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Disclaimer: this story contains sexual relations between a grown father and his 5 year old sn.
If this is not your thing please stop reading now.
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Father and Son part I
One of my absolute favourite things in the world is going to the forest with my dad to pick mushrooms.

We have been doing this together for as long as I can remember, it’s a thing that only the two of us do together without any involvement from my mother or my sister, who normally crave all of his attention.

Dad knows everything there is to know about mushrooms, which ones are edible, which ones to avoid and most importantly perhaps, were to find them.

In the city where we live there is a huge military training area deep in the woods, you can get there by car, travelling down a muddy road until you arrive at this huge red barrack where one can park the car and then after a brisk walk down a narrow path you arrive in what Dad refers to as being mushroom heaven.

The road is preceded by warning signs telling the public to keep out and that this is a private area but truth be told we have never seen any military activity. Actually we have never seen anyone at all, civilian or other but Dad claims that the grounds are normally used in the late evenings, when we are not there. It would be much too difficult to see path in front of you or try to find any mushrooms.

Hence we are always alone in the forest during the early autumn afternoons.

What is even more fun is that as soon as we have entered the muddy road Dad lets me leave the passenger seat and climb over to sit in his lap and steer the car. Obviously he controls the pedals as even if I wanted to I couldn’t possibly reach them.

Hence Dad lets me sit on his lap and drive the car which really is one of my favourite things to do. A big boy thing.

After a while though Dad starts complaining that I am crushing his penis so we will have to stop and park the car and he walks stiffly for a while, but soon enough everything is fine again.

This afternoon we had been looking around for about half an hour or so when I saw something in the grass that from a far looked just like a comic book. I am only five years old so obviously I hurried over there to see if it perhaps was Spiderman, who is my favourite.

Spiderman is cool, but then again so is Superman.

I glanced over my shoulder, spotting Dad about 25 metres away. We normally spread out but we never go very far as to not get out of each other’s sights.

As I arrive by the log underneath which the magazine is placed I pick it up and quickly realise that this is not at all a regular comic book, but something completely different.

I cannot read that good yet, Dad normally reads a bed time story to me but the shiny pictures needs no text.

The first picture shows a young boy wearing nothing but a pair if underwear and he is smiling at whoever is taking the picture.

I think he must be about my age, and like me he is also quite skinny.

In the next picture the same boy has now taken off his clothes and is standing on all fours showing his bottom to the camera with a big grin on his face. I have never seen anything like it and I quickly glance over at Dad to make sure he isn’t coming over here. Something tells me that he would not approve of me looking through this magazine.

I don’t know why, but I do know that.

In the third and the fourth picture the young boy is no longer alone, but…hang on…what is he actually doing?

He has now been joined by an older man and he has the man’s thing in his hand.

I have never seen such a big thing before!

Sometimes I shower together with my Dad and his thing is big too, but not at all as hard as this man’s. I have never seen Dad hard like this, only soft when he has been showing me how to wash my willy properly.

The boy is smiling and in the next picture he is putting that huge thing inside his mouth.

The older man is sitting on a chair and the boy is in front of him with that gigantic meat-stick inside his mouth and the man’s facial expression is that of sheer joy and happiness.

He looks very relaxed and upon closer investigation I come to the conclusion that he must be about my Dad’s age; 30 – 35.

I get this funny feeling in my stomach watching that picture because they sure do seem to be having a lot of fun and Dad and I have never played together that way.

Suddenly driving lessons and mushrooms does not seem all that impressive compared to what we apparently could’ve been doing.

I flip the page and my eyes nearly pop at what I am presented with next.

In this picture the man’s thing is even bigger and the camera is now focused on a close-up of the boy’s lips stretched around that massive penis lodged deep inside the boy’s mouth.

There is a text to each picture but I cannot make out the words and what they mean.

I cannot believe just how big that thing is, deep inside the boy’s mouth and I am so mesmerised by the pictures that I don’t notice Dad catching up with me.

-What are you looking at there Jason?, he asks.

I don’t know what to reply so I simply hand the magazine over to him without saying a word, but I am blushing. My cheeks are burning red.

Dad too goes red in the face as his eyes scans the pictures. He flips through the pages quickly.

-What are they doing Dad? What kind of game is that?, I ask as he still hasn’t said anything.

Only then does his eye meet mine and he says:

-Well Jason…I think you might be a little bit too young to understand this!

-But what are they doing Dad?, I ask again not taking no for an answer.

-Well they are having sex…son.

I know about sex, well not exactly what it is, but I know that is the way babies are made but I never knew you would be naked in the way the boy and the man are.

Dad sees my face turning into a question mark and he laughs nervously and sits down next to me on the log placing the magazine in his lap.

-If I tell you about this Jason it has to stay between you and I. ‘Your mother would think you are much too young to know about these things so it would have to stay between you and I.’ ‘Like a secret!’

-I can keep a secret, I say in the same whispering voice as my dad has been using.

-In this picture, says Dad clearing his throat. ‘the boy is performing oral sex on…on this gentleman.’ ‘Sometimes it is also called to suck cock!’

I have heard the word cock before and I know it is a bad word.

-But how come his thing is so big?, I ask pointing to the man’s penis inside the boy’s mouth. ‘Yours is not that big!’

Dad laughs out loud explaining that his thing can get just as big if not even bigger.

-A cock, he explains ‘is measured in inches’. ‘This man would have about 7 inches if my estimates are correct.’

-And how big is yours?, I ask innocently even though I am suddenly dying to find out.

-Bigger, he replies taking a look around as if he is suddenly nervous that someone would appear out of nowhere.

Dad flips the page and says a very silent ‘oh what the fuck’ when we are both presented with the boy sitting on top of the man, his back against the man’s chest. The man is holding the boy’s legs in a raised up position and it is clear to see that the man’s thing is somehow connected inside the boy.

The man on the picture still looks very happy but the boy seems to be struggling with something at least if you judge by his facial expression.

-What are they doing here?, I ask and my dad is forced to clear his throat several times before he finally replies.

-Well Jason, here they are making love…or fucking I suppose. ‘Yes the man is fucking the boy’ ‘That means that the man has put his cock inside the boy’s tiny hole.’

-But poo comes out of there, I intersect flabbergasted.

-You can use it for other things too. ‘When a grown man gets excited his cock swells up like that in order to be able to penetrate a little hole just like this one.’

-It seems to make the man very happy, I say.

In the next picture his face is zoomed in and he holds a facial expression that I have never seen before. He smiles widely at whoever holds the camera.

-I am sure he is, says Dad with a strange tone of voice.

-But the boy doesn’t look too happy. ‘Why is he not happy?’

-Well Jas, if the boy first puts his lips over the man’s cock he will excite the man so much that the man will have to put it inside the boy and fuck him. ‘It sort of like the name of the game.

-Does it hurt the boy Dad?

-Maybe a little bit, but he will also be proud that he has managed to do it! ‘ ‘Not many boys are able to take a large cock like that up their asses.’ ‘Normally you will need to be older in order for your body to have developed enough.’

-What does the text say?

-“Brian knows how good it makes Gino feel when he sits on top of his swollen cock because….” , dad hesitates and then continues “because he knows that is what a boy is supposed to do and he will get a present later.” “Brian knows though that in order to get a gift from the nice man he will have to let Gino…” Dad hesitates again.

-Have to let Gino what?

-…Have to let Gino enjoy his tight ass.’ ‘Only then will he get a present.’

-I want a present, I say sulkily.

-I think it is time we put this magazine back where we found it Jas, says Dad. ‘Before things go too far!’

I have no idea what he is talking about but I am very disappointed not to see more pictures. We had only reached page 8 and that magazine has at least 100 pages. Almost like a catalogue.

As Dad closes the magazine I notice that his thing has gone hard in his tight shorts.

-It’s just because I have to pee, dad explains when I ask him about it.

-I do too, I say. ‘We can pee in a cross so there wont be bad weather tomorrow!’

This is a game we have played several times.

Dad nods quickly without meeting my eye and he stands up, looks around again and pulls down his shorts and underwear.

His thing is hard too, just like Gino’s.

Really hard, just like the man in the picture.

It is also just as thick as the man’s – if not even thicker, standing straight out.

-Yours is hard too dad!, I say matter-of-factly. ‘I have never seen it that hard!’

-Sometimes it happens to Dads too, he explains. ‘Daddies get excited too.’

-And how do you make it go soft and normal again? ‘It is too big for your underwear now!’

-Either I fuck or I jerk off!

He smiles at me, letting his shorts drop to the leafy ground.

He pulls his foreskin back and his head presents itself.

Really big, mushroom-shaped and all shiny and light purple in its colour.

-It is very big dad, I say nearly out of breath without knowing why.

Dad nods and smiles at me again.

-Yours will grow this big too, he says and grabs a hold of his penis’ thick shaft.

‘But you will have to wait many years first!’

-What kind of present do you think Gino gave Brian?, I ask without taking my eyes off my Dad’s penis.

-Perhaps a toy-car, just like the one you wanted last week.

-Do you think so?, I ask and Dad quickly nods.

-Since Brian is such a good boy, letting Gino fuck his hole, I am sure that Brian will receive a shiny new toy car, promises Dad.

He keeps on tugging on his foreskin, meaning that big shiny head of his thing appears and disappears at a rapid speed.

‘Perhaps Brian can even get two cars if he is really good!’

-In that case I wish Gino was here right now, so he could give me a present too, I say loudly.

I have been taught not to ever be jealous but it doesn’t seem fair to me that somewhere out there is a man called Gino who gives out not one but two toy cars just for playing a game that I personally think looks like a lot of fun.

-Would you really let Gino do that to you?, Dad asks sitting down next to me on the log again. His penis is still very hard and almost seems to have a life of its very own.

I nod quickly.

-Of course I would! ‘If I would get TWO toy cars for it!’

Dad laughs and starts pulling on his foreskin again.

-To be honest Jas I don’t think Gino would be able to do that to you! ‘I think Gino’s cock is much too big for your little hole!’

He has opened up the magazine again now turning to page 9 which shows Gino plunging his huge penis inside Brian’s hole in a spoon like position.

Brian’s eyes are bright red as if he has been crying but Gino still looks happy and content as his penis is in the next picture all the way inside the hole.

-Nahaa, I moan, not knowing if Dad is indeed right or not. ‘I am not too little!’

-Says you, teases Dad. ‘Stand up Jason and pull down your shorts and whites and let me have a look!’

I do as he asks and even complies when he tells me to turn around and bend over. I am still wearing my t-shirt but other than that I am now starch naked.

It feels a bit funny to be naked outside.

Dad places a hand on my butt-cheek and squeezes it, muttering that Gino would probably like it.

-But I do not think he could ever put his entire thing inside your hole son, I am sorry but I really don’t think so!

‘It is a pity because you know we don’t have any money…’ ‘Otherwise I would buy you plenty of toy-cars myself!’ ‘If there was only a way…’

-I am sure I could do it, I say confidently.

-Perhaps, but only perhaps I could help you!, says Dad in a whispering tone.

-Help me how?, I ask with hope in my voice.

-Well have a look at Gino’s cock and then have a look at mine, wouldn’t you say that I am bigger?

-Yeah much bigger, I reply honestly.

-So…if you could handle me you could handle Gino!

I nod eagerly and smile at him. That is a brilliant idea.

-Only thing is, continues Dad. ‘If I do this for you, you will have to do something for me!’ ‘That is only fair right?’

-Of course, I say thinking he will ask me to the dishes for a few weeks.

-In that case you will have to suck Dad’s thick cock first!’

-Suck it? ‘Like Brian sucked Gino?’

Dad nods and scans the area with his eyes again.

-I am not too keen on putting it inside you but I love having my cock sucked, all dad’s love that even by their own sons.’ ‘It will also help me stay hard when I penetrate you’

Said and done.

I turn around and for the first time get really close to his swollen penis.

-You need to open your mouth wide Jas, like you were going to the dentist and be careful that you don’t scrape me with your teeth.’

Dad holds his hand around the base of his hard ting and points it at me.

It looks even bigger now.

-You want me to suck your thing like this?, I ask and opens my mouth wide and dives down in between my dad’s legs.

The head of his penis is very shiny and very soft, almost a bit wet and tastes a bit of salt.

-Oh yeah, he groans very loudly and I immediately pull back worried that I did something wrong because his voice sounds so funny.

-You are doing good, but when we play like this Jas it is not called ‘it’ or ‘thing’ or even ‘penis’. ‘It is called ‘cock’ or even better ‘Dad’s huge cock!’

I nod.

-Now I am going to suck Daddy’s huge cock, I say cheerily and return to the head of his cock.

It is so big I cannot even fit half of it inside my mouth, but dad doesn’t seem to mind. As my eyes meet his with his swollen cock inside my mouth he stares back at me the same way Gino looks at Brian.

-That is good son, he says as I start bobbing my head up and down on whatever of his cock that I can fit inside my mouth. Meanwhile Dad leans over across my back and starts poking my butthole with his index-finger.

He keeps applying saliva to his finger and smears it all over my hole, explaining that his cock will slide more easily if I am wet and ready.

The more I lick and suck on Dad’s cock the more I am getting worried about how big it is. His finger slides inside my hole and a sharp pain flows through my body and suddenly I wonder if these two toy cars are worth it.

-Does it hurt?, Dad asks as his finger is working inside my hole but my mouth is so filled with his cock that I can only groan an answer.

‘There is no going back now son!’ ‘What we have started must be finished!’

His cock leaves my mouth with a plopping sound as he retracts.

-You are a very good cock-sucker son, but if you continue like that I am gonna cum!

-What do you mean?

Dad points to page 18 in the magazine showing white stuff escaping the tip of Gino’s cock, literally coating Brian’s face.

-Cuming is when Dad gives you his milk, then it is over. ‘I will let you know when it will happen, so you are prepared.’

He gears up behind me telling me to spread my legs across the log as far as possible.

-When will you make milk?, I ask perhaps subconsciously remembering that that is when it will be over.

-As I said I will let you know, but it should not take too long son! ‘You have managed to get me quite excited with your mouth, it will feel like warm liquid inside your hole!’ ‘But I come a lot so if we are lucky I will be able to fill you up and perhaps even cause your ass to overflow!’

-How do you mean?, I ask worriedly because overflowing sounds dangerous.

Dad laughs.

-It means that there’s not enough room in your butt for both your Dad’s cock and his cum so it will be pushed outside and run down your legs. ‘The more the man cums the more you have excited him.’

He spits on his cock a few times and the starts pushing against my hole.

Almost immediately I ask him to stop because the pain is unbearable as his cock starts spreading my hole open, pushing forth.

-You are a bit too young for this son, I will have to push hard to enter. ‘It will hurt but try to relax!’ ‘After all 8.5 inches is going inside your hole!’

I feel dad’s strong hands grab me by my shoulders as he tells me he is in position and not to move.

-When I tell you to you need to start pushing as if you were having a shit Jason, this will open your hole and make it less painful!’

I only nod now truly petrified of what is to come next.

‘Now Jason, push for all you are worth!’

I feel Dad’s cock pushing against my hole and seconds later he starts sliding inside me accompanied by the most pain I have ever had to endure. Worse than when I broke my leg and even if I struggle to get away, dad holds me in place.

-You are doing good son, at least two inches are inside!

-Please Dad, pull it out, it hurts, ouch ouch ouch it really hurts.

But Dad’s keeps on pushing all the while informing me how far inside he is in my stretched rectum.

-It wont be as painful next time son, I promise. ‘We will just have to keep you stretched constantly!’ ‘I can always sneak into your room when Mum has fallen asleep and if you promise to keep quiet I will even stuff my cock up your ass in your own bed.’ I will keep on doing this!’

I am so far off in my mind because of the immense pain cutting through my body the more Dad is pushing from behind that I don’t even respond.

He cannot be serious.

I am never going to do this again no matter how many toy cars I am offered.

And all the same I feel really proud when dad announces that I have managed to take his entire cock inside my hole.

-Not even your mother can handle that! ‘Not all 8,5 inches up her ass.’

-Really?, I say, the first thing uttered since the torture started.

-Really! ‘You are doing very well son! ‘You are only 5 years old but you are managing to satisfy a grown up cock!’

Dad starts moving slowly behind me and I can feel how my ass muscles are clamping down around his rod. His cock is so hard and much too big for where it is located, but still Dad manages to find enough room to move back a little bit and then push it inside again.

-Is this fucking Dad?, I ask almost out of breath.

-Normally fucking is a bit rougher, says Dad. ‘Fucking means I can pump my cock in and out of your ass as hard as I want, but you are too little for that still.’ ‘We need to give you some time to get used to it but as well as you are taking it I don’t think it will take long before your dad can really fuck you!’

I can feel Dad’s cock moving in and out of my rectal-passage slowly back an forth still with his hands grabbing my shoulders and he has started groaning more and more loudly for each thrust.’

-That is good son, just like that, fuck your ass is so tight.

Something is happening tomy Dad’s cock. Even if it is deep inside my ass I can still feel how it is getting bigger and bigger.

-I am going to give you my milk very soon.

He thrusts harder and harder and it feels as if his intruder is about to split me in two.

-Fuck, I am coming, he yells.

He has only said the words until I feel several jets of his milk stream inside my ass, coating my insides. It feels exactly as he has described it, warm and wet.

He stays inside me for quite a long time after that slowly moving his cock back and forth telling me how well I did.

My bottom is still very sore but at the same time I do feel very proud, especially when I feel his Daddy-milk slowly running down my legs.

Slowly he pulls out f me and his cock leaves my hole with a loud popping noise and I feel even more cum escaping my hole in a big gob.

I feel completely drenched and my legs really hurt from staying in the same position for too long.

-Stay where you are Jason, I have to wipe my cum of your ass, so your mother wont notice it.

He speaks to me with a happy voice and smiles widely at me.

-You know, you’ve done so good, I have decided that we will get you a toy on the way home.

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