First time with my sister
The following events are true. My first ever sexual experience with a girl was actually my sister, I remember the experience like it was yesterday, it was 19 years ago. I was 15, Catherine was 13, she was a sweet, petite, pretty blonde, about five feet tall and a figure to die for.
First of all I have to back track a few months before the memorable event, to the summer of 1985, My dad, sister and I were on holiday in the south coast of England in the beautiful county of Dorset. That week away with my family was nothing special except that I saw my sister in a bikini every day.

One afternoon, we came back from the beach as it was a scorching hot day and really needed to freshen up before going out for the evening. The holidy flat my dad had rented for our holiday was very hot when we arrived back from our day out. My sister, in true teen style winging fashion, anounced that the flat was even hotter than the beach! My dad said that if she was too hot then strip off to cool down, and to my utter disbelief she took her top of and her bikini top!
I stood there, staring at a tiny, beautiful pair of milky white breasts tipped by puffy, pink rose buds for nipples. I felt my cock instantly stiffen in my shorts! I sat down to hide my embaresment but kept a lustfull eye on the naked feast in front of me. Her breasts had only just started to bud but because she had been wearing a bikini all week her breasts remained untanned. The beautiful tan she had developed seemed to frame her sweet breasts. Catherine continued to parade in front of me for a few hours, much to my enjoyment.

Ever since that day, I can honestly say I had sexual feelings for my pretty sister, I found myself watching her as she entered and left rooms of our little town house in Hertfordshire. My eyes would fix to her chest, her small breasts were growing at a steady rate. Our mum who no longer lived with us had supplied her with her first bras, she wore these with great pride under her little white blouses and petite dresses. Her breasts were now beautifully framed and quite visible under the thin white cloth of her blouses. This just increased my lust even more. I had not discovered the joys of masturbation yet, so I could not vent off my lust for my sweet sister!

The memorable day of my fist ever orgasm happened about december, same year of our summer holiday. I was in my sister's room, we were talking brother sister things, she was on the floor busy doing something, I cant remember what exactly as my mind was on other things, I was admiring my sister's sweet, developing body, she was turning into a beautiful young woman.
My cock was straining in my underwear, I shifted my position to the floor next to Catherine to get comfortable and close to her petite frame. She was on her knees on the floor, her mind on her play.

I shifted behind her and reached forward to give her a hug from behind. My hands slid accross her pink jumper covered tummy and I held her tightly. Lust instantly took over, I started to breathe heavily. My hand moved over her tummy and up to her woollen covered breasts, I then cupped them in my hands. Catherine made no attempt to stop me, she turned her head to look at me, slightly puzzled at my heavy breathing and sighing, I then lifted her jumper up to allow access to her lace covered breasts. My fingers reached her breasts, I inserted them under her bra and began to feel the swell of her gorgeous, developing breasts. All of a sudden, my palms were filled with never touched before, soft but firm young teen flesh.

I felt her tiny puffy nipples begin to harden as I lustfully massaged her. Catherine then sat up straight and pushed her chest into my loving grip, she was still in the kneeling position but her legs were slightly parted, my right hand eased its grip on its new found pleasure and stroked its way on a new journey, over her flat, naked tummy, under the waist band of her jeans and to its final destination, inside her panties. I felt soft, downy pubic hair covering her mound, I eagerly covered her pussy mound with my palm and rubbed gently. I was in heaven, I had a breast in my left hand and a pussy in my right. I held her there for what seemed like hours, rubbing and carressing my sisters most private parts and she wasn't stopping me.

Catherine started to remove her fluffy pink jumper, she pulled it over her head to reveal her right breast which was now uncovered as I had dislodged her bra with my carressing, it was beautiful, this added more excitment as I could now see a breast as well as feel one.
She then broke my hold to move away, my eyes fixed to her naked top half, Catherine then unbuttoned her jeans and removed them with her pink panties in one swift movement.
Catherine stood there for a moment, there in front of me was the most beautiful creature I had seen, completely naked, she was well formed yet petite, her dress size would probably have been size 8, her breasts about an A cup, her soft hairy pussy had never been trimmed but had not grown out of control.

Catherine then walked towards me, her small, budding breasts bouncing, hips swaying, this sweet sight was fantastic, my cock was totally solid and aching like mad. She walked to her drawer and pulled out a long night dress. To my horror she put it on, completely covering her nakedness but then pulled it right up over her small breasts then laid on the bed, opened her legs fully, revealing her puffy down covered pussy lips. She said "This is in case dad comes up". By that she meant she could cover herself if dad did come up the stairs to see if we were ok, he sometimes did, we couldn't risk getting caught naked.

I jumped on the bed and clumsily pulled my jeans and my underwear to my ankles, freeing my throbbing cock. I looked at my sister's fantastic body and leant onto her, feeling her naked flesh against miy own. I kissed her lips then moved down to her naked breasts. Her puffy nipples were semi hard, I took her left breast into my mouth and sucked gently, Catherine sighed softly. I held her in my arms and lovingly tongued her nipples for a few moments. I shifted my position a little to free my left hand, I then stroked her naked body. I stroked my way down to her soft pussy, I wasn't aware of oral sex at that age, if i did, I would have licked her to an orgasm. Instead I jusy rubbed her soft outer lips. Her pubic hair had become wet and her inner petals began to open up slightly, I probed her with my fingers, feeling her wetness on my fingertips inspired me to go further.

I slowly pushed one finger into her wet, tight, virgin pussy. I eased my finger back and forth, feeling her soft internal wetness. I couldn't hold my lust in any more, I laid on top of my sweet sister, put my cock between her legs and rubbed it against her wet pussy lips. As if by instinct, my hips started to move back and forth, as I did this, my cock continued to rub against her pussy.
I then took her right breast in my mouth and sucked, harder this time, taking her whole breast in my mouth, swirling my tongue over her hardened nipple.
An incredible feeling was boilng up in my groin, I continued my movements and sucking, the feelings were growing stronger as I 'fucked' my sister. All of a sudden, a powerfull, overwhelming, fantastic, most pleasurable wave washed through me, my hips bucked hard as I carressed my sister's naked body. I ejaculated spurt after spurt of sperm all over my gorgeous sister's hairy pussy.

I had my first ever orgasm, it began to hurt with each pulsing throb, I felt embaressed.
I leant forward, kissed my sister on the lips then pulled my jeans up and left for the bathroom to nurse my aching cock. We had many other sexual experiences with each other, experimenting on each other. We eventually lost our virginity to each other a few years later but that is another story, let me know if you want to read more of our true sex sessions.

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