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You have me pinned on the bed, ours mouths on each other, your fingers teasing my clit. I'm moaning into your mouth. I move against your hand, my body begging you for more. You continue teasing me with your fingers and tongue. I'm moaning into your mouth and trying to move against you. I feel your fingers slide into my hot wet pussy. You are fingering me, so the palm of your hand smacks against my clit. I start whining for more, you do what you want, taking your time, driving me crazy, making me so wet. I spread my legs wider to let you do what you want. You continue fingering me. My head is feeling so hot, my pussy is throbbing so hard it's hurting.

You move to kneel over my face but continue fingering me. I kiss the tip of your dick, tasting the sweet precum on it. I gently push my tongue into the opening as I stoke your dick. I feel you lean forward and your breathe on my clit. I take your dick deep into my mouth. You’re still fingering me as I wait to feel what you will do to me next. I lick your dick from base to tip, covering every inch of it. Finally, I feel your tongue on my clit; it's like a bolt of lighting sent throughout my body. I buck up to you, to try to get more. You grab both my legs and hold them apart as your tongue assaults my clit and pussy. I am losing control as my body shakes and trembles. It scares me; the feelings going through my body are incredible. You stop long enough to remind me to keep sucking your dick. I grab your dick and hungrily try to swallow all of it. You start thrusting deep into my mouth. I hold my mouth open for you to fuck my throat. You start flicking your tongue on my clit. I feel my stomach contract so hard, and I feel even wetter.

You sit back, grabbing my hair, you pull me up to my knees. You tell me to "open your mouth.” You have me on my hands and knees and you start throat fucking me again. Your thrusts are slow and deep, you hold each one for a few seconds before you pull out to let me get some air. You move both hands of your hands to my ass and grab a handful. You’re still fucking my mouth as you reach behind me and let a finger run from my clit to my ass. I try to move but I can't. I'm holding my mouth open for you to thrust into it. You continue sliding your finger over my pussy and ass. Finally, you try to slide a finger into my ass. I tighten up, but you smack my ass and tell me to “relax.” I do as I am told, your finger goes into me. You start moving it in and out, I relax even more. Soon, you’re fingering my ass in rhythm with the thrusting of your dick in my mouth. I am shaking, I want you, but I can't say anything, and can't really move into you in either direction.

You hold the back of my head with one hand and thrust deep and hard into my mouth. You hold me there and add another finger into my ass. You start fingering me hard. Then you let go of me and tell me to "turn around'. You grab my hips with both hands as you put your dick up against my ass. Soon the head has pushed it's way into my ass. I cry out in pain. You grab my hair and pull my head back. You kiss me hard, and as you push your tongue into my mouth, at the same time you push more of your big dick into my tight little ass. The way you are kissing me so hard so hungry, it is taking my mind off everything else.

You start with nice long slow strokes. I lay my head down on the bed. I am torn between the feelings of pain and pleasure. You reach under me and start rubbing my clit. I buck back into you, it hurts, but I do it again. You reach under my chest with one arm putting your hand on my throat pulling me back into you. You slam your dick hard into my ass. It hurts and I cry out. You lean down and breathe into my ear, kissing the side of my face. You ask me "who does this pussy belong to,” I answer "to you'. You pull back out until only your head is still in, you slam back into me. I cry out again, you ask me "who does this ass belong to"; I manage to get out "to you”. Once again, you pull back and slam into me. I had tried to brace myself for it this time but it didn't work. You ask, "who do you belong to,” I answer "to you.” You pull back again and slam into me once more, I cry out again. You ask, "are you gong to be good,” "yes sir" I say. You slowly pull back again, I tried to tighten up, but you smack my ass and tell me to "relax.” It's not as if I am in any position to disobey. I relax again and wait.

You slam even harder into me, I yell out. You grab my face and turn it towards you, kissing me again. I can feel your dick deep inside my ass so hard and pulsating. You stop kissing me but hold onto my lower jaw and ask me "if I'm going to listen and do as I'm told.” "Yes sir, I promise.” I'll be good, and be respectful, and do what you tell me to.” You smile at me kissing me again but more gently. You kiss my forehead and whisper, "that's my good girl.” You hold onto my hips and you thrust into my ass. You are stroking me faster and I move back into you. We find our rhythm and are slamming into each other, the pain the pleasure my mind can't differentiate between the two anymore. You slam hard into me an holding me there as your hot cum fills my ass. You grab my face again and pull it around toward you, you kiss me, our tongues sliding over the other feeling so nice.
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