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Chapter 2
A good blow job is generally better than any amount of Valium. Emily, my wife’s cousin, had just given me one of the best blow jobs of my life about 20 minutes ago, and now I was laying in bed next to my passed out wife trying to get to sleep. Problem was, this time the blow job didn’t get me relaxed for sleep, but just worked me up more. I laid next to my passed out wife with an erection that just wouldn’t go away. I began stroke my cock slowly. It just didn’t feel right. In part because I was in my sister in law’s guest room, next to my sleeping wife, but more so because after a warm wet mouth with a talented tongue, my dry work-worn man hands are a pretty poor substitute. As I lie in bed, I began to figure Emily must be worse off than I was. She didn’t even get off during our encounter in the bathroom. Maybe talking through our ‘issue’ would help me settle my mind down a bit. I decided to check on Emily to see how she was doing after our little session.

As we were all staying at my sister in law’s apartment, Emily got the couch in the living room. I quietly stepped out to the living room to be sure not to wake anyone else in the apartment. As I neared the couch, I could here some soft moans.

Emily must have worked her self up sucking me off, because when I got to her, her eyes were closed, her legs were spread, and her left hand was inside the gym shorts she wore to bed. She hadn’t replaced the t-shirt I ripped off in the bathroom, so her tits where sticking up the way 21 year old tits do. They were big, and started to fall to the sides, but her tits were so firm that they stuck out over six inches in the airHer right hand was slowly massaging her tit. I leaned down and put a kiss on her hardened nipple. She gasped and opened her eyes as I switched nipples and started to lick the other.

“I couldn’t sleep. You got me so worked up, and I knew you didn’t get anything in return. That’s just not fair”

“I couldn’t sleep either. I’m thinking about your huge dick and can still taste the cum in the back of my throat. My fingers are more just torture down here than any sort of relief. I could definitely use some help.”

I went right for her those short gym shorts, pulling them down in no time. Once they were off, I was treated with a perfectly bald pussy, swollen from her excitement and fingers. Her lips were pink and puffy, and her clit was sticking out almost half an inch. I pushed Emily back against the chair’s arm and pushed her knees apart. I leaned between her thighs and licked her bald pussy. She said she got waxed on Friday morning after Katie had told her how much I love a hairless snatch. Did she plan something for this weekend? Is this why it was always Emily at the bar with my wife getting more drinks? I pushed those questions out of my mind and pushed my tongue as deep as I could inside her slit. I licked the left, licked the right, flicked up to the clit, and dragged my tongue up and down. I should have brought scuba gear I was down there so long and so deep. Emily used her hands to massage those perfect tits and pinch her hardened nipples. She had to put a pillow over her mouth to keep from waking the rest of the apartment.

Just as Emily was about to cum, I pulled my tongue out of her snatch and licked down to her asshole. I didn’t want her to cum too soon, but also wanted to continue to give her some intense pleasure. Maybe some that she hadn’t had before. She gasped and clenched, but didn’t protest. I went back to her pussy, worked on her clit, and again when she got close to cumming, I slid back down to her sphincter, this time pushing my tongue inside a bit. She clenched again at first, but relaxed after a second. I rimmed her asshole, licking the outside while occasionally probing the inside.

“Mmmm… that’s feels good, weird, but good. No one’s ever eaten my ass like that.”

“Never?” I asked. “I like a little ass play. I little tongue, some fingering, and I love to fuck some ass. Katie’s not big on it, so I only get to do it about once a year.”

“My old roommate Isabel used to try to put a finger in my ass sometimes, but I thought it was gross and made her stop.”

“Isabel? The blond? Good, I’d have loved to have seen that. Maybe she knew some pleasures she wanted to teach you.” I stopped talking so I could go back to licking her clit, but replaced my tongue in her ass with my finger. She moaned as my mouth worked all over her pussy, but she clenched again as my finger went in her ass. She relaxed after a second, and let my slowly slide it in. I worked her up towards climax again and her body became more receptive to the finger that was now sliding in and out, fucking her ass. Since I didn’t have a condom, I knew I wouldn’t be able to cum in her pussy, this was a good sign that I would still be able to cum in her without any risk of pregnancy. I flicked her clit with my tongue and worked my finger in and out of her asshole. I was ready to get my dick wet again, and Emily was begging to get fucked. I put her on her knees on the couch so she was facing the back of the couch. I stood behind her slid my dick into her over heated pussy and she groaned.

“Gooodddd!! I’ve been needing that all night! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

I had already cum once from the blow job, and had drank a decent amount of booze that night, so I was in no worry of cumming too early. I fucked her hard with deep strokes. Pulling out all eight inches except the tip, then slamming all eight inches back in.

“You like that? What else do you want?”

“I just want you to keep fucking me!”

“There’s nothing else you want? You sure? I thought you might enjoy some of the other things I was doing earlier.”

“Yeah, you could do some of the earlier things too.”

“Tell me what you want me to do, and I’ll do it.”

“Stick your finger in my ass! Fuck my ass with your finger!”

I lubed up my finger again with her abundant pussy juices and slid it back into her ass. He sphincter clinched, again, indicating how tight her ass could be. The finger seemed to strike a nerve with her in a good way. Her pussy clenched on my dick, and she started to tell me she was close.

“I’m going to cum! Don’t stop”

“I’m going to cum too, but I can’t cum in your pussy. Put you fingers on your clit and rub.” And I quickly removed my dick from her pussy.

“What are you doing?” “Ohhh!!” I didn’t need to answer as I forced my dick into where my finger had been. Her asshole had never felt a dick before, and certainly nothing this thick. It took a minute to get the thick head past her sphincter. Emily started to whince, but I slowed down and helped her fingers on her clit and massaged her left nipple. I slowly worked a few inches of my dick into her asshole as she furiously fingered herself. I pulled out a couple of inches, and slid in a few more inches. After a few slow penetrations, I had over 5 inches in her ass. I couldn’t fit the whole thing in, but enough for Emily to feel full, and enough for me to feel great.

“Ooohh Goodddd! I’m cummmmiiinnnnggg!! I’m cumminng!! Keep fucking my asshole! I feel so full of dick right now!” Her asshole squeezed hard on my dick on my final push as she came, and on that I got almost my full eight inches into her ass. That set me off as well and I came the biggest cum of my life. Rope after rope of cum shot straight into her no longer virgin asshole.

As we caught our breath, my dick began to soften in her back door. I kissed her on the back of her neck and said good night.

“Sleep well. I’ll see you in the morning.”

I got up to go back to bed where my wife was sleeping. As I rounded the corner to go back to the hall, I thought I heard a creak in the floor, and may have seen the door to my sister in law’s room fall close.
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