After a long day of school, Will, an 8th grader at a small school in California, was extemely horny. Will was an even 6 foot, he weighed a 130 lbs, which caused him to not be very strong and very skinny. Will was a popular kid at school, but he played no sports and has never had a girlfriend. What made Will popular was his monsterous 11 in. penis which was spotted one day durring study hall, when he had an erection, by his life long crush and neighbor, Jennifer. Jennifer was a 5'7'' brunnette with a gorgeous face, and her highlights in her hair made her face even more attractive. She was allready developed with a lush, D cup breast, and not to mention her perky backside, which was usally accented with a tight thong.

Well any way, Will loved Jennifer and he was horny because in 8th period, she was flirting with him and slipped her hand onto his lap. He had to cover his erection with his books on the bus ride home.

Will had gotten home before his mom, like always. Will's mom was a 30 year old beauty that did not know her Will's father was. Will had some attractions to his mother ever since he saw her having a threesome one saturday with Jennifers Father and her father's girlfriend. Will knew his mom was a swinger, but it didn't bother him. As a matter of fact Will's mom, CIndy, was a stripper at a strip club in LA, but never told her son her profession.

Will had just recieved a new compture for his birthday and pretty much all he had done was look up porn. Will had found the perfect side for his mood, Teen sex on the, he had always masterbaited with no one knowing. He played a movie from the sight and instantly started going at it. His hand was sliding up and down his 11 inch cock as if it was an icesicle. He loved the tickleing in the tip of his head. He was going for about a minute until he heard the door open and he heard a, "William, I am home early today!". Just after his mom called him, he felt the tingle of cum shooting up his shaft. His mom was walking up the stairs, he was screwed.

Cindy, Will's mom, was hearing grunts and moans comeing out of Will's room(from the movie), She had her hand on his doorknob. Will watched in horror as she opend the door and saw his 11inch tall monster. Cindy staired wide eyed. It was bigger than anything she had ever seen. She hadn't had sex in weeks and she was so tempted, She walked over to him and grabbed his penis. She said, "Now this is what you get for watching porno, you dirty little bastard!", Will was waiting for his punishment from his mom, the blonde bombshell with a giant ass and perfect 38 C breasts. He said, "Fuck me you dirty little whore, I want to taste your juices from all over." Cindy grabbed his hand and rushed him into the Jacuzzi, She threw him into one of the bucket seats and sat on his cock. The were both having the best ride of their life, Wil grabbed her ass and shove his tool into the large anus which he had fantasized about his whole life. He knew he was going to cum and his mom wanted him to. He shot his cream into the ass of his mother, if anyone ever found out, he was dead. Will took Cindy out of the hot tub and started to eat his mom out. Her tasty fruit was unbelieveable, he shoved his tounge into her throbing slit and wiggled it around, she was cumming he could sense it. So he sunk his teeth into his moms cliterous. She came all over his face in the jucyist orgasm he had ever seen. Just after she came, WIll remembered something, Jennifer. She comes over every day at 4 to study with him. It was now 3:58, he had less that 2 minutes to clean up. But just as Cindyt and Will got into the house, the doorbell rang. He couldn't open it, or what would Jenn think out Will standing in the house naked with his mom. He couldn't open it.

In all irony, for the second time today, Will watched in horror as the door opend. It was infact Jennifer, and she was in a sexy black leather miniskirt and a minuscule T- shirt that showed her nips. Instantly, Jen dropped her books. thoughts raced through her mind, She was shock, but her panties were wet. Was she turned in by Will's Enormous member, or his mom's tasty wet pussy. She did not care. All she knew was that she was on fire in her crotch.

Jen walked over and shoved her tounge into Cindy's mature mouth, and Cindy could not fight back, and while they where kissing, Will was masterbaiting to his all time fantasy, himself, his mom, and his dreamgirl. He came onto them both, and some of it slipped down Jen's shirt. Will walked behind her and took it off, Will commanded his mom to lick off his sperm from Jen's body. Jenifer felt a tingle that she had never felt before, being licked by a woman. It was increadable. WIll saw Jennifers soaking pussy and shoved his burning cock into it. Jen was so tight, it only took 3 full strokes intill he came, and while he was fucking her from behind, Jen ate out Cindy, Jen had never eaten puss before and it was increadable, she was in a wonderland of sin and sex. Will still wasn't spent yet so he told his new found sex slaves to both give him a blowjob. The women cooperated. Cindys experiance and full lips were wonderfull on his head. Jen licked the shaft and also rubbed his balls. He wanted them both to take the load, so he told them both to suck on his huge penis head. Instantly he came into both of the girls mouths and then the cleaned up. Jen had to get home to eat supper and CIndy had to make food for her son.

Later that night Cindy gave went to give her son a "kiss goodnight", and while they were kissing Will felt a buldge in his pants, Cindy saw it and said, "Should I call over some of your friends or should it just be us?"

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2009-09-01 09:05:54
who cares whether or not the door is locked. its supposed to be a dream.


2006-07-24 11:18:39
A rotten, lazily written load of rubbish


2005-11-08 21:30:26
that suck ass bad....


2004-10-03 22:26:00
not just that, titman Al, what the hell are you going on about? what sister and what aunt was involved in this story you idiot!


2004-09-20 15:59:40
I'm starting to hate those mother-fucking stories and writers that don't write a part 2 You just don't leave a person hanging '''no pun intended it's hard going about the house after reading just a part one i need relief ''bring on the rest of the story

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