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A young dominate man gives himself up to an older Mistress - and she pushes him past many limits - there is elements of beastiality - bi sex - lactation and more
I know at 18, there is a not a rich history sexually to go on, but I have been exploring for some time. I have been sexually active since I was 14 with my two best friends in the world. Yes they are both guys, but that does not make me gay. I have always jacked off to erotic stories, whether they be straight sex or bi sex, or about lesbians or whatever. I Just love the sensuality of it all. I loved looking at videos of bigger women too, and their pictures, mmm their big tits swaying and so inviting for me to latch on to - suckle, mmmmm. over the last two years I have had a girl friend too, but being a year younger than me and somewhat flat chested, I have always missed what I was looking for. I am tall, thin, athletic, and not bad to look at, but I just can't seem to approach the older women that drive me nuts! Online is safe, but there are so many game players. When on my profile I put down that I am bi, it is mostly old men that want to suck me off, and sometimes the promise that their wife will be there too to fuck, but on the two meetings that I have had, well you guessed it, the woman was not there. The one time I let the guy suck me, but that was all, I wasn't really into him so I did not want to suck him, but the other guy I just walked out of the hotel room and didn't look back. Am I wrong to not stick around if they guy lied to me in the first place?
But here I was, driving to HER place and thinking how wild this long weekend would be, so wildly fucking exciting. My mind drifted from one thing to another. I did not know how a switch could be a Dominate one day then a submissive the next. I am pretty sure of my thoughts that a Dom is a Dom and sub is a sub, it is in their nature to be one or the other, and any attempt to cross over would just end up in the realm of role-playing. Even though I said I would take a “submissive role” for this weekend – I know my mind – and I would look to take control. I had read a lot about Dom/sub relationships - about BDSM and I knew what turned me on, I knew also how I was with my friends, I was always the one that was going to take control, but this woman, our conversations, her age, her experience, they all teased me and somehow I knew she was real. ( I was HOPING that she was real) This weekend was looking different and I was going to test some limits. But still my mind wandered. I wondered if I could make a good submissive for the long weekend like we planned, I wondered about being hurt, or humiliated, if I could keep myself in check and not lash out or be upset. I knew that things were different with other people, hell, there were people that could speak different languages in the same sentence. When I asked most of them they said they thought – in the language they spoke and it could snap back and forth instantaneously. I had no knack for languages so I had a hard time understanding this trait. My mother could speak 6 different languages and she said sometimes she dreamed in one of the other languages. I never asked if ever people in her dream spoke one language and she answered back in another – but anyway, this was my example of how I can’t judge others by myself, because people thought differently, they were motivated differently and their mind worked differently than mine. I thought about other times that I had let myself get into what others might have thought of a submissive role. I have been handcuffed – I have been ass fucked by friends and my girl friend both, but it seemed as if I was still in control of these situations. I thought Sara my girl friend who I had her fuck me with a strap on I bought it for her, I wanted to teach her how a man felt (well as much as possible) She had seen me with Steve and David, and always thought it was erotic how we all fucked, but I wanted her to know. I thought it would make our shared time that much better if she really could put herself in my shoes – she was of a submissive nature and wanted to please and to give, but how was she to know what to give unless she knew my perspective. So I was teaching her, leading her, and also I was enjoying the fucking great feeling of having my ass stretched and pumped by the girl I loved.
But this was different, well I was hoping it was going to be different, even if it wasn’t, it was going to be fun. She was so confident, so sexy in our banter on the computer and on the phone. She said she wanted me to please her for the weekend, and she wanted to take me. She loved that I was young, and that I came jacking off to her photos that she sent me, but how could I not - her 43 year old body was my DREAM - her big breasts, her inviting face, her soft but womanly curves, (excuse me I am getting hard again just thinking about her) - And trust me, my cock got hard every time we talked, but then again, sexy talk always got me going. I was trying not to get myself worked up too much, some people are GREAT at talk, but this was going to go beyond talk, we were going to meet and I committed to stay the long weekend at her house out in the country. I guess if we really did not click I could always just excuse myself, but I was looking forward to being in bed with her. My God, her body drove me nuts. Her body was strong, not something that would be able to break – we could have Hot passionate animal sex and it would be good, I was thinking the thoughts of how our bodies would sweat and we would drive our selves beyond trying to outdo the other, in a competition of sexual endurance. I had told her I did not cum fast, and sometimes that honestly has had some drawbacks. There is never a quickie for me if you want me to cum. I don’t mind quick grabs and sexual touch. But I know it took Sara some time to know that it wasn't her, that I really did LOVE fucking her, and eating her and doing all that kind of stuff, I did not cum fast and it wasn't because she was not doing something right for me. I guess for a submissive that got her head wrapped about the fact that she was not pleasing could be devastating, but she learned. Sometimes I was not rock hard – but still thick and hard, but hard none the less and that I would have to push myself to a point where I would explode and let my focused energy escape – and that was how I came. Again I think it had to do with control. Getting head took me a long long time to cum - by receiving head I was a not the one that was in control, I was receiving, not in control of the manipulations, but I LIKED getting head, but then I would like to get to the next level and have my hard cock pumping. And the way I liked to push hard needed someone strong enough to take the pounding I would give to her pussy or her or his ass. This weekend showed a lot of promise. I thought or us as two tigers in a cage going for dominance, I was open to giving in to her, but she had to earn it from me. I could play the game, but I wanted the winner to be REAL not a game.

I pulled into the house; it really was out in the country – sort of a baby farm, and off the road apiece. I saw her in her door way, leaning up against the door with her arms folded and relaxed as she saw my car driving down the dirt road that led to her home. I got out and she said come in, leave your bags, and then she disappeared into her home.

As I entered her home, and took off my sunglasses it still took a moment for my eyes to adjust, because it was so bright outside and the only light in the house was ambient light that seeped into the room from the windows that were covered with some opaque shades.

She was there in a white terrycloth robe, not too short to be sexy on purpose, but her body just made it sexy all the same. She smiled warmly at me and welcomed me with a hug and a peck of a kiss on the lips. “You made it, I was wondering when you would get here.” She pointed to the couch and I sat down obediently. She handed me some lemonade that was sweating the glass as much as I was just fantasizing that we might be doing later. “First I want to say that I am happy that you came,” she said with the most inviting smile. She sat down in the chair across from me, not sitting in a way that was revealing any more then what would be totally appropriate. “I want to let you know though, I have been thinking a lot about our conversations and you make me hot, and I promise I won’t hurt you, but you will have some pain, but it won’t be too bad, are you up to it?” I nodded smiling back at her, thinking to myself that I was tough, and I could take anything she could dish out. “I want you to call me “Mistress” over the weekend.” “Yes Mistress,” I said thinking to myself that just a word will not make it so, but I am playing and enjoying, having her this close, knowing that soon we would be fucking, because that is why I was here after all, to make passionate sex with this hot woman. I was horny for her and she knew it. I was aware that I could of been her son age wise, but she was treating me like an equal and I was loving that.

Her dog lopped in, he was a big dog, but not too big. He had a big old grin on his face and padded right up to me to get some attention. I let him sniff my hand first and then he nuzzled in right away to get some pets on his head, He jostled my drink a little, but I like dogs, and he was ok with me, but then he put his nose right in my crotch. I guess dogs like to know who you are and that is OK in their culture, and I guess I had been sweating just a bit from the long drive in the hot sun. I gently pushed him away but he came back time and time and then my Mistress got up and took him by his collar and led him away towards the kitchen and I head the door open and knew the dog was let out. When Mistress bent down to take her dog’s collar though I did get a glimpse of some cleavage and it did tease me. She smelled so nice too, I could tell that she had just showered and oiled or moisturized her skin just a little bit before I arrived.
“I am sorry about that, he is a friendly dog, and he just does get excited though” my Mistress was saying as she entered back into the room with a pitcher of the same lemonade I was drinking to refresh my glass. “Do you have any questions for me?” “What would you like me to do first Mistress?” She almost laughed, “Ok now, I just wanted to set some expectations, I want this to challenge you, but I want you to know you will be safe too.” Hahn echoes of my own words I heard as if I was talking to a submissive myself. “Thank you Mistress, I am sure you will take care of me, and I am eager to take care of you too!” At this she did laugh. “You will take care of me when I (she punctuated the “I”) want and desire it. We have some work to do before you get that pleasure.” I was getting nice and thick at this teasing, this is like our phone conversations, full of confidence on both side, but still a challenge, not degrading, no role playing, just real people, figuring out how to deal with each other knowing that pleasure was going to be a goal, that this should be fun, but also work at the ART of what this was as well. “I understand Mistress”, I said.

“Good boy, you ready to begin?” she said standing up and turning, not really looking if I was going to follow or anything. “Yes, Mistress” I said realizing that the word Mistress was coming more easily to my lips, but still my mouth danced around the word. “Come here then” as she led the way out of the house, letting her dog in, as we went out into the back yard area. I say area because there was no real FRONT and BACK yard, she lived in a large area, but this area was farther from the house. I notice that she was barefoot on the grass, and I saw the glitter of a toe ring. Everything about this woman was sexy to me. We walked to the far side of a small barn, part that was not visible to the house or the road that had led me here. And I saw some big X’s made of wood there. They were in the shade of the barn now, but since it was 11am only, it would soon be on the sunny side in a few hours. I had seen these crosses, before, they were kind of racks to cuff a sub to, and I could see that the appropriate hard ware was there. I knew that my Mistress had trained other subs, and I was just somehow surprised that she really had equipment. You would never know it if you saw this house, or her even, you might have WANTED it to be true, but you would dismiss it fast from your thoughts, but here they were, and I could imagine her whipping her subs here tied up behind her barn. She stopped and turned to me and said “I am going to call you “A” for the weekend, which will be your new name while you are here. Now “A” get undressed all the way and put your clothes in a pile at your feet. We were still not in the shade, the crosses were but we were not, but the sunshine and the air felt good to my skin as it started being more and more exposed to her. My cock was getting stronger too, as I felt the air move around my testicles, and she was obviously staring at my cock as she made an appreciative “mmmmmm” sound. I undressed as I said, “yes Mistress” to her and put all my clothes in a pile at my feet, loosely folding them so they would not be a mess. “Take one step back and stand there with your legs spread.” She commanded, but not in a harsh tone. “Yes Mistress” I responded and complied. She walked behind me and from between my legs behind me she took my balls and caressed them. I felt her chin on my shoulder and her robe press into my back as she reached further and took the shaft of my dick in her hand and stroked it down, making me very hard now. She was purring, in my ears, I was proud that she liked me, but she was also showing me this was her show. She walked away from me and looked me over. “Pee on your clothes” she said again with confidence of a command, but not harshly. “Pee on my clothes?” I looked at her questionably. “Yes, Pee on your clothes, I will wash them before you leave, I want you to say good bye to them, and this will be symbolic of stepping into my world. And “A”, you did not call me Mistress, and you questioned me. I don’t want you to do that again. OK?” “Yes Mistress” I replied looking down, damn, I had messed up so quickly; ok I was going to be better at this. “ “A” I will spank you or use a crop on you next time you forget, I want you to know that it is punishment, if there are many punishments, you won’t be having any fun, and I want us to have fun. I want to feel you in me, but that is only for good boys, you want to be a good boy don’t you “A”? She asked of me with a pouty face. “Yes Mistress”, I was still beating myself up a bit inside, and I felt like I really had been put in my place. The good thing is though that it did get my cock a little softer from the hardness it had from being in her hands, so that I could pee. With just a bit of brain coaxing I was able to get my stream going, and then it flowed freely as I urinated on my clothes. I could feel a passage of sorts with this ritual, it was amazing, she was in control and I felt it already. I did not question that she could keep it, because I did not want my brain to wander, I wanted to be in the moment.

“Come here” she said as she moved to the cross that was in the middle. I knew what to do as I responded appropriately this time and stood in front of the cross and lifted my arms in a Y above my head and spread my legs so that she could shackle me to the cross at my wrist and my ankles. The ground was free of grass here, and was cool under my feet, since the sun had not touched it yet today, but I was secure there, I was not going anywhere, this was a sturdy set up. She leaned in and kissed me then very passionately and grabbed my cock and started pumping it in her hand. Her tongue and mouth was attacking mine, but I was giving as good as I got, but I could feel the restraints now because I wanted to pull her to me or just feel her hair or just run my hands over her body, take off that damn robe, but none of that was within my freedom. Only I could kiss her back as long as she stayed this close. She raised her hand to our mouths and licked her hand and put it in front of my mouth to have me lick it with her and it then went down to my member again slick this time as she pulled hard on my cock pumping me. “I want you to cum for me, “A”, cum for me” “-----yes Mistress” I had escape from my lips as I kept kissing her – it was a war of passions with our mouths as she pumped my young cock and I felt the pre-cum come out of the tip of my crown and let her hands glide more.

Her teeth and mouth and tongue went down my face – down my neck and over my chest as she bit down on my nipple. And I mean BIT – it hurt but was so sexy and so HOT. She was pumping me more and knew that this was spot to work on me. She suckled my little nipple through the hair on my chest but bit in it some more – in a nibbling sort of way. I was getting close to cumming, but I was not there yet, but she was not letting up. Moving to the other nipple I could feel all of her and I tugged and pulled at my arms so that they could clasp her to me as I held her head tight to my chest as I fucked her hand, but it was not do able for me. The restraint held strong, I pulled and tested their strength with my need and with my desire and I was feeling more and more like an animal that had to break free. I was at the point now that I needed to cum, but it just was not enough, but my Mistress was not stopping, and I could feel her strength and her delight in the control that she had. She was going to get me to cum no matter what. She told me so, and I thanked my Mistress for that as our kisses consumed our mouths again. Finally it broke free of me. My ropes of cum shot out and she kissed me harder and looked down as her hands milked me of my first cum for her. “Oh, how lovely” She cooed, she licked her fingers and walked away. She did not say anything, I knew she was smiling as she was bouncing a little in her step, but she did not look back at me and I head the door open and then close behind her as the spring brought it back with a snap.

I felt sapped, and a bit drained, as all guys feel a little after cumming. I felt how my bonds held me up but the weight of my body pulled on them because my thighs were trembling a little with the after affects of the cum I just had. I was catching my breath and just surveying what I could see. There was a tree line about 40 feet in front of me that was an edge of a bit of a forest – and I was starting to see that the shadow was shrinking in front of me. It is amazing how if you hold still you can actually see the shadows move on the ground when the sun is at its apex. It was quite, but still just the sounds of nature were there, but that was all. I was alone. I wondered when she would come out again, but I knew this was part of her training, making me wait. I was learning patience for her. How powerful this was. I wonder if she was masturbating inside. I bet she was. My cock was thickening up again, but not too hard. I waited and waited. It was warm, actually hot outside. The humidity and the heat made for a sheen that made my skin glisten a bit. The lemonade was pushing on my bladder, and I did not know if I should pee there or not. I did not know to call out to ask, or what was expected. I debated in my head back and forth, but finally I had to pee, and thought better about me opening my mouth, so I just let my stream go and go into the grass that was about two feet away from me to be soaked into the ground that was mother nature. Here I was hanging in my mother’s home. Mother Nature, all around me, I felt natural, I felt like I belonged there, I felt caged at the same time though. I was very aware of my lack of freedom, but I waited. I was now in the bold sunlight, and I could feel the sun burning into me, I figured it was maybe two o’clock now, I had no idea, I was hungry and I thirsty, but I waited.

I think I was nodding off, but I heard the door of the house open, and then slam shut again. And soon I saw her dog come around the corner of the barn where I was stationed. He had his nose in my clothes where I had peed on them and he was rutting through them. I waited for her, hoping that she would come right behind him, but when she did not come, I guess she had just let him out to do his business.

He was sniffing around in the grass as dogs do, he found my other place where my urine was – but then he also found the cum that had fallen to the earth. My seed there, unable to be fertile in this field, but it was a tasty treat to him because he was trying to lick it all up it seemed. He was closer and closer to me. Then he realized that he might be able to get more by licking me! Oh my! The dog was licking my cock. I could not push him away from me. I also kept my mouth closed, but tried to push him a way, but my hips were the only things that could really move, and that was not really helping. I resigned myself, and he licking felt good but weird at the same time. I was just twitching when his little front teeth tried to nip me, but otherwise it was feeling good, my cock sticking out with his long tongue wrapping around me and my balls being licked by him too. I wonder how many other slaves this pooch had tongued. I knew that my Mistress also had women slaves as well. I wondered if she was really into bestiality. I had masturbated to it lots on the Internet. Not something I would ever do, but there was darkness, taboo about it that was so fascinating. But I never thought of ME with the dog, always a woman that would have the beast take her. I saw myself as a wolf some times when I was in the heat of fucking, trying to be the animal that was the primal part of me. But this was just WEIRD, but again I realized I was powerless to do anything but to endure it. I was not letting it humiliate me, but took it as another test of what my mind could wrap itself around and keep its calm.
My new friend I guess got a bit of wood himself, and I saw his red member come unsheathed a bit and he wrapped his own tongue and licked himself. Now there is a neat trick. Licking yourself? My friend Dave could almost do that, and I have jacked off with my butt over me so I could try to shoot into my own face, but how he wrapped his tongue around his own cock, like he had been licking me a moment ago, well it made me hard thinking of those guys and girls I have see on videos on the internet fucked by dogs. I was hard, but soon the dog's cock slid back in his sheath and he came back to my balls and cock that was there in his face. I could feel the tongue of my furry pal actually play with my anus too, I guess there was more flavor there for him, but after a while he ran off out of site. He came back later, to lick me, some, but again he tired of me. I wondered when my Mistress would come to check on me. I sort of wanted her to see us, and be proud of how I was handling this.

All of a sudden I heard the door open again and out she came. (I knew that because he was there, licking on me again but ran toward the house as soon as he heard the door open) The sun had gone down under below the tree line, but it still was sunny but soon it would be twig light. I was guessing it was about 6 or 7 PM now. I had nothing to eat except this morning, which was not much because I was eager to get here. I could smell her even before she rounded the corner, the lotion on her skin. It was a cool sent. I was more an animal then I have ever been, but also I was so different then I have ever been. “ “A” are you ok? Are you hungry? Have you been a good boy?” “Yes Mistress” I said, and I knew that my cock was ROCK Hard, and of course her dog had come back and was licking on me. I was harder now then I had been ever in the times he had been licking me before, I knew it was because she was watching me, watching us, measuring how far I have gone in just a day. “Come here Captain” she called, and the dog come and sat at her feet. Now I knew the dog’s name, Captain. I could see how well trained he was too; he waited at her feet like any show dog would with a strong handler at his side. “I will be right back and we can eat, don’t go anywhere” she joked at me as she and Captain walked around out of my site again. She came back soon, and reached for my ankles and unlocked my restraints. “Move slow” she said and as soon as I could move, I knew why she said that. My muscles were so stiff; it was a pain, and a pleasure to move again. Soon my arms were free and they ached even more. It was torture to move them, but also a delight to be free.

“Come” is all she said and started to walk to the house again. She was still in the terry cloth robe from earlier and I moved slowly but I MOVED, and I followed her to the house. The cool air of the house greeted me. The ceiling fans were going in each room and I could feel how dirty I was. Out in the sun, in the air all day, my sweat evaporating and coming out of my body again, over and over again could tell she knew it too, and she said to me, “Would you like to bathe first, or have something to eat?” I answered back to her that I would love a bit to drink and then to shower if that pleased her. Of course I was respectful and called her my Mistress as well. Her smile just beamed at me and said “of course” as she got some tap water for me and offered it to me. I sipped the water feeling how parched I really was. I was starting to feel adoration to this woman that was taking care of me, I could tell, it was her rules, but I was learning. I was right; this was going to be an interesting weekend.

She told me to sit, as she walked away and I could hear that started running the bath for me. She came back and to my surprise she was naked. Oh my, her breasts heavy and full were delightful, her womanly nest, was bare and smooth, her tummy not flat, but still so inviting with its softness but you still could tell that she was a strong woman and I just LOVED her figure. I did not see in her hands at first, (I wonder why?) but she had some shackles for me again, she told me to come into the bathroom and motioned me to stand in the tub as it was filling with its water and bubbles (yes it was a fragrant bubble bath with the smell of honeysuckle and lilacs). She put shackles around my ankles and asked me to sit down and then she shackled my wrists together, which I found out were tied to my ankles as well with a short chain.

I sat there in silence at first, letting her wash me with a sponge, watching her breasts sway as she scrubbed me, and then she started asking me questions.

“So, did you like Captain licking you?” “Yes Mistress” “Are you still sore?” Yes Mistress” “I bet you are hungry, aren’t you, ohhhh you are getting so nice and hard for me.” She said, as her hand stroked my hard on again. I loved the feeling she was giving me, her hand good and strong on my cock, then her fingers grabbing and caressing my balls and tugging on them too. She told me to lean back a bit – which pulled my legs up a bit, I spread my knees wide as my wrists and ankles were close together in the middle of my body as she let out some of the water now, since I was nice and clean. Her hand still stroked my cock but now her other hand fingers my ass and pushed in. I could feel how it was fucking me, under the water, and my ass was accepting it, I knew she was cleaning me well – it felt good as she pushed in deeper once I opened up more for her. I don’t know if it was the hunger, the being in the sun all day, the hot water I was sitting in – the thickness of the air with the scents and the moisture in the air, but I felt myself letting go. It was like drifting, her touch and the way that it was making me feel had me somewhat centered and in my body, but I felt as if I could just float away. It was then that I came again; I could feel it come from my very soul, from deep in me, not just my balls, from the core of me. She massage my balls and stroked me, her fingers (two) deep in my ass reaching into my bowels with the water that had been pumped in there from her ministrations – and jet after get of my jism sprayed up onto my body, some of it even hitting my face. She leaned down and licked it off my face and then shared it with me in a kiss. My legs were cramping up, but I just enjoyed. I could almost look down from the ceiling and see us there, her kneeled beside the tub and me chained in the tub, and how peaceful I looked as if I was a child cradled there and my mother was giving me a good night kiss.

My Mistress got up and from behind the door on a hook she took down that terry cloth robe that she had on earlier, and wrapped away from my site her body, telling me, (as she unchained me) to finish getting ready, to shave and brush my teeth and comb my hair, and that dinner would be ready in about twelve more minutes. Before she left the room to let me be, she also handed me a 4-inch butt plug too and told me to have it in my ass before I came out.

I put a little more water in the tub again, HOT so to work out the kinks in my muscles and I got out and sat on the pot for a bit to empty out the water and dirt that was dislodge from my bowels. I got back in the tub and scrubbed my body and then with my own fingers worked my ass to make sure that my insides were clean for later as well. After getting out and sitting on the pot again, I toweled dry and also dried the floor where I had dripped. I combed and blew dried my hair, and brushed and rinsed my mouth with mouthwash and shaved my face so it was smooth. Normally I don’t shave twice a day, and I had shaved this morning before I left, but I could feel the late day stubble, I wondered it grew faster because I was in the sun all day. I did look at my body, I had burned a little, but it was all in all not too bad, not the kind of sun burn that would peal, but I could see the redness there, that was the tell tale of a sunburn. With the towels that were laid out for me there was another white terrycloth robe folded there. I wondered if Mistress wanted me to wear it, but I thought better of it since she did not say to wear it. I was fairly proud of my body, being six foot tall, and one hundred and seventy pounds. My stomach was not soft, but it didn't have a six pack either, but you could tell that I worked out, my muscles strong, my arms and my legs showed the strength that was there. I have little bit of hair on my legs, my chest and stomach – but thankfully my back was not hairy. I checked myself out, yes I was looking pretty good and the glow that I had received from the sun had a nice effect on me. I looked at the time on the wall clock, just to make sure that I had used my allotted 12 minutes and I was right on time. I reached around through my legs and pushed the butt plug in past the widest part and then felt it “seat” into me. I felt it, but knew I would get used to it.

Her back to me was to me as she was finishing something on the counter, and the table was set and it looked like a very nice dinner. Captain who got up and walked to me gave my presence into the kitchen away. My Mistress turned around and asked if her “two boys” were hungry, and Captain barked in affirmation as I added my voice to his as well. I held the chair for my Mistress as she sat down after she had served Captain his food in the corner of the room. When I sat down I could feel the butt plug pushing into me, it was not uncomfortable really, but it did make its presence known to me.

Mistress asked me about my first day so far, and she wanted me to tell her everything that was going on through my mind as the day progressed. I told her about the floating sensation in the tub – about not making a sound outside and just watching the sun move and how I enjoyed our kiss, and how her hand felt on my body. I told her that this was a very good thing that we had done, that I could appreciate how much work she had done, to get the day ready for me, and that sometimes I could see myself doing some of the things she did or said as a Dom. She reminded me that it was not just a day; it was the whole three-day weekend that she had planned out. I was respectful all during my conversation calling her Mistress and answering her as truthfully as I could as I told her about the day and she questioned me. I asked, “May I ask you a question Mistress?” and she said of course I could, she encouraged me to ask when ever and whatever I felt like (as long as I had permission to speak – reminding me that it was NOW that I had permission and there maybe times ahead when I might be silenced.) “Mistress, have you ever actually had sex with Captain, actual penetration?” “Yes, I have, and he has sex with others too, he is an awesome lover and my companion.” I could see something in her eyes as she talked about him, I could tell that she loved him, that he was more than a mere pet, and a sex object too. I could tell that my Mistress was very choosy too, that she had to have feelings for the people (or animals) that she let into her bed. I felt much honored to be here, and humbled. I also was thinking of all the times I had watched animals with women and how I thought it was very submissive of the woman to let the Dog mount her and take her in his animalistic way, but my Mistress was making me think of this in a different light, how she was in control, how it was her will that made things happen, that she (like me) was looking for that final release but was in control all the way leading up to it. I also caught a glimpse of one of my thoughts that actually had me having sex with Captain. I let that thought go fast, I wondered if it would come to pass, but I was leaving that all up to my Mistress, after all, I was hers to do with as she pleased.

Soon dinner was over; the conversation did not lag as I put away this big steak that was in front of me and some salad and green beans. My Mistress told me the steak was from right down the road from a friend that raises cattle, and the fresh produce was from right there on her farm, she said she trades some of her produce for the meat. The meal was sooooo good! I was feeling like a new man, actually I was a NEW man, this whole day felt so different to me but so real and “where I needed to be” in this moment in time.

My Mistress let Captain out, and then she asked me to follow her to the bedroom. My cock had been thick and semi hard all through dinner and it was growing more now in anticipation as I walked behind her. She dropped her robe and I could plainly see now that unlike before when she was naked under the robe, she had on a sexy outfit. She had on a black leather bustier that her breasts were on. I say on, not in, because they were like on a shelf, her nipples and her shape just pushed up, and out there as an offer. But with my Mistress I knew it was not just an offer, they were being displayed as a possible reward. She had on some black short shorts, I think they were some kind of black rubber, and they were skintight. She motioned me to go to the bed and she said, “Sit”; it was very much a command. I sat obediently and watched, but the truth of the matter is that even if I wanted to, I could not take my eyes off her. She turned her back to me and started going through a drawer in a chest of drawers that were not too far from me. The room itself was not big, but not too small either. There was a ceiling fan going keeping it cool, the windows that were on the far side of the bed were drawn with heavy curtains over them. There was a small bathroom off the bedroom, but I could tell it was no more than a toilet and a sink and nothing more. The bathroom I had taken my bath in was the main bathroom of the house. I was looking at what she was doing; I could tell the drawer was full of adult toys, because I could see the head (pun) of some them poking up into my vantage point as she looked for what she sought. I soon saw what she had grabbed as she hiked one of her strong legs up so that her foot was on the cedar chest at the foot of the bed and I watched as she strapped on a cock. And oh my God, what cock it was too. It was at least 9 inches long and THICK! It was black and matched her outfit; I could tell she was doing this for the visual affect as well as …… well as well as give me a fucking I would never forget. Oh my, I know my eyes must have mirrored what a deer looks like caught in the headlights of a fast moving Truck. It took her asking me something twice to have me snap out of it. “Do you want me to get my crop?” “No Ma'am, I mean Mistress, I am sorry……, pardon me?” With that I was not quick enough it seems, because she walked over to the other side of the bed and got the crop and told me to get on my hand and knees on the bed. She spared me no mercy as she brought that crop down on my upturned ass. I could feel the welts start even as the rear was smacked a number of times. Once even my balls got a bit of it since they swung a little under me and that was excruciating pain which made my eyes water. I wanted to ball up in the fetal position, out of my pain, and also my shame for letting my Mistress down, but I stood there on my hands and knees and took it. I could not see her as she swatted at me, but I could imagine her whole body swinging, her breasts rocking over their shelves of her outfit, and her cock swinging back and forth, angry and hard.

Soon my whipping was over, and I heard her walk out and the door close behind her. I kept my position there, and did not move, though I worried that I had displeased her so much that I would be left there alone. Alone again, this time not bound, but in the binds that I created in my mind. I could hear the water in the other room running, I did not know what was going on, but I heard the footsteps of her bare feet on the hardwood floors of her house. I had time to take in her room a little more. The bed I was on was a queen-size, and there was a doggy cot in the corner of the room, which I imagined was Captains. The bed was what they call a cannon ball four-poster. It had four thick posts that did not go up very high – about chest high if I stood next to the bed, that were topped with a small wood carved ball that was roughly the size of a cannon ball during the civil war.

The door soon opened and I heard her light friendly voice say, “I just wanted to do the dishes so that they would not have to be done in the morning.” Good, it did not sound like she was too angry, her hands were outlining the welts that were on my ass. “I think you will be listening to me now, isn’t that right “A”?” “Yes Mistress” I answered back still in my doggy stance looking at the wood headboard. She reached under me and started milking my cock with her hand. My hard on was getting so used to her hand stroking me, and I knew that she wanted me to cum again. “How many times a day can you cum “A”?” “I have cum as much as six times in one day Mistress, three of those times in a session masturbating myself in a two and a half session, and the first time masturbating in the morning in the shower, and the last three with a woman that was my sub in a hotel room late in the afternoon.” “My, My, My, you can cum a lot, can’t you? Do you always cum as much has you have with me today?” I could feel her expert hands working on me as she talked, it is like she had the most silken hands, they must have had some oil on them after she had done the dishes; there were no calluses on her hands though you could tell they were strong. I felt her other hand pull out my butt plug as we continued to talk. “Yes, Mistress, I do cum about the same amount each time, I don’t know for certain, I have never measured, but it looks about the same to me.” Her fingers (two) replace the butt plug and she is massaging my prostate as I am about to cum. “Can you control your cum? Can you not cum if I get you really close?” “No Mistress, I think if I get to a point it will come weather I want it to or not.” With that she said, “OK” and then got off the bed behind me and walked off again. I was so close too, this was torture, my balls still ached from when they were hit (I don’t think she meant to hit me there, but it hurt) and my cock was so hard, and my ass was feeling empty, I wanted her to fuck me more in my ass. I almost wanted anything in my ass, and would of told her that if she asked. Soon she came back, and she had a pie tin with her that she put under my cock as she got up on the bed again I could hear her putting something on her hands. It was more scented oil, her hands felt so good, both on my cock again and on in my ass. I felt more stretched out now in my ass, I assumed that she had three fingers in me and I could feel her push into my with her weight and I could almost feel her breasts brush against my back as she fucked with her fingers. “I want you to cum in the pie pan for me “A”, don’t worry I will aim you, OK?” “Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress.” “Do you like the taste of your own cum?” “I have tasted it before Mistress, and I love it, I actually crave the taste of cum at times.” “I like the taste of you –what was on my hand from earlier today and what I tasted off your chin, I want to share more of your delicious cum with you, cum now for me.” “Yyyyyes Mistress.” I know my voice was getting quakier. I told her I had cum times before, but the last two cums I have had for her were intensive, the last one just an hour or so ago, but I could feel it rising in me, and I was going to explode for her again. Her fingers were deep in me, fucking me hard as I came this time. I could hear the shot of my cum hit the aluminum pie dish on the bed below me, milking me like one would a prized cow in the morning, my cock felt like it was being milked like an udder. Or perhaps I was her prized bull? My cock still oversensitive from cumming was in her hand being milked as I was catching my breath and my growls were becoming less and less, “I love how you growl when you cum, do you like cumming for me?” “Yes Mistress, I love it, I am yours.” “Yes you are “A”, and now I am going to claim you, but you have to get off the bed and stand to the side of it.”

I hopped off the bed, not fast but as fast as I could, I could feel my muscles screaming at me, and my butt was sore from her fucking and her crop, but again my ass felt empty, and I wanted to feel her cock in me, even though I knew that it would most likely rip me apart. She pushed me to my knees in front of her, her big black cock in front of my face. “Take your cum and coat it up good.” I was in the act of picking up the pie dish with my cum so that I could pour it onto my Mistress’s cock, but she then told me, that she wanted me to do it with my mouth. So I took the pie pan to my lips and tilted it high up so that the thick fluid of my cum would pour out into my mouth. Once there I kept it in my mouth and then in turn took my Mistress’s cock into my mouth as well. I took the cum that was thick on my tongue and applied it to the cock using my lips to push it up and over the cock, knowing that now this would be the lubrication to get this monster into my ass. I took my hands and with my fingers circled the shaft and got the cum all the way down to the base since I could not take that cock that far into my mouth. It was coated well as my Mistress ran her fingers through my hair and looking down in admiration of what she had just made me do. “OK, now stand up and lean over the bed.” I did, my body on the bed, my feet at that angle did not have a great purchase on the floor, this bed was higher than my bed at home, I could not quite be on my knees while putting my body on this bed. Actually the bed came up to just a little below my hips. My cock was up and flat against my belly, as I lay there exposed for my Mistress to “claim” me.

I felt it enter me, the cock head widening me farther than her fingers did, but she was slow, and a good ass fucker. I had had my ass fucked before, and I had learned that with my own thick cock that patience is something that needed to be learned so that the receiver could adapt to the width of the invading probe. I pushed back a little trying to push with my anus so that I could get her in better. She pushed again and then again. The second time she even pushed me so that half my thigh was actually on top of the bed and my feet were off the floor completely – I felt the gravity pulling me back and with one more shove “UGH” – it was in, oh my! – to the hilt! “Hold still baby, get used to it.” She did not have to tell me twice, my butt was on fire with the pain of being stretched that much, but I also was proud that I had all of her in me. She started bouncing me a little but soon was bouncing me hard so that I was sliding up and down that cock, I knew that the end of that rubber cock must have been pressing against her clit, because she was really getting into it. I could really feel that she was fucking me, and that it was SHE in me, and not just a plastic extension of herself. Her hands moved from my hips to my shoulders – then further out to hold down my wrists (my hands were grasping at the bed cover) as she did I felt the weight of her body and the softness of her breasts at my back. What an erotic feeling that was, to feel those breasts, like over filled water balloons, between us so that she was riding on their give. I could even hear her breath race, I was in too much pain, joy, to cum I thought – but with the sounds of her getting off right there at my ear, I felt it rise in me again. GROANNNNN it came out of me –as squealed for me and let me know that somehow she was cumming too. “Ohhhh God that was great!” she yelled out to the gods to hear. “Oh my fucking God! Oh, my – I need you to lick me all up now “A”! I was a man possessed, I had no feeling of my own now, and I just wanted to please. I just sort of slid off the bed, the covers of the bed and my stomach covered with my own spunk, which now smeared up to my chest. I got down on my knees in front of her and started helping her out of her strap on and her hot pants. I could see just a bit of blood on her cock as it was there in front of me, and I could tell from my ass that it was ripped a bit, but not too bad, it still felt good, but even though it felt empty I did not want anything in there at all. Her aroma was intoxicating. The shorts that she had on, had kept her wetness there in her pussy as she sweated fucking the living daylights out of me. I would imagine that this was more pungent then she normally was, but I had to have my face in there, she pushed my face in there as the pants came down to her ankles – kicking them off one foot at a time but keeping my mouth to her muff. “YES” she was still speaking loudly – too loudly for the size of her room, “yes, there, lick my clit, yes stick it in me, use your fingers you bastard.” Her hips started to fuck my face and I felt my nose almost break with the force, but I wanted to make her cum again. “YESSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!” Yes, I had made her cum; or rather she had fucked my face till she had cum herself, masturbating on my face as it was. “Get on the bed right now!” I did I moved onto the middle of the bed, on my back. Seeing her this wild just got me hotter, my cock was sticking up and hard. She straddled my thighs and slammed her pussy down on my cock, and it parted her like butter. She was so wet inside there was no friction at all, but she bounced on me and fucked me so that her pelvic bones were bouncing off of each other – her hair was wild, SHE was wild. She was chanting, “fuck” as she fucked me. I pushed up my hips making sure that all of me was there, and making sure that she was being filled. She had her fingers on her nipples, pulling and pinching them as she continued to bounce. “AGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” She came again, I knew that sound, and it was the sound of the animal in her released. She had gotten to that point that I have so many times when I have cum deep inside someone, as I became the beast.

Her bustier was almost off and she sort of got the rest of it off and flung it to the side of the room. Her breath was ragged, as she was coming down from her high. “Let’s get under the sheets,” she told me, and her naked body was behind me as she spooned me. I started thinking that this was very much how I would sleep with some one –but them in MY arms, but I was in hers. I was the lamb being protected by the lion tonight. My ass was sore, my body tired, and I felt happy and exhausted as I heard her breathing calm down to something that I knew was sleep.

*****End Day One******

The room was mostly dark when I woke, but you could see a little ambient light peaking from the sides of the curtains knowing that the sun was out already. Owwwe my ass ached still; I could see the big cock that had fucked me on the floor on the rug that was on my side of bed. It was still unbelievably big, and I was thinking it was pushing my own cum inside of me! I did need to go to the bathroom, so I slipped out from under my Mistress’s arm careful not to wake her, and walked to the main door. I wanted to use the other restroom so that I did not disturber her when I flushed. I closed the door after me as I exited her room and the kitchen was bright in front of me. I thought about making some breakfast for us both, as I past the kitchen and headed for the restroom. I was marveling at the house, how simple and functional it was. It was like it was taken out of history, a classic farmhouse. I thought back on the conversations that my Mistress and I had prior to coming out here for the weekend. She had received a trust fund when she was 23, and had bought this house then. She had a good attorney that helped her invest in some venture capital, which panned out for her. She did not have to work, other than running her baby farm. She raised most of her own vegetables. She sold some too and traded others. I knew that she had some other subs that were part of her life, and I felt lucky that I had captured her eye a bit. She liked how I wrote she said, she said it was sort of an excited rambling, which really put you there. She liked that I tried to have no limits when I wrote, and she really did like my artwork too. She said more than once that the images were very erotic and sensual. She was a sensual person too and respected it in others. She had told me as a Mistress she tried to make her subs FEEL new things, and sense them. Encompassing the word "sensual' to its fullest.

In the bathroom I sat instead of standing to relieve my bladder – and I notice a piece of my artwork framed in the bathroom. Wow! I was humbled again that she enjoyed them so much. I guess that is how this whole weekend stared. She had challenged me to do some artwork of men in submissive positions, saying that she loved what I did with the curves of women, but that men could be sensual too. I told her that I sometimes have a hard time seeing the sensual side of men, but then she said, “Look at yourself.” It was a heavy statement for me, because I did think of myself as a sensual man, but in a submissive position? I told her again I did not have the right perspective for that, and she challenged me to do it anyway. Not to be one that ever walks away from a challenge – I did some. The response I got was very favorable; somehow I had captured the spirit, especially with the couple poses that seemed to touch more people the others. My host’s conversations with me grew from that time, challenging me, and she would playful say that she would be the one that could get me in touch with that submissive side. I liked her, and her looks were the kind made me nuts. I hated that I did not really have a chance at all yesterday to suckle or handle her breasts, which I knew she knew how much they teased me. I guess she was right, she really was putting me in touch with my submissive side, but honestly too, I had always had a healthy respect for people that have earned it from me. And respect could lead to some behavior that might seem submissive, but it was a show of respect. (Ok I was starting to think to myself that the show of respect is the first trait that good sub must show – they MUST respect their Master or Mistress – this was good – I was learning). After I was done urinating, I fingered my sore ass a bit, just to see if I could feel any tear or anything. It did hurt, but nothing felt out of place, and the pain was dying away, like a bruise it was becoming, and I know sometimes you just have to work past something to get it to a place where it did not hurt any more. I was not looking forward to having my ass fucked today – but having it licked sounded like heaven!

I got out of the bathroom after sort of picking it up a little; straightening it up after the wonderful bath my Mistress had given me last night. I folded the towels and then went out back into the kitchen. I heard something and went to the window – I saw Captain running, and I was then able to see a car come down the long drive way. I was there naked in my Mistress’s kitchen and she was having someone come over? I wanted to see who it might be before I ran back into the bedroom to wake up my Mistress or grab something to wear (where were my clothes anyway? I have not worn anything since I peed on my clothes yesterday, and I did not see my bag in her bedroom). I saw her pull up beside my car, and I say her, because I could tell it was a young woman (but a bit older the me) - from the kitchen window I was looking out of. As she got out of the car I could tell that Captain and she were good friends because he was bouncing around her and she was smiling and petting him. She was almost to the door and I was still there naked. Oh what the hell. I waited there and in she walks. She kept Captain outside though I could hear him whining because he wanted to be in, but she was inside and smiling and beaming. She was maybe twenty-one and wearing some jean shorts and a tube top that was stretched over her C + breasts. I was watching them jiggle, unrestrained by anything other than the tube top, as she turned to me and say “Oh, Hello”, a cheerful voice, her eyes giving me a once over and still smiling. “You’re…….. “, she hesitated searching for a name. “Mistress calls me “A”” I said, figuring that whoever this girl was, she was cool with what was going on here. “”A”, huh, well nice meeting you I’m “Puppy”” she said not stopping, moving with energy that light the house up more than just the sunshine that was streaming in. She did not miss a beat or stop at all; he was on a mission. She was pulling her tube top over her head as she was telling me her name at the same time she was kicking off her tennis shoes. Next came her shorts and her panties all in one quick movement as she bent down and mooned me with her wonderful round ass. Then she got on her hands and keens by Mistress’s door, (naked) and pawed at the door and yipped like a small puppy.

From in my Mistress’s room I heard her excited voice yell back, ‘Puppy! Come in here girl, come to mom-ma!” Puppy was her pet, just like Captain was and she was going to give her some loving, I could tell. Puppy looked back at me and wined a little and then looked at the doorknob and then back at me and I knew that she wanted me to open the door for her. I walked over as I felt my cock start getting hard at the thought of my Mistress and Puppy, she was so cute, and her breasts were sooooo nice, very white with blue veins looking full and so alluring to me. I liked how they swayed under her as she crawled over to my mistress’s bed. I stood there watching from the door way as Puppy crawled up to the bed and was happy and licking at my Mistress’s nipples as her head was being scratched just like a dog. Mistress maneuvered Puppy so that she could suckle one of those breasts that I was ogling over. Mistress was really going at the one, with her hands kneading the full tit as she suck hard on the nipple, I could tell she was bringing the nipple deep into the back of her mouth. She took the tit out of her mouth for a moment, Puppy’s head was thrown back in a swoon of ecstasy from the suckling, and Mistress smiled at me. When she did I saw the milk dribble from her mouth, and there was leakage from the breast that she had in her hand. I know my jaw dropped. OH GOD how that had been my fantasy for so long, and my Mistress was going to give it to me, wasn’t she? That single moment that I went though “yes she will” “no she won’t” in my head a thousand times, but it was only half a second real time. “Come here “A”, drain some of this milk before my little Puppy bursts.” What magic words these were to me as my Mistress was getting out of bed. Her hair was a mess but she was glorious to me. She told Puppy to get on her back and I was instructed to lie on the bed and suckle her. I could feel Puppy moving under me, I think she was even cumming as I indulged in my all time biggest fantasy. I have always loved the thought of having my mouth filled with sweet breast milk, but I never thought I would have the luck of tasting some milk – even if it was a squirt or a few drops. But Puppy was in full let down in my mouth, and I was sucking for all I was worth, and apparently it was pleasing puppy as her hands soon found her own pussy and was bringing herself off. I was not looking around, but I knew Mistress was still in the room, most likely in the chair that was in the corner of the room. I was not getting the sweet taste any longer as I sucked on Puppy’s life giving breast, and I was just about to switch to the other one when I heard my Mistress say “drain the other one “A”, I want Puppy to finish up what Captain has started. I looked over at her as I switched breasts, and I was right she was in the corner chair, she was slumped down a bit in the chair and had her legs parted and there was Captain licking her up. (Up and down I suppose). I realized I was the entertainment and saw immediately how my Mistress was using me again. I did not know the story of Puppy, apparently she was a submissive of my Mistress’s as well, but I was not going to try to finish thinking things through, I was just going to DO, so I took Puppy’s other nipple in my mouth as I heard her intake of breath as she felt my passionate suckling. God I was hard too. Seeing my Mistress, naked, getting eaten, and having Puppy undulating under my oral ministrations on her breasts, her own fingers disappearing in her womanhood, I thought I was going to explode, I know that there was precum leaking out of my cock and it actually was hurting a little because I was so hard. Puppy was moaning and my Mistress was moaning, I was wondering if Captain was getting as hard as I was with all this sexual energy in this room. I moved one hand down over Puppy’s belly and she moved up her hips, I think she was needing and wanting me in her as much as I wanted to give it to her, but I was not going to move my mouth from those wonderful breasts. Mistress got up from her seat, pushing Captain away, and just when my hand got to Puppy’s sweet fur covered pussy, my fingers about to explore those watery depths I felt that crop crack down on my ass. It was hard and hurt and jolted me with surprise. “I said drain her breasts, I did not say anything else, get your hands away from her pussy now or do you want more spankings?” I moved my mouth off her breast long enough to tell my Mistress that I did not want a spanking.

Mistress walked out with Captain right behind her and she called out also “Puppy, Come!” Puppy’s response was immediate. She Yip again like a small dog, and moved me off and got off the bed and back down on her hands and knees on the floor and crawled out to the kitchen to go seek out Mistress. I rolled onto my side and looked at her cute butt as she moved away from me and through the door. I did not want to move off the bed and risk being hit with the crop again, but I was hard and I was curious to see what was going to be going on, as I saw Puppy’s “tail” about to turn out of my sight, I saw Captain poke his nose there. This whole weekend was so erotic and was pushing way beyond my fantasies. I realized I was just along for the ride and I was enjoying the wild ride that it was. I had let go; my hands were up in the air on this roller coaster ride. My butt was hers and now I was just thinking how much I really was HERS – in my thinking even. The word was not only coming to my lips easy, but it was my respectful name for her now, and she had taken away my name as well as my clothes and given me a Letter that she called me and left me just my skin to wear with pride. I was happy that I pleased her last night as she used my body, and rode my cock. I could tell that Mistress kept herself on the edge a lot, kept things sensual and sexual for herself, like the way that Captain had been licking her, I could see her close her eyes with the intense feelings that she had exploding from her well licked cunt, but I don’t think it was taking her over the edge, she saved those times for when she could let go herself. I understood the freedom that a submissive or a slave would feel if they gave themselves up to the trust they felt to their Master or Mistress.

I was snapped out of my own self-discoveries by the sound of my Mistress asking me to come into the kitchen. I walked up right, I did not think I was supposed to walk as Puppy did since I had no direction to do so, but again I kept on trying to second think some of these things. I guess when you have served someone for a longer period of time you know better what is expected. All of a sudden I realized a new epiphany for myself – that a Dom and a sub NEED time, that it takes a relationship to get the pieces to fit right, so there was no doubt anymore, but when it was all done, and you knew each other so well that you can anticipate each other and knew just what to do, would there be less excitement as there was now? Again I got a jolt out of my thinking brain into the world of RIGHT NOW as I entered the kitchen. There was Puppy on the floor on her knees kneading her breasts, getting a little more milk to flow into the tin pie plate that was on the floor in front of her. She was facing the sink and the window; she was in the sunspot on the floor. Mistress was petting Captain, he was looking at Puppy and panting and anxious, Mistress was saying soft calming words to him but holding him back. There was another pie tin on the table next to Mistress. Puppy yipped and then was back on her hands and knees, I jumped to the assumption that she was done milking and just letting Mistress know, you could tell that Puppy still had that bouncy personality because her “tail” was wagging. Mistress smiled at me and eyed my body. My cock was still rock hard and there was a drop of precum on the pee slit. Mistress then leaned down gently told Captain “go get her” and Captain bounded forward. As he got up I noticed his red cock unsheathed under him. Puppy dropped her head down and pushed her shoulders to the floor and I saw Captain mount her from behind. I was mesmerized and transfixed there watching as after three quick jabs his cock was in her and she was making animal noises herself. Seeing her crouching there I could see that the first few strokes were not gentle at all - I would imagine they were a bit of a shock, even if this was an everyday thing for her, it was primal. Mistress told me to sit next to her and I did. My eyes never left the site of Captain and Puppy, and I don’t think mistress wanted me too; I think this was part of my lesson. I sat there next to her as she put the pie tin from the table on the floor in-between my spread legs. She took my cock in her hand that seemed to have oil on it again and started milking my cock. Mistress was talking very low and soothing in my ear as I watched and she milked my cock in her hands. The site of Captain forcing the wind out of Puppy and Mistress’s hand was working well on me, and she told me it was ok to cum, she wanted me to, and then she was going to make me cum again. I wanted to be Captain, I wanted to be the animal that cumming makes me; I wanted to be deep in Puppy like I could tell that Captain was. The thrusts were wild at first but it seemed like they soon settled into a steady rhythm that seemed familiar to both of them. They were not making any intelligible sounds for the next twenty minutes, only Mistress’s soft whispers in my ears. The passionate duo were not silent they were both noisy fuckers, but they were seriously into fucking their brains out. For most of the time Puppy had her head on one forearm, but I could see her reach as well with one arm under her playing havoc with her spread and swollen genitals. Whatever she could reach was reached, many times over. Captains balls helped too as they slapped against her with each thrust forward. Her now empty breasts were not as full in shape but they swayed constantly under her brushing on the hardwood floor. I could see how Puppy was going into overload with mini-earthquakes surging through her each time Captains humping forced one of those large taunt nipples raking across the floor. Puppy’s thundering climaxes were almost constant at this point and my Mistress had milked my cock twice while watching the show in front of me. Puppy had reached a place I could not reach yet, but I was well on my way about learning about that place.

The aroma in the room was driving me crazy and I thought it most likely was affecting Captain the same way. I was thinking how Mistress took my ass last night, but it was nothing like the fucking that Puppy was getting, she was nothing but thrashing, soaring, screaming, fucking bunch of nerve endings at this point. This was driving me, just watching it in a place of temporary insanity, and I am sure that Puppy was just --- just fucking mad – as her womb was being flooded by Captain and it was all held in by his knot that was sealing her pussy.

Mistress was using those soft words on me as she was stroking me and playing with my balls. She told me that Puppy had been a submissive for the last four years with her. Really the only female submissive she played with anymore. They had met on the Internet like I had done with Mistress, but after they started talking they found out they were actually neighbors. Well as much as you can be a neighbor in the country. Puppy was married and her husband did not understand her kinky side at all. Though Puppy’s husband was in the sheriff department he did not lead her in the bedroom like she needed to be lead. She had actually thought that she would end up getting a divorce from him because she said that she just needed to be used and controlled. Puppy needed a lot of self-esteem building and sexual encouragement when she first met my Mistress. Puppy also found she loved being with another woman, and loved to suckle Mistress’s large breasts, and Mistress was overjoyed to have a friend and a submissive so close. Puppy got to the point that she was feeling good and comfortable and then Mistress started training her to be a puppy girl. She was never to speak in Mistress’s presence, but just be her loving pet. Mistress had been a zooaphile since she was young, keeping a dog as a lover as long as she lived on her own. (She stared with her own family dog when she was 14, letting it lick her every night) Mistress said that she was not going to take Puppy down the road of actually being a bitch to Captain, but Puppy witnessed Captain licking out Mistress’s cream after one of their sessions. Puppy e-mailed mistress that night that she might want to try Captain orally as well. (Seems Puppy’s husband was not much for oral love making either. Puppy needed to e-mail because that was the only way – other than body language that she could communicate with Mistress). Puppy seemed to just take to it naturally, after that. Mistress said this was good for Captain as well, since he was trained to always be there for Mistress’s needs, it was a way that Captain could develop a little of his dominance. Two years ago Puppy got pregnant, and Captain fucking her during the pregnancy was out. Mistress did not want his roughness causing her problems with the baby. It was during the pregnancy that Puppy started to have a bit of milk. She actually started producing some prior to the baby being born, I would imagine from all of Mistress’s expert suckling. (Remember she was sucking on my male nipples yesterday when I was tied up.) Puppy loved the intimacy of the suckling so much both with Mistress and bonding with her little guy (and even her husband liked it) that she has continued her nursing to this day with her son. She also pumped at home each day and donated her extra milk to the local hospital, which she was paid for. Mistress told me that Puppy drops her son off each day her husband works, at a Mommy’s day out program and then comes here to the farm. Mistress gets the first milking of the day and then they get to spend some time together. After Puppy leaves she normally drops off the milk that she has express and frozen at home, and then goes and picks up her son and leads her normal life. I was amazed at the duality of her life, but then again, maybe it wasn’t, maybe it is something that just made her whole. Mistress did tell me that Captain had been fucking puppy again over the last 8 months again, and that they both loved it. Captain did not always get to do this with Puppy, but he was defiantly part of their fun on most days. Mistress said that Puppy really was Captain’s bitch – “But I am both of theirs Mistress”.

When Captain was done he was awkward getting over so that he was not mounted on Puppy, but standing next to her. He bent his body like only doggies can and licked his cock as it was still tied into puppy, but it came out shortly after that. I was not prepared for what I saw next though. When Captain’s cock withdrew from Puppy’s pussy, there was a flood of his cum that just spilled out. It was a LOT, I could not believe it. It all went into the pie tin that was there, mixing with the milk that Puppy had expressed earlier. Puppy did not move, not much, after she let go of Captain’s seed that spilled out she just sort of moved to the side of where she had been and just sort of collapsed and was trying to regain her breathing. She was actually panting, as she lay on the floor naked in the place that the sunspot had moved to.

I could not believe that I came twice, but damn, this was hot. “Puppy!” Mistress said more loudly, and Puppy scrambled to her hands and knees and looked at Mistress attentively awaiting her orders. “Puppy, give me that dish please” Mistress said as she pointed to the pie tin with the cum milk mix. Puppy moved the tin with her nose across the floor toward her Mistress. Mistress picked up both the tins now, the one with my cum and the other and mixed them together while absent-mindedly stroking Puppy's head. Captain was over by the door licking his cock, and I was thinking what Puppy’s cum must taste like, if it was something that Captain really craved.

Mistress gave me the tin with the cum and milk mix. Now it had Captain’s Puppy’s and my cum as well as some sweet breast milk. She told me to crack ten eggs into it. I looked at her quizzically and I saw that look in her eyes that said do me “are you questioning me?” So quickly I went to the refrigerator and got out some eggs. They were nice sized eggs, the brown ones, and Mistress told me that she got them from another one of their neighbors. I could see living out in the country had its advantages. My new task was to make Brunch since it was about 10 am now. I mixed the egg and cum mix, laughing inside that it was sort of funny if you thought about it. I got out two skillets and lit the stove (it was gas – I just loved cooking on gas) and started to scramble eggs. While I was cooking Mistress let Captain out and she and puppy went back into bathroom and I heard the water running. All the time Mistress was talking in her sweet tones like one would really talk to a dog, and Puppy only gave yips back. I could defiantly see the strong submissive spirit that it would take to almost remove your humanity from yourself. To actually become a pet to your owner. I could hear the sounds in the bathroom and could tell that Mistress was bathing Puppy, and I could see in the bathroom when I had to walk to the fridge to get something. Puppy was on her hands and knees still getting a bath like you would your dog. She was so sexy though, both Mistress and Puppy both. I could myself being somewhat prideful of the fact that I was here and could witness this closeness and unique family. I worked on the scrambled eggs and made a batch of home fries and some bacon too. Puppy came out of the bathroom all clean and her hair still a little damp and she sat on her hunches next to me as I cooked. I found myself petting her head as well, just like I had seen Mistress do and it seemed Puppy was content to sit with me while I finished the home fries and bacon. The shower was going and I all of a sudden thought I should be doing something for Mistress. I was finished with the breakfast, so I walked into the bathroom and stuck my head in “Mistress, breakfast is done, would you like me to wash you?” “No that is ok “A”, why not just set the table with the food and I will be out in a second?” “Ok Mistress, your wish is my command.”

I took three dishes from the cupboard and started setting the table, but puppy was yipping at me. “What is it girl?” I asked, and I followed her eyes and saw two dog bowls on the counter one that said Captain, in blue, and one that said Puppy in pink. Ahhhhh, OK, I put one plate back. Mistress came out of the bathroom in her white terrycloth robe with her hair all wrapped up in a towel as well. “Give Captain some of those eggs and just a little of the home fries, but no bacon, it gives him gas. Oh, and break up the bacon and just mix everything together for Puppy. Captain eats outside, and Puppy eats here.” Mistress was pointing to the floor right next to the table, as she sat down in the chair next to where she was pointing. I served my mistress, and gave Puppy her bowl and she looked up to Mistress for the go ahead to eat. “Go ahead Puppy, you can eat. “A”, make sure you tell Captain it is OK for him to eat after you put down his dish.

Captain was sitting waiting for his dinner as I brought it out. I told him it was ok to eat after I put it down, but he hesitated, I guess he was wondering if I had authority to tell him it was ok, but his hunger won that battle and soon he had his snout in the food gobbling it all up. I walked back in, and Mistress was eating pleasantly and I saw Puppy’s face in her bowl. I imagined that it was sort of difficult to eat that way, but I did not think about it too much. I sat at my place after I fixed my plate last and looked at my Mistress and waited. I know it was just a moment or two before Mistress gave me the OK to eat, but I think Mistress was waiting just long enough for me to FEEL that I was waiting. The eggs tasted OK – they really did not taste any different to me. Mistress said though that she loved the taste of LOVE in her eggs.

Puppy finished her brunch and sat on her back haunches looking up at Mistress. Mistress lovingly took Puppy’s face in her hands and brought a napkin to her face and cleaned her up. “I guess you better go little one.” To which Puppy yipped in agreement and she crawled over to where her clothes were on the floor. For the first time Puppy stood up since she had gotten on her hands and knees, and she quickly got dressed and headed out the door. She did not look at Mistress and did not say anything, I guess the yip was her farewell, but I did see that Puppy did give me a glance and winked at me. I heard the car drive off as I finished my meal.

“What am I going to do with you today?” Mistress said, but since it sounded like a rhetorical question, I sat there in my silence and waited. I could tell she was thinking of some things. Mistress goes up and went to her room. I waited. I was amazed at the quietness of the house. There was mind-blowing sex not too long ago right here on the floor of the kitchen, twice my mistress milked my cock and the noises that were coming from the show I was allowed to witness blocked out everything else. Sight and sound – Cock and Pussy – RAW SEX. And all of this was out of my control. Now in the quietness I sat there, I was in control of ME but I did not move. I did not want to move, I wanted to wait for my next command, my mind felt like a blank and then it dawned on me that the quietness was in my head. I did not have the rush of thoughts, what to do next, how someone was taking something; I just sat there.

Mistress came out of her room; she was half dressed, in a pair of shorts and her bra. Her hair was down now and she looked lovely. “”A”, why don’t you clean up the kitchen for me.” “Yes Mistress” I snapped back with enthusiasm. I had a task!!! I washed the dishes and the skillets I had used. Mistress walked out of her room again and past me and told me to clean the floor too, she was going to go out and do some work outside. I asked her back if I should come and get her when I was done and she said “sure” and that I should wear some shoes when I went outside. “Anything else Mistress?” “No, just shoes, and clean the house well!”

I clean and I cleaned. I have to say that my mom always had a clean house and that is one thing I always worked hard on and was proud of - is how well I could clean the house - almost like a military inspection. I got good at my mom's inspections, and I wonder if that wasn't really my first taste of being a submissive, was how mom would be when we were in "cleaning mode". I cleaned the floors, the walls and everything; I dusted and scrubbed. I did not stop with the kitchen, but I started the wash, and cleaned in the bedroom and made the bed. I also had a peak into that toy drawer and boy there were a lot of cocks and things. Straps and vibrating eggs and rings and chains. It was all sort of just in there, I would have even organized it, but I thought I might not have supposed to be in there. The whole house was clean; I had also found my bag, which was in a small study type room I put my clothes in there after I had washed them (they were by the back door I had seen when Puppy had come in - I don't know how they got there from the back - Mistress must have picked them up at some point). the Study was really sort of a catch all room, but the computer was in there and a desk, so I thought I would call it a study. This room seemed the dustiest, since there were a lot of knick knack and stuff all over. I cleaned everything. And it was only 3:30. I was just going to look for my shoes when in came in my Mistress with Captain. Looking around she says “Very nice “A”, very nice indeed.” Mistress was hot and sweaty from her work outside and I had been a good houseboy. “Come here “A”, help me get undressed and pull down this cover from the bed.” I just loved the bigness of my Mistress’s body, her great big breasts and her curves; it just gave me a sense of sensual power.

Naked now Mistress got up onto the bed on the clean sheets and told me to get up there and lick her pussy. I know that Captain might have felt a pang of jealousy, but I was happy to be between my Mistress’s legs. Her aroma was pungent because of the sweat but I loved it. “Give me your fingers too; I want you to make me cum before I take a nap. Use your tongue on my clit, here it is, I've teased it out for you. Use Firm licks, about three or four a second is good. You can stick your tongue in my cunt as well; you'll love the taste of pussy juice!” I eagerly got his first taste of her pussy for the day. She cached me through sucking her clit and cunt, fingering her and rubbing her clit. Women have a big variety of how they like to be touch there, I was glad to have the instructions to tell me exactly what she needed. Mistress finally rewarded me with a wave of her cum as she orgasmed on my tongue.

She invited me to lay up next to her and as she was on her back she said “suckle me till I fall asleep” my mouth was on her breasts, and her nipples how hard they got for me, but even though she was breathing a little hard still from cumming for me just a moment ago, soon with the gentle sucking I was giving her nipples her breathing evened out and actually slowed to a point that I knew she was asleep. With her peaceful like that and the ceiling fan making the air cool against my skin, I cuddled with her and fell asleep myself next to her, but this time she was in my arms, and I wanted to protect her.

The sun had gone down by the time we awoke. I awoke to find my Mistress gently rubbing her hands over my body, teasing my cock to its hardest state. She was doing a good number over my legs and stomach as well as my nipples as well. We started kissing and loving just like two long lost lovers. Like husbands and wives the day after the honeymoon night. Soon I felt myself on top of her with my cock inside her and her legs wrapped around me. They were slow strokes with her pushing up to meet them. They had a lot of power even though they were not the kind that slap and are full of force, but still they were full of power. I came with those slow stokes and I think she was cumming around me as we did. This was not animal sex; this was the passion of a man and woman. There was no rawness about this, but there was passion.

I was content to fall asleep again with her in my arms, this was a lover of great magnitude, I wanted to rest and wake and fuck and sleep and love and nap again. “”A” go get me some water with some ice in it please, and if you need some to, feel free.” She got out of the bed and went to her restroom, so I got out and went to the kitchen to get her drink. As I drank mine, I realized how thirsty I really was, and had two glasses back to back that I chugged down. When I gave my Mistress hers, she of course sipped, like the LADY that she was.

She had her terry cloth robe back on and she asked me to follow her outside. I did not put on my shoes, but followed her outside in the night air. We walked back to the Cross’s behind the barn and she tied my wrists and my ankles again. Captain, who was with us was sniffing at my cock again, but Mistress told him “No” and he backed down. Mistress told me that I needed to be out here for a bit, and she and Captain walked away. I almost felt like crying, so alone I felt left there now like this. Why was this happening? Did I get to close while we were making love this last time? I heard the crickets chirping and the fireflies were dancing in the tree line that was in the distance. Minute after minute I was there, not knowing and confused.

Later that evening, some time, I had no concept of time out there in the dark, it could have been two hours, or it could have been a half an hour. But later that evening I heard a car come down the way again. Of course it was not where I could see at all, I heard the door close of the car after its engine was turned off. The house door opened and closed, but I heard no voices, I wondered if Puppy was back to give an evening feeding of her tits to our Mistress. I few minutes later I heard the door of the house open and close again and I could hear the footsteps barely, but I knew I was going to have a visitor. My cock started getting hard, just at the thought of anyone walking around that corner. There came Mistress, Captain and there was also a man. This man was about five foot six inches and most likely weighed as much as I did if not more. This made him look a little dumpy and soft. He had a dog collar on his neck and Mistress was leading him by a leash. His cock was bound too in some sort of cock ring and leather harness. “Stevie, get him down” my Mistress told him in a barking command voice, and as he moved he got swatted by her. The crop must of landed on his about five times while he was doing his task. When I was free she took me by the arm so I could escort her and we walked back to the house (leaving Captain outside).

We were in the house and mistress said to me “you have two choices “A”, you can dominate Stevie here right now and be my stud and sleep with me tonight in my bed again, or if you fail to do that, you sleep at the foot of my bed with Stevie” Of course I wanted to be the winner of this little game, but I really did not know what it was all about. I had never dominated a man before well not like this. With my buddies I was the leader, but I never was called SIR or anything like that, nor did I give commands - but yes - I was a leader - I could do this. My head was spinning, after all this time not having to take control. I also knew that this was a new push for me, she was taking me out of my comfort zone to push me past a point that I have never gone to before, and I was doing this for her. Mistress handed me Steve’s leash and her crop, and went to sit in one of the dining room chairs and was waiting for the show.

I really did not know what to do and I hesitated, but I knew this would not win me over any points with Mistress – so I had to think of something quick. I told Stevie to get on his knees and crawl over to me on just his knees. I had read in my Internet readings that the Roman’s used to have their servants and their slaves give them head. It was homage to the master the ruler; it was a way that the underling knew his place. They would have to look up at their Master and hope that they were pleasing him. I don’t know why this popped into my head, but I could not think of anything else that would clearly establish my dominion over Stevie. I told Stevie to suck my cock with his mouth only. I knew I was not going to cum, I wanted him to know my size, my hardness, but I was not going to waste my cum on him. His tongue went over the underside of my cock and he swirled it around a little as he tried then to take the entire length of me into his mouth. “Look at me when you are sucking me” I was demanding. I wanted him to know who was in control here. Mistress was smiling at me and rubbing her pussy as she watched. I pulled on Stevie’s leash some making his head bob back and forth a little more out of his volition while he was sucking me. “Come on you worthless little maggot, suck me!” I said. I have found that submissive men almost crave the humiliation that goes along some times with this station in life. He was doing a good job, but like I said I was not going to cum in him at this time. I did also take Stevie’s hair in my hand some and actually fucked his face for a bit. I was getting into this, and I felt the rush of power and confidence I feel when I am dominating. I then when behind Stevie, and was going to use my cock to fuck him, but then I thought it wasn't enough - I started spanking his balls, and fingering his ass so that it was open to me. It is funny how ass's are - how they close up but when you fuck them for some time, they will stay open a bit - like they are expecting something.

Mistress was very impressed in what I was doing, and was enjoying the show. “”A”, come to my bed, Stevie, stay out here in the kitchen, you can get a blanket from the computer room if you want.” And with that we went into Mistress’s bedroom and we closed the door behind us.

****** Day Two into the Night ******

Mistress went to her drawers with all her toys and told me to stand by her bed. I was there my cock still hard and glistening a bit with Stevie’s saliva and ooooh how I wanted to use my hard on to fuck my Mistress, to have my cum explode in her velvet walls again, but Mistress came behind me with a pair of handcuffs and cuffed my hands behind my back. She sat on the end of her bed; her robe was still open from when she was playing with herself as she was watching Stevie and me. “Come on “A”, bend your knees and spread your legs a little.” Her hand was easing some lubricant on to her hand, and then she reached between my legs and but some of that lube at my back door. I looked down, my shoulders pulled back into good posture because my wrists were tied behind my back with the handcuffs, my cock poking at her, tapping her big round breasts. “You like it when I play with your ass, don’t you “A”?” Mistress asked me as she took her finger out of my ass and reached for a vibrator and started applying lube to it in loving strokes that were reminiscent to the wonderful hand jobs she had given me. The vibrator was being inserted into my ass as I said, “Yes Mistress, I love all of your attention.” The hum of the vibrator was making a buzzing inside me and my butt was filled full. This was feeling somewhat clinical, but still it was erotic. I was wondering what was going to happen next, my mind tends to think about things like that, thinking of the next six moves in a chess game as it were, I was wondering where Mistress was going to go with this. And as I was thinking this I was having a bit of a conflict in my mind, thinking that I should not be thinking about this at all, that if I was going to be a good sub I should just be living in the now – not the future. I guess it was so much of my nature to be a leader, and the day had plenty of opportunities to be a dominant today, even with Mistress, but was it that she allowed it? Was she always topping me? All of a sudden my thoughts went back to just the here and now as I felt my Mistress’s mouth around my cock. Her hand pushing the vibrator deeper into my ass, as she was pumping me, I bet she could feel the vibrations all the way through my cock into her mouth, as that tongue stroked the underside of my cock as she slipped it in and out of her loving inviting mouth.

She did suck me differently then Stevie had, as a matter of fact, I had fucked Stevie in his face, using his mouth, but this was different, this was her loving on my cock with her mouth. She took me deeper into her mouth all the way to the base, which I have never had. Sara my girl friend only really sucked the head of my cock, and my two friends when we sucked each other cocks would do pretty much the same thing, suck the head while fisting the rest of the cock, unless I was fucking the face of one of them like I did Stevie just now, that is the only way I got any depth in someone's mouth. But right now I was her candy and she was enjoying. And all of a sudden I felt it hit me, I did not even feel it rise up through me this time, I was cumming and she was fucking my ass harder. She was an expert and sucked me through my cum, the tingling through my body were almost unbearable as I was standing. I was grunting and growling and my legs were quaking. She stood up and put her hand behind my head and bent my head down to kiss me, swirling my cum back into my mouth that I greedily shared with her with this passionate kiss.

“Come to bed stud, and rest, Puppy will be here in the morning.” Mistress said as she took off her robe and slipped between the sheets of her bed. I waited there not wanting to say anything, but I still had the handcuffs on. After a moment waiting to know that she was not intending anything, I sort of slipped in on my side as best I could and wiggled up next to her. I found sleeping on my back was not unbearable, the best way for me to sleep was on my side with my head high up on a pillow. It was hard to adjust, because I did not have the use of my hands to move the pillow, but wiggle and waggle and I eventually got there. I know that Mistress was ignoring me on purpose, and I hope she was getting a giggle out of this, again I knew that I was being taught a lesson in helplessness. I knew I could have asked, but I wanted to be somewhat self sufficient still, which I don’t know if she really wanted, but again, maybe that was my true nature eking out again.

Falling asleep I thought would be difficult, but it didn’t turn out that way, because the next thing I knew it was morning. I woke up alone in the bed, and I could hear that there were others in the other room, though I had not heard a lot of this before, but I thought what I heard was Captain having sex again. Again moving was difficult because of the hand-cuffs, but I did end up swinging my legs down to the floor and then walking to the door way. Yes it was Captain mounted over Stevie, giving that ass hole the ride of Steve’s life. Mistress was smacking Stevie with a soft cat of nine tails calling him a big faggot and a cock lover. Part of me was glad I did not waste any cum on Stevie last night, not fucking that ass, Captain was doing a great job of that this morning. Honestly I did not feel anything toward Stevie, he was just someone to be used. I didn't think I was like that - not me during my submissive training as it was, I was not to be USED completely, but I was still myself - offering myself to be used. Stevie was treated more as an object.

Mistress soon saw me there standing with my hands behind my back, naked, I am sure my hair was a mess, but my cock was stiff and hard in front of me. “There's my stud now” Mistress said to me in a joyful voice. She was standing there in black stockings, and garters, black panties and a bra that was overflowing with her bosom as she struck Stevie again. “Come over here and have your cock sucked” She said to me, but even though I thought it might have been her talented mouth that would envelop my dick again, it was Stevie that she wanted to do the honors. So there I was, what a different look with Captain at my chest seeing his face as he was fucking the guy that was sucking my cock with Mistress degrading Stevie by telling him what a good lover I was, and how big my cock felt to her, and what a faggot he was. It was almost like how I had read about cuckholding - and I was feeling empowered by it, not aroused, but a feeling of being lifted up. Yes I was not going to waste cum on Stevie, it felt good on my cock, his mouth, but not that good.

Captain was cumming deep in Stevie’s ass as I felt Stevie’s cum shoot on my feet. There was so much going on I did not hear the car outside or the door open, but I did see Puppy getting undressed and getting on her hands and knees while she was watching what was going on. Captain hopped off and turned around, and was butt to butt with Stevie, “put your head on the ground” Mistress commanded of Stevie, and my cock was set free, but it was throbbing like a rock. Puppy’s tits looked so full and inviting hanging under her as she was on her hands and knees, I wanted desperately to fuck her like Captain had just fucked Stevie, and have my hands reach around and spray her milk. I felt a hunger rise in me. It was primal, it was deep and again I found myself not looking for moves or strategies of any sort, but just waiting for the next command. “Come here stud” Mistress said to me, and Captain’s cock just popped out of Stevie’s ass with the running cum spilling out of his ass as it had done with Puppy’s yesterday. “Come on stud, and fuck Stevie’s ass, I know you like the feel of all that doggie cum around your big cock, you need to let some of that spunk out, come on and fuck him good.” OH DAMN, this was a bit of a humiliation for me, to fuck this object, but I did what I was told. Mistress undid the shackles behind me and I hands went onto his hips and my cock entered his ass with one fast stroke. I fucked him harder and rawer then I had ever fucked David or Steve, I was trying to get my cock to go out through his mouth through his ass my hands were on his hips as violently took him. Stevie’s ass was not different then my friends, he was older, a man, and they were my age, but my mindset was different from when I was with them, I wanted to plow into him without any reservation at all - I know I was hard at fucking them, but this was raw - they were my friends - this was just a thing. And I thought my mistress wanted that too, to have me use him. I was trying to get over my humiliation of having to fuck him, to actually conger him. to beat his ass with my stomach, to bruise his insides, after all he was just a fuck toy. My head was whipping back with the fucking I was giving Stevie, my hands wanted to dig into his butt and pull him back with every heavy stroke that I did forward, I put my whole body into this. I did not see my Mistress, or puppy, I did not think of my audience that I had with this deviant act, but I thought about the cum that was boiling up and going to be squeezed out of my harden cock deep into this orifice I was fucking. I came and fell back on my hunches and pulled out of Stevie’s cock. Stevie’s head was still on the floor and I can see that he had cum again under him on the floor. I was catching my breath and I heard my Mistress say, “lay back” almost like a mother would, so soft and sweet and full of love. I did, I lay down on my back and I had my eyes closed as I felt my chest rise and fall with my heavy breathing. I lay there for a moment and then felt the softness of the nipples against my mouth, my mouth reached out and I took puppies nourishment into me. I was coming out of hell, being a demon, and being lifted up to heaven by the tips of an angel.

I pulled her milk into me as I heard her moans of pleasure from her. My breathing sounded louder but it was starting to calm as it was going through my nose. I could tell my Mistress was near, and when I opened my eyes I could not see everything, but from the movements I could tell she was to the side of puppy loving on her and pushing a vibrator in and out of her giving her cunt pleasure as I drew her milk out of her, not to miss the orgasm that she had when she was milked. She squeezed her other breast and it spayed on me, what a lovely feeling that was the thin spray lighter then rain but refreshing as it. I don’t know how it could happen – but I felt Mistress cleaning my cock with a wet towel and then moving puppy over me so that she could slide her wet sopping pussy down on me. I am sure that she had cum from the milking I was giving her and expert fucking that she got from our Mistress, but I was happy to be inside her, my cock was at home there. I could feel something pushed against my cock; it was the vibrator going into Puppy’s ass as she was filled with me. “Lick him out good” I heard mistress, but not feeling Captain around me, I was imagining that Captain was having a meal of the combination of my cum and his own cum coming out of Stevie’s ass.

I could feel Puppy stiffen on me again as she came a second time, followed by a third. My mouth had moved to her other breast now and was being blessed with her rich cream.

I felt the plastic cock being removed and heard, “Now, mommy” and hear Captain scamper across the floor. I imagine that he was feasting now on the delightful nectar of our Mistress’s pussy. I heard her cum from his long tongue as Puppy rode me and her tittles were drained. “Puppy, go lie down in the corner” Puppy got off of me and walked on her hands and knees to corner of the room. “Roll over” she said to me, which I obediently did. “Stevie let Captain out. Wasn’t our “A” a good lover?” “Yes Mistress he is” I heard from Stevie. It felt weird to me, I was not loving Stevie, but I did fuck him, but there was still a sense of pride I felt because my Mistress was bragging on me - there was that feeling of empowerment again. I was on my stomach, my head turned to my side, all I could see was puppy, all the rest was hearing in the room. Puppy's eyes were locked on mine and mine on hers. I couldn't read them but it felt like we were trying to get into each other's mind, like we were trying to have communication of sorts. The hard wood floor beneath me was not cold, but I was starting to feel it. It was weird, I did not feel it before, it was just there, but now that things were calming down I was beginning to feel it. Puppy was on a rug that was put there in the corner for I guess her or Captain. Mistress told me to take a hot shower, which I was most happy to comply with. I went to the bathroom and got the hot water going. What a wild weekend this had been, how much I had done, and gone along a path that I would never have done by myself. The water felt so good over my head – over my shoulders, the warmth invading the sore muscles and reviving them. I was hoping that my Mistress might join me in the shower, but I was wrong, no one came in, I was able to enjoy the steamy water all to myself.

I dried myself and walked out into the bedroom. Puppy and Mistress were on the bed together with puppy suckling at Mistress’s abundant breasts. Puppy looked so little compared to Mistress, such the little girl, so content. So did Mistress for that matter, content, satisfied, in love. My cock was not pointing straight out and proud, but it was thick and fat still from watching the two beautiful women that were so special to me now.

“Is there any hot water left?” “Plenty Mistress, I think anyway.” I replied, and Mistress got off the bed and told Puppy to follow her. “Draw us a bath, and wash us, will you “A”?” “But of course Mistress” I said, and started the tub. I put some scented oil into the hot water so that it smelled wonderful. Mistress got into the tub and told Puppy she could come into the tub like a little girl (so she did not have to stand like a puppy this time) and I took a white wash cloth and lovingly washed them both. Of course I spent special attention to their breasts, and to their sex, but it seemed more like family right now then strong sexual overtones. Mistress’s mature body did turn me on so much, but so did Puppy’s youthfulness. “Want you to fuck Puppy one more time before you go John” Oh my, it did not get past me that she called me John, but I was not going to slip from my words, in this wonderful new intimacy of words. “Of course Mistress” “Ok Kim, take John to bed” ah, that is Puppy’s name, I thought as she gave me her hand to help her out of the tub. I dried her off and she went off to the bed , (looking back over her shoulder as she walked away on just her two feet and winked at me) and I offered my hand to Mistress to get her out of the tub too and to dry her. Mistress turned in my arms and hugged me, and kissed me as a lover would. “You did so well this weekend John, would you mind if I joined you?” I was taken aback, but I felt the love that was offered, and I said “of course, I love making love to you Mistress”, “And I love making love to you too.”

We walked out of the bathroom together and I looked at Kim on the bed waiting for me and I went to her, and I saw that Mistress had gone to her drawer to go put on that strap on again. My cock was inside of Sarah as she wrapped her legs around me and then I felt the strap on being pushed into my ass from behind. I was a sandwich between these two special women and I loved it. I pushed in not like an animal, but like the man I was. I felt loved, but I felt the sensual and exoticness of what was going on too. I loved their hands on me, their mouths, their breasts, everything, I was enveloped in their flesh, as my flesh pushed into them. It was dizzying how it went on, the strap-on came off at some point, and I was able to fill them each with my seed twice each.

Kim kissed me as she was dressed and said, that she had a wonderful time. And hugged me as she almost skipped out the door to get to her car. Mistress told me that I could get dressed now, as she stayed there and lay in her bed just watching me. “John you gave me a really good weekend, I will miss not having you here.” “Well I had a wonderful time too; I have a lot to think about too, being a sub was so strange for me.” “But you were so good, a natural”, “Only because you were such a great Mistress” and I meant that, I don’t think it could of come together like it had if it had been anyone else. I was dressed now and I went to the bed to lean down and kiss my lover, my Mistress, one more time “In a couple weeks, could you come spend the weekend with me again?”, “Of course!" Good, we will go away I think, I will have Kim watch Captain for me, and we can go to a hotel or something, and we will see if you can be a good Master, want to try that?”, “OH my God, really?" “We will have to see if you can, I think you have the makings of it, I can tell you have the makings of one in you, but we will see.” she said with a wink, but pulled me in for another deep kiss where our tongues explored each other’s mouths. A kiss I would not forget.

I got into my car a few moments later, petting Captain on the head as I left and told him to take good care of his Mistress. Yes there was going to be lot for me to think about, but then again, there was going to be a lot for me to plan for my weekend when I could be with my lover again.



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