Young Chloe’s Experience, by Loves Young Pussy

Fiction, Erotica, Nudity, Male/Female, Male/Pre-Teen Female, Incest, First Time

Chapter one.
Chloe’s pussy glistened with the moisture of her cunt nectar as moonlight filtered through the window and graced it. The essence of this heavenly nectar permeated the room. She slowly pulled her fingers from the crevice between her legs and put them into her mouth, savoring the juices from them. She was only twelve years of age, but had learned long ago to love the taste of her own juices. Her masturbation had become a nightly ritual since she had learned how to do it four years earlier. It was then that she had lost her mom had died in an automobile crash, and had begun ritual this as a way of consoling herself to the loss.

Chloe was an only child, but only by chance. Her parents had wanted and planned for more children, but the accident had changed those plans. She now lived alone with her father. Her parents had been naturalist (nudist) and had raised Chloe to be the same. She and her dad remained naked most of the time while at home, donning clothing only when going out or the appearance of the occasional unexpected guest. Robes were kept near the front door of their home in the event of visitors, but that was rare as they lived in a secluded area in the country. Even while playing outside Chloe often went naked as their home was deep in the woods about half a mile off the road. Few people visited except on special occasions. Other children that occasionally visited were aware of Chloe’s naturalist habits and stripped their clothing upon arrival. It was just more fun that way and they or Chloe did not feel out of place. Most of their parents had no idea that their children went naked while at Chloe’s. The subject just never came up.

Chloe’s father, Frank Sandler, worked the fields and tended to the animals. While outside, he usually wore a pair of loose fitting overalls to protect his body from the elements. It was Chloe’s job to prepare lunch for her father if it was summer time. When school was in session he usually prepared a lunch for himself and took it with him to the fields. There was a small refrigerator in the barn that where he kept his lunch and a few beers. That combination would sustain him for the day until dinner time.

As Chloe and Frank had always been naked around each other, there were never any sexual connotations between the two. Going naked was as natural as two peas in a pod. Of course, clothing was worn to school and when they were required to go into town for supplies and groceries, but even then only the bare essentials was worn. Rarely did Chloe wear any panties and she was not developed enough to wear a bra (not that that would have mattered). Frank wore his coveralls and a shirt, but nothing underneath.

Following her masturbation session Chloe drifted off to a deep sleep, but was awakened suddenly by the crack of lightening and the clap of thunder. She lay shivering in her bed for about fifteen minutes hoping that the storm would play its course and move on; however, it did not. The longer she laid there, the worse that the storm got. It seemed that it was centered directly above their house. Frightened, she ran to her father’s room and jumped into his bed. Frank had worked hard that day and was so tired that he did not know that Chloe had joined him. She had cuddled up next to his naked body spooning with him in hopes of safety. Soon she was snoring softly. Both naked bodies were cuddled under the cover of blankets while all hell broke loose just outside their window. Neither knew what the next few hours would bring or how it would change their lives forever. The age of innocence was lost, but the age of pleasure would soon rule.

Chapter two.
Frank’s dreams were carrying him back to a time when his world was complete with a beautiful wife (Carrie) and a small child (Chloe). It was Carrie that occupied his mind at this moment. He could feel her mouth as it surrounded his hardened shaft bringing him closer to the biggest cum he had had in months. She cradled his nut sack with her left hand as her right held the base of his eight inches. Up and down her mouth slid on the shaft while he could feel his balls tighten. She did too and knew that he was going to cum soon. She loved cum. During college she would suck off the entire basketball team just to savor their cum. It saved money on the dining hall too because she would come away from these sessions with a full tummy. Gently she squeezed his balls as she lofted them in her hand weighing the cum that they were producing for her. As she sucked him off, he had his hand in her pussy. His thumb and forefinger were twisting her clit back and forth bring her orgasm closer and closer. He could feel his balls tighten within his sack and knew he was about to blast the back of her throat with potent baby juice. Frank was trying to hold off long enough for her orgasm to peak before letting go with his own. Her pussy muscles would tighten and release over and over again as she neared her own cum. Still she continued to suck his shaft. Her tongue would probe the slit in the top and then encircle the head bringing him closer each time. She began to pant with her own ensuing orgasm as it slowly approached. He felt the need to warn her of his own impending orgasm…”Babe, I’m going to cum soon.” As he said this, she gasps in agreement…”Me too.” Finger fucking her as he was, he moved his head over so that he could taste her cunt. As Frank’s touched her clit, she let go with her orgasm…”AAAAAHHHHHHH OOOHHHHHHH” and as she said that gushes of she-cum juices filled his mouth and rolled down his throat. “AAAAAGGGGGGG.”
He yelled and let go with blast after blast (six in all) of cum to the back of her throat. As they both began to come down from their highs, they fell asleep in the sixty-nine position

Not realizing that he was dreaming, Frank began to stir in his sleep. As he turned to his right, he felt the naked body next to him and believed that it was his long lost wife that he had so loved. At twelve, Chloe was as tall as her mother was. His right hand began to roam the length of her body and he wanted it. His cock was hard and exhibiting a degree of pain. Pre-cum was oozing from the tip and smearing a trail on her ass as he turned completely onto his right side. His left had slowing caressed her body beginning at her small titties and moving to her ass and pussy. Slowly he turned her onto her back. He was still asleep and so was she. His hands had full access to her body now as he began to make love to his “wife”.

I know that this story was a slow start, but I felt that I needed to develop the scene for you. If you’d like further chapters, then reply favorably. Thanks.

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2014-12-02 02:49:51
I enjoyed that a lot, and am going to read the next part immediately. Thanks for the great post. Luvsalik xx

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2014-12-02 02:05:39
I enjoyed that a lot, and am going to read the next part immediately. Thanks for the great post. Luvsalik xx


2011-09-26 14:37:38
Very Good start with a natural way that some incest starts.

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2011-03-13 15:14:08
Not a bad start to the story.
I appreciate that you are American, and therefore not very familiar with the English, but if you intend to use big words like NATURALIST, you should know what they mean. A naturalist is someone who studies natural history.
I believe the word you actually required was NATURIST, which means someone who prefers not to wear clothes, as is the case with Chlo and her father.

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2010-12-11 19:54:53
very keen to see the rest

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