This is a repost of my story that was lost in the big crash of the server this month. The story is real and the names have been changed to protect the guilty. Because I have embelished it a lot is falls into the Genre of fiction.
When I Was a Kid #1

When I was a kid, I was born and raised in Wyoming. Wyoming is a tough place to grow up. The winters are cold and long and the summers are hot and short. The summers were my favorite time of the year.

I worked hard all my life it seems. I had a paper route when I was ten and I would pick up pop bottles along the road to earn extra money.

Hi, my name is Les, short for Lesley. Ya, it's kinda like being named Sue, like in the Johnny Cash song. Started a few fights on the playground, don't you know. To make it worse I was a junior.

I was a scrawny kid but grew up tough.

In the sixth grade, 1960-1961, my best friend was named Johnny. We played marbles almost every day at recess. The school had a special area for us to play in. They even sponsored a few tournaments. Ironic, playing marbles is a form of gambling. Try that today in any school in the U.S.

Johnny had a “girlfriend” named Debbie. She was in the fifth grade, ten years old, well actually almost eleven. Johnny and I were eleven, almost twelve. Now they didn't date or nothing. They just hung out together.

Well one day, right after school started, Johnny told me that he had “fucked” Debbie. I called him a liar.

He said, “Oh ya, I'll prove it!”

I said, “How?”

“I'll show you!”, he said. He gathered up his marbles and left.


Well, the next Saturday Johnny called about 11:00 or so. He said, “Meet me at the rodeo grounds in an hour.”

I said, “Why?” We used to hang out at the rodeo ground. We weren't supposed to, but we did.

He said, “I'm gonna prove I ain't a liar.”

Man, I hung up the phone, lit out of the house, and jumped on my bike. I arrived at the rodeo grounds way early.

Johnny showed up about 30 minutes later and he said, “You're early.”

I said I was “excited”.

He said, “Debbie won't be along for 15-30 minutes. She has to get away from her brother.” Johnny then proceeds to tell me about how Debbie had told him her big brother, David, had popped her cherry. David is in high-school.

“Holy crap!” I said.

When Debbie arrived about 35 minutes later, Johnny introduced me to her. She knew what I was there for. She told Johnny she was late because David wanted to fuck her again. “It took him longer to cum than usual.”

I just thought, “Damn!”

We headed for the “Coke” room at the rodeo grounds. The big front doors opened upwards that worked like an awning when they were in business. They kept them locked but I don't know why. We just had to climb over the back of the stalls using the cross bracing that held up the grandstands.

Debbie was cute, about 4' 5”, no chest, a round face, short brown hair, big brown eyes and just a little flare to her hips, maybe a little thick in the thighs. She was wearing a pair of cut-off jeans, a sweatshirt and sandals.

She said, “I don't have long. I’ve got to get back before David misses me.”

She hopped up on one of the counters that were covered in linoleum that Johnny had quickly brushed the red dust from. She unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts and pushed them down to her ankles. She had on white cotton panties. I noticed a wet spot right in the bottom.

Johnny kicked off his boots and jeans and was down to his boxers. He then jumped up on the counter and pulled down Debbie's panties like he'd done it before.

She opened her legs to him and let me have a close look at her pussy. The first pussy I'd ever seen. The first thing I noticed was that the wetness was obviously cum. No doubt from David. She wouldn't let me touch her and she seemed rather in a hurry.

I was as hard as a rock by now.

Johnny sensed her anxiety and just pulled his little dick out through the slit in his boxers. I watched intently as he put his penis to her slit. He slipped right in. I kept trying to get a better look but with him on top and the boxers being in the way, well shit!

He was obviously fucking her. “He's no liar.” His penis was going in to her hole. Her hole was much lower down than what I had thought it would be.

I had my own dick out and was jacking-off as I watched. She looked over at me and said, “You’re as big around as my brother.” She showed no emotion, nothing.

Johnny was pumping faster now, as was I. He pushed in real hard one last time and I knew he had shot his wad. Again, she showed no emotion.

A few more strokes and I shot my wad on the floor.

Johnny lay on top of her for a few seconds then eased up off of her. Debbie reached down between her legs and spread her pussy lips for me to see. I could see Johnny's wad slowly drizzling out of her hole. “Dern, what a turn-on.” I could see her pink inner lips and another tiny hole a little higher than the hole Johnny had just been in. Her mound looked hairless except for some light fuzzy hairs and her outer lips were puffy as she released her grip and her pussy closed up.

I was totally enamored with what I had just seen and asked if I could fuck her too.

She said, “Not today, maybe some other day.” She got dressed and like that she was gone.

I'll never forget that musky smell of her sex and the smell that was from her being fucked. From then on I would take deep sniffs whenever I was near a girl. Not always getting a smell but I tried.

When I Was a Kid #2

Johnny and I were still best friends. I know he and Debbie fucked almost every Saturday.

Several weeks later, it was late fall, a bit of a nip in the air. I was out riding my bike. Johnny was out of town so I was just running loose.

I came across Debbie near her apartments. She had taken out the trash. I stopped and said hello. We talked a little while. Then I came right out and asked her, “Can I fuck you?”

She said, “I don't know. You're pretty big.”

I said, “I'll stop if it hurts ya. Come on?”

She said, “I've got to finish up my chores. If I can, I'll meet you at the “Coke” room in an hour.”

I said, “OK, see ya then.”

About an hour and a half later, I had all but given up on her; I spotted her coming towards the rodeo grounds. I climbed down out of the grandstands and waited at the corner of the stands for her. We decided to go to the first-aid stand so we could be up on top of it and could see anybody coming from a long ways off without being seen ourselves.

When we got up on top I took off my jacket and laid it down for her to lie on. She took off her jacket and laid it on top of mine. She had on a hooded sweatshirt, tight jeans that showed every curve. I could see her pussy lips. She also had on a pair of roper boots. She was hot for an eleven year old.

She quickly took off her jeans, no panties. “Ah damn!” She laid down on our jackets and spread her legs. I wanted to spend more time exploring but she wasn't having any of that.

I took off my boots, jeans and white briefs. I was ready! I got between her legs and she reached down with both hands and spread her pussy lips open. I put my hard on where I thought her hole was and pushed. It felt like I hit bone and just slipped down between her legs. She giggled. I got upset and tried again. This time I started in it felt dry. I tried working it in a little bit at a time. She wasn't wet at all. I pulled it out, spit on my hand and put it on my dick. I pushed in again. This time it started going in but then she grimaced in pain.

She said, “You're too big!”

I just let my dick run down between her legs. I could feel my dick touching the fabric of our coats. She pulled her legs together and said, “Do it that way. That's the way David has to do it when he can't get it in either.”

Well, I “dry humped” her for a few minutes. I even think she started to enjoy it to 'cause she started meeting my thrusts. All too soon I felt that familiar tingle in my groin. I was humping faster and faster. Then I lurched forward hard and shot my wad right between her ass cheeks.

Damn that felt good!

I got up off of her, looked down to see my handy-work and saw that I had got that shit everywhere. It was in a big puddle on her coat, drizzled over her mound and thighs. It was on my legs. “Crap!”

I pulled out my handkerchief to help her clean up but she just pulled up her pants, pulled her boots on and straitened herself. She looked at her coat, frowned, and just smeared it on the edge of a board.

I walked her to the corner where she lived. She gave me a light peck on the cheek, smiled and walked away.

When I Was a Kid #3

Winter set in, Johnny had his birthday in November and mine was in January. Not much happened between Debbie and Johnny. I guess they fucked a few more times. I was constantly horny. Beat my meat almost every day.

I really started noticing girls now. Every time I saw a girl my eyes went straight to her crotch. I didn't care if she had boobs, a fine ass or anything else. I even noticed my older sisters more. My oldest sister, Arlene, was seventeen, a senior in high-school. She had dark auburn hair, a round face, big boobs, and a fat ass. She smoked cigarettes when she thought mom wouldn't catch here. I thought girls smoking was a turn-off.

My younger sister, Ann, was fifteen and a sophomore in high-school. She was a blond, hair down to her shoulders. Good proportioned boobs, wide hips from all the horseback riding she did. When she wasn't in a school dress she wore tight blue-jeans. She was a bitch though. We fought like cats and dogs. She was daddies “little goodie two shoes”.

My oldest sister used to sneak out at night to be with her twenty year old boyfriend. One night the police chief brought her home and there was a big row when he told my folks he'd caught her with this guy screwing in the back seat of his car.

I was listening from my bedroom. It was not a pretty story. Long story-short, she got pregnant and my folks shipped her off to Denver to try to keep it quiet. 'Course that worked well. I found out about the pregnancy from one of her “girlfriends” at school. She was telling everybody she knew.

In those days it was embarrassments for the family to have a girl get pregnant “out of wedlock”. My, how times have changed...or have they? It was like, “If we hide it, it never happened.”

As summer approached my younger sister helped me get a “job” at a dude ranch on the west side of town. We would take tourists out on guided tours of the area. We had routes that were marked and of different lengths of one hour, two hours, four hours and six hours. We would point out points of interest and watch for wildlife. I thought it was a golden opportunity to pursue my hobby of looking at girls.

Around the first part of June I got my first tour. It was a Sunday and I was assigned five girls my age to take them on a one hour tour. It was a twelfth birthday party for a girl in my class named Cheryl. I always thought she was very pretty. We hardly ever talked though. Cheryl had auburn shoulder length hair, a nice round face with olive complexion. She had small breasts, like half of a small apple. She had straight sides down to her hips with a small butt. She was wearing khaki cotton shorts and a sleeveless white cotton blouse. She had on a small bra but I couldn't tell too much about it.

The other girls were also from my class in school and pretty nondescript. Just girls, all but one I knew.

Smokey, the owner of the “dude ranch”, his real name was Bill, was about forty-five years old but looked fifty-five with a ruddy complexion. He always wore a blue-jean shirt, blue-jeans and boots, and a black felt hat that had seen better days. I never saw him without a plug of chaw in his mouth. He was a soft spoken guy but you knew you didn't give him any lip.

Smokey got the horses saddled. I had my grandpa's horse named Frosty an albino Tennessee Walker, a great riding horse. Smokey gave me my last minute instructions and I rode out to the water trough about fifty yards out from the corral. He got the girls mounted and sent them out to me one-by-one. I introduced myself like I was supposed to. Like I really needed to.

The last girl out was a little red head. Short light red hair, freckles all over her face, pretty green eyes, flat chested, with somewhat flared hips but I couldn't really tell with her sitting in the saddle on a pretty large horse. She was wearing a bright yellow straw hat with a feather in it, a white cowgirl blouse and tight red jeans and red ropers. “Dude Alert.” Her name was Linda.

I told Linda to stick close to me. She gave me a coy little smile with braces. She was cute!

As we rode along we talked. I found out she was Cheryl's cousin from Wisconsin. She was eleven and will be in the sixth grade next school year.

I pointed out a few sights and a badger, some elk up on a hillside a ways off and a mule deer that ran across our trail. We got back well before noon.

Smoky and I helped the girls get down off their horse. I was being careful to note the scent of the girls I helped. When I got to Linda she turned side-saddle and slid off the horse into my arms. She hung onto my neck, as I held on to her under her arms. Our eyes met and for a second I thought she was gonna kiss me. She gave me that little grin and said, “You said to stick close!” There was a perfume smell mixed with sweat and the unmistakable smell I knew to be a girl’s scent.

I couldn't get that girl off my mind. I went to bed that night and pounded my pud with her in my minds-eye.

Next morning I was up early, delivered my papers and was at the ranch cleaning out the stalls. I was shoveling out the last stall when Smoky poked his head in and said I had a customer.

I kicked the manure off my boots, grabbed my hat and headed out the door. When I got to the corral I saw her. Bright yellow hat, light blue cowgirl blouse, tight blue-jeans and red roper boots. She handed Smokey some money and he told me I was taking her out for a two hour tour.

“Just her?” I said.

Smoky said, “Yep!”

I got Frosty saddled and Smoky put her on Chester, a bay gelding. We headed off on the trail and I asked her where Cheryl was.

“She's got a dentist appointment.” she said. “Disappointed?”

“Nah, just surprised that you're by yourself.”, I replied. “So, what ya wanna see?”

“You!” she said.


She just gave me the grin. We rode on for about twenty-five minutes when all of a sudden Frosty nickered and pointed his ears toward the left. I knew there had to be something in the grove of trees to our left. I reigned in Frosty and leaned forward in the saddle thinking I would see some wildlife. There, in a little meadow through the trees, was a girl on a blanket. Her pants and panties were lying in a pile around her boots as if she had stepped out of pants boots and all at once. She was lying spread-eagle on the blanket with some guy with his head between her legs.

I glanced over at Linda and her eyes were fixed on the scene. I put my finger to my lips for her to be quiet. I slipped off Frosty and tied him to a nearby sagebrush then tied Chester. I got Linda down and we were craning our necks trying to see what was going on.

I realized it was my fifteen year old sister, “miss goodie two shoes”. I didn't recognize the guy but he was licking her pussy. I mumbled, “Eeewww.”

I was standing to the left of Linda, leaning left and right to get a better look. My right hand bumped Linda on the left hip. I looked down and she had her right hand in her crotch. Every once-in-a -while we could hear my sister say, “Oh god that's good.” and stuff like that.

Linda's left hand touched my right hand. I looked down as she took my right hand and placed it in her crotch then covered it with her right hand. I could feel dampness in her jeans. She started working my fingers into her. She would bow her legs a little in an attempt to get my hand further into her crotch. I was getting the idea and used my middle finger to apply pressure to the seam in her jeans.

I returned my gaze to my sister. The guy was up on his knees putting something on his cock. I never saw him remove his pants.

Linda would close her eyes and I could hear little grunts coming from her. As she would close her eyes her pace would speed up on my hand. I turned to face her as the guy was slipping his cock into my sister. I rolled my hand over to take the strain off my wrist. As I did so Linda released the grip on my hand and I kept the motion going. She was getting close to some kind of peak. “Can girls cum?” I was thinking. “What was it like? Do they squirt like I do?” Her eyes were closed tight. I could smell her perfume, the smell of her sex, and the smell of wild flowers. She was wetter in the crotch now. A light bulb goes on in my head. This is what a girl needs so a guy can put his dick in. That is what wasn't happening with Debbie.

Just about then Linda hugged my neck and let out a long sigh. Her knees went weak and she got real flushed. I thought I had hurt her. She was grinning ear-to-ear.

I looked over to my sister and they were gone. “Did they hear us? Crap!”

I helped Linda back onto Chester and mounted Frosty. The ride back was pretty quiet. I was scared that we'd been caught.

We got to the corral and I helped Linda down. Again she turned side-saddle and slid off into my arms. This time as she looked into my eyes she said, “Thank you.” and kissed me. It was a quick kiss, my first kiss from a girl. My heart skipped a beat.

When I Was a Kid #4

That night was a restless one. I couldn't get the images of the day out of my mind. “Thank you.” Thank you for what? The ride? The groping? The “orgasm”? Can girls cum? Would she let me do that again? Would I see her again? She kissed me! Is it love? What is love?

The next morning I struggled out of bed. I delivered papers and headed to the ranch. I was cleaning out my set of stalls when the light from the doorway was dimmed. I looked up to see the silhouette of a girl in the doorway. It was Linda. I stood the shovel in the corner and walked up to her.

I said, “Hi!”

She said, “Hi. Um…Les, could I ask you something?”

“Sure, what?”

“Well, I…, would you??? Uh..could you? “Oh…I don’t know!” she said concerned.

My voice softened, “What, keep my mouth shut?”

“No, well yes, that’s not it!” She took a deep breath. “Umm…would you do that to me?”

“What?” I said.

“You know, what that guy was doing to that girl yesterday.” She said.

“You mean, fuck you?” I said.

“No silly! I mean the other thing, licking.” She said.

“Oh! Uh…, well…?” I was dumbfounded. “That seems gross. I’ve never done anything like that before.”

“That’s OK!” She said, “I haven’t either.”

“Well, we can’t do it here.” I said.

“Can we take a ride somewhere?” She asked.

“Ya!” I reached in my pocket, got a ten dollar bill out to hand to her. I told her to tell Smoky that she wants to ride out to the falls. I said, “Tell him you want lunch too. It’ll be $7.50.” She declined my money. As she walked away I said, “Remember to ask for me as your guide.”

I finished the stalls and walked to the corral. Smoky was taking her money and turned around. He said to me, “This young lady would like to ride to the falls. Ya know the way?”

“Ya, sure!” I said trying to not act too excited.

He said, “OK, get Chester ready and I’ll get lunch together. Can you cook?”

“Ya, I’m a Boy Scout.” Boy was that lame. Sounded good at the time.

He muttered something that sounded like “girl scout”.

I got Chester and Frosty saddled and took them to the corral. Smoky handed me the saddle bags with our lunch in them. He tied on a blanket to Frosty’s saddle then checked the cinches. I never could get ‘em tight enough to satisfy him. He turned to me, spat on the ground and said, “Be back by 4:00.”, as he threw open the corral gate. It was almost 10:00. I mounted Frosty and Smoky helped Linda into the saddle.

We headed south along the east fence line. When we got to the corner I opened the gate, led Frosty through and had Linda ride through. I left the gate down and would close it on the way back through. It was open range from there on. We headed on southeast from there and started climbing into the higher country. Before long the sagebrush gave way to pines and hardwoods. As we neared the falls, about 11:45, we could hear the rush of water splashing on the rocks below the falls. We came to a clearing with cottonwoods and scrub oaks. The falls had made a small pool with crystal clear cool water. There was a small beach of sand and river rock then about a one foot step up to a lush grassy area. There was shade provided by the cottonwoods.

I got off of Frosty and tied him to a cottonwood tree that had a low branch lying almost horizontal. I got Linda down, “Emmmm”, she smelled nice. I secured the horses to some stakes by the lariats tied to our saddles allowing them to graze and drink but not run off. I took the saddle bags down and got the blanket roll. The blanket roll had a poncho on the outside with the blanket folded in half then rolled.

As we laid out the poncho and blanket we found two towels rolled up with it. “That Smoky!” I said.

Linda asked, “What’s the towels for?”

“’Case you wanna go swimmin’” I said.

“We don’t have any swimming suits!” she exclaimed.

“We can skinny dip if you like.” I said. “Ain’t nobody around for miles.”

I opened the saddle bags and started taking inventory of what we had. There were matches, a first aid kit, a plastic box with Ivory soap in it, a kitchen towel with utensils, two cans of pop, a paper sack for trash, roll of toilet paper, two apples, a can of pork-n-beans and two foil pouches containing hamburger with onions and potatoes.

I told Linda, “You can swim or do whatever you like while I get the fire started and lunch on. Then I’ll join ya.”

She got real quiet as I gathered up some dried wood. There was an old fire-pit in the sand near where we laid the blanket.

Linda wandered around a bit then as I started making the fire she came back to the blanket and stood on a corner with her back to me. It looked like she was thinking about something. I was kneeling by the fire as she put her hands to the front of her jeans and it looked like she was undoing them. She put her hands on her hips and slid them down around her boots. She then removed her cowgirl shirt. She was standing there in her tank-top undershirt and white cotton panties with little pink flowers on them. She paused a moment, then took a deep breath and took off the undershirt. Again she paused then putting her thumbs in the waistband of her panties she lowered them to her boots also.

As she stooped to lower her panties I could see her tight little ass with the tight little rosebud. I could just barely make out her thin slit.

She pushed her boots off and stepped forward. Still keeping her back to me she sat down and took off her socks.

I said, “I’ll turn my head if you want to walk to the water. Lunch will be ready in about 20 minutes. We have to let the fire die down before we put the food in the coals.”

I opened the beans as she got up without a word and I busied myself with placing them on a flat rock near the fire. She waded into the pool towards the falls. Her stark white skin glistened in the sunlight. I watched her intently as she reached the falls and stood under them. I placed the foil pouches into the coals after undressing myself. I picked up the soapbox and waded into the pool. As I approached the falls I placed the soapbox on a stone nearby and came up behind her. She seemed to be deep in thought. I ran my hands down her arms and as my hands reached hers I leaned in and asked, “You OK?”

She said, “Ya, sure!”

“What ya thinking about?” I said.

“Oh nothing.” She said. “I was thinking about that other thing.”

“What other thing?” I said.

“You know the other thing they were doing yesterday.” She said.

“Oh ya, that! What about it?” I said.

“Well, I would like to do that too but it’s supposed to hurt the first time. I’m afraid.” She confessed.

“Oh!” I said. “We can do the first thing and, if you want, I could be real gentle and I would stop if it hurt too much.” As I picked up the soap.

She just nodded her head and I started running the soap over her chest. Her little nipples were very hard from the cold water. She had little mounds that were a promise of things to come. She closed her eyes as I let my hands move down over her stomach. She started to respond to my touch and allowed me to work on down over her mons. It was like a volcano in appearance with one side blown out. A round dimple at the top of her slit that trailed downward between her legs. My hands, slippery with soap, glided over her smooth skin. She parted her legs slightly as I continued down her legs into the knee deep water. I finished by coming up her legs on the back side. I slid my hands up and down her ass crack and got a response as I applied a finger to her rosebud. I soaped her back and pushed her gently into the waterfall nearby.

She took the soap from my hand and started running her hands over my chest. A few hairs were on my chest and she continued on down my stomach. As she reached my fully erect penis she hesitated and looked up at me having kneeled to better reach my legs.

She said, “Does it hurt to be that hard?”

I said, “No, it only hurts if I don’t get relief for a long time. Ever then it’ll be fine after a while.”

She continued on down my legs and back up the back side. She ran a hand up my butt crack and, to my surprise, she applied a little pressure to my butt hole. She giggled and I rinsed off.

I said, “Come on, let’s eat!”

We reached the blanket and dried off with the towels. She tied the towel around her chest and I tied my towel around my waist.

We feasted on the meat and potatoes, beans, apples and pop.

I kept trying to get glimpses of her pussy under her towel. I thought I was being sly but as she finished her apple she looked at me with those piercing green eyes and said, “Is this what you wanted to see?” as she dropped her towel.

I just grinned from ear-to-ear and turned beet red. I admired her body for several seconds. She was the first girl I had seen fully naked. She was petite and I have to admit that I was very attracted to her.

She said, “Do you think I’m pretty?”

I said, “Nah, you’re pretty homely!” grinning at her.

She playfully hit me on the shoulder and I grabbed her in a mock fight. I held her down in a loose wrestling hold and tickled her ribs. As we rolled around on the blanket I sorta got on top of her and just started hugging her. I don’t know what came over me but I kissed her. She stopped all movement and kissed me back. Her lips parted slightly and I ran my tongue across her lips. I kissed her cheeks then her neck. I worked my way down to her chest and lightly kissed her nipples. I didn’t have a clue what I was doing but she seemed to like what I was doing so I continued to improvise. I kissed on down over her belly. I kissed her belly button. When I stuck my tongue into her belly button it tasted bitter and she giggled. I continued over her pelvis to her mons. As I looked closely I noticed that there was very light “peach fuzz” on her pubis. It was again, a promise of things to come.

She smelled like soap then as I invaded her nether region I started to smell that musky smell of a girl. I applied a few light kisses to her mons and teased that dimple with my tongue. I noticed the slight taste of soap and another indescribable taste. Like nothing I had ever tasted before.

I applied kisses to her slit and inner thighs as she moved her legs apart. I made a few furtive licks of her outer lips. The scent was growing a little stronger now. I ran my tongue firmly up her slit. The lips parted as my tongue found her tight hole. As I raised my attentions up her slit, Linda put her hands on my head. I hit a small bump near the top. She gasped and pulled my head to her. She said, “There, stay there a little bit.”

She was becoming wet with my saliva, but I think her body was producing some also. The sweet/sour taste was becoming stronger as I would dip my tongue into that tight hole. She started moving her hips to meet my strokes with my tongue. She was panting now and screwing up her face as she was approaching that peak she hit yesterday. She seemed to be peaking faster today. She began chanting, “Yes, yes, yes….”

She suddenly arched her back and squeezed my head between her thighs. For a little girl she sure was strong. I was running out of air when she just as suddenly released me. I was totally turned on now. She opened her eyes and said, “Wow, that was incredible!”

I crawled up next to her and tried to kiss her. She hesitated but then relented. We kissed and she could taste herself.

I said, “What about that other thing?”

She said, “Let’s try. Promise to quit if it hurts too bad?”

“Sure,” I said, “but it will hurt.”

She said, “OK, be gentle.”

I got between her legs and said, “You’ll have to guide me in.”

She reached down and guided me in. She laid back and I began to move forward. I moved gently past her lips. It felt slippery. I moved in and out a little bit making my penis more lubricated. As I did this I felt the barrier and she grimaced a little. I tried to go in slowly and gently but that was too painful for her.

I suddenly thought of the locker-room phrase, “Pop her cherry.” I pulled back a little and started a shallow motion. When I felt her relax a little I shoved quick and hard into her. She screamed bloody murder. I froze dead still. I felt her barrier give way and my penis slid about ¾ of the way in. A tight ring held me in place. The heat was intense. I suddenly felt that tingle in my balls. She calmed down and I told her, “It’s over. I’m in.” She sniffled a little and nodded her head just as I started squirting my load into her. I couldn’t help the instinct to push in further as I came hard. There was little resistance at this point and she seemed not to feel more pain.

I was balls deep in my first pussy. I slowly started to pull out as my penis softened. I pulled all the way out and looked down. There was blood on my dick and cum and blood oozing out of her pussy.

I said, “Are you OK?”

She sniffled a little and said, “Ya, I think so. That really hurt!”

I said, “You’re bleeding a little.”

She looked down and got a puzzled look on her face. “What’s that white stuff?”

“Umm…., that’s my sperm.”

“Oh!” she said.

“I hope you don’t get pregnant.” I said.

“I haven’t started having my periods yet.” She said. “I don’t think I can get pregnant yet. My mom says I should expect to within a few months. I’ll be twelve in August.”

“Oh shit!” I said looking at my watch. “We’ve got to get back. It’s at least an hour and a half back and it’s 2:30 now.”

We both started to get dressed. She got her undershirt with the cute little bow at the center of the neckline and her cowgirl shirt on then announced, “I gotta pee!”

I handed her the toilet paper and said, “Just go in the grass right there.”

She stepped off the blanket and turned to face me. She squatted down and started peeing. She looked at me watching her and said, “What?”

“Bummer, you can’t aim that thang.” I said.

She giggled then wiped herself. She started to just toss the paper down but I held out the paper sack for her.

“We don’t leave anything behind.” I said. “Would you fold and roll the blanket while I get the horses ready?”

She put on her socks, stepped into her boots, pulled up her panties and pants. She straightened herself then set about rolling the blanket, towels and poncho.

After loading the blanket and saddlebags I tightened the cinches and I took one last look around. I helped her up and mounted Frosty.

We made good time getting back. By the time we got to the corner of the pasture it was 4:00. The wind had picked up and it looked like rain.

When we got to the corral Smoky was waiting. “Yer late.” He said.

Linda piped up and said, “We got to swimmin’ and lost track of time.”

Smoky just mumbled something that sounded like “sperm a swimmin’.”

As I walked by Smoky after telling Linda goodbye Smoky said, “Popped her cherry did ya?”

I froze in my tracks, “How the hell?” I slowly turned and as I saw Linda walking towards her aunt’s car I noticed she was walking slightly bow-legged. I just grinned and turned back around and led the horses back to their stalls as it started to rain.

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