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Someone breaks in to Simon's house and gets a buggering
If you didn’t, or did read the story tags, don’t waste your breathe complaining about content.

My name is Simon Carslile. I’m a firefighter I spend lots a time away from home. I’m 5’ 8” kind of stocky and got a thick seven inch cock.

I moved into a house last year and got a great price. The neighborhood has quite a few empty houses but my street is mostly filled. The house is nice and new three bedroom. In the front there is a kitchen, lounge, and a separate dining room. The hall leading back from that has a bedroom on both sides and ends at the master suite.

Around midnight I was able to get to bed after hearing kids raising hell all night in the neighborhood. I woke to the unsettling sound of stuff breaking and being moved around out in the lounge. I don’t have a dog or a cat, so it was a pretty good bet I was not alone.

I sat there wondering seriously if I could shot him legally since I do have a gun. I grab my .45 and a magazine, the first 3 rounds are blanks for just this reason. I am actually naked since where I live you only need the A/C at night except 2 weeks out of the year.

I open the door and hope there’s only one person out there, despite the gun I did feel quite vulnerable. I move down to the end of the hall and found this figure in a black hoodie and those designer sweats NBA players wear made with cargo pockets and wearing white gardener gloves. I thought for a second of the Unabomber.

Then the dumbshit drops what even in the dark I know has to be my playstation. I snuck up close and told them to ‘freeze I got a gun’.

I had to give the robber props they twigged and tried to run like a guy wasn’t standing right behind them. I grabbed them and we fell to the floor. I’ll admit, in hindsight not a lot was happening that was using my advantages, but I got on top while we still struggled. I told the perp I had a gun again which only made them struggle more so I fired a round in a random direction and watched the flash illuminate the new hole in my leather couch.

By this time they must have been freaking out my cock was half hard and all over their back, they just heard a gunshot. I gave the perp a knock on the head. But anything more I figured could get ourselves both shot. I tossed the gun onto my couch it was plushy enough to hide the gun as it slide into the pillows.

I dropped my body on them to keep from getting rolled off. My cock was hard now with this hot body wriggling under me. I felt it touch skin as it slid under the back of the hoodie. I was really hoping a gang of juvenile cheerleaders was on the prowl.

The perps sweat pants were sliding down and we officially made sexual contact. Now I don’t know what idiot doesn’t wear underwear while breaking into houses. I was happy however that the sweaty ass wasn’t hairy.

This was moving to a different kind of struggle. I still had my arms around the perp’s shoulders. Since I was laying on them my cock was pointed straight down between their sagging pants and their ass. I pushed my cock around for a while as we both wriggled into each other then I got brave.

I reached back and guided my cock and jammed it into the cheeks of the perp. Whoever this was deserved a buggering and I didn’t wanna move my cock down and find…..

I pushed my cock in and lunged. The tip of my cock got in before they squeezed me out. I punched the perp right in the back of the head I always wanted to do it. Bouncing their face off the floor softened them up and I pushed in again. A squeal, then a grunt, and then a long groan were what I heard as I pushed in three good thrusts.

I pulled back and started short deep thrusting. I could feel them trying to push me out but it was too late now, that just felt good. I leaned in and told them what a good bitch they were and really started to fuck their shit up. They were being quiet and just taking it with a grunt which I was grateful for.

When I picked up my pace the perp was able to slip away. I hooked their arms and I twisted my bitch over to the ottoman I used to sit on playing the playstation this idiot broke.

Once they were bent over by me digging my forearm across the back of their neck, I got my knees over the back of theirs. I got my cock back into position and was able to slam it all the way in.

I fucked that bitch good after that, digging myself in taking longer full strokes. The perp was grunting with every thrust and I kept building faster into my own sweet spot.

I climaxed almost by surprise and that old urge to shoot the seed in deep made me grind my babies out into the perp’s bowels. I told them to get used to it; they just had all the fun of prison without the record.

After a few seconds of catching my breath I picked the bitch up and jerk them to the front door. I didn’t know what they were and I didn’t care. The hoodie was bulky enough to hide tits I thought. In the light their sneakers weren’t anything I’d seen. They choked and sobbed the whole way out. The bitch was crying when I slammed the door on them.

I’d like to tell you I didn’t think about it anymore, but I the next day off and a mess of broken shit to clean.

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2011-10-13 05:44:10
Agreed! Good story, though.

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2010-11-16 06:21:52
He should have keep them as payment for the broken stuff.

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