanked off a couple of times but I still had a set of lover’s bollocks painful enough to make me walk like I’d just got off a horse. What I saw made my already hard dick jerk to attention and painfully remind me just how sore my balls were.

She was dressed in a light blue jersey and a skimpy denim mini skirt with calf length boots. A couple of inches of naked thigh separated the hem of the skirt and the top of her boots. Neha had the most expensive manicure on the planet, her nails looked delicious, I just wanted to lick them!

Neha walked toward me. She reached up to my chin and I closed my gawping mouth. I reached out for her to draw her to me but Ramprabhu said, "No kissing please".

The reminder of his presence was a real killer and I felt my dick begin to shrink but without preamble or foreplay Neha quickly dropped a towel on the floor, pulled her jersey off and pushed me onto the towel and climbed on top of me. My hand instinctively went for her youthful breast.

Having felt the size of my cock, she said get up and sit on the chair. Neha rested a hand lovingly on my thigh while I cupped her breast. What she had planned, I did not know?

Neha quickly undid my jeans and pulled my cock out. It was Ramprabhu who gasped, I think Neha was speechless. I did have the longest dick in the showers a little over ten inches and I always won the old party favourite 'how much beer or water can you displace from a pint pot' competition because my dick was by far the thickest. Such size had made me popular with many girls but a few years before but I'd sort of grown out of that scene after catching a dose of STD.

Ramprabhu left the room. Neha was shaking with nerves and she quietly asked, "Can I use some delay cream on you please? ... Quick, stand up, stand up quickly." I nodded and she took out a tube from her bag and began to squeeze. After a few seconds she realised it was still sealed, she punctured it with the cap, squeezed a quarter of the tube onto my shaft then quickly put the tube away and began rubbing the cold clear gel into my shaft and balls before her dad came back. I guess this was her secret, but I don’t think she’d used it before because she used far too much. She said, “It is an herbal concoction made from Betel nut extract.” It was only then I realised why she was so liberal with the amount used. Betel nut is a mild narcotic.

There was so much gel that it wouldn’t absorb right away and I was on the verge of cumming as she desperately tried to rub the slick gel in before her dad came back. I was so close that I had to stop her a few times as she massaged the gel into my erect shaft and tender balls. It took a few minutes until it began to work and I felt the urge to cum subside.

She dropped to her knees and I stood there caressing her silky smooth hair while she stroked, licked and sucked my rock hard and slightly numb dick. Within seconds, the gel was devoured by Neha and my erect cock was dry, but the numbing effect was being felt. Ramprabhu was sitting in the corner of the room where he could see his daughter’s lips stretched around my dick. He held his erect but much smaller and thinner dick in his hand and was gently stroking his thumb up and down the tip. I guess he was about quarter my length and less than half as thick so that’s why Rohini was speechless and he gasped when they first saw my dick.

I guided her toward an armchair and sat her down, knelt between her legs and hitched her along so her cunt was at the edge of the seat. I took a rubber from my strides pocket and went to open the packet. She reached to stay my hand and said "I have only had intercourse with my dad and him only with me in recent times. We have no disease and we trust you also do not have disease so please not be using condom".

This happened at the height of the HIV and AIDS pandemic and I had a dose of gonorrhea a few years earlier, although it was easily cured it was very embarrassing so I always used a condom since.
Now this dream girl was asking me to fuck her bareback. Ok this was a very special situation, a dream come true so I only took me a second to think it through. If she wanted me bareback it was up to her but I certainly wasn’t going to pull out. If it came to that I think I could even stand having my dick scraped by some condescending health worker again if it meant I’d fucked the girl of my dreams. So I immediately shifted her to the sofa and bent her over, opening her pussy in the process. I guided the end of my naked dick towards her vaginal crack.

She was very tight and I could feel my bell end pulling and stretching, without the delay cream I’d have cum right then. She yelped and tried to push me away as my thick dick stretched her. She was too dry, nerves I guess. I wish that I had cum right away, it would’ve lubricated her cunt or maybe I should have licked her first to get the juices flowing. I pulled out and went to move my head down but Ramprabhu said, "No, only fuck please". I put my hand to her mouth and asked her to spit and then I also spit into my hand. I smoothed the liquid around my shaft then eased it back into her. I worked a couple of inches in and out a few times until she was beginning to relax and open up a bit and then I thrust right in. She screamed as more than ten inches of thick black meat ploughed home then yelped as I bottomed out with that beautifully tight cunt squeezing all along my dick. I held her waist and pulled her hips to me, my tender balls squashed against her ass, oh the sensation as she squirmed and her tight little cunt grasped my dick. She moaned and struggled, my dick felt each movement of her cunt as I pulled us tightly together.

I began to move and she was hurting and she gasped and whimpered. Her face screwed up, she had tears leaking from her eyes and she was very tensed up, she pushed me with each thrust I made. I was beginning to get sore myself in spite of the anesthetic cream and spitting on my dick. I asked myself if I was doing the right thing here, should I stop, I'm sure it was hurting her too much. I asked and heard Ramprabhu say, "No!" as Neha also gasped, "No, please no!!"

I rode her almost full length and she began to sob then openly cry but she held onto my waist, letting me know that I shouldn’t pull out. I’d rammed her tight little cunt so much that my dick felt scraped raw so I pushed in deep and began to strum the tips of my fingers over her clitoris.

With my dick buried to the hilt it was like I wasn't really there, like this was all happening by remote control, I was floating around the pleasure and pain. Her weeping changed to moaning; snapping me back to what was real. I pulled us harder together and began twitching my dick and I redoubled the strumming on her clit. She started to shudder and then her cunt clamped and clenched even tighter around my dick and suddenly she was very wet. Her juices flooded and I could feel her wet warmth burning along my abraded dick, still tight but now she was so smooth and we both began enjoying the ride.

I had her on her knees and we fucked doggy style, after she had reached an explosive orgasm, I decided that we tried a different pose. I had her mount my dick and ride me “top stick”. Ramprabhu hissed, "Neha!" and she ignored him.

She pushed me onto my back in the chair and she straddled me, her pretty feet on my legs and she leaned back and clutched the sofa. I had to hold her legs to balance her as she rode me, bucking her pelvis up and down my shaft. Again I heard Ramprabhu hiss "Neha", but she still ignored him, I glanced across and he was still sitting on the chair, his eyes glued to my dick ploughing his daughter’s cunt. He was bucking up and down fucking his clenched fist with his barely visible stump of a cock.

She had cum another four times now and I was nowhere near when we moved back to the chair and she wrapped her legs round my waist. I was pounding full length and very fast and deep when I first felt the welling. I slowed to control my rhythm, I like being on the edge of cumming and holding back, pleasing my lover in the process. It's such a great feeling to hold it back as long as possible especially with a beauty such as Neha wrapped around my dick. My balls hurt like hell and each time they slapped her ass a screaming ache shot through to my kidneys and down my legs.

I was close to exploding when she came again, this was it, I was ready and I speeded up and she moaned and groaned and gasped, her cunt clenched and relaxed round my dick. Just as she was coming back down again I rammed hard home and rubbed her clitoris hard with my thumb, she locked her legs firmly around me and pulled me tight onto her. My hot sperm surged as she rose to another crescendo. My lover’s bollocks exploded their pent up loads of thick creamy sperm. It felt like I was emptying my kidneys, my ass cheeks and my thighs into her. It didn't pulse, it flowed up my shaft like a surging torrent and blasted from me and it just didn't seem to stop. She was rigid; her eyes opened wider and wider as each flowing surge spewed into her tight cunt. After what seemed like eternity, the gushing river died down to a pulsing stream and eventually stopped.

That was the best cum I've ever had in my life and I felt completely drained. I went to pull out but she clung onto me with her ankles and pulled me back into her. She reached and wrapped her arms around my back and pulled me toward her and began gyrating her pelvis and clenching her cunt. Again Ramprabhu hissed, "Neha!" and again she ignored him. I began riding her again, slowly and very gently to the sound of squelching sperm, it began to ooze out and dribble down my scrotum and inner thighs. Her face was a picture of passion and she pulled me down to kiss me but Ramprabhu stood up and came to stand beside us, she unwound her legs and let me go when he rested a hand on her shoulder.

There was a loud, wet plopping noise when I pulled my dick out and stood up. Her cunt was glistening with sperm and gapping but beginning to close up. As she closed thick white sperm oozed out and down her crack.

I was tiding myself up to go when Neha and Ramprabhu began a sort of hushed, whispered argument in Hindi. After a couple of minutes Ramprabhu turned, he was obviously not pleased with the outcome of their argument, I soon found out why when he asked me "Tonight you will say here, yes? You will sleep in MY bed with my daughter, yes? You understand that this is not my choosing but that of my daughter and her ...we... ask if you will stay here tonight." I was shocked as to why I should sleep in his bed and not Neha’s bed?

That's how I found myself lying in a nice warm bed, between the legs of the most beautiful girl in my world with my dick buried in her now well used, wet and welcoming cunt. Her daddy was no doubt sitting on the chair and wanking himself silly, the chair on which he’d just watched his pretty daughter being fucked by a Black man.

We got no sleep during that perfect night. Without her dad watching we were free to kiss and we did, deeply, passionately and often. We spoke very little but we explored each other’s bodies with joy. I spent some time kissing and licking, stroking and massaging her wonderfully lithe and now naked body. She did the same with me. We kissed and licked and fucked all night.

I licked her cunt until she begged me to fuck her and afterwards she sucked and played with my dick until I was hard again. She asked me to stand on the bed as she sucked my cock.

She admitted that daddy fucked her regularly, but his cock was a mere three inches. As a token of her love, she tied a friendship medallion around my neck with the Hindu inscription of AUM on it. Neha said, “Wear this and let it be a constant reminder of me.” Neha then explained how she was conceived. Ramprabhu was working as an accountant in Chad in Africa in the 1980’s and early 1990’s and he often sent African colleagues to stay in his marital home in Mumbai where his wife Shakuntala lived alone. On one occasion, Ramprabhu came to India with an African called Bouhari and he extended the usual hospitality and allowed Bouhari to stay in his house. Ramprabhu returned to Chad two weeks before Bouhari did. As Bouhari stayed in the house alone with Shakuntala, they developed closeness and he fucked her a few times. Shakuntala became pregnant and did not know if the child was Ramprabhu’s or Bouhari’s since they had both fucked her in the month before she realised that she was pregnant.

When the child was born and the doctor at the hospital noticed that it was an African child, he immediately phoned Ramprabhu in Chad and reported the incident. An enraged Ramprabhu requested that Dr. Shivranjan inject Shakuntala with a lethal injection and put on the death certificate that she died of child birth. Handsomely paid, Dr. Shivranjan complied. That was how Neha, a mixed race child, lived alone with her dad Ramprabhu. They grew closer and closer as Neha grew older, to the extent of having sex. Ramprabhu was on diabetes medication and had become impotent, hence his asking me to fuck his daughter. I could only surmise that he wanted to see the primeval lust which drove Shakuntala to fuck with a Chadian Nigger, in his absence……………..……...I sincerely hope that he saw it? Hopefully, his mind is now at ease. I guess by fucking his daughter in the marital bed, he was imagining Shakuntala and Bouhari copulating in like manner. I HOPE IT WAS THERAPEUTIC FOR RAMPRABHU!!!! I could see that he was carrying a lot of guilt on his shoulder.

Three times more she massaged delay cream into my dick and balls until the tube was empty and four times more I filled her with my cream.

In the end there was no ceremony, it was just after 4am when Ramprabhu knocked on the door. I’d not long since pumped another load of sperm into his daughter and we were lying entwined with my half hard dick still buried in her sloppy and now quite sizeable cunt. He asked me to leave before people in the Punarvasu building were up and about.

It was still grey outside as I left and a guy across the hallway at Number 43 opened his front door when I was being ushered out. He waved at us, Neha and I, and shouted a bright "Good Morning". In the hallway behind us I heard Ramprabhu whisper something like "Hay Krishna!!!".

Before that night I'd seen Neha maybe a couple or three times a week, usually trailing behind her dad in the street. After that night I didn't see her again until Diwali. In December I'd got a better paid job in Goregaon but was back in Mira Road for the Christmas holidays when I saw her again. I went into the internet caf?n Surya shopping centre as she was just leaving. She was very pregnant and I held the door open for her as she left and then I followed her out. She was reluctant to speak to me but I walked next to her and I think she was getting worried in case she was seen with a man other than her daddy. She stopped and pulled me into a corner by Vijay bank and held a still neatly manicured finger to my lips.

"Shhhhh" she said, "Listen, our belief, our parents, and our families are very strict, we are bound by our parent’s wishes and I love Daddy very much and what we did is very dangerous. I do not make fun when I say that daddy’s family would kill me for what we did together. Do not misunderstand, it was a very good, enjoyable night that I will always remember with great fondness but for Daddy and I it was very emotional. For shame he will never tell another, even we do not talk about that night but know that I carry your child and let that be enough for you. I pray to Bhagwan the child has more the look of me than of you because we do not want our families to know how the child was created. Please understand this and like me, let your thoughts be the memory of that night. Do not try to speak to me again, this is important." With that she walked away.

So I'd been used for a breeding stud, looking back it was not really a surprise but even so I was shocked and had no idea what to think, what was I to do? If the child was mine I had rights, I was to be a father, and I felt obliged. But my feelings and my rights meant nothing if they could cause such serious problems for the most beautiful girl I knew so for the best, I did as she said.

From a distance and in snatched steps in time I watched Neharika, my daughter growing up. I spotted Neha walking with Neharika who was holding the hand of a toy teddy bear along beside them. Although Neharika has the look of her mother my genes had surfaced in the child who looked more African than Asian.

Now back to 2010, I was sitting reading the newspaper; my wife was watching TV when I heard the name Neha. I looked up and gasped, it could have been her, the same long black hair, the same body shape, the same long legs and she even dressed in similar bright colours.

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