A 14 year old boy babysits a 12 year old Rachel
I was 21 at the time; my mum had persuaded me into taking babysitting jobs around the town to earn a bit of extra cash. I made posters and put them up around my local area. Also my parents would mention that I was available to babysit to anyone they knew who had kids.
After about two weeks I got a phone call at home from a woman called Sarah Elliot. She was a single mum living not far from my house (about a 15 minuet cycle). She had two kids, a boy aged 16 and a girl aged 17. I had seen them in the town and knew who they where but had never really talked to them.
Anyway, Sarah (the mum) was starting to date again after the father of her children died in a car accident. She wanted me to babysit the next Saturday and I readily agreed, as I was very short on spending money at the time. We cleared up the rest of the logistics like what time I was needed and how much I charged pretty quickly and then said our goodbyes.

Saturday came round and at 6:45 pm I started to cycle around to their house. The path I took was through a dense wood and I knew it would be scary to cycle through at night and I hoped the money was going to be worth it. I got to the house dead on 7 o’clock and rung the doorbell. The door opened to reveal the prettiest girl I had ever seen in my short time of being interested in girls. Her bright angelic face looked up at me with a grin and said hello and invited me in. She turned to lead me inside and I saw that see was wearing a summery dress that cut of about an inch above her knee. Her legs where golden and smooth and I wanted to caress them there and then. I managed to resist and followed her up the hallway and into the kitchen where I meet her mum and I immediately saw where the twelve year old got her striking good looks. Her mum had the same straight brunette hair and the same figure but with more curves and boobs that filled her shirt so much that the buttons where almost breaking.
“Hi” Sarah said “I see you’ve meet Rachel already, Rachel this is Joe, Joe this is Rachel”
“Hi Rachel” I said.
“Right” Sarah said “Ive got to run, Johns upstairs on the computer, he has to be in bed by eight and Rachel can stay up till nine to watch TV. There are snacks in the cupboard, help yourself and I will be back by midnight.”
She picked up her purse and opened the front door.
“Rachel be good and make sure that John goes to bed, bye, love you.”
“Bye Sarah” I said.
She walked out of the door and got into her car and left.

“Right” I said “do you want to go and watch TV while I check on your brother”
“Okay” she said.
I walked up the stairs (which where in the hallway) and tried to find Johns room. The first door I walked in was a bathroom. It was basic but stylish and was full of bath toys, toothbrushes and general clutter. There was a laundry basket in one corner opposite a bath that needed a clean. I carried on to he next door and opened it to find what was obviously Rachel’s room, it was girlishly decorated and had a big mirror on one wall with a dressing table underneath it. The dressing table was strewn with makeup and hair clips. An old laptop computer sat on top of this mess along with a phone. In the middle of the floor in front of the mirror was a pair of pink panties and a sports bra. She had obviously left them there from when she last got changed and I couldn’t help but visualise her taking her clothes off and checking out her rapidly budding body in the mirror, maybe rubbing her small newly formed breasts and maybe slipping a finger inside her virginal pussy. I didn’t know if she had started masturbating or not but the fantasy was nice anyway.

I continued down the hallway and stopped outside what I thought was John’s bedroom, I knocked and waited for a reply.
“Yeah?” he said.
“Its Joe, your babysitter, can I come in?”
“Errr one sec.”
I heard rustling and moving about and then he said:
“Yeah come in”
I opened the door to find a large room, with a high bed and John sitting at the computer desk with a simple online game on the screen.
“I just came to check on you and to tell you that your mum has gone out and she says to be in bed by 8.”
“Oh, can’t I stay up for a bit longer?”
“No, your mum said 8 and as it’s my first time I don’t want to piss her off.”
“Oh, okay.”
“Good, ill be downstairs if you need anything”
He turned back to his computer and ignored me as I left the room. I went down into the kitchen to find the glasses and get myself a drink. After I got my drink I went into the living room and sat down on the sofa. Rachel was watching a TV program about big cats in Africa. She was lying on her front and I noticed that the bottom of her dress had risen up and her panty-covered ass was in plan sight. She was wearing blue panties with a Hello Kitty print on them. When she shifted her weight to get more comfy her tight little ass wobbled in front of my eyes.
“Why are you looking at me?”
I was knocked out of my trance and forced back into reality.
“Why are you looking at my bum?”
“Errr, what?” I said.
“You where staring at my bum, why?”
“Errr, well its because you have the most beautiful ass I have ever seen.”
“So do you think I’m pretty?”
“Yes, very much so”
“Non of the boys at my school think so.”
“Then they must be blind, you are the most beautiful girl I’ve seen”
The room fell silent and Rachel turned back to the TV. We didn’t talk again for a while. At eight John came downstairs to say he was going to bed. We bid him goodnight and he left.
By now I was really turned on by the view I had, even though she had caught me staring at her ass she hadn’t moved her dress down, it had even shifted up some more so I could now see the small of her back. There was a permanent tent in my jeans and my cock was bursting to get out. I was so hard it hurt. Eventually Rachel moved, and came and sat next to me on the sofa. The way she was sitting if I glanced towards her I could se up her skirt and her panty covered pussy. I looked at it a couple of times and realised that there was a wet spot on the front of her panties. My urges to reach out and touch her almost overpowered me but I managed (with great difficulty) to keep them under control.
“Joe, can I ask you something?”
“Yeah sure” I said, straining so my voice didn’t crack and give away how uncomfortably horny I was.
“Can you teach me about sex?”
“Errr, what do you want to know?”
“Whats that?” She said, pointing towards the bulge in my jeans.
“That’s my penis”
“Why is it so big?”
“Its because I’m excited, looking at your bum made me excited so it got big”
“Can I touch it?”
At this point I was to turned on from watching her little ass and fantasizing about shoving all my inches into it I couldn’t refuse.
“You can touch it but you have to be naked”
“Okay” She said, obviously happy that she got what she wanted.
She stood up and pulled her dress over her head revealing the Hello Kitty panties and a small sports bra.
“And your underwear” I said.
She slipped off her sports bra and I almost came then and there. Her breasts where small (probably around A cups) but they where the perfect shape, not to pointy and not to round, perfect. Her nipples where small and puffy, just how I like them. As I watched they started to become erect, she obviously enjoyed me looking at her. Next her hands went down to her panties and she pulled them off. Her pussy looked velvety soft and tight, I was hypnotised by it and only came out of trance when her hand touched my tent and my penis jumped.
She pulled her hand away, but after some encouragement she reached out again and started stroking me. I slid my jeans off and my dick got some relief form its confides.
“Its so big!” she said.
In truth, my penis was around 5 inches at that time so it wasn’t the biggest out there, but it was probably the first erect on she had seen. Evan so it was a confidence boost for me and I slid of my boxer shorts revealing my erect member, I was so hard the head was pink and the veins where throbbing.
She reached out again and stroked the head making some pre-cum come out.
“You can lick that off if you want” I said.
She bent down and licked the head of my penis.
“Mmmm, it tastes kind of salty.”
“You can also lick my penis like a lollipop and suck on it, that’s called a blow job”
“What, I just put it in my mouth?”
So she did, she gave me one of the best bj’s I have ever had.
“Im going to cum!” I told her.
My cum started spewing out the top of my cock and all over her face an pussy, she just took it in her stride which only a moment hesitation and confusion.
“Mmmmm, it tastes kinda salty”
At this point I had reached around and started squeezing her ass and stroking her pussy. Her skin felt so soft and velvety, like a brand new velvet cushion. She had started to moan as my hand wandered between her ass and her pussy (her pussy was already soaking wet).
“It feels god when you touch me”
“Lie own and I will make you feel even better”
She lay down and I tenderly licked the inside of her legs, I flicked across her pussy, teasing it and she let out a little moan. That was my cue, a dove down and buried my head in her pussy and had her screaming in seconds and soon enough she clenched her legs around my head and let out a low moan, which sounded more like an animal in pain that a human in ecstasy.
“That was amazing! What is it called?” she said.
“That was oral sex, I was licking you out”
“Oh, some of the girls at school here talking about that, now I know what I is.”

By now it was 9:15 so I said she better start going to bed so she’s asleep when her mum comes back, she protested and asked to stay up with me just to 10 so I said okay. So we tuned on the TV and started to watch but soon enough we where fondling and exploring each others bodies and by now I had another raging hard on so I turned to face her and kissed her tenderly, and she replied with a passionate kiss (which she did surprisingly well). We frenched for about 10 minuets then she pushed me down and started on my dick again. We brought each other off again before she went to bed and as she was walking up the stairs she called my name and when I looked round flashed me her pussy and ass.

At midnight her mum came home and we did the usual and exchanged pleasantries and she asked if the kids where all right, then she paid me and I went home. On the way out I could off sworn I caught her checking me out. That night I came another two times thinking about what happened.

A couple of days later her mum phoned me up again and asked if I could babysit the nest weekend. I said yes of course.

To be continued…

Constructive criticism welcome and as its my first time writing, it would be useful but don't just slag me off :) ha, thanks for reading.

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