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A not so innocent touch
My aunt Lucy was always fond of me.

No matter what the even was, she would go out of her way to hold me, or touch me
in some way. I was her little Jem.

My mom would always let my older sisters and I stay at her house. My first
sexual memory with Aunt Lucy happened when 8. My two sisters (who are twins)
were 12 at the time, and I was never cool enough to hang out with them. Lucy
made me feel special. Lucy was beautiful. She was in her mid thirties and always
had a handsome boyfriend. She had long brown hair that always looked perfect.

We were all watching a movie in Aunt Lucy's bedroom. The girls were laying on
the bed with their heads close to the TV. Like usual, Aunt Lucy had me sit on
her lap. Her arms were wrapped tightly around my waist. We were tucked under the
blankets on her bed, so comfy. I was starting to get sleepy, and I knew I
wouldn't stay awake long.

"Is my little Jem sleepy?" she whispered in my ear.

I shook my head no. She released her grip on my waist and her right hand rested
upon my right thigh. She kissed my neck softly and lovingly, like any aunt would
do, I thought. She brought her other hand down so that both of her hands were
resting on either thigh, half touching my nightie material, half touching skin.

"It's ok if you close your eyes." she again whispered. Her fingers grazing the
insides of both of my thighs.

I felt strange. No one touched me in that area. She wasn't more than two inches
above my knee but it was still an untouched zone. She kept her left hand
stationary, but her right hand started softly touching up and down my inner
thigh. It gave me the chills.

I think she noticed my goosebumps because she whispered "are you ok?" I really
wasn't, I was scared, it felt very wrong. At any moment I was afraid the twins
would notice what was happening and I would get in trouble. But, I loved my aunt
and I trusted her, so I nodded that I was ok.

She kissed me again, this time the kiss was a little wet, almost like she had
licked my soft skin. The fingers on her right hand were now caressing my thigh
all the way to the line of my underwear. She stopped at the elastic band for a
moment and then continued to touch the cotton mound. She brought her knees up
and spread her legs so that it forced my legs to part as far as they could go.
Still, the twins didn't look back at us.

She continued to rub my cotton panties into my hairless pussy. I could feel the
material getting damp and I didn't know why. I felt my eyes well up with tears
because I thought I did something wrong.

"Girls, the rest of the movie can wait until tomorrow, head off to bed". Her
loud statement scared me. She turned me and held me like a baby. "Jemma is going
to sleep in here with me. Go brush your teeth and get to sleep". She sat me down
on the bed next to her. Both of my sisters groaned and then gave her a kiss and
went off to bed. Aunt Lucy locked the door behind them.

I was now more alert that I was all day. Any thought of sleeping had escaped my

"Are you ok, my beautiful baby?" she asked. All I could do was nod. "I want to
show you how much I love you, is that ok? You are so special to me. I want to
show you just how special."

She walked over to the bed. I still layed back on the pillows. "Stand up for
me." I did as she asked. She ran her hands down the sides of my nightie. When
she reached the bottom, she pulled it swiftly up over my head. "You are
beautiful" Her mouth engulfed one of my nipples. Her tongue flicked it a few
times before going to the other. She layed me down on the bed.

She started to kiss me down my stomach and she didn't stop when she reached my
panties. " smell so good baby". I couldn't believe it, but she had her
mouth down there. I could feel her tounge pushing the fabric against my pussy.
She pulled the fabric to the side, and I felt her tounge against the skin, it
was like and electric shock.

It was like a flip was switched in her. She grabbed the top of my panties and
forcefully pulled them down.

"Aunt Luc-" I began to whimper, before her hand met my mouth.

"Shhhhhh...this is going to feel good, don't be a bad girl, or I will have to
punish you". I began to cry, which she ignored.

She pushed my legs apart as far as they would go. I felt so exposed. For a few
seconds she just looked at me, spread open. My hairless pussy dripping. She
situated herself on the bed, and her tounge went crazy.

Little licks on my clit, and then a big lick from my anus to my pussy. Her
tounge entered my and filled me. She fucked me with her tounge. As fast as she
could. She moaned with pleasure. My body felt helpless. I never had these
feelings before. I was terrified, but it actually felt good.

She brought her fingers up to my pussy, and with the other hand she covered my
mouth. She quickly entered me with two fingers, I screamed in pain into her
hand. It was like a huge hot wave poured over me. She continued to fuck me with
her fingers. She brought them out of my pussy and put them into my mouth. They
tasted different than anything I had tasted before.

She stood up and tore her nightgown off. Her body was beautiful. Her breasts
were much bigger than mine, but her pussy was hairless like me.

She told me to stand up on the bed and she layed down. She picked up my waist
and positioned me over her head so that I was facing down towards her feet. "Put
that delicious pussy over my mouth. I want you to ride it like it's a pony". I
knelt down and my pussy was an inch from her face. She pushed me forward so that
my head was now resting by her pussy.

"Lick me sweetheart, show me you love me". I did as she asked. It tasted
different than her fingers had, but it tasted good.

She licked me ferociously. First my pussy, then she spread by ass cheeks and
licked my anus, back and forth between the two. She settled on my pussy, licking
and licking. Soon I felt pressure on my anus. She pushed a finger into me, and
fucked my ass as she licked my pussy.

All of a sudden a wave of pleasure went over me. I screamed into her pussy and
collapsed onto her body. She rolled me over and layed me the right way on the

She kissed my lips, and then my forehead. "this is our little secret you know".
I nodded. "Did that feel good??" I smiled and said "Yes".

"Good, because there is much more."

She wasn't lying.


2015-02-13 05:16:49
Great story...hope to read more from you

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2012-02-27 11:13:45
I am new at this but it is sooo exciting

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2011-07-28 14:05:27
Wat an anut i wud hate 2 hav an anut lik dat

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2011-04-04 10:47:36
Loved it. If I was a young girl I couldn't think of a better way to be violated.

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2011-03-08 18:31:25
Ammmmm that was good

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