Matt and Joe are surprised by Lisa.
She pulled the sweatshirt off my face, so I looked up. There stood three of her school friends, who were hiding in the closet. “Hey.” They said in unison.

“Uh, hey?” I replied.

Lisa was wearing my favorite green sweats and a white shirt, then put my sweatshirt on. She liked it more than I did.

“This is Dina, Jane and Cassie. Guys, this is Joe I told you about.”

I gave a little salute, and closed my eyes, slightly in disgust. They were all hot, all brunettes, but where the hell would they stay? I wanted to sleep in the same room as Lisa, and it started to look less and less likely.

“So, you got them set up? And when did you get in?”
“We’re all gonna sleep in the living room. You can join us if you want. And they came ten minutes after you woke me up and left.”

“Ah. Well welcome guys. You guys party?”

They giggled in a “Well, duh,” kinda entitled bitchy matter. Totally not sharing my weed with them. “I hope you guys brought your own.”

“Own what?” said Dina.

I laughed at that, and walked out. I heard one of them whisper “douche” as I walked away. I decided I would show them later in the chillest way ever. At least Matt had something to fuck tonight.

We went downstairs to hang out, and the parents got back ten minutes later. Matt and I went out to help, and the other six went out to the tributary to skip rocks. It was a nice day out, on the brink of sweatshirt-no sweatshirt, one of my favorites.

“Got anything planned today, Ma?” I asked.
“We’re going out after lunch for last minute shopping. All the girls get here?”
“Uh, yeah. They’re staying in the living room tonight, apparently. Do you know if Kelly and Nat are too?”

“You have to ask them. I don’t think there’s room for more than six. Talk to them.”
“Ok, thanks. Anything else in the van?”
“Nope we’re set. Thanks for the help.”

She threw me the keys to my Honda again, finally. I could drive free again! I showed Matt as we walked back upstairs to my room. “Have you met Lisa’s friends yet?”

“No. Fuckable?”
“Yep, but they’re dumb as shit. Don’t knock em up.”
“Pull out. Got it.”

I opened my pc to do my college check, and nothing came up. Facebook was updated, and espn had nothing. I looked out and saw the girls running to the beach, all six scattered and hollering, all of them phones in hand.

“Dude, they’re going to the beach. Wanna sneak up?”
“I don’t feel like moving right now. Want a lip?”
“Why not.”

We both pack a lip, and start to watch Scarface.

“Is she awesome?” Matt asks.
“What, Lisa? Whaddya mean?”
“Sex. Is it good?”
“Um, well, yeah. It’s extra rewarding, doing someone you’ve known forever, never kinda feeling that way, but we can chill and be best friends, but fuck cause we can. Friends with extra benefits.”

“I’m just horny. I haven’t had any for a month.”
“Lay off Lisa and my sister, and I see no problems ahead for you, my friend.”
“We need to sleep in the living room tonight. I’m dying dude.”
“Here, take the pocket pussy.”
“Gross dude.”

We hang for a while, and like 30 minutes later, you can hear the girls outside coming back in, screaming and shit. “Quick, throw out the lip.” I said.

Getting kinda tired hiding lips, I thought. I heard steps coming up the second set of stairs, so I hid the spitter under the bed. Lisa comes in, sits down next to me on her mattress, and grabs my left hand with both of hers.

“You better sleep downstairs tonight.” She whispers in my ear.

I look back at her, and smile. I don’t kiss her or anything, with all the peeps in the room, especially my sister. And I don’t want her to taste the peach dip juice.

“What time is it?” I ask.

I hear six phones.

“Noon.” Says Lisa.
“Hey Kelly, do you guys wanna sleep up here tonight?”
“Do we Natalie?”
“Hell yeah!”
“Are you guys going shopping with Mom?”
“Yeah. We wanna get movies.”

We went downstairs for lunch, and as my Mom went outside to leave, I said, “Matt and are sleeping downstairs.”

“Ok. I’ll get you guys movies.”

I kissed her on the cheek and walked back. I high fived Kelly as she walked outside, and headed upstairs. Matt was busy making out with Lisa’s friends, and Lisa walked up behind me. As we both watched Matt and his girlfriends, I shrugged, and Lisa asked, “Wanna soda?”


I really didn’t feel like watching Matt get dominated like that, something bad was bound to happen. Dina’s top hit me in the back as I turned back. We walked downstairs together and sat down. “So.”

“You like my friends?” She asked.
“Not a bit. Kinda stuck up. I can see where you relate.”
“Haha. I can see where you relate to Matt.”
“You’re one too now. Don’t insult your kind.”

She walked over and we started to make out. She sat on my lap facing me and we stayed like this for a few until I popped a boner. “Wait. Are you gonna get revenge on them?”

“I don’t think I will if you say no.”
“Go right ahead.”
“I’m doing it tonight. You’ll like it. Matt will not.”
“I can see where this is going.”

I pulled my sweats down, and she pulled hers off. I spaced out my seat, and she faced the opposite wall. She started to straddle me, ready to ride me reverse cowgirl. I slouched down a bit, stretched, and let her do the work. She grabbed my dick, stood up, and rubbed my dick along her slit. She stuck it in place, and slowly went down.

“Shiiiit. You’re tight today.”
“You feel great. Kinda stressed being around your sister all day.”
“She’s a real piece of work.”

This was awesome fucking in the kitchen. She started to fuck, making her butt clap on my thighs at a great pace. She looked back at me, and I looked up in joy. I grabbed her tits, and she put her hands over mine. “Oh shit!” she yelled.

She rolled her hips in a circle, which felt incredible. Her perfect ass circled around, driving me insane. I pinched her nipples, and her pussy muscles clenched, also incredibly sexy. The harder I pinched, the harder she clenched.

“Starting to hurt now.” She commented.
“When you clench, it feels great. I thought girls liked it kinda, too.”
“Well, I may start bleeding from how hard you pinch, hehe.”

I let go, and grabbed her hips. I got out of the seat, maintaining myself in her, and put her against the table, and started to fuck her doggy style. I put a single hand just above her ass, and put the other on the table.

“Love your ass.” I said.
“It loves you right now.”

I pounded away, watching her heavenly ass shake.

“Shit. Shit. Shittt!”
“Keep going!”

I slowed down and went faster, trying to stay alive, until I couldn’t keep it in.


I blew, exploding all over her pussy walls. She cooed, and got up soon afterward. She pulled me out, and pecked me on the lips.

“You’re the best.” And kissed me again.

“Love you too.” I said. She put her sweats, well my sweats, back on, and hugged me, after I got redressed. I put my hands on her butt as she squeezed me harder.

“Stop it!” she said. I let go, and I kissed her, tongue and all. My hands cradled her hips, as her tongue explored my mouth. She pulled off, and said, “We should probably check on the kids.”

“I wanna see if Matt’s in trouble yet.” I replied.

We headed for the stairs. As we neared the top, I slapped Lisa’s ass. “Perv.” She whispered.

We peeked around the corner of the door, and I saw the best thing ever. Matt was on the aero bed, laying down. Dina was riding him cowgirl topless, Cassie was fingering herself on the edge of the bed, and Jane was kissing Dina. Matt looked up, behind him, and shot us the thumbs up. I laughed my ass off silently. Lisa walks in, gets on her bed, and lays down. I’m shocked, so I walk away arms in air. I head downstairs, and take a seat on one of them. I pull out my phone, and see that its nearly two-thirty. They better wrap it up, I thought. I run back up the stairs, and point my fingers at my wrist to Lisa. She snaps at the girls that they’re near out of time before my dad gets back, so they start getting dressed. Matt is nearly done.

“Grab your tits, Dina. Shit, oh fu—shit.” He picks up the pace, and in a thunderous orgasm, yells “boom!” Fucking weirdo. They suck face for about a minute, until I pull Matt’s hair. He punches me back. “Outta time, fucker.” I said.

“Alright, alright.” Matt gets himself up and dressed.

Rate well, guys.

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