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Girls, can you top this?
I initially wrote this story as a reply to describe my first time with a blow job, including swallowing his cum, but as I was thinking about it, I realised my first time was much, much more than sucking a dick and swallowing the cum.

This is a true story, so please, when you want to let me know that you do not believe me, and that its just fiction, save it. First of all, I could give a shit if you think its true or not. I have nothing to prove to little people with little dicks. When I first joined and posted some pics, a couple of guys got all up in arms and just knew that my pics were fake, said they were too good, too professional. Well, they WERE professional, my boyfriend was a professional photographer. These guys wanted me to become a veried member. Well, I said I would do their little sign in front of me, and I did, and thought nothing of it, but my man thought that the “sex picture police” thing was just a little too wierd, and, after a little while, I did also. So, for those of you, and I’m sure you know who you are, go fuck yourself. If you don’t like it, don’t look. My real life is wierd enough, I want to enjoy sex, and I will just stop posting ( actually, that is why I am seldom online, I just don’t need that crap). If you are an administrator and want to ban me, go for it. Anyway, read my story, who could make this kind of stuff up?
As background, I should say I grew up in Appalachia, mostly in the hills of Kentucky, not exactly a hotbed of liberal sexual attitudes, so everything I knew about sex I had found out by myself.

I believe that I was 13 the first time I sucked a guy’s dick and swallowed. That, in itself, seems pretty bad, but it gets much nastier and wilder as the day goes on. To begin with, he was my 7th grade teacher in school. As if that were not enough of a taboo, he was a black man. Truth be told, I was responsible for his interest in me. I had been flirting with him for months, I must have driven that poor man out of his mind (I would do things like sit in the front row with a short skirt on and no panties). So one day (probably after he got tired of his constant blue balls) he asked me if I wanted to stop teasing him and just let him fuck me. I KNEW that I wanted that, but was also scared to death. Naturally, my hormones won this battle, so after school we got into his car and drove for a little ways into the country, until we got to a small bar.

Little to my knowledge, there were a couple of rooms in the back that served as a sort of porno viewing area, you know, the small booths barely big enough for 1, but there we were. After watching porno for a few minutes, he explained to me that before he would fuck me, he wanted to teach me how to suck a cock. To my amazement, but obviously well planned by him, he then grabbed this huge black cock sticking through a hole in the back wall. He told me to get down on my knees and pay attention, and to my utter disbelief, he began to play with, stroke, and suck this large, black cock. This was not a quickie, it took him about 20-30 minutes for his buddy to cum. He then looked at me, and said have at it, and boy did I ever have at it. I was paying the kind of strict attention to what he was doing that I probably should have been doing in school. Believe it or not, I can actually remember thinking that I must do a good job so as not to disappoint my teacher.
Well, I grabbed that big black cock and gave it my all. I can honestly say that I loved it, especially when my teacher got behind me, lifted up my little miniskirt, and fucked my pussy but good. Oh, and for good measure, he made me ( didn’t really take any convincing), give him a blowjob after all that, and he "fucked my mouth", I mean I it was HARD and it was FAST, nothing like the slow and gentle manner he had just shown to me, although I never did complain, I was just having the best day of my life!!. His right hand cupped my head-he was driving with his left hand- as I held on for dear life. Lets just say that he was no minute man, but when he finally came, his cum started its journey at my throat, the head of his cock was banging against mt throat. Well all you girls out there who have experienced this know that you have to learn how to breathe and not gag all at the same time, plus I was in the middle of the most wonderful orgasm I had ever had. All in all, not a bad first sex date, right?

So there you have it, my first fuck, my first blowjob, my first time swallowing cum, my first interracial time, my first threesome, and my first time giving a blowjob while the guy is driving and trying not to kill us both. My 7th grade teacher had literally started a fire that has yet to go out, but, and this really freaked me out, although I understand much better today, I never saw him again. I sure that he got scared, terrified more likely, knowing how taboo an act he had committed. They were still lynching blacks where I was living, once or twice a year we could see the KKK setting fire to their huge crosses. Too bad, because after all those months of me throwing my little pussy at him with no luck, whileI was on my way to school the next morning I had already decided that I wouId let him do whatever he wanted to do to me, whenever and as often as he would like. I was willing to have gladly been his “little white bitch” for a long, long time. I’ve never seen him to this day, nor do I have any idea whose cock I sucked that night.

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2015-08-29 20:55:30
My first time I was in 5 grade. He was about 250bl black. It hurt at first than it was great to he had his dog fuck me.

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2014-11-23 14:32:10
my first was my 4th grade teacher he was big around 200bl a dick was huge

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2011-11-21 19:17:24
good story write some more u fucking slut lol

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2011-11-21 19:16:31
that black asshole is a sicko should b lock up or killed kkk btches


2010-11-21 13:11:25
i would like to hear more please...

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